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The LuLac Edition #2165, August 19th, 2012

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Dr. Terry MaDonna from Franklin and Marshall College released a poll this August on the Presidential race. Here is his information: Below are the highlights of the August 2012 Franklin and Marshall College Poll of Pennsylvania voters. Complete results can be found at The August 2012 Franklin and Marshall College Poll finds President Obama with a 6 point lead over Mitt Romney, 44% to 38%. Obama is viewed favorably by 46% of voters to 32% for Romney.

1. President Obama leads Mitt Romney, 44% to 38% with 15% undecided; when voters who lean to a candidate are included a similar advantage shows for the president, 47% to 42%, leaving 7% of voters truly undecided.  

2. Bob Casey leads Tom Smith, 35% to 23% with 39% undecided, in the U.S. Senate race; when voters who lean to a candidate are included, Casey's lead increases 43% to 28%, but a high proportion still remain undecided (24%). 

3. Compared to Romney, Obama is seen as better understanding of the concerns of ordinary Americans, 57% to 30%, better able to handle foreign policy issues, 53% to 34%, better able to handle the job as military chief, 47% to 37%, and closest to respondents' views on abortion and gay marriage, 47% to 37%. Romney now leads as the candidate most prepared to fix our economic problems (44% to 42%) compared to June (38% to 44%).

4. Obama's job performance remains more negative than positive, with 43% positive (good or excellent job) and 56% negative (fair or poor job).

5. PA Voters favor repealing the heath care law 48% (strongly or somewhat favor) to 42% (strongly or somewhat oppose). 6. Almost six in ten Pennsylvania voters believe the state is moving in the wrong direction, 57%, while 30% say it is moving in the right direction. This survey reflects interviews with 681 Pennsylvania voters, conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin and Marshall College from August 7-August 12, 2012 (sample error of +/- 3.8 percentage points). 


We will be conducting our second Presidential poll of the month. The question is: 
Barack Obama 
Mitt Romney. 
Someone Else.
No one.
Not sure. 
Results this Thursday. Here’s the link to vote. Remember, you get one vote and when you hit DONE, you will be moved off LuLac and Survey Monkey. 


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