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The LuLac Edition #3619, October 19th, 2017


The President put his bulliness on full display the other day in an impromptu set of appearances that give us a look into his soul. First his assertion that President Obama never called his own Chief of Staff John Kelly’s family after his son was killed. The fact of the matter is White House visitor records show Kelly attended a breakfast Obama hosted for Gold Star families six months after his son died. A person familiar with the breakfast, speaking on condition of anonymity because the event was private, said the Kelly family sat at Michelle Obama's table.
He has disparaged the Military and Veterans since taking office. Remember when he called the Military a disaster?
The great news he is being called on it.Then he back down and does his Ralph Cramden hamana hmanana thing.
Then there was his reaction to John McCain’s speech the other night when the Arizona Senator was awarded the Liberty Medal in Philadelphia. McCain referenced Trump’s buddy Steve Bannon and by non verbal inclusion the President, McCain said, "To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain 'the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history."
Trump responded this way.
"Yeah well, I hear it. People have to be careful because at some point, I fight back. I'm being nice. I'm being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back, and it won't be pretty."
Big man Donnie Trump. He actually threatens an 81 year old war hero, a member of his party and a brain cancer victim.
Despite all that, my money is on McCain kicking his sorry un-Presidential ass.

Congressman Tom Marino (LuLac archives)
10th Congressional District Congressman Tom Marino bowed out as President Trump’s Drug Czar. See, a drug czar isn’t supposed to take money from a Pharmaceutical company to increase opioids and decrease regulations. As soon as I saw a Tweet from West Virginia Senator Joe Mancin asking for Marino to leave, I knew it was going to be tough.
Both Tom Marino and Lou Barletta were out in front for Donald Trump. It seems like anyone who has been touched by the President gets soiled. This time Marino was exposed. While Lou Baletta has never had any questionable dealings, ever, one has to wonder if he will get an electoral defeat not by his own reputation but by his association with Trump. 
 Our friend Gort 42 has a very good take on this. Here’s his link:


Aryanna Berringer (Photo:
I had the opportunity to meet an exciting young candidate running for Lt. Governor at Blog fest this year. Aryanna Berringer has been out early making her case. She’s an Iraq War Veteran. Her job is running the on profit American Nutritional Security which advocates for fresh and local food served in schools. She three children ages 12 years, 10 years, and 20 months. In Iraq she served in combat and in training was even involved in a dangerous situation during which a grenade launcher she was holding failed to discharge the live grenade. Some say she might be a long shot but she has the energy and the will. Plus the 2018 field will be very crowded and with that dynamic you just never know. We wish her luck.


If you are sick and tired of paying Property Taxes, supporting school district as its only funders, take a look at what our friend Charles Urban from The Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition wrote. This solution will end the burden of home owners in this region. Check it out and tell your Legislators you want relief.
Property Owners: Luzerne, Lackawanna , Wyoming, Monroe, Columbia, Carbon, Wayne Counties
It's time to end Property Taxes to fund our schools. Your school property taxes will continue to increase if you don't take action.
You can, because, We The People are the Government, and this is the solution. House Bill/ Senate Bill 76 the Property Tax Independence Act, will abolish school property taxes. School districts would be allowed however to keep a small portion of school property taxes, until the debt is paid off.


* Raise the state income tax to 4.95 percent.
*Expand the sales tax to apply to more items and services.
*Expand the sales tax to 7 percent.
* Put the money from the tax increase into a fund separate from the state budget.
*School district's would be paid the same amount they currently receive in property tax from this fund with further increases tied to inflation or average wage increase.
*All school districts to hold a referendum on temporary increase with the voters approval.
* HB/SB 76 would eliminate school property taxes forever.
*Once the mortgage is paid off you will own your home and not renting from the government.
* To learn more about HB/SB 76 go to for complete details.
Homeowners we have one hurdle to cross. This shows how some of your legislators work. Voters on November 7 you will be asked to vote on HB 1285, a Constitutional Amendment for whether the state legislature should allow school districts, counties and municipalities to completely replace property tax. This amendment that would increase the current
Homestead exemption from 50% to 100%. Moreover to do the legislators would need to jump through many hoops on a long road ahead.
While the Constitutional Amendment is not he answer it is part of the conservation. We should vote YES on this amendment on November 7. However, if this amendment is defeated legislators who oppose true property tax elimination through HB/SB 76 will claim that the people voted against elimination. .I think it is wise to vote YES and then we can really pound them asking where is the funding?
HB/SB 76 is where the funding is and the only solution is to support Senate Bill 76 Please continue to contact your local Representative and Senator to support 76
Charles Urban Pres. Luzerne County Property Owners Member of 87 PTCC groups in Pa. This letter was approved by the PTCC.

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded $1,393,671 to the city of Wilkes-Barre and $3,784,927 to Luzerne County by way of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.
The CDBG program provides annual grants to states and local units of government to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons.
“These grants will help Wilkes-Barre and Luzerne County address a wide range of unique community development needs,” said Rep. Cartwright, a member of the House Appropriations Committee. “I will continue to do all I can to bring vital federal funds to Northeastern Pennsylvania.”
HUD's mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD is working to strengthen the housing market to bolster the economy and protect consumers; meet the need for quality affordable rental homes; utilize housing as a platform for improving quality of life; and build inclusive and sustainable communities free from discrimination.




This week's guest with Jim Riley will be ME. Jim and I will be talking about local elections in both The Lac, The Lu and an overall view of politics. We also take a deep dive on President Trump.
Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on 1400-The Game, NEPA's Fox .Sports Radio and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.


ECTV Live hosts David DeCosmo and Rusty Fender welcome Deborah Conway, Superintendent of the Steamtown National Historical site to the program the week of October 23rd. The popular Railroad Museum is now open to the public free of charge and will offer some special Halloween activities this year. ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired during the Noon, 6pm and Midnight hours each day of the week. Following Monday's Live program the show will become available on Electric City Television's YouTube channel which can be viewed on your computer.


Want to hear some great parodies on the news? Tune in to WILK Radio at 6:40 and 8:40 AM on Mondays. As Ralph Cramden used to say, “It’s a laugh riot!”



Our 1977 logo

Three members of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd die in a charter plane crash outside Gillsburg, Mississippi, 3 days after the release of their fifth studio album Street Survivors......

The European Patent Institute is founded.....Lt. Governor Ernest Kline says he is a go for 1978 and the Governor's Wilkes Barre City discussions begin about what will happen to the Paramount Theater on the Square regarding the redevelopment of the city and forty years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon.

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The LuLac Edition #3618, October 18th, 2017


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This past Sunday The Citizen's Voice did a wonderful story on the famed pizza restaurant Victory Pig in Wyoming. I first went to "The Pig" in 1965 when neighbors who used to live in Pittston moved to Minnesota. On a visit back home, the family ordered a lot of pizza and even took some home with them.
Through the years it was a stop for my friends and me.  Especially when one of us had a crush on one of the waitresses. Thankfully she didn't have anything to do with us because one of the guys would be married to someone who is closing in on 80 now.
Mrs LuLac and i go there occasionally and it is the go to place for out of towners in the summer.
The business stuck to its roots and stayed open only three days. But now at 75 and running, changes are afoot. Here's Denise Allabaugh's article (partial) and then the link from the paper to see the full story.


Victory Pig, a little mom and pop business on Wyoming Avenue, has been a landmark for pizza lovers across the United States for decades.
The old-fashioned business, which has been owned by the Ceccoli family since 1942, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.
Victory Pig began in a time before chain restaurants and fast-food franchises dominated the landscape of the area, the Ceccolis said. The pizza recipe has been passed down through four generations of their family.
Italian immigrant Louis Ceccoli and his wife Lee founded Victory Pig and it began as a little shop specializing in pork barbecue sandwiches. That’s where the “Pig” in the restaurant’s name came from and pork barbecue sandwiches are still a staple on the menu.
The restaurant was later operated by their son, the late Robert Ceccoli. His wife, Mary Ceccoli, 92, retired five years ago after working at the restaurant for 68 years and lives on the property near the restaurant.
Today, her son Rich Ceccoli operates the family business and his sons, Richard, Robert and Randon work there.
Paul Pearson, 63, who has worked at Victory Pig for 48 years, is like family, the Ceccolis said.
The business was always called Victory Pig, said Rich Ceccoli, while showing an old photo of the restaurant.
“There was a big barbecue pit in the back and a guy used to cook pigs on a spindle,” he said.
He said the pizza craze began when his grandmother made his grandfather four cuts of pizza to eat at the restaurant.
Forty Fort residents eating in the restaurant did not know what pizza was then, he said. When his grandfather explained it was pizza and they asked how much it was a slice, he charged them a nickel each.
“He sold his supper to four people and they wanted more,” Ceccoli said. “He put a nickel in the pay phone, called my grandmother who lived a quarter of a mile up the street, and told her to make more pizza, bring it in through the kitchen and send it out the window.”
The next night, he said the people from Forty Fort brought in more people who wanted pizza. Louis Ceccoli called his wife again and said she needed to bring in 12 more slices.
As the demand continued, Lee Ceccoli told her husband they needed to put an oven in the kitchen to make the pizza there.
“We still operate like it’s the 1940s. People come in and say, ‘I hope the pizza hasn’t changed. The building didn’t.’ I say it’s the same,” Rich Ceccoli said. “There always has been a Ceccoli in the kitchen and there always has been a Ceccoli behind the cash register.”
For 75 years, the business also has continued curbside service.....

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The Lulac Edition #3617, October 17h, 2017

This is a tad late due to the heavy maintenance on Question number 9 in our Edition #3516 on October 13th, my big blog Saturday activities and then a church event Sunday night. It was indeed stimulating to go through those comments though about WILK's new talk show host. But, better late than never, I’d love to give a recap of both Blogcon and Blogfest.
First a few thank yous to Michelle Davies and Harold Jenkins for getting me back and forth. My main concern was the formidable steps at the Worthington campus but both of these fine people got me within shouting distance.
Since I started this blog, I met many fine people and at Blogcon Saturday I met many more. I always believed that in life, if you stop being curious, you pretty much render whatever project you are working on stymied. I always wanted to start a LuLac podcast and got the information that I needed to look at doing that down the road. The other thing I wanted to accomplish is to change the address on the 590 FOREVER WARM Radio blog to increase effectiveness and readership. I met someone who can help with that mission.
The presentations were incredible. Film maker Kenny Luck was filled with energy and passion for his art. Then there was the Red Road Radio Show podcast hosted by Lew Hastings. His take on how the Native Americans are faring was very informative. It will also be information I will share with my sister and her husband who are into Native American history. Other presenters were Claudia Pennington, Kathryn Bond, Sam Chiarelli, Lori Rocino, Kristin Elliot and Dan Kimbrough. Their topics ranged from content to practical applications such as what type of equipment to buy when you want to advance past the written word.
The three founders of this Conference, Michelle Davies, Mandy Pennington and Karla Porter announced that this would be the last Blogcon Conference but plan to take it to the next level.
One of the biggest regrets I have is that I did not attend one of these earlier but I was very glad to get in under the wire on this fabulous community and information resource.
Here’s a few photos from the conference.
 Very glad to meet Kevin Granville and Candace Allen from WHATNOW.
WhatNow! is a FREE mobile app community for meeting new friends in your area based on your common interests and finding fun activities or events going on around you in real-time. This would be great for political meet ups and flash rallies or Exploring Events and Activities In Your Area, Create Events to Share With Others, Search for Specific Activities Near You and View a Live-time Data Feed of Activities. Here’s their link:

The three founders of Blogcon were front and center doing the magic that created the event.  Mandy Pennington, Karla Porter and Michelle Davies are shown here. 
The turnout was the largest and the organization of getting people from place to place was flawless. 
My two lunch buddies Taylor and Rich were a joy. Taylor works in Health Care and Rich is a musician. 
The event was fueled by Panera. I do not drink coffee at all but this day was an exception. 


Down at The River Grille in Plains, an after party was held. It was great to see the attendees from Blogcon as well as all the political people. This was very widely attended. Here are a few photos plus at the end, Gort 42's link. 

Was so glad to be in this photo with these intellectual heavyweights. From left to right, Karla Porter, Mandy Pennington, Ben Hoon, Michelle Davies, and Harold Jenkins. These were the key drivers in Blogcon and Blogfest. 2017.

   Here we are visiting with incumbent Luzerne County Controller Michelle Bednar and Democratic party advocate Polly Delaney. 

The Republican party was well represented by Marc Dixon and Greg Wolovich, (candidates for County Council) Vice Chair of the 5th District, 120th, Lynette Villano who had a film crew following her and former County Controller but current GOP nominee for that office, Walter Griffith. 

Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor PA Lt. Governor candidate Aryanna Berringer came all the way from the Steel City.
Candidate for Luzerne Borough Mayor John Cordora was on hand. I've known John for years when his hair was black and I still had mine. 
Wilkes Barre City Councilman Tony Brooks and Wendy Cominsky candidate for County Council.
 Democratic party and Progressive icon Bob Caruso and former GOP Chair in the County, Bill Urbanski.
Steve Urbanski and Ben Hoon 

The two WILK rejects, me, and Mark Barrett, aka Duke From Dallas. 

Jim O'Meara, Barry Kresge, Junior and Marc Dixon share some strategy. 

Luzerne County Council candidate Wendy Cominsky with me. 
Kathleen Smith stopped by the event. She was one of last year's LuLac Women we Love. 
Finally Ben Hoon and I were presented with this flower that we were going to get scientifically tested to see if we could turn it into Medicinal Vodka cubes. An update very soon. 

Photos courtesy of Ben Hoon. 

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The LuLac Edition #3616, October 16th, 2017

The President on stage. (Lynette Villano Facebook page)
I realize this was almost a week ago but things have been backing up. Now it is true I have substantial differences with the President's policies and behavior but he is still the President. More than a few people from our area were there when he said this:

When he comes to the state and people from The Lu make an effort to see him, it is something we should put up. Here are a few photos from the event. 

Lynette Villano had the chance to meet Conservative broadcast icon Sean Hannitty. (Photo: Villano Facebook page)  
Fathers and sons are a tradition in politics. Here's a photo of current GOP Chair Ron Ferrance, his son Brandon,  along with Max Peters and Joe Peters. (Photo: Joe Peters Facebook page). 

Brandon Ferrance also appeared on PCN TV in early October as part of a panel that was discussing the Republican party in the Commonwealth. Brandon fielded questions and was particularly adept in speaking to college students from the opposite party making the case for his party.  (Photo: PCN)

Friday, October 13, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3615, October 13th, 2017


Our 13 Questions logo.

1. The local elections are coming up. Any major predictions?

Not many. You’ll see the Democrats do well in the county Council race in Luzerne County, Bill Courtright will be re-elected in Scranton as Mayor and Gene Talerico will get his first term as DA in The Lac.

2. Did you see that motley crew burning their jerseys in Mountaintop this weekend? Your reaction?

First off, they are veterans so motley they are not. However here’s my take. They have a right to destroy each other’s personal property and never, ever again watch the NFL. Same right as the players who choose to do a peaceful protest. Here’s where I draw the line on the flag issue. If you burn it, that in my mind is vandalism. But silent protest is their right. It was the right those very pissed off veterans fought for.
But when a male football fan says they will never, ever, ever watch the NFL again, I’m not buying it. All you need is something like this to break their boycott.

3. You seem to know a lot about Allentown, where’s a good place to eat there?

You have to get a Yacco’s Hot Dog and you might want to go to Carrabba’s Grille. They make the food in front of you and the chicken dishes are incredible.

4. How do you see the local election turnout this year?

Low. It might not break 30%.

5. You are getting criticized for really going after Donald Trump. When will you stop? Do you fear going the way of Steve Corbett like I read on your comments section?

Steve Corbett did what he did on WILK because that was his job and he had strong beliefs. Like any talk show host, if you are controversial, especially like Corbett, Fred Williams, Kevin Lynn, my buddy Tarone’s hero Bob Grant, you have a shelf life.
To this day I give credit for Steve battling the abject ignorance of all the Hillary haters, both men and women alike who thought they could outwit him. They couldn’t and I’m sure some of them, with their little itty bitty feelings hurt whined to management.
My readership since Trump has gone through the roof. But more importantly my mission since this election is to set people straight when they say something patently false. I do it in social settings, on my blog, everywhere. I don’t care if you think Trump is the greatest thing since slice bread. But when you believe his lies after sputtering about how evil his opponent was, I just ask simple questions that demand an answer. “Why?” “Do you have a reason for that belief?” Usually I get an ignorant response. One day I’ll put up the brilliant retorts from Face book.
In the meantime, when you do something like this, 11 years running now, your expectation is not to be loved but read. That’s happening and I’m fine with it.

6. In terms of health care, where do we go from here?

The Trump administration is doing everything in their power to kill it. Health Care will be nowhere. But in 2018, I’d ask people who want health care reform to NOT vote for those trying to repeal and NOT replace. Vote for a candidate that has an answer. Not bluster and nothing else.

7. Thoughts on the Indians this year?

Naw. I expected they’d choke like they always do. It’s that way when you’re an Indians fan. I didn't even watch that last game, that's how sure I was that they'd lose.

8. Are you as annoyed (maybe not because I remember you as a Humphrey guy) as I am that Richard Nixon is being compared to Donald Trump?

First off, Nixon did damage to the Paris Peace Talks and stopped Humphrey’s momentum in '68. LBJ was a lot like Obama in not blowing the whistle on this treasonous action. Obama certainly did not come out guns blazing with Russia. But I digress.
Robert Redford was interviewed by Esquire last month. He stated and I’m paraphrasing here and agree, that Nixon and Trump cannot be compared. Nixon was on the ballot more times than any other American Politician for national office. He was a Congressman, Senator, Vice President and then President. He may have cut corners and went the wrong way but he had an idea on how things worked. He had a respect for government limitations, even when he was trying to skirt them and the process.
Nixon like Trump?
Exhibit A. Nixon’s diplomacy in China. Trump’s in North Korea.
Case closed.

9. Were you ever called back to WILK Radio to sub?

Nope. I think that was a one time deal. My only regret was I had a few missed opportunities with the callers because of time constraints. Jake and Johnny L. the Board Ops were great to work with. Your average listener has no idea how much goes into going on the air for three hours. It was fun and I appreciated the opportunity. The latest I heard is that Rob was not getting the job and that they might hire former WNEP, WYOU anchor and State Representative Frank Andrews. It is what it is but I was so happy to hear kind words from people still working in the business as well as one retired legend who thought i was a natural for the job.

10. Is Karel Zubris as good looking in person as she is in her Twitter feeds?

Even more so. And her very tall, large and strong husband John would reaffirm my opinion to you if needed.

11. Your gut feeling on why Puerto Rico had less help than other disasters this year?

Logistically it was hard and the power grid was shaky to begin with. But the preparation wasn’t there. We could have used the military to get supplies there and then move them in.
The FEMA Director shaded his reputation a bit the other day by referring to the Mayor of San Juan’s comments as “white noise”. I think the slow response was due to Trump’s feeling that he did enough. I won’t play the race card here but I’m sure others will.

12. The ****** in Chief started calling Bob Corker names. Any comments?

He' s fragile. No one has ever stopped him on anything. He is a man child and quite honestly if he tweeted that he was golfing with Moses, Mohammad, Jesus and Buddah, I’d just not even give it a second thought.
But here’s a tell, when he is wrong and it’s indefensible, he resorts to calling names. Just like his hard core of supporters.
Like I said, man-child.
The funny thing is I bet he couldn’t even turn on a laptop. But we get what we get when we lower standards.

13. Do you plant tomatoes?

No,  but  Mrs. LuLac does and with the humidity and wonderful weather this fall, they are delicious. When I was a little kid, we had a neighbor named Bill McCawley. In late August or early September, Bill would sit on his porch and have a ripe tomato and salt shaker in his hand. I’d look at him on my bike from the street and wondered how he could eat something like that. At that time, my tastes for tomato were pretty much pedestrian.
But now, sans the salt shaker, I know eating a tomato fresh out of the garden is indeed one of life’s little treasures.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3614, October 12th, 2017

GOP candidate Laura Ellsworth in green. (Photo: Ellsworth campaign)

Pittsburgh business leader and community advocate Laura Ellsworth announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor today.
"I’m running for Governor of Pennsylvania because I’m tired of politicians treating us like we are stupid. For too long, too many politicians like our Governor have fallen in love with their own voices and confused process with actual progress. We’ve all heard enough talk – it’s time for action,” Ellsworth said. “During my career in the private sector I’ve been a solutions oriented leader, creating diverse coalitions to tackle major problems. That’s exactly the approach I’ll bring to Harrisburg. As Governor my priority will be people, not politics. For me, being Governor is about doing something not being somebody.”
Ellsworth went on to say, “As Governor my number one priority will be to create good paying jobs right here in the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania has the opportunity to be an economic powerhouse if only our elected officials focused on solutions, not on their next elected office."
Laura Ellsworth was the first Partner-in-Charge of Global Community Service Initiatives at the international law firm Jones Day, spearheading the firm's initiatives around the world. Her professional biography can be found here.
Laura is active in civic and community affairs, serving on the board and executive committee of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and chair of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, chair of the Youth Policy Council, vice-chair of the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, and past chair of the United Way Women's Leadership Council. You can learn more about Laura here.
Laura and her husband Bruce live outside Pittsburgh and have been married for nearly 25 years. They are the proud parents of a 20-year-old son, Matthew, who currently attends college. (Ellsworth campaign)


Out for Mike Stack's seat, Democrat Kathi Cazzone (Photo: Cazzone campaign)

With Mike Stack pretty much obliterating his political career in Pennsylvania by being a bully to the people who staff his office, there re many people deciding to take a look at that office in 2018. One is Cathy Cazzone who is currently a County Commissioner in the state. Stack was slapped down by Wolf for his behavior and it will be interesting to see whether Wolf endorses someone should he run again or let the political fray decide in a primary next year. Here’s a little bit about this candidate.
Kathi Cozzone was sworn in as Chester County Commissioner on January 6, 2008 and was re-elected in 2011 2015. She has served as Vice Chair of the Board since 2011.
One of Kathi’s top priorities as Commissioner has been workforce development. She serves on the Chester County Workforce Development Board, which allows her to help set programs and policies that positively affect people struggling with unemployment and underemployment. She serves on the Board of Chester County Industrial Development Authority and is also ex-officio member of the Chester County Economic Development Council. Kathi is extremely proud of the unique work done on this issue in Chester County. She helped spearhead the County’s Hire One initiative after the recession to encourage hiring. She was instrumental in bringing the Platform to Employment, an intensive program for the long-term unemployed that combines job re-training and counseling, as well as networking and job search training that has shown great success in helping unemployed participants reinvent their lives with great new careers.
For the last 10 years since the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas boom began, Kathi has been involved in advocacy for pipeline transparency and safety. She was appointed by Governor Wolf to serve as the Chair of the County Government Workgroup on the Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force. The task force issued a report of recommendations that she hopes to advocate for enacting in Harrisburg. This follows her work in creating the Chester County Pipeline Information Center, a unique online resource for transparency around pipeline construction and operation.
In addition to the pipeline task force, Kathi serves on two statewide advisory commissions. She was appointed by the Governor to the Statewide Geospatial Coordinating Board in 2016, to help develop State policy for sharing data collected by Counties on land use and topographical features. In 2017, she joined a Joint State Government Task Force Advisory Committee to review voting machine technology to provide guidance to the Legislature in advance of future upgrades. She has long been an advocate for Chester County’s verifiable paper ballots, and is proud of her fight on the Board of Elections against moving a polling place away from Lincoln University, a historically African-American institution, to a less accessible location that would have discouraged student turnout.
Kathi is very involved with the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania’s (CCAP). She was recently elected First Vice President, after serving as Second Vice President last year. She has chaired the Resolutions Committee, and serves on the Courts and Corrections Committee, the Academy Committee and the Personnel Committee. Kathi is also on the Health Committee for the National Association of Counties.
Most importantly to Kathi, she is a member of CCAP’s Behavioral Health Task Force, and works with County leaders from across the United States through the National Association of Counties, to implement strategies that reduce the population of mentally ill inmates in prison by finding ways to divert non-violent offenders from incarceration toward more rehabilitative outcomes – both improving the lives of these individuals and their families, and saving taxpayer dollars. As Chair of the Chester County Prison Board, Kathi has fostered and promoted diversion programs such as the highly successful WRAP – or Women’s Re-Entry Assessment and Programming initiative to help women adjust to life after prison and avoid re-offending.
Kathi’s other roles in Chester County Government include previous service on the Chester County Conservation District Board, and current service on the Chester County Child Advocacy Center Board.
Business Background
Kathi brings a versatile corporate financial background County government. Kathi’s 20-year career in business included a succession of financial management positions in various industries. She managed large and complex budgets, most recently as Corporate Business Manager at Rodale, Inc., a world-renowned publisher of books and magazines. At Rodale, Kathi provided fiscal management to the Information Technology, Operations and Administrative departments for the entire corporation. In that capacity, she was responsible for annual budget preparation and multi-year strategic planning for both operating and capital expenditures.
Kathi first ran for office on a platform to bring strategic planning to Government, so that departments could plan for future needs and challenges, while elected officials determined how to fund those needs and challenges in a fiscally responsible way. She is proud that soon after taking office Chester County implemented her recommendation and created an award-winning Strategic Plan that still serves County taxpayers and service clients well 10 years later.
Community Involvement
Kathi makes it a point to find time to stay involved with the local community, not just as an elected official, but as a citizen. She serves on the Board of Advisors for Communities That Care of Greater Downingtown, a non-profit that helps educate teenagers about making good choices when it comes to issues like drugs and alcohol. She participates in the Board of Directors of the Downingtown Community Educational Foundation, while also volunteering with other “Band Parents” to support her son at Downingtown East High School. Kathi also serves on the board of the Uwchlan Ambulance Corps., where her son is a member of the Explorers. She serves on the Board of the United Way of Chester County, and served previously on the Board of the Chester County Art Association.
Kathi Cozzone lives in Uwchlan Township, Chester County, with her husband Victor and their son Victor, who attends Downingtown East High School. The family are members of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Lionville. Kathi attended the College of New Jersey, where she earned her accounting degree. Kathi’s first run for public office was in 2005, when ran a close race for County Controller that achieved over 48% of the vote, still a high watermark for a Democrat in a Chester County Row Office race.
Currently she has the support of many County Commissioners in the state and one Representative. Her campaign is in its early stages and after next month’s election, she will need to step it up to make an impact right out of the box. With Stack vulnerable you can be sure the race will be crowded. Here’s her announcement. (Cozzone campaign, LuLac)

Commonwealth Court candidate Ellen Ceisler (Photo: Ceisler campaign)

The Democratic candidate for Commonwealth Court, Ellen Ceisler is running hard for a seat on the Commonwealth Court. The Court is a 9 member body that handles matters involving state and local governments and regulatory agencies. It also acts as a trial court when lawsuits are filed by or against the Commonwealth. Cases are generally heard by panels of three judges in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, although, on occasion, they may choose to hold court in other locations. Cases may also be heard by a single judge or by en banc panels of seven judges.
In 2007, Ellen was elected to the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia. She spent her first six years in the Criminal Division presiding over major felony trials.
In February 2013, Ellen was assigned to the Civil Motions Court, regarded as one of the busiest and most diverse Common Pleas Courts in Pennsylvania. Much like the Commonwealth Court, Judge Ceisler handled appeals from Governmental Agencies and Authorities of the City of Philadelphia, including the Zoning Board, Board of Licenses and Inspections, Human Relations Commission, Civil Service Commission, Liquor Control Board, Board of Revision of Taxes, Parking Authority, Housing Authority, Pension Board, Freedom of Information Act, governmental labor unions, among others.
Prior to that, after graduating from Temple University Law School in 1986, Ellen served as a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, where she specialized in the prosecution of crimes of domestic violence.
Following her tenure in the District Attorney’s Office, Ellen worked as an investigative producer for CBS News in Philadelphia, where she developed, researched, and produced in-depth investigative series on issues related to the mental health, foster care, and day care systems; government mismanagement and waste; consumer fraud; and abuses of the elderly and migrant workers.
From 1997-2005, Ellen served as Deputy Director and then Director of the Integrity and Accountability Office for the Philadelphia Police Department. In that capacity Ellen audited the operations, policies, and practices of the Police Department to minimize misconduct, improve the effectiveness of the Department’s operations, and enhance public confidence in the Department. Despite the sensitivity of this position, Ellen received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police in her successful bid for judge in 2007.
In 2005, Ellen served as a consultant for the Philadelphia School District on issues pertaining to student disciplinary policies and procedures, in an effort to make the public schools safer for the teachers and students. She then served as the Director of the Special Investigations Unit of the Philadelphia City Controller’s Office where she initiated and oversaw investigations into municipal waste and fraud.
Ceisler was in the are numerous times and brings credible record to her run.
Ellen is currently serving in the Major Civil Trials Division.
Throughout her tenure on the bench, Ellen established an excellent reputation for her work ethic, thoroughness, fairness, independence, and integrity, traits that she will bring to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. (Ceisler campaign, LuLac)

Congressman Matt Cartwright  (Photo: LuLac archives)

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright, a co-chair of the House Democratic Caucus Rebuilding America Task Force, wrote to President Donald Trump calling on his administration to develop a comprehensive infrastructure plan.
Rep. Cartwright urged the president to immediately develop an infrastructure plan that includes job opportunities with fair wages, skill development programs, and comprehensive improvements for our schools, roads, and bridges.
“Infrastructure investment is one of the best ways to strengthen our economy and put Americans back to work,” said Rep. Cartwright. “My colleagues and I are calling on the president to renew his pledge to rebuild our nation. We need a comprehensive, bipartisan infrastructure plan that includes good-paying jobs for American workers.”
A serious infrastructure investment from the federal government could rebuild crumbling roads, update antiquated electric grids, and modernize archaic schools –improvements that are needed to move our country forward. Infrastructure is also viewed as a guaranteed job creator that would provide security for middle-class families and working men and women. One study from the Council of Economic Advisers found that for every $1 billion spent on infrastructure, 27,000 jobs are directly created.
“With the leadership of Rep. Cartwright, I’m confident in House Democrats’ ability to craft policy that will advance our nation’s infrastructure system and help create good-paying jobs across the country,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY).
One of five House Democratic Caucus Jobs for America Task Forces, the Rebuilding America Task Force is focusing on putting Americans back to work by modernizing our nation’s infrastructure, expanding job opportunities in key industries, launching a school construction boom, updating our power grid and water infrastructure, and taking a visionary approach to the projects needed to put our country at the forefront of innovation.
The Jobs for America Task Forces will work to create opportunities for growth, boost hardworking families, and give every worker the opportunity to achieve the American dream by developing legislation focused on investing in key industries. The effort was launched by House Democratic Caucus in September.

Jim Zardecki (Photo: The Irregulars)

The October Irregulars Think Tank Breakfast will be held in the relaxed environment of Ballroom A on the second floor of The Irem Clubhouse at Irem Temple Country Club in Dallas this Saturday, October 14th.  We encourage everyone to attend.  The Presenter Jim Zardecki, Senior Vice President, Director of Facilities and Security at Customers Bank will share information on Cyber Fraud that will inform us of the ever-increasing dangers of this complex issue that is frequently happening on the Internet.  Jim is here during National Cyber Security Awareness Month to help everyone better understand the magnitude of the problem.  This Saturday morning, the topic for discussion is The Basics for Preventing Cyber Fraud focusing our attention on one of the greatest threats facing our country, and one threat that has enormous implications for our national security, economic prosperity, and public safety.  Doors open at 8:30 a.m. and buffet-style breakfast is served at 9:00 a.m.  Breakfast is over when the last person walks out the door. For reservations 570-690-2323 or Email Cost is $11 per person. 


Northeastern Pennsylvania Bloggers will be hosting the semi-annual Blogfest on October 14 at The River Grille, 670 North River Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 starting at 5PM. This is an informal gathering of bloggers, candidates for office, elected officials and anyone interested in politics or blogging. Additionally, NEPA BlogCon organizers and attendees will join in the festivities at the conclusion of their conference. There is no charge for admission.
Since its inception, Blogfest has been described as the best non-political political event of the season. No speeches are allowed and the rule is agree to disagree but don't be disagreeable. Many local and statewide candidates will be attending.
For additional information visit these websites:

NEPA Blogfest 2017 Fall Edition
Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017
Time: 5-10pm
Venue: River Grille
670 North River Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702




This week's guests will be Bob Durkin from the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.
Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on 1400-The Game, NEPA's Fox .Sports Radio and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.


ECTV Live welcomes  Mark J. Riccetti Jr. from theLuzerne County. Historical Society to the program during the week of October 16th. He'll outline plans for the annual Wilkes-Barre Ghost Walks which are drawing so much attention.
ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired during the Noon, 6pm and Midnight hours each day of the week. Following Monday's Live program the show will become available on Electric City Television's YouTube channel which can be viewed on your computer.


Tune in to Sue Henry's "Special Edition" this week as Sue recaps the week's news. The show will run Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. on WILK, and on KRZ, Froggy and Max 102 early Sunday morning.


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Four Palestinians hijack Lufthansa Flight 181 to Somalia and demand the release of 11 Red Army Faction members…….Anita Bryant is famously pied by four gay rights activists during a press conference in Des Moines, Iowa. This event results in her political fallout from anti-gay activism……

American singer and actor Bing Crosby, one of the most popular, far-reaching and influential entertainers of all time, dies after finishing 18 holes at La Moraleja Golf Course in Spain……

in Harrisburg the debate begins on whether the Liquor Stores should be privatized. Reaction to this suggestion is tepid at best….in Luzerne County Commissioners Wideman and Crossin, still politically fighting appear at Democratic events separately. The team was not up for election this cycle….and forty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Boogie Nights” by Heatwave.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3613, October 11th, 2017


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The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin this week put in perspective Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday. The event was to retire Peyton Manning’s number but Pence decided that Americans expressing their Constitutional rights offended his little itty bitty feelings. So he left. Which was his right. But as Paul Harvey used to say, “Here’s the rest of the story”.
With the exception of House Speaker Paul Ryan, there is no GOP politician who has debased himself more for the sake of accommodation with President Donald Trump than Vice President Mike Pence, who once enjoyed respect as a decent, consistent conservative. His ploy on Sunday shows he has permitted himself to be reduced to the status of the Washington Generals, the hapless stiffs the Harlem Globetrotters humiliate again and again.
"The plan had been for Vice President Mike Pence to attend the Indianapolis Colts game at which Peyton Manning's number was to be retired, a gala celebration of the former Colts quarterback's contributions to Pence's home state.
"The former governor of Indiana and his wife, wearing a Manning No. 18 jersey, left Lucas Oil Stadium after the national anthem, following instructions from President Trump after a number of San Francisco 49ers players, as they usually do, took a knee during the anthem.
" 'I asked @VP Pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled,' Trump posted on Twitter. 'I am proud of him and @SecondLady Karen.' "
The first rule of blatant political stunts is not to let on that they are blatant political stunts. Pence was acting not out of spontaneous patriotism but out of blind loyalty to a president who reduces everyone around him to a sleazy character on a reality TV show.
The obnoxious play-acting had the intended effect in stirring more racial animosity. The Hill reported:
"San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid slammed Vice President Mike Pence's walkout during his team's game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, calling it a "PR stunt."
"Reid [was] was one of the players to start kneeling with then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem to protest racial equality. ...
" 'So this looks like a PR stunt to me. He knew our team has had the most players protest. He knew that we were probably going to do it again,' Reid said.
" 'This is what systemic oppression looks like. A man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple of things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts. Based on the information I have, that's the assumption I've made.' "
Well, at least Trump supporters can no longer accuse protesting players of "politicizing" football. Trump has done more than anyone to turn the protest against police violence into yet another battlefront in his populist war designed to stoke white grievance. This shameful, unprovoked attempt to fan racial tensions is beneath the dignity of the office of vice president and should make clear that Pence is as morally unfit as Trump to hold high office.
For a self-styled fiscal hawk, Pence grotesquely wasted taxpayer money for a political stunt. The Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington tweeted a rebuke: "This twitter stunt cost American taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars." Likewise, former director of the Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub denounced the charade. He wisecracked on Twitter: "Price of flight: $30,000 per hour. Security: $1 bazillion. Ticket: $93. Hotdog: $17. Choreographed denigration of 1st Amendment: Priceless!"
The Post tried to pin down an estimate: "It costs the federal government about $43,000 an hour to fly Air Force Two, according to a 2012 estimate by the Air Force. Assuming a total flight time of six hours for the journey east [from Las Vegas to Indianapolis] and then west again [to California], the tab for the flight alone would have topped $250,000." He or the Republican National Committee should pay back every dime to the U.S. treasury.
To recap: Pence wasted taxpayer money, participated in a Trumpian divisive gambit to stoke racial animosity and made himself look like a spineless errand boy. Those who cheer him — including his legion of evangelical conservative supporters — should reflect upon the extent to which Trump has corrupted (morally, politically, intellectually) Pence — and them.