Monday, May 03, 2021

The LuLac Edition #4,510, May 3rd. 2021


NPR @ 50

National Public Radio turns fifty today. What started out as an extension of President Johnson’s “Great Society” agenda has grown into to a broadcast main-stay . As a matter of fact, NPR has become the news source for many Americans looking for what really is fair and balanced content.

NPR reported the news with an emphasis on getting the story. It gave women, people of color and even college students the opportunity to be part of their broadcasts. It prided itself on "on the spot" reporting. In 1975 this blog editor was on a newscast during the  terrible hurricane Eloise storm that just a few short years after Agnes threatened the Wyoming Valley. In my 30 second audio piece reported on “being precariously perched on the Pierce Street Bridge”. NPR also hired story tellers like Studs Terkel and a ton of women broadcasters like the late Cokie Roberts and Nina Totenberg who became broadcast legends.

WVIA FM became a member station in April of 1973. To NPR, another 50 years.


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