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The LuLac Edition #3046, October 13th, 20105


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1. Is it me or does it seem like this U.S. Senate race seems to be starting off too early?

No you are pretty much on target regarding your question. Pat Toomey is up this year and his former foe Joe Sestak is making a concerted bid to get another shot at the job. Standing in his way with the help of the State Democratic committee and Governor Tom Wolf is Katey McGinty. Sestak has visited the area a few times and you can be sure McGinty will start soon. Meantime you see a lot of activity from Senator Bob Casey who is making the rounds and he isn’t up until 2018. Politics in this state has become very close to the goings on at the national level, you start running for re-election the day after you take office. Plus it goes without saying that challengers need to start early.

2. What do you think about the GOP line up of candidates and who is the most dangerous in terms of leading this country?

The GOP field is curious to me. I cannot understand why people who have led like Governors Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Rick Perry and Scott Walker were pretty much forsaken by the party faithful in favor of people like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. Look,  as a Democrat my biggest argument against Mr. Obama was that he wasn’t experienced enough. And it showed when he got to the White House. It is beyond me why the GOP is moving away from a solid general election argument.
But getting back to your question, I think the most dangerous in this field is a tie between Carson and Fiorina. Carson seems to have no clue about basic things you need to know in government. Fiorina just seems dishonest. Then of course there is Trump who presents all kind of danger from not bringing any specifics to the table and displaying a temperament that might not suit the job. All that stated is good news for the Democrats.

3. Thoughts on Rick Morelli becoming the sixth vote to say ‘Bye bye” to Manager Bob Lawton?

Well it had to come. Morelli has been very fair with Lawton and has stuck by many of his decisions. But Lawton like so many non natives from this area have their eyes opened when they come here. My old boss at Rock 107, the late Tim Durkin used to say, “There is no other place in the world like NEPA”. Lawton has found that out. So recruitment for a new manager will begin. The good news is that now there is a foundation and the Manager has lasted longer than anyone had the right to expect. The bad news is that a new Manager, especially if he or she is from out of the area will have a huge learning curve. Then there are the Council members and their relationship to the new person. Oy! 
All that said, I just wonder if any Council team running for election or re-election this year will run with the issue of firing Lawton. 

4. What are your thoughts on Candle Light Vigils after a tragedy like the recent shootings?

Well they seem to make people feel better but I think they are pretty much a waste of time. I worked on S. Main Street in Wilkes Barre during 911, actually on the day of 911 and a few people in my training class wanted to go to one on the Square. I let them go but made them make up the work.

5. Is it true that Arnold Schwarzenegger will become the new host of “The Apprentice”?

I heard that. Don’t think he’d be as good as The Donald and if I was one of the Trump kids I’d be pissed. Every year I make a vow NOT to watch the show but wind up doing so.

6. Your buddy Tom Wolf seems to be doing a bang up job as Governor. Sorry you supported him so vigorously?

No, he is not doing anything that should surprise anyone who voted for him. He has a different vision for where the state is going but needs to persuade a Legislature to work with him. That will be tough with the current House GOP. He has made some concessions on the state income tax and one would hope that the GOP controlled House and Senate would come around to a few points. My friend L.A. Tarone made the point that if things don’t get better in a few years Pennsylvania might have two one term Governors in a row named Tom. I don’t believe that because it is much too early in a term to think that. Pennsylvania Governors in their first year rarely have slam dunks.

7. Did you go see the Pope like you saw Benedict when he came to the U.S. and if you didn’t why not?

No, I stayed home and watched it on TV.  My eye surgery was set for August and I thought the recovery time was going to be longer than it actually was. Plus I knew from hearing and investigating the logistics that given my arthritic condition, walking long distances would be an issue. Seeing Benedict was different. His visit was shorter and more concentrated in New York. I think our buses were parked four blocks away from The Stadium. I handled that. I felt bad that many who wanted to see him had to watch it on a jumbo tron. Sometimes the best seats in the house are actually in your house.

8. I am so sick of hearing people say they are on fixed incomes. In this economy if you are not part of the 1 per cent or the political class as you refer to them, we are all on fixed incomes. What is your definition of rich?

Well to first avoid your question, I’m very rich right now. I’ve had some health issues BUT was fortunate enough to get the care I needed to recover or to treat the symptoms. I have a wife that is fantastic in every way imaginable and I have a job that I like and at this point can pretty much do blind folded. I hit the lottery with all sides of my extended family and the few good friends I have are loyal. So I’m rich.
However to answer your question, I’ll know I’m rich when I won’t have to buy cereal 2 for 5.00 at Price Chopper or Goldfish 2 for $4.00 at CVS.

9. What’s different since your eye surgery?

A few things. I’m more confidant driving at night, for some reason seem to be typing better and can see way more than I ever did. My biggest regret was not doing it when it was scheduled. But I have become a worse case scenario guy later in life and that’s why I put it off.

10. You stated that you had family in Canada. Do you know if they ever carried on the Slovak traditions your family did?

I’m sure of it. They did the Christmas Eve supper thing but I don’t think they watched football on TV for their Thanksgiving because as you may or may not know Thanksgiving falls on a Monday, (actually it was yesterday) in October.

11. Hey what did you think about those new photos they are releasing from the Apollo missions? 

Astronaut David Scott taking photos from Apollo 9. (Photo: NASA, CNN) 
They are stunning. And I guess that can put to rest the silly notion that the moon landing was staged.

12. Saw you on WBRE TV the other day with some yellow glasses. Where did they come from?
The good folks at Engle Eye Wear in Wilkes Barre. After my eye surgery I needed a new prescription, kept my old frames but was talked into these. It’s like no one notices them or everybody does. No in between. I wore them on Pa. Live and no one on the set said a word. Wore them to work earlier in the day, nada. On my way home from my day, I stopped at Price Chopper and three people stopped me and asked me where I got them.

13. Your thoughts on why Barack Obama seems to skate with Democrats like you who think he hasn’t gone far enough with his agenda?

Well,  like Bill Clinton, Mr. Obama is blessed by his enemies. There are some fundamental differences I have with him but every time I want to criticize him, the unreasonable people come to his rescue. Wasn’t born in the United States, is a Socialist, is a Muslim, we are less free now than we were before, is a dictator, etc. Most people are reasonable. When they hear crap like that, they recoil and who benefits? Mr. Obama. Let me point out that he is the first Democrat since FDR to win two terms with a majority vote. That happened because of his supporters but also because of the nonsense those on the right threw at him. When that happens, people on the bubble gravitate toward him.


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