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The LuLac Edition #3054, October 24th, 2015


I have not had the opportunity to get to many events this fall season. My work schedule is packed, I am currently trying to get an outline approved for a new project that hopefully will be an exciting part of my writing career as well as just living my normal life. I even had to have a few scouts at the Wilkes Barre Mayor’s race debate Wednesday because I was a panelist on WYLN TV’s 35’s Mayoral debate which was held on the same night as the face off with Frank Sorick and Tony George. So it was with great anticipation that I made sure the decks were clear for the Third District event held in Dupont on the VFW Thursday night.
The evening was highlighted by the appearance of District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis who was the main speaker. Salavantis made the case for re-election citing the 100% conviction rate in her office, her ability to juggle the many tasks required of a sitting DA as well as the savings her office generated (some $250,000) to the County. Standing in front of the group, she calmly paced from one side of the room to the other making her case as an experienced DA who has navigated the uncertain sea of crime in this County. 
After getting a round of applause from the group, she worked the room while enjoying a quick bite from the VFW Kitchen. (By the way, Jimmy O’Meara Senior not only knows wings, he knows hot dogs too.)
O’Meara who served as District Chair in Wilkes Barre before they reconfigured everything is now in charge of the Third and is running things swimmingly with Mr. Pat Marranca. Here are a few photo from the event.

Jim O'Meara Senior with the main speaker, current DA Stefanie Salavantis. 
Three veterans of the political wars in Luzerne County. Pittston Area School Director Charlie Schiandra, a guy who has been involved in politics since his high school days, Art Boubouinne. Boubouinne and Bill Lewis who is a long time GOP state committee official.
The guy on the left used to hang out in my house years ago. We bought it from hi grandmother and it is always great to see him at these events. Ron Ferrence, Pat Marranca and Jim O'Meara stop to get a photo from the soup can. 

Was Lynette Villno texting Donald Trump? She was sporting a Trump for President button, in the center is Bill Lewis and on the right is Ray Gustave candidate for Luzerne County Council. Ray has a lot of signage popping up and is making many an appearance on the campaign trail.

Here is the DA on the right chatting with Council candidate Gene Kelleher. 

(All Photos from LuLac)


Mr. Kelleher and I reconnected and started to talk about the issues in the County. Here are some of the thoughts he outlined to me. I asked him to send me an e mail so that people will know where he stands. Kelleher was on the Council, lost a close re-election bid and ran as a Write In during the GOP primary. He is now on the ballot and here are his thoughts. 


Running an extremely large, exceedingly demanding, very complex county government is not only a rigorous task…it is a vigorous challenge…requiring multi-skilled, diversified leadership.
And to handle this task capably and resourcefully we need a highly functional, problem-solving, decision-making team…a team that strives continuously to provide what every single voter wants…a sound, practical, productive government.
Our County Council is obligated to function as a vital linchpin between an effectual government and the larger community, and this can only be accomplished through the efforts of a dedicated team…a team that will strive to provide the most viable and valid programs for our county, and then work diligently to implement them in the most competent, cooperative and economically feasible way.
Our politics should be the doctrine of the possible…the workable…the attainable. Our leadership team should exemplify two things…performance and results. We need to maximize the expenditure of our tax dollars while simultaneously implementing sound monetary policies. We must also effectively respond to our diminishing revenues by discovering alternate opportunities that do not burden the elderly on fixed incomes. This will help to establish a financially stable and administratively competent government which will eventually create a system of tax reform and tax equity our citizens so desperately need.
Today one thing is certain…our government has drifted into financially troubled waters, and we have a hobbled sense of direction. I believe to navigate back to the shores of a credible, respectable and fiscally stable government, we must commit ourselves to where we are going and how we are going to get there.
We must mobilize our resources and unify our efforts within our government as well as establish a sense of order and civility within the political process.
I know we will always have conflicting points of view, adversarial relationships and personal confrontations…but when they arise out of good intentions and are for the betterment of the government, we can resolve them properly.
I believe conflict resolution should be achieved through cooperation…not character attacks. Healthy conflict…when handled properly…breeds what our government needs right now…creativity and productivity.
At one time leadership meant strength and authority…but today it means getting along with colleagues and putting other people’s needs ahead of your own. Cooperation and teamwork…planning and goal setting…will lead to an improvement in services, more cost-effective fiscal policies and successful governing. This will not be attained without an effective system of communication between the County manager, County council, department heads and the taxpayers. To that end, I will establish a landline available for the taxpayers 24/7.
Our commitment to the county’s future and the well-being of our residents can only be sustained through cooperation and communication.
Submitted by Eugene Kelleher …Luzerne County Council Candidate.


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