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The LuLac Edition #2151, August 8th, 2012

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Aaron Kaufer’s proposals have been getting debated by the Democratic party in this county. Kaufer is running for State Representative Phyllis Mundy. One of the young Democrats took the effort to task. Here’s what he had to say: 
Reader sees nothing new in Kaufer’s platform.
There is absolutely nothing new or innovative in Aaron Kaufer’s “PA First Plan” touted by Robert Malys of Grassroots Campaigns in a recent letter to the editor. An end to partisan politics? Seriously? If you watch PCN, you will see House Republicans preventing Democrats from even offering amendments to bills through rules manipulation, and announcing committee voting meetings with just a moment’s notice. As for legislator pay and perks, I am quite sure that if bills to alter them were brought up for a vote by Republican leaders who control the agenda, they would pass overwhelmingly. With all the media and campaign hype since the 2005 midnight pay raise, what legislator interested in re-election would vote no? Property tax reform? Voters have rejected the only realistic solution, switching to sales and income taxes, three times via referendums since 1988. Tax credits are nothing new either. This attempt to lure companies to Pennsylvania is in use today, as well as KOZ distinctions and numerous tax incentives and programs to help businesses. Malys talked about lowering the high corporate net income tax rate. Kaufer’s opponent, state Rep. Phyllis Mundy, has proposed a reduction for the last two sessions and made it revenue-neutral by closing the infamous “Delaware Loophole.” And as for the “many organizations and local leaders” who have endorsed Kaufer? It seems to me the only ones are partisan Republicans interested in adding to their majority in Harrisburg. I am unsure who Malys is, but he really needs to do his homework. 
Thomas Shubilla is President of the Luzerne County Young Democrats. 


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