Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The LuLac Edition #4, 770, June 22nd, 2022



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This week we hear from Greg Griffin a community activist I am proud to know. Greg is known for his cleanup work in the city of Wilkes-Barre nd his help with the Wilkes-Barre Health Department Community Garden program. This week we pull something from his Facebook post regarding how the Luzerne County Council can spend the money from  Washington, D.C.


Do you know who your Luzerne  County Manager is??

Do you know who your 11 Luzerne County Council Members are??

Luzerne County Council has received 114 Million dollars from Washington DC to help the People from Covid… Our Senior Citizens need help desperately!!!

There is only 98 Million left..

Big Luzerne County interests have already received Millions.. the People .. nothing…

98 Million is left!!

WilkesBarre had money from Washington and gave Millions to the People..

Will Luzerne County Council help the Citizens with the remaining 98 Million??

Speak up now.. do you need a new roof?? Hot water Heater? Furnace?  Mortgage down payment money?? WilkesBarre Mayor Brown did it!!

  Mayor Brown from WilkesBarre provided Millions of the Washington cash right back to the WilkesBarre People.. he is a great example of a Leader!!

Don’t let Luzerne County Council spend all of YOUR money on special interests that are now lobbying  them hard in the Courthouse for the pot of Gold!! Act now!! Or you Lose!! Come to the Luzerne County Council meetings.  Speak up for yourself!! It’s YOUR MONEY!!! Come and get it if you can!! GIT ER DONE .. They work for you!!!

Greg Griffin -Chairman of the Luzerne County Citizens Blight Committee 


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