Thursday, May 13, 2021

The LuLac Edition #4,517, May 13th, 2021



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1.       Do you think we as a country will reach herd immunity?

Anything is possible but I do not. The people who tell you how much they value life before it gets out of the womb are so hesitant to do anything helpful afterwards. They are against programs that help the poor, say they need to see the science which I’m sure they would barely comprehend and then elect demagogues like Rand Paul who picks on guys like Dr. Fauci. So.  because of the willful ignorance, I’d say nope.

2.       The Liz Cheney debacle. Thoughts?


Again, the GOP that I used to look up to as a worthy opponent is no more. They say they wanted to get rid of her because she wasn’t carrying the message of the party. The message is “we’re liars and seditionists.” Think about it. It is a lie that is not even debatable. The lie has been proven to be wrong on video, by numbers, by recounts, by experts and by law. It’s almost like saying that the big circle in the sky we see every morning isn’t the sun but a huge bagel with vegetable cream cheese.


3.       Paige Cognetti’s race. That came about quickly.


Well keep in mins that she won a special election in ’19 to serve out the term of the last Mayor who resigned under fire. So now she has the chance to stake out a true legacy with a full term. I think she is poised to do that, but Scranton city politics can be iffy at best. Candidates who take things for granted are sometimes rudely surprised.


4.       Do you think Mr. Trump will be a factor in 2024?


I can be wrong because don’t forget I was the guy who predicted Barack Obama would make a hell of a Vice Presidential choice in 2008. Trump might get indicted and that would be incredible but not impossible that the GOP might nominate an indicted guy if things stand the way they do now.  But he will be opposed by the likes of Liz Cheney and Larry Hogan. That will fracture the party. Base politics does not make a majority. McGovern in ’72 and Mondale in ’84 proved that. The canary in the coal mine is going to be 2022 and if Trump’s embracing of right wingers loyal to him in the primary prevails, it might mean major losses for the GOP in the general election.


5.       Why do you keep picking on Dan Meuser and Fred Keller as traitors?


Because they are. They abandoned their oaths to the Constitution as well as the country. They sided with the people who attacked the very place they worked in. What these dumbbells don’t realize is that anyone of those insurrectionists couldn’t pick them out of a line up. On that day they were faceless “Congressmen” who could have been attacked.  Both are emblematic of what a disgrace they and their party is to the country. Plus, Fred Keller goes on the radio talking about God and Jesus and that even makes him more pathetic.


6.       Are you watching Philly DA and are you digging it?

Absolutely. I think he (Larry Krasner, the subject of the show) has been asking hard questions regarding criminal justice reform. He’s up for re-election in the primary next week so we shall see how that goes.

7.       The Rail riders are in town. Going?




8.       Thoughts on GOP run states that cut unemployment benefits? 


Again, they exhibit no empathy for the middle class. They thump their chests about giving aid that they voted against. But now are showing their true colors by being so out of touch with the working poor. As for businesses that are whining because they can’t get workers, they must realize this. For the first time workers can say NO. For years local businesses had the upper hand and employees had to take what was given to them. If said employers paid a living wage to begin with (I have a friend who once got a 17 cent an hour raise) maybe there might be more of a reception to go back. But that stated, I think most people want a permanent position rather than not having one. To me, why would I trust the GOP on this when I can’t trust them on anything else?


9.       I saw you on the NAACP Zoom event. Nice tie. Where ‘dya get it?


10.   Impossible Whopper or regular Whopper?

I like them both. But the Impossible Whopper seems to have more artificial stuff in it. I bet when Perry Como recorded this song 50 years ago, he never imagined Impossible meat.

11.    Do you think Marty Flynn will win the race in the 22nd Senatorial?

  I think Marty will win it running away.  But this will be a good test in an area where there is a pocket of Trump lovers. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

12.    Ellen DeGeneres is stopping her show. Were you a fan?

I never saw a lot of it because of working. But she filled a niche that was both entertaining and informative in our culture.

13.   Yonk! Yonki. David! David Stephen! It’s been a while. How about a little B.P.?

You got it!


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