Tuesday, March 02, 2021

The LuLa Edition #4,477, March 2nd, 2021



Pat Toomey  (Photo: LuLac archives)

In recent years, physicians and researchers have placed a heightened focus on preventable pregnancy-related deaths in the United States. Pregnant women on Medicaid are more likely to experience higher rates of severe maternal morbidity and mortality than pregnant women with private health insurance. To better assist states in reducing these rates, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and I have reintroduced our bipartisan Supporting Best Practices for Healthy Moms Act.

As many as two-thirds of deaths resulting from pregnancy or childbirth may be preventable. This legislation will help improve health outcomes for pregnant women and mothers enrolled in Medicaid by increasing information and resources to better monitor and treat at-risk pregnancies, as well as inform Congress on policies that may assist states in reducing maternal deaths. I am glad Senator Brown and I are continuing this important effort, and am hopeful our colleagues on both sides of the aisle will join us in reducing maternal deaths.



The clown prince of the Senate.

The seditious traitor Josh Hawley sent me a fundraising request.  Little man of Missouri thought I’d bite and support his sorry ass. As a blogger I get these all the time from other GOPers but this was so vapid and sad I just had to share it.

The thug pig Hawley, disciple of Diaper Don compares Nancy Pelosi to Joe McCarthy. I’m sure this ignorant slob had to google who Tail Gunner Joe was. But here’s his amusing missive.

The Democrats have, once again, illegally impeached Donald Trump. Once again, he was acquitted.

The trial may be over, but the Democrats are far from done with their campaign against him, and anyone who supports him.

The latest impeachment had nothing to do with the law – it was an airing of grievances against a President who refused to bow down to them, who refused to apologize for speaking his mind.

Now that they think they have him beaten (hint; they don’t), first they will come after me, then they will come after you. This is 21st Century McCarthyism, and we can’t allow it to continue.

 Hawley, the traitor and seditious boy  cries like a little baby (kind of like his mentor Diaper Don) when he is called out for the unpatriotic individual that he is.

With little teeny “leaders” like him…ACCUSATION IS CONFESSION”.


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