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The LuLac Edition #2705, August 2nd, 2014

Classic Munson photo from his last year with the Yankees. (Photo:
It was a muggy Thursday afternoon in August. The news came late in the afternoon that Yankee Catcher and Captain Thurman Munson was killed in a plane crash. Munson was the gritty, determined Yankee MVP and All Star that snarled and battled his way through the tumultuous pennant years of 1976 through 1978. By the time 1979 rolled around Munson was making noises about going to Cleveland.
His death essentially made him a tragic Yankee immortal. There is speculation that at the time of his death Munson might have played first base and perhaps might have attained a Hall of Fame career. That we can only guess about.

Cartoon by Bill Gallo in Friday August 3rd, 1979 edition of New York Daily News. (Photo: New York Daily News). 
The day after his death, Munson’s position was behind home plate was vacant. Jerry Narron took his place when the game began. Munson was buried the following Monday. The team played the ABC TV Monday Night Baseball Game of the week against the Orioles. Behind most of the game the Yankees came back to win 5-4 behind the bat of Munson’s team mate Bobby Murcer who earlier in the day gave one of the eulogies. Here is that historic game.

Like Lou Gehrig, Munson is frozen in time. Forever young at the age of 32, Forever The Captain. For people of a certain age, this date is significant because that was the day the battle scarred mortal Munson, through tragedy became immortal. 
Yankee teammates standing at attention in memory of Munson on the night of August 3rd, 1979. (Photo: 

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The LuLac Edition #2704, July 30th, 2014

This week the Wilkes Barre Area School Board once more topped itself with a bone head move that made this district the laughing stock of the area. Based on second hand information, they screwed young athletes out of TV exposure on a local Cable Network because of comments made one year ago by Part time Talk Show host Rob Nyehard. They also thumbed their noses at the aged grandparents of the children who play football by depriving them of the opportunity to see their kids play on TV. I’m not being dramatic here. I speak from personal experience here. When I was doing Topic A with L.A. Tarone on WYLN carried by Service Electric I can’t tell you how many of my contemporaries told me their aged parents watched our show. My obvious question was “Why”? And the answers were “They have the time and you guys are entertaining”, If the old folks could get turned on by two guys yelling at each other and tune in, imagine the impact of Cable TV with their grandkids playing a game.
When Neyhard made his comments it was in the midst of the horrible year of 2013 when violent crime was rampant especially in the Heights section of Wilkes Barre. The Mayor and the Police Force were doing everything to stop it but couldn’t. It was a frustrating time. All Neyhard said was that the neighborhood in GAR was bad. It was. Anytime you have a kid with his hand nearly chopped off by a machete, that’s bad. When that happened, did Denise Thomas, John Quinn, Lou Elmy, Christine Katsock, and Ned (is that a grown up name???) Evans decry the violence against “the kids”?
Apparently John Quinn decided to round up a few of the lackeys on the board and take his prodigious pique out on Nyehard, Service Electric, Scott Cannon from Video Innovations and the young athletes. I do have sympathy though for Quinn because he does suffer from a Medical condition. It’s called JackQuinnalzheimersitis. He forgets everything BUT the grudge he holds. So the crybabies decided to vote 5 to 0 to get rid of a contract that would benefit a cash strapped district. A district that by the way has outside forces asking for money (outside of taxes mind you) for money to bolster the sorry ass district. Yeah Brian whatever your name is, I’ll go to your fundraiser to help these clowns out!
Quinn’s willing lackeys were former School Attendance office Denise Thomas who claimed the broadcast she didn’t hear was negativity. Denise Thomas I believe was a stalking horse for Quinn to run with the ball because he didn’t have the guts himself to do it. Lou Elmy said yes because he’ll go along with anything as long as his wife is getting a payday. Then there is the petulant and mercurial Christine Katsock. She is a known ally of convicted former President of the Board Frank “Weights and Measures” Pizzella. They were in plain view at a political event together in Wilkes Barre Township last year. Katsock had a running mate in the last election and refused to campaign and acknowledge her in public. Katsock was also the one who got into a shouting match with one of Eddie Day Pashinski’s workers across from Sam's Club over a sign dispute when she was a Republican running against any Democrat she could try to take on. But some say she is a class act. As far that, I can understand how some might think that but I cannot possibly comment. Then of course there was the newly elected board lackey (repeating his performance in another arena) Ned Evans who couldn’t string together two thoughts on a radio show during the last campaign. Might he be jealous of Neyhard’s dulcet tones? Evans was elected over Kathy Grinaway who was the most intelligent and better equipped candidate for the School Board. Especially because she couldn’t be influenced by the cronies and the cousins on the Board. There is more to this story than high school football and Rob Neyhard. 
Those abstaining were Dino Galella who made the motion along with Joe Caffrey, Dr. James F. Susek and Rev. Shawn Walker.
A few questions here. Why not fire Neyhard and keep the football? Why punish the kids? Why did it take a year for this to come to the forefront? Kind of reminds me of this guy below lying in wait making like snakes. 

Why not get more information like the other board members wanted? I have the answer. The majority in this vote did not want to hear anything. Like spoiled brats who hold the fate of our children in their hands, they had their minds made up. Many people will say that this is just about football. True. But if this group is so devious and touchy about a remark they didn’t hear first hand and made a year ago, imagine what they would do with a real issue affecting tax dollars!
I’ve known Rob Neyhard for 38 years. He is a good man, a good broadcaster, a consummate professional and has always had the interest of kids deep in his heart. As a great father, I’ve seen him with his kids from a previous marriage. Solid. I’ve seen him with athletes and how he supported them. In forty years of broadcasting, Rob has done nothing BUT boost the fortunes of young people. This action says more about the Wilkes Barre Area School Board than Neyhard. The knock by some on Rob as a Talk Show host is that he has not been controversial and too fair. Who’d have thought that with the line up of WILK staff, Neyhard would be the one singled out by a School Board that has just added another chapter to its latest melodrama entitled “Board of Clowns”.
Elections do have consequences, I doubt Kathy Grinaway would go along with a dumb ass move like this. But the people of Wilkes Barre voted for Ned Evans and they got themselves another mindless foot soldier who enjoys the view from behind as the other asses ahead of him lead the charge. How’s that view “Ned?”

Retired Brigadier General Frank J. Sullivan. (Photo: Tom Wolf for Governor website).
Retired Brigadier General Frank J. Sullivan (USAF) has spent his career serving our country and the state of Pennsylvania -- and he believes it is time for the veterans of Pennsylvania to help elect a governor who will fight for them and their families.
Frank has been a registered Republican for over 20 years. This election year, however, he is not only committed to voting for Tom Wolf, but he is also playing an active role in the campaign by mobilizing veterans and sharing Tom's plan to create a better quality of life for all Pennsylvanians.
"I think Tom Wolf's policies to support veterans, servicemembers, and their families are excellent. Last Saturday, I went to the Pennsylvania American Legion State Convention and talked with other veterans about my personal experiences with Tom, about his support for our community, about his honesty, and about everything he's going to do for our Commonwealth. I think attendees were pretty impressed and we're excited about joining this campaign."
Frank agreed to chair the Veterans for Wolf initiative, with Senator Mike Stack, who is also the Candidate for Lt. Governor, and York Mayor Kim Bracey serving as co-chairs, to make sure veterans and their families come out to vote in November. He believes Tom's business experience, his willingness to explore new ideas, and his common-sense plan for Pennsylvania are exactly what the state needs to solve many of its toughest problems.
"As I was considering the candidates in this governor's race, I found Tom Wolf to be a trustworthy and honest person. Tom is someone who is focused on the issues facing not only veterans, but all Pennsylvanians."
A 2013 survey of 7,000 National Guard personnel found the unemployment rate among Guard members to be 14 percent -- significantly higher than the national average. Tom and Frank agree that the brave men and women who have fought to protect our way of life deserve much better.
In Tom's plan to support Pennsylvania veterans and service members, he outlines how he will work with state departments and agencies, as well as state-run and state-related colleges and universities, to accelerate accreditation, licensure, and degree completion for veterans. This plan will also help place veterans with jobs matching their skills. Moreover, Tom will work to make it easier for spouses of veterans to get out-of-state certifications and licenses recognized in Pennsylvania, among many other key components.
Because of Tom Wolf's strong support for veterans, service members, and their families, Sullivan is fired up to help spread the word before the November election:
“I believe Tom wants to help as many people as he can, while he has the opportunity to do so -- and to me, that's the mark of a real leader. Not somebody who wants to get the next promotion, not a guy who's looking for a higher office, not a guy who's looking for the biggest campaign contributors so he can retire a little wealthier, but a guy who is unselfish, and just wants to help the people of Pennsylvania. I see that in Tom Wolf -- he's somebody that I can relate to, that I can get behind and that I can support him." (Source: Tom Wolf website).



This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Bob Stanley and Robert Farina about the Inaugural Ballet Northeast Golf Tournament, coming up on August 28th at the Irem Country Club in Dallas.
An encore of Brian's interview with Alyssa Maria from Home Instead Senior Care about free home safety checks to protect seniors from falling in their homes.
And an encore of Brian's interview with author Dan Schwabel about everything you need to know about changing jobs.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X, 6:25am on Magic 93, and 7am on Good Time Oldies 590, WARM.


The small town of Nicholson is generally know for the huge railroad viaduct that towers over the community. But it's got a lot more to offer and two of its strongest backers, Lisa Marie Mihalina, and Marion Sweet will join host David DeCosmo on ECTV Live during the week of August 4th to discuss efforts to make the town a destination! ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast Cable Ch19 and is shown during the Noon and Midnight hour throughout the entire week!



Tune in to Sue Henry's "Special Edition" this week as Sue recaps the week's news. Special Edition is heard Saturdays and Sunday on these Entercom stations, WILK FM Saturday at 2pm Sunday at 6 am on Froggy 101 Sunday at 7 am on The Sports Hub 102.3 Sunday at 7 am on K R Z 98.5 Sunday at noon on WILK FM 103.1.


Want to hear some great parodies on the news? Tune in to WILK Radio at 6:40 and 8:40 AM on Mondays. As Ralph Cramden used to say, “It’s a laugh riot!”


Tune in Wednesdays on WILK Radio for Karel on the Street. Hear some of the funniest and heartwarming comments on the issues of the day on Webster and Nancy with Karel Zubris.

Our 1974 logo


A bomb explodes in an Italicus Express train between Italy and West Germany, killing 12 and wounding 48. Italian neo-fascist terrorists take responsibility…Pressure begins to mount in the Nixon White House and more calls for the President’s resignation ensue when the release of a tape reveals Nixon knew of the cover up after the Watergate Break in….in Pennsylvania Senator Hugh Scott said he was very disappointed in the latest revelation referred to as “The Smoking Gun” tape….in Lackawanna County Scranton Mayor Eugene Peters takes GOP candidate for Governor Drew Lewis on tours of the cities and neighborhoods. Lewis then meets with GOP stalwarts in Luzerne County along with his Lt. Governor candidate from Tunkhanock Ken Lee and forty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was The Night Chicago Died  by Paper Lace.

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The LuLac Edition #2703, July 29th, 2014

You would think it was 1974 when the Impeachment of Richard Nixon was on the top of my news mind. I was working at WVIA at night doing news on George Graham’s Mixed Bag. It was big news but it was news in process. This week alone I have received 58 e mails about Impeachment. From the Republicans? Nope. From the Democrats using it a fundraising strategy. Give now to fight impeachment. You gotta love that e mail machine. Imagine Nixon with e mail capability.


The vultures started to move in on North Main Street Saturday. A crane took the statue of the Sacred Heart. Now the valuables in the Church are being taken away ostensibly to give to other churches. The Diocese of Scranton says they have no plans for the church at this time. Yeah, right. The bigger and more ethnic the church (i.e. Polish, Slovak, Eastern European,) the faster it goes down. I’m not a Saint, far from it but in the afterlife someone is going to answer for this crap. And it won’t be me. Or you.


WYLNTV35’s “The Storm” will air a special episode on the topic of elder abuse airing starting Wednesday July 30th 8PM.
The guests for this episode are a member of the Elder Abuse Task Force of Luzerne and Wyoming Counties, Pat Rushton and the Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis who also sits on this task force.
Elder abuse is an issue across this nation and definitely one in our region given its significant elderly population.
The types of elderly abuse discussed in this program include: financial, physical, sexual, domestic violence, neglect, and abandonment.
“When we taped this show, I was startled to learn from the experts I interviewed that, of every report of elderly abuse in our county, another five instances go unreported. The experts stated this happens because often the victim is kept isolated by the offender and/or because the older generation was brought up in a time when problems, things happening behind closed doors, were kept private. It saddens me to learn so many members of the greatest generation are victims of some form of abuse and we owe it to them to educate ourselves on this topic and, importantly, what we can do to help protect them if we suspect such criminal activity at their expense.” said Tiffany Cloud, Host “The Storm” WYLNTV35
In addition to informing the area population of the different types of abuse, during the show resources to call for help will be shared for those who may be abuse victims and/or suspect an elderly person being the victim of one of these forms of abuse, including websites/phone numbers for the Victim’s Resource Center, the Area Agency on Aging and the District Attorney’s Office.
Following Wednesday’s 8PM premiere, this show will also air that Thursday 9:30PM, Saturday 5PM, Sunday 11AM, Monday 8:30PM, Tues 9:30PM only on WYLNTV35.


Cartwright to Hold Press Conference Concerning Severe Weather Event Preparedness
Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: LuLac archives).
Congressman Matt Cartwright will host a press conference Friday, August 1, 2014
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM at West Poplar Avenue Bridge in Scranton announcing the introduction of his legislation the Preparedness and Risk management for Extreme weather Patterns Assuring Resilience (PREPARE) Act.
In the last two years, there have been 20 extreme weather events that have each inflicted at least $1 billion in damage and have taken a total of 409 lives. Right here in northeastern Pennsylvania, many of our citizens are at risk of flooding. The Susquehanna River threatens Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding neighborhoods. After Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972, levees were constructed that have since protected the city from major flooding but nearby neighborhoods have been affected by severe flooding. Scranton also relies on flood-gates to protect against flooding from the Lackawanna River, and many Schuylkill and Northampton County communities are in close proximity to flooding waterways.
To address these concerns, this week Congressman Cartwright will introduce the bipartisan PREPARE Act. This common sense, zero cost legislation builds off the GAO’s recommendations and planning procedures already in place.

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The LuLac Edition #2702, July 26th, 2014

Our Maybe I’m Amazed” logo


MAYBE I'M AMAZED...that the good people of Cape Cod, Massachusetts are concerned that an invitation to house border children will wreck their culture. As Maynard J. Crebbs would say, "Oh come now!!" Culture in some parts of Massachusetts is an oxymoron.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED...that Scranton is trying to revive the Commuter Tax. Maybe the city should just get all the people who owe garbage fees and other taxes to pay.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED..that even with their injuries, half the pitching staff in rehab and spotty hitting, the New York Yankees are in second place in the AL East.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED..that the latest reincarnation of the Pierce Street Bridge in between Kingston and Wilkes Barre is a real pleasure to drive over. The construction period was taxing at times but well worth the wait. Just like Coal Street in Wilkes Barre.
MAYBE I'M AMAZED..but not that L.A. Tarone's night time show on WILK is going gangbusters. When you have a ton of calls in your last hour and you are getting a decent rating, you know something is going well. I’m not privy to the latest ratings numbers but I’m told Tarone’s program performed exceptionally well
MAYBE I'M AMAZED…that the Soviet Union, (Uh I mean Russia, Mr. Putin is giving me flashbacks of the Cold War of the 60s) is suing McDonald’s Hamburger joints because they are selling food with higher levels of fats and carbohydrates than is legally sanctioned by the government. So they’ll allow the Ukraine stuff to slide and get pissy about labeling? They are not listing the correct nutrition facts on their labeling.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED… how truly ignorant people who claim to be news watchers really are these days. I’m in an eatery, won’t say where but this guy is mouthing off wondering how so many people from The Netherlands were on that Air Malaysia Flight that was shot down. If they stayed where they were supposed to he reasoned, they’d be alive. Normally I’d let this pass but I put my two cents in. I explained that n the U.S. there is an Air Jamaica and a Korean Air Lines. I said that if American tourists were traveling to Jamaica on Air Jamaica they were using that country’s Airline to get there, saying they would not be out of place. So too with U.S. residents taking Korean Air lines to the Pacific. The flight manifests and their passports would put them “in the right place” As an added note I also said that a segment of the people on that Air Malaysian Jet were experts traveling from The Netherlands to contribute to an important conference on Aids Research. He looked at me dubiously and said, “I didn’t see that on Hannitty”. That’s when I left.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that a pineapple is not an apple or a pine but in reality a large berry. Speaking of pineapples, can it be eight years since WARM personality Terry McNulty passed away? Here he is with Mrs. LuLac and a friend Mary Carrano with the ubiquitous pineapple. McNulty ran "The Pineapple Feature" on the Mighty 590.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that two local authors seems to be making quite the splash these days. The first is Bryan Kollar who wrote “The Memory Machine” which is a very quick but interesting read about how a Luzerne County Judge, two detectives and a computer geek drop the crime rate by many percentage points and find true love in the end. 
The other book is a 28 page essay/manifesto/diatribe/novella by Dr. Joe Leonardi called "If God were here, I would ask him _______? and then punch him in the face!" In his no holds barred style, Doc Joe decides to go one on one with the Almighty himself. He asks some tough questions, and comes to some interesting revelations. Kollar’s book is available at his website, and Leonardi’s book can be accessed at or on Amazon Kindle. But Dr. Joe, what if God were a woman? Would you still clock her?
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………..that just the day after I had dinner with the college radio buddies from King’s, one of the subjects we were conversing about came to reality the next day for me and Mrs. LuLac. My friends and I were discussing Gas Station scams and how someone would come up to us at a gas pump and give a sob story and ask for money. We each had a tale to tell. The next night Mrs. LuLac and I went to TGIF’s and on the way home I got gas at the Turkey Hill in Plains because it was the less expensive option. I’m filling up and I see a car pull up next to me with a sun roof and two fishing poles sticking out. Not to be judgmental but I thought it odd to see fishing poles at 7pm on a Friday night sticking out of car. The woman goes into the Turkey Hill and the guy starts canvassing all of us for cash because his girl friend’s purse was robbed. I was tired, felt a cold coming on (a manifestation of a low immune system from Myasthenia Gravis can wreck havoc, but it was my own fault because this week I didn’t portion out my rest the right way) and was in no mood to chat. The next guy, an older gentleman said, “I just filled my truck up with seventy bucks, do I look like I have anything left?” Mrs. LuLac said someone should have told him to report the “crime” to the police. It’s getting to the point where you can’t even get quietly screwed by the gas companies without being hassled. My friend Pat Fadden who was one of the guys I dined with can tell you all about avoiding hassles of all kind.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that when watching the movie “Poldergeist” there is a scene where you see a TV station signing off with the National Anthem. Believe it or not that is something I had to explain to a few younger people I know who never saw a TV sign off in their lives. Speaking of that, how many of you remember hearing this when WBRE TV used to sign off the air pre 1980? This was played right before The National Anthem.

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The LuLac Edition #2701, July 23rd, 2014


So a Canadian research firm did a survey and came up with a top ten list of places where people were the most unhappy. Scranton/Wilkes Barre made the top ten. Hey, we weren’t trying people. The question must be asked “Why”? Is it the low salaries, the corruption? Fascinating that this area again falls into this category. Again.


This year 10 million people signed up for The Affordable Care Act. The number of uninsured in America went from 21% to 16%. That’s a fact. It is working.


Luzerne County Republicans to hold annual Summer Picnic
The Republican Party of Luzerne County will be hosting its annual Summer Picnic on Sunday, August 24, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Urbanski Farms in Rice Township, 3130 Church Road, conveniently located one quarter mile off the Nuangola Exit (159) on Interstate 81.
Traditional summer picnic food will be provided at this family friendly event. A donation of $10.00 per person is payable at the door.
All candidates, committee persons, elected officials, and supporters of the Republican Party are invited and welcome to attend.
Guests are encouraged to bring a covered dish or dessert.
RSVP (not required but appreciated) to or by calling 570-654-6567.



This week on Community Forum Mike Remish talks with Bob Schlesinger, organizer of the 10th annual Scranton Jazz Festival. You'll hear the show Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on NEPA Sports Radio-The Game 1340/1400 am an 100.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.


This Week on Sunday Magazine

Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Colin Riccobon from the Wyoming Valley Red Cross about serious blood shortages.
Brian Hughes speaks with Sandra Serhan from the Harvey's Lake Recreational Committee about next weekend's Harvey's Lake Homecoming Festival.
Brian speaks with Peter Sidari about the 2nd Annual Dr. Jen's Hope Memorial Benefit, coming up on Sunday August 10th at Cooper's Waterfront in Pittston.
And State Senator John Yudichak of Luzerne County weighs in on Pennsylvania's 50 billion dollar pension crisis.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X, 6:25am on Magic 93, and 7am on Good Time Oldies 590, WARM.


ECTV Live will be featuring the history, and schedule for all of the community events planned for the annual Christy Mathewson Days celebration in Factoryville this year.
The multi day celebration includes a run/walk, parade, and other activities and has become a popular area attraction. ECTV Live is seen on Comcast Ch19 throughoutthe week during the Noon and Midnight hours on Electric City Television.


Tune in to Sue Henry's "Special Edition" this week as Sue recaps the week's news. Special Edition is heard Saturdays and Sunday on these Entercom stations, WILK FM Saturday at 2pm Sunday at 6 am on Froggy 101 Sunday at 7 am on The Sports Hub 102.3 Sunday at 7 am on K R Z 98.5 Sunday at noon on WILK FM 103.1.


Want to hear some great parodies on the news? Tune in to WILK Radio at 6:40 and 8:40 AM on Mondays. As Ralph Cramden used to say, “It’s a laugh riot!”


Tune in Wednesdays on WILK Radio for Karel on the Street. Hear some of the funniest and heartwarming comments on the issues of the day on Webster and Nancy with Karel Zubris.

Our 1974 logo


Forty years ago this week on July 27th, Richard Nixon was impeached by the U.S.House of Representatives. The Articles of Impeachment were read and voted upon.Here is Chairman Peter Rodino at the start of the hearing.

RESOLVED, That Richard M. Nixon, President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanours, and that the following articles of impeachment to be exhibited to the Senate:
In his conduct of the office of President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice, in that:
On June 17, 1972, and prior thereto, agents of the Committee for the Re-election of the President committed unlawful entry of the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in Washington, District of Columbia, for the purpose of securing political intelligence. Subsequent thereto, Richard M. Nixon, using the powers of his high office, engaged personally and through his close subordinates and agents, in a course of conduct or plan designed to delay, impede, and obstruct the investigation of such illegal entry; to cover up, conceal and protect those responsible; and to conceal the existence and scope of other unlawful covert activities.
The means used to implement this course of conduct or plan included one or more of the following:
1. making false or misleading statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States;
2. withholding relevant and material evidence or information from lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States;
3. approving, condoning, acquiescing in, and counselling witnesses with respect to the giving of false or misleading statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States and false or misleading testimony in duly instituted judicial and congressional proceedings;
4. interfering or endeavouring to interfere with the conduct of investigations by the Department of Justice of the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the office of Watergate Special Prosecution Force, and Congressional Committees;
5. approving, condoning, and acquiescing in, the surreptitious payment of substantial sums of money for the purpose of obtaining the silence or influencing the testimony of witnesses, potential witnesses or individuals who participated in such unlawful entry and other illegal activities;
6. endeavouring to misuse the Central Intelligence Agency, an agency of the United States;
7. disseminating information received from officers of the Department of Justice of the United States to subjects of investigations conducted by lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States, for the purpose of aiding and assisting such subjects in their attempts to avoid criminal liability;
8. making or causing to be made false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States into believing that a thorough and complete investigation had been conducted with respect to allegations of misconduct on the part of personnel of the executive branch of the United States and personnel of the Committee for the Re-election of the President, and that there was no involvement of such personnel in such misconduct: or
9. endeavouring to cause prospective defendants, and individuals duly tried and convicted, to expect favoured treatment and consideration in return for their silence or false testimony, or rewarding individuals for their silence or false testimony.
In all of this, Richard M. Nixon has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.
Wherefore Richard M. Nixon, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.
Adopted 27-11 by the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives, at 7.07pm on Saturday, 27th July, 1974, in Room 2141 of the Rayburn Office Building, Washington D.C.
In Pennsylvania U.S. Senators Hugh Scott and Richard Schweiker both Republicans expressed dismay and disappointment at the news. Scott said a Senate trial was all but inevitable…in Luzerne and Lackawanna County Congressman Dan Flood of the 11th and Joseph McDade of the 10th were in Washington when the historic vote was taken. The next move would be a full vote by the House..and forty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was Rock and Roll Heaven by The Righteous Brothers.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The LuLac Edition #2700, July 22nd, 2014

LULAC @ 2700

Today marks the 2700th edition of The LuLac Political Letter. Divide 2700 by eight years and it looks like we show up on an average of 337 days a year. Thanks for reading and for your support.

Democratic candidate for Governor Tom Wolf. (LuLac archives).
Join us for
Wolf Fest
Wednesday, September 10th
6:30 - 8:30 PM
Susquehanna Brewing Company
635 S. Main Street
Pittston, PA 18640
Sponsors: $250 | Individuals : $100
*Limited amount of spaces available. Please reserve your spot early!

Kindly RSVP by the form below or to Cassandra Coleman-Corcoran: or 570-299-7378
Checks can be made payable to:
Tom Wolf for Governor | PO Box 22454 | Philadelphia, PA 19110


Moody's Investors Service downgraded Pennsylvania's general obligation bonds and appropriation-backed bonds citing "one-time measures in the budget," structural budgetary problems, and slow economic growth. This is the third consecutive year Pennsylvania has been faced with a downgrade. This cannot be good news for a Corbett campaign already under fire for not operating a tight financial ship that lifts all boats with the rising economic tide.
Tom Wolf released the following statement:
"Today, Moody's Investors Service downgraded Pennsylvania's credit rating citing Tom Corbett's gimmick-filled budget, weak economy, and failed leadership.
Under Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania's economy has struggled, falling to 49th in the nation in job growth.
Instead of showing leadership over the past three and a half years, Tom Corbett has passed budgets filled with gimmicks and misplaced priorities that have put Pennsylvania's future in an untenable position.
It's clear that we need a new approach to economic growth and responsible budgeting that will give Pennsylvania a fresh start."


Yesterday former Nobel Peace Prize winners condemned Israel for, get this, committing crimes against humanity in the Gaza. What an upside world we live in when a terrorist organization, Hamas can take the high ground.
Israel has agreed to every cease fire..broken every time by Hamas.
Israel has given up land in wars where they were attacked to create the settlements in the Gaza.
Without its defense system, thousands of residents of Israel would have been killed. Are they the aggressor because they have defended themselves against constant rocket attacks and terrorists digging tunnels into Israel to kill their citizens?
Here’s a lesson in War 101. When a nation is attacked relentlessly and then fights back…there will be causalities of innocent people. When we fought Germany and Japan in WWII there were many German and Japanese people killed. Back then we called the dead war causalities, not victims of a war crime. When a nation is attacked and their safety and very lives are fight back. When civilians who are warned to get out and don’t, and some continue to support Hamas with impunity, they will die. How to stop it? Don’t attack Israel. But if you do…’ll pay. That’s not a war crime..that’s war. I’m sure the 7 Nobel Peace Prize winners might have wanted to give Osama Bin Laden an hour head start! Remember that guy? He launched a couple of planes and when we were attacked we fought back. Israel has been attacked again and again. Hamas will not be satisfied until Israel is destroyed. That's a fact they prove every time they attack and then refuse to hold a cease fire. They are the ones committing the war crimes. Against their own people.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The LuLac Edition #2699, July 20th, 2014


Congressman Matt Cartwright hosted his Third Annual Family Picnic at the Mercatili Segilia Park in Moosic. A casually attired crowd of about 150 mingled and talked politics on a beautiful summer Saturday afternoon. The catering was done by Wyoming Mayor Bob Boyer and was as always top rate. During the event remarks were offered by U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Congressman Cartwright. Cartwright outlined his first two years of working across the aisle in trying to accomplish results for the newly formed 17th District. In the fall campaign Cartwright will face off against GOP nominee Schuylkill County Coroner David Moylan.

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Congressman Matt Cartwright offers remarks at the event. (Photo: Scott Cannon).

U.S. Senator Bob Casey made the case for Democratic leadership on both the National and State level in this important off year election. (Photo: Scott Cannon).

Speaking of Mr. Casey, I had the opportunity to say hello to him at the event. Here I am with outgoing State Representative Phyllis Mundy and Senator Casey. (Photo: Cartwright staff).

Here is a photo of Mundy with her presumed successor Eileen Tracy Cipriani who by the way was celebrating a birthday on the same day as the event. Mundy is speaking with Pauline Delaney.

Another Eileen who was in attendance was Luzerne County Council member Eileen Sorokas and her husband Rick. Rick took the photo.

Here’s a front view of Ms. Delaney who brought a few teachers with her to the event. In the background you can see other people at the event. Delaney sported a shirt proclaiming Luzerne County Democrats.

Two guys having a great time were energetic State Committeeman Tom Shibulla and Adam Ciechosli.

Here is a long shot of politicos discussing the issues of the day right outside the Pavilion.

The organizers sold a great deal of Cartwright For Congress tee shirts at the event..but I think they would have sold out if they used this picture of Joelle Barnes and me.

What has become a LuLac tradition, the second annual Cartwright couple (Matt and Marion) photo op with me.

EDITOR’S NOTE: All photos not listed were taken by either me or Mrs. LuLac.

The LuLac Edition #2698, July 20th, 2014

I am starting to feel like my parent’s felt when an anniversary of D-day or the death of Franklin Roosevelt was celebrated in the 70s and 80s. Today is the 45th anniversary of one of the most remarkable achievements in mankind. Man on the moon.
As a child of the 60s TV generation, I was treated and dare I say privileged to watch history unfold as America inched toward the Moon. When we weren’t in school, the nuns at St. John the Baptist would roll that mammoth black and white RCA Victor into combined classrooms and we’d watch it on TV. My friends and I knew the names and hometowns of the astronauts as well as we did our favorite baseball players. My sister started a space scrapbook, I continued it after she graduated high school and then passed it on to my friend Dave Dellarte when I event to Broadcast School in Washington, D.C. Sadly even for a space die hard like me, in 1972 Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern took on more importance than the already routine (save for Apollo 13) moon shots.
But on this day, 45 years ago I was home eagerly waiting for the landing on the moon. At that time I worked part time at Detato’s Super Market in Pittston and back then, stores were…..wait for it…CLOSED on Sunday.
That night, my father and I were driving my mother nuts. My dad and I kept on switching the three channels on the TV. We had a footstool under a huge picture window next to the TV. This was our second TV and it was an Admiral Color set. I sat on the brown piece of furniture as my father called out the numbers, 28 for NBC’s Huntley/Brinkley and Frank McGee’s coverage, 22 for the CBS broadcast of Walter Cronkite’s dulcet tones and ABC for Frank Reynolds and Jules Bergman. After hours of this my mother stood in front of the TV and yelled, “Pick one, you’re going to break off that knob”. (This was before remotes). We settled on NBC but when she went to the bathroom shortly before the space craft landed, we put on Cronkite seeing his iconic description of the event.

Most of America had no clue how close the landing came to not being one at all. There wasn’t a lot of fuel left and Armstrong and Aldrin got that thing down with seconds to spare. As we waited for Armstrong to take his steps, my father once more uttered again, “TV is a wonderful thing”.
The fact that Americans landed on the moon, safely and walked there was a boon to a nation struggling with war and so many social changes. Through the years, many people, our current President included have not been kind in terms of funding for NASA. That was the agency that “brung us to the dance”. But here’s what landing on the moon gave us: Just for starters, a shock-absorbing rubber compound used in sneakers, memory-foam mattresses, and algae-enriched baby formula. Plus countless earthlings who benefit daily from GPS systems.
Almost every technological advance we have, any gadget, any games, Teflon for crying out loud can be attributed to the moon landing. We did more than just take a pleasure cruise, from space experiments we developed a better way of life. Explorers who go into the darkness of not knowing, usually bring out more enlightened ways to live. It’s all about whether you want to stay in the present or gamble on the future.
To this day, there are conspiracy theorists who think we did not land on the moon. Talk Radio is still making a living on that nonsense. But 45 years ago to the day, we landed on the Moon. No one else has done it ever since.
We did and we did it well. As the years from that day grow longer in length, I pray that current citizens and future generations who were not alive to see this monumental event celebrate and commemorate this day with the respect and honor it deserves.