Saturday, August 13, 2022

The LuLac Edition #4,786, August 13th, 2022



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1.       Do you think we are in for a Civil War in this country?

I think we are on the cusp of it. What we do as a country in the next 2 years will determine our fate as a democracy as well as a nation of one. During the Civil War of the 1860s, America was divided on essentially one issue.    Today we are divided on a multitude of things. We can’t even agree on basic issues. It is sad that there is a segment of America that thinks the only way to get their beliefs heard and implemented is to take up arms against the government.  When an incident like the one in Cincinnati happened, an attack on an FBI office by a Trumpster, it needs to be dealt with quickly. 


     2. Is it any surprise that Trump took documents regarding national security?


Not really but I don’t think he realized what was in them in terms of how they needed to be stored.  He never wanted to learn how government worked.


3.       Do you think Lindsay Graham should comply with the Georgia investigation?


Absolutely. He tried to interfere with an election. Plus as far as subpoenas go, here’s what I don’t understand. If you or I were issued a court order, we’d get picked up immediately by an official if we didn’t comply.  I think it is outrageous.


4.       Did you see the Field of Dreams game this year? 


No, totally forgot about it. 


5.       You seem to be going after Republicans very hard. Having fun?


Not at all. I feel they need to be called out for their blatant attempt at trying to drive down the vote, tell lies and support a philosophy that comes very close to treason. There’s no fun in that at all. 


    6. Do you agree with the Michelle Obama philosophy that was, “when they go low, we go high?” 


Nope. We are in a situation that facts don’t matter to a certain segment of the population.  If they get down in the mud, we have to. We do it with logic, and facts. We know from the get go they won’t care, so we need to show their ignorance to the world. 


 7. The local County Council and the drop boxes. I’m confused. Do they want them or not?


They don’t even know. They put this resolution together that says they want to get rid of them but shields it under the guise of not having the Election Bureau do it. They might be able to win elections, but they can’t govern.


8.       Have you seen the Derek Jeter series on ESPN?

Yes, loved it. Thought it was great. I always liked his style and his way of dealing with people. 


9.       Will Trump be indicted? 


Yes. By three separate jurisdictions.

10.   Whose perspective does you like and trusts in the commentary on these legal matters with Trump and the Democrats? 


I really like watching former Watergate Counsel John Dean and writer Carl Bernstein. They really put everything in perspective and give a good comparison between the Trump and Nixon eras which are in my estimation worlds apart.

11.   I saw there were no 13 Questions in June and July. How come?


Extenuating circumstances.


12.   When are we going to hear about this “mystery” illness?


Soon enough.


13.    What should we do with WILK Radio?

Ignore it. The callers are people you just have to write off. The hosts from 9am to 6 are right wingers. Bob Cordaro is horrible in terms of throwing out terms like Marxists. Just write them off totally as a source for serious information.  News, yes. Norry at night? Entertaining. The Morning Show with  Nancy, Jason, Snedeker  and Johnny? Yes. The rest of it, just write it off.


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