Thursday, January 13, 2022

The LuLac Edition #4,668, January 13th, 2022



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1.       Did you know that Taco Bell is offering chicken wings now for a limited time?


I did not but thanks for sharing. I do believe they are in only test locations. My opinion is fast food places usually can’t compete with local restaurant wings. Just saying.


2.       Who in your opinion are the two best duets in Country and Western music?


I’m not a real big fan of country music. I think it’s more of like a twangy rock version. I tend to gravitate toward classic country. In terms of duets you must give props to Tammy Wynette and George Jones. Then of course there was Porter Wagoner and Dolly Partner and later Kenny Rogers and Dolly. Here’s one of my favorites from them. It’s slightly out of season by a few days but still fun to hear. It's a hell of a video too.



3.       Are you worried about the Congressional races with so many Democrats retiring?


Too early to fret but now is the time to prepare. The good news is that due to redistricting, there are going to be newer Democratic districts that will be added. Anyone with common sense should just look at our two Congressmen. Cartwright is on the Appropriations Committee, Meuser is not. Cartwright decried the attack on our Capitol and the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Meuser did not. Cartwright was available to the news media on January 6th, Meuser was hiding.


4.       Why are you attacking WILK all of a sudden?

I am not attacking WILK. WILK is a valuable, heritage broadcast resource in northeastern Pennsylvania. It brings us breaking news when it is happening. I have no beef with the organization. What I do have a problem with are the callers who are immature crybabies, liars, agents of ignorance and misinformation. Some of the caller who I name should be banned. As an American and having the opportunity with this platform, when I do listen (and after 9am it is rarely) I will call them out every chance I get. They are unoriginal thinkers; their content comes from Fox News and are a danger to our society. 


5.       With winter in full form now and as a fruit lover what are you options this time of year?

Oranges, pears and bananas. No watermelon because while it looks tempting, the sweet taste just isn’t there. Blueberries? Yes you could get some tasty ones along with raspberries and black berries.

6.       Sidney Poitier passed. Have any favorite movies? 

 God there are so many. “To Sir with Love ”, “Lilies of the Field” and of course “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”  "Sir" and "Guess" were released  in 1967 along with "In The Heat of he Night: What a loss. 


7.       Did you buy the Powerball rickets and if you won what you do?


I’d still work. Most likely take care of those people in y life who count and then form a foundation to give away money. I go by an old adage o the late “Pidge” Watson from the Sunday Dispatch who once told me “One you go over a million dollars you get into dangerous Michael Jackson territory. You buy bones and llamas. You can only own so many houses and cars”.


8.        Crystal Pepsi comes back after 30 years. Excited?

No. Had it once. Not impressed. 


9.       Should the filibuster be changed?


Absolutely. It is an obstructionist tool that is used to block progress. During the Civil Rights fights, at least they had to speak for hours. Now this is the lazy man’s way of just saying NO. The Republicans are good at that. Ten the two Democratic egomaniacs voted against it today putting process over people. Who'd have thunk that Joe Biden's worst enemies were money bags Manchin and that tart from Arizona. Both of whom voted for the carve out regarding the debt ceiling. Are voters protection not that important? They are a disgrace. 


10.   How many copies of the Hillary Clinton novel did you buy?

Five.  It was a great gift.


11.   I’m a Cowboy fan. You’re a Packer fan. Mike McCarthy, will he get the ‘boys to the Super Bowl?

Doubtful. I don’t think he’s that great of a coach. He did win a Superbowl, but all the pieces fell into place and in my opinion his lap.   He isn’t consistent with his leadership


12.   First snow of the year. Are you digging it?

As much as I dig razor blades over my lips. 


13.   You are now at 4600 and some editions of LuLac. Ever think you’d get that far?

 No, I was just hoping to sell a few books, but the site took on a life of its own.  It hasn’t been perfect but what I wanted to do was put together a historical record of what happened in both Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. Plus, we have a loyal and consistent following which I am grateful for to this day.









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