Friday, March 12, 2021

The LuLac Edition #4,482, March 13th, 2021



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1.       So what do you think of the new Biden administration so far?

Excellent. This is the most prepared person ever to enter the Oval Office. He’s had 40 years to think about what he has to do. His heart is in the right place. He has a core set of beliefs. He has made this nation better in 8 weeks than his predecessor could have done in 4 years.

2.       Thoughts on the Luzerrne County Election Board fiasco with the Republicans?

It’s what they do. They follow their Lord and Savior Diaper Don and think they can do what he attempted to do. Not happening. With Trumpanzees, “Accusation Is Confession.” They screamed about dishonesty, yet these three clowns showed their true colors.

3.       Do you think there was conspiracy among GOP lawmakers in the January 6th attack?

You know it. There is no way these thugs could have known the ins and outs of the building without getting a tour.

4.       Any thoughts on our Republican Congressman who have been out of touch?

I think of them as you would toilet water. Necessary but only has one use. To flush democracy down the shoot. When you think of it these guys hit the trifecta of unpatriotic behavior.  They did not certify the Election which was clearly won by the opposition. They then voted against Impeachment even though their place of work was attacked by their minions. Then they voted against the American Rescue Act. This was done all under the guise of “process”.     Keller and Mesuer, unpatriotic, seditious hard hearten thugs.

5.        What is the difference between the Biden Cabinet and the Trump group?

Competence. Patriotism. Knowledge. With a few exceptions like General Maddox and Kelly, there is no comparison.

6.       What do you think of President Trump barring the national party from using his name in fundraising?

They should cut the son of a bitch out of the party. Let him form his own third party of lunatics, ingrates and shitheads.

7.       I see where the Capitol Hill rioters are being held in restrictive quarters. What should happen to them?

They should get the maximum sentence. They should be branded as domestic terrorists. When and if they reach the maximum sentence as completed, when released they should be deported preferably to a country that frown on democracy.

8.       Waiting for the return of baseball at PNC Field?

 You know it. I have my season tickets at the ready.

 9.       I saw some recent Facebook photos of you. Where do you get your ties? They have great shirts too.


10.   How are you digging your job at the Health Department now that everyone wants a vaccine?

I’m right in the middle of it and enjoying it immensely. We have a huge waiting list for the Vaccine. The reason is the vaccines are released on a piece meal basis and we must match up that list. I have a feeling though, and I’m speaking for myself here and not the WBHD here, once the Johnson & Johnson vaccine hits you’ll see a loosening up of supply.

11.   What id your take on the GOP saying the Dems didn’t include them in the Rescue Act?

It’s the same old shit. They want input. You give them input. With President Obama he made changes to accommodate them and still the mothers screwed him and voted no. Joe Biden is tough and won’t stand for this crap.

12.   Do you ever think you’ll vote Republican again?


Never. Plus; I was a guy who regularly crossed party lines. Now, NOPE. **** them!


13.   Have you ever considered a PodCast?

I thought about it. Everybody has one. Dr. Leonardi and I considered it but time is a big factor. Who  knows though.  I just don’t want to go talking to myself though. 







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