Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The LuLac Edition #4,543, June 23rd, 2021



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This week we feature another entry from Andrea Glod from the local newspaper. Glod this week is taking on the feckless and impotent GP Senate of no. Who would ever think that any sane political party would say no to voting rights.


Editor: Of course the Republicans in the U.S. Senate would refuse to even just talk about the For the People Act. Republicans all over the country have already decided to propose legislation to make it harder for people to vote and, more importantly, make it easier for political hacks to decide which votes to count. So why would they support an actual investigation of current voting regulations?

Remember, these are the same cowards who voted not to support a commission to investigate the deadly attack on the Capitol because they are too scared to actually find the truth about Jan.6. Unfortunately, there is not even enough backbone among the entire Republican Senate to award medals to the Capitol Police who sacrificed their lives and well-being to protect them. This from the hypocrites who hide their cowardice behind the “Back the Blue” signs.

In their defense, it must be noted: Why would you search for the truth if the truth doesn’t fit with your plans for your political future?

Why search for the truth when you can just buy into the insanity being foisted upon the American people generally and more specifically upon the shrinking Republican base by the disgraced ex-president and his disillusioned supporters?

Why search for the truth — when you can just ask Q Inane?

Andrea Glod



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