Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The LuLac Edition #4,554, July 13th, 2021


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1.       The All-star game. Today. What do you think of Shohei Ohtani dual roles?


I think it’s great for the game. He became the first player to pitch and DH (aka bat) in a game. That adds excitement to an All-Star game. Because of my schedule and lifestyles, I’ve gotten away from tuning in right at the start, but I won’t miss this one because of this added component.


2.       Okay Yonk, which is it, Biden is too old and feeble, or he is the mastermind putting this country on a path to socialism?


He can’t be both. He can’t be an unfocused, weak fool who’s lost it and then be a mastermind at the same time. If you’re a Trumpanzee, I know you lie anyway. But pick one and stick to it.


3.       Did you hear the rumor that Biden will step down in 2022 and have Kamala Harris move up? She will then in turn pick AOC as her Veep thus seizing the party for the leftists. Then in 2024 AOC will run. Thoughts?

Yes, I heard that at the ballpark on Sunday and thought it was the second dumbest thing I ever heard. (First dumbest was red beet ice cream!) Look the Progressive wing was defeated by the centrists in the party in March of 2020. Biden was 0-4 in the primaries, and out of money. Sanders and Warren were poised to pounce.  They didn’t because Democratic voters picked a middle of the road guy.     AOC will be barely 35 by 2024. Biden isn’t going anywhere. He has worked all his life to get this job and he isn’t going to give it up willingly.

4.       How about Bob Barr trying to distance himself from Trump?

You’ll see more of that in the days to come. People that have sold their souls now want to get them back, I guess.

5.       Other than the Trump-ites worshiping at his feet, how do you think most Americans view the pronouncements of The Donald?

I think most find his rants repetitive, redundant and tiring.

6.       Follow up please. I think The Donald is a silly nickname. Where did it originate with Trump?

I think the New York tabloids picked it up and he ran with it. The meaning of the name Donald is below. Fascinating if you ask me.

7.       Did your family have nicknames and did you have one?

Oh God yes. On both sides.  On my father’s side, they were Jake (my father, Zeke, my uncle Joe, Percy my Uncle John, Dealer my uncle Mike and my all time favorite Philco my Uncle Paul.   On my mom’s side, my Uncle Joe Pribula was “Lefty”. I had a series of four nicknames in my life. Sluggo when I was a child because of a very short haircut and resemblance to the cartoon character Nancy’s friend.  In high school it was Hubert because of my affinity for Humphrey for President, 

Crackers on a mixed league softball team and now finally Yonk. The latter I fully embrace.

8.       What do you think of the devolution of WILK’s Morning News’ male co-hosts from the intelligent insight of Kevin Lynn, to the insolent indifference of John Webster, to the immature inanity of Jason Barsky causing Nancy’s role to go from adult debater, to a reboot of Blanche Bickerson, to an exasperated  scolding parent?

Well Nancy has had a storied career and to me is the constant that holds the show together. She has dealt with various personalities and I think you’ve described all her partners pretty much to a tee. Webster took sarcasm to a new level and Barsky sometimes hides by his “I’m a former jock, trying to figure out what to do persona but grateful to be here” ability to corral the right-wing nonsense of the callers WILK must deal with. In a way she has evolved from a near equal with Lynn (who has a brilliant mind and retort mechanism) to a person who must herd and rein in the various “cats” she has been paired with. Nothing against Barsky who has been so helpful to me with community projects but a pairing with Brian Hughes was not a bad thing. As far as Blanche Bickerrson, for those who are not aware of her, here’s a clip.


9.       Do you think the recent resignation of the Director of Luzerne County Child and Youth Director will have an impact in this year’s off year elections?


Not sure yet. Things like this have way of going or just going away.


10.   What are your thoughts on the negativity of Scranton residents who don’t like a road in their town being named after President Biden?

Outrageous is the only word I have for the reaction. Only in NEPA can your find residents who behave this way. But as my dad used to say, “Around here some people would rather see a hearse in your driveway rather than a Cadillac.


11.   Any TV appearances in the offing?


Nope. Because of Corvid and compression of resources no commentary. 2020 would have been great. Now I get on as a by stander or participant when I’m working for the city.


12.   What do you think of the recalcitrant behavior of the Republicans saying no to everything this administration wants?

They’d rather obstruct than lead. Period. They have become the enemies of the common people but the people who get the help from social program cry like stuck pigs about “socialism” all the while they are benefiting from what the hated government gives them.

13.   Dave, can we do it again? Please?



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