Friday, May 13, 2022

The LuLac Edition #4,739, May 13th, 2022



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1.       So did you go see Ted Cruz today with David McCormick and if you did what did you ask him?

I did not. Strategically it was smart of the McCormick campaign to hold an event in Wilkes-Barre this late. That tells me they are taking Luzerne County seriously. If I met him, I’d ask him, “You went to _ _ _ _ ing Harvard? 


2.       Prediction for Senate race?

This is an easy one. Kathy Barnett. She’s closed in on the polls and right now there is a dead heat of Oz, McCormick and Barnett. Oz and McCormick have been beating each other’s brains out and Barnett has stormed each county in the same manner that Rick Santorum did in ’94. Plus GOP front runner for Governor Doug Mastriano has been touting her as the next Senator from Pennsylvania.  If the MAGA crowd goes straight for he and Teddy Daniels, there are enough of them who will go with Barnett giving her a real chance at it. Ironically this race will be a squeaker and come don to mail in ballot counting which each Senate and GOP candidate cried bloody murder about.


3.       Did you get to a Rail Riders game yet?   

Yes. Wednesday. It was great.


4.       How about the hypocrite Susan Collins calling the police on a chalk filled message on her sidewalk?

Typical GOP snowflake behavior. I’m all for arresting someone for vandalism but a chalk message.  No judgements though because fear is in the eye of the person on the receiving end. 


5.       Have people lost faith in the Supreme Court?


Yes. You can trace it to Mitch McConnell’s machinations and manipulations.The latest Yahoo/YouGov poll on Americans’ confidence in the Supreme Court shows a stunning deterioration in faith in the high court since it was last conducted 20 months ago – just days before Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s expedited confirmation. The new survey of 1,577 U.S. adults, which was conducted immediately after the leak, found that registered voters have swung from mostly having confidence in the Supreme Court — by a colossal 40-point margin — to being evenly split on the question. just half of voters still express some (37%) or a lot (14%) of confidence in the court, while the other half now expresses either a little (24%) or none (26%). Among all Americans — as opposed to just registered voters — most (53%) now say they have either no confidence in the Supreme Court (28%) or only a little (25%). With Barrett’s ascension and the blocking of Merritt Garland in 2016, well that’s when things started to sour.


6.       Did you read former Department of Defense Mark Esper’s book on his final days in the White House?

No, I did not but I’ve seen news reports o n it and find it very credible.


7.       What are your thoughts as a Packer fan the lawsuits against Brett Farve?

It was really surprising. I have relatives who gave money to his charity. Farve The lawsuit from the Mississippi Department states that Favre and others "squandered" more than $20 million in money from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families anti-poverty program. In October, it was announced that Favre was accused of receiving $1.1 million for speaking engagements he didn't attend. Mississippi auditor Shad White demanded Favre to repay that amount. The basics are you show up when you’re getting paid. There are no charges….yet. 


8.       What do you  think is the best way to eat shrimp?

For me, ice cold with a lot of cocktail sauce. I mean immerse it in cocktail sauce. The second-best way is Red Lobster’s coconut shrimp. 


9.       Who do you blame more for this Roe Vs. Wade fiasco going on now, Republicans or Democrats?


Oh Democrats. The party fell asleep at the wheel while the GOP launched an all out assault on getting the Courts under their thumb. President Obama had the opportunity to codify Roe, he demurred. Then women in ’16 got picky about Hillary because “they didn’t care for her”.  The Republicans took a knife fight to getting control of the Court, the Democrats were armed with an Emory board.


10.   What a great start for those Yankees, huh?


Yep they are doing very well.


11.   Any big plans for Memorial Day?

Yes driving Mayor Brown in two parades that day. Ashley and Parsons. 


12.   You’re on a dessert island. You have your choice of one pizza being delivered. Pick one.

I’m going to pick two because the first one doesn’t deliver. But tops would be Victory Pig. Then following close behind, Tommy’s whole wheat round pie in Kingston.


13.   Can you find that Coast to Coast theme they play on WILK at 5am in the morning?

Sure. It’s played only once a month when George Noory does his Friday show. Written by a fan, it makes me smile every time I hear it.



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