Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3141, February 9th, 2016




Bernie Sanders won a resounding victory over Hillary Clinton. A few key takeaways;
Sanders scored big with youth and even bested Clinton by double digits with women.
However among register Democrats, the voting was pretty much dead even.
Sanders won most of his support by drawing Independents. The upcoming states are going to be closed primary states so you may not see that again. New Hampshire allows Independents to show up on the day of the election, register for the party that they want to vote for in the primary and then change back again. That doesn’t happen most everywhere else. I mean it’s like a Catholic deciding to become a Jew on the day they pick the High Rabbi. It is ridiculous.
Both Clinton and Sanders gave long speeches. Best line of the night came from Kasich who said Bernie talked so long he was going to hit his 77th birthday. It's only the start of a long campaign. They both should have saved their energy.



Donald Trump now has political legitimacy, The billionaire has won his first primary. Now the polls are now reality. That's a good thing for his candidacy. Look for him to launch into the rest of the primaries more confident. His victory speech was humble, his thanking all of his family was very revealing and the speech while campaign boiler plate was short and sweet.
Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second and gave a realistic speech that was extremely refreshing. Kasich has a closed window in the next few weeks until the Industrial state primaries. He'll do well there but will be hard pressed to battle against the more conservative members of his party. Look for Kasich to try and discredit Bush in South Carolina.
Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush tied essentially for third. Some would say it was a come down for Cruz but he never really campaigned there. The tie is a credit to his organization and supporters.  This win was  a boost for a Bush candidacy that was left for dead just a month ago. Both Cruz and Bush have the money to stay in the race and compete.
Marco Rubio and Chris Christie brought up the rear.
The bottom line is this. Donald Trump stands alone as a candidate. The so called establishment lane now has a series of competitors that are looking for the chance to go one on one with Trump. The sheer volume of alternative candidates can only help Trump. Look for more infighting and attacks on Trump.
But as long as there are multiple candidates competing for a lane against Trump, he stays king of the road.
Chris Christie Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson need to reassess their candidacies.

Monday, February 08, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3140, February 8th, 2016


There has been a great deal of consternation over Marco Rubio’s multiple responses to Chris Christie the other night in New Hampshire. Christie alluded to Rubio’s 25 second sound bite where he launches into his “Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing” in terms of changing the county. Here’s the quote:
"Let's dispel with his fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing. He is trying to change this country."
Of course the GOP pounced on the fact that Rubio kept on repeating the line back and whether it will hurt him or not in the long run is really up to the voters of New Hampshire. Rubio kept doubling down on his remarks and was even proud of making that point. And for me, rather than the fact that he had no other snappy comebacks for the Ralph Cramden of Joisey, is the realization that this statement is not even original or from his heart.
Listen to people like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh and this is what you hear. In the minds of the GOP Talk Radio establishment, Obama has changed the country. This fool talk about immigration, allowing gay people to get married, background checks for guns, yikes that is change. Change we don’t like if you read into the code that Rubio is giving us.
If Barack Obama really knew what he was doing, there would be more change that would set the national GOP’s hair on fire! Barack Obama changed the country because he was elected twice with majorities by the American people.
Rubio’s 25 second speech comes right out of talk radio. I’d quarrel with the originality of his thoughts rather than his so called passion.

Governor Tom Wolf (Photo: PA Politics). 
Governor Tom Wolf presents his second budget to the State of Pennsylvania tomorrow. The first budget still is not in full effect. This is the first time in modern political history that this has happened in Pennsylvania. This will be interesting.
Wolf has said he will ask for money for early childhood intervention, funding for Pre K students, a tax on the gas drillers, addressing the state’s budget’s structural deficit (which could reach over a billion by 2017) and a reorganization of some state agencies.
No word yet on how the GOP House and Senate will react but I’m sure they will follow their D.C. counterpart playbook. Wolf has made it clear that he will stand firm on issues he cares about. Hey maybe they can get a two for if they want to get people’s attention.

Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright. (Photo: CNN)
There was a dust up when Madeleine Albright former Secretary of State joked that “there is a special place in hell” for women who won’t support a candidate for President like Hillary Clinton. All hell broke lose when Albright’s statements were supported by none other than Gloria Steinem.
Look, no one, man or woman should for vote for Hillary Clinton because he’s a woman. They should vote for her because she is the most qualified person to run for President in the last forty years. The fact that women are supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary mystifies me. The fact that younger women even consider Sanders makes me side with Steinem (who withdrew her where the boys are comment). Let me elaborate. I don’t think the young women are in it for “the boys” or the men are in it to meet women. It is a cause celeb and something to do. This millennial group has always done things in packs so it is not unusual that they follow Sanders who has great passion and ideas but has no lane to win a national campaign.
By the way, Hillary Clinton is closing in on Sanders in New Hampshire, you might see a very close face tomorrow night. 


Good grief, now I'm hearing from people on how Monica Lewinsky was used and abused at the White House by Bill Clinton. Look, what he did with her was incredibly stupid and immature. But she was just fine with setting her cap on a President. Plus remember this only came to light because she trusted her "friend" Linda Tripp, (who she has since disavowed,) with the gossip. Let's not make Lewinsky into a referendum on this election and Hillary Clinton's fitness for office. Blaming Hillary Clinton for standing behind her errant husband is like blaming the whole thing on Newt Gingrich because he shut down the government and made the meeting of Bill and Monica possible.


In New Hampshire tomorrow night, Trump, Kasich, Bush (watch out for him!!!) and Rubio. Look for Cruz to take a dive.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3139, February 6th, 2016


Our “Maybe I’m Amazed” logo.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED…….that according to our own Congressman Matt Cartwright, that this Flint, Michigan Water crisis just keeps getting stranger and stranger. 

Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: Cartwright's office). 
Cartwright who is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee questioned various Michigan officials about how this could have happened. Now you’d think that the Governor of the state would be there. NOPE! Governor Rick Snyder was a big no show. Cartwright’s office released a link to a very good article from The Nation about the hearings. Here it is. http://www.thenation.com/article/flint-hearing/  
Meanwhile while Bernie Sanders is on Saturday Night Live tonight, Hillary Clinton will be in Flint, Michigan tomorrow seeing what she can do.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that once again a person with multiple DUI’s in this area was finally arrested for killing another person. The Citizen’s Voice reported that Joseph A. Kaminski, 38, had “significant amounts” of morphine, methadone and anti-anxiety medications in his system leading up to the wreck on River Road, which occurred around 3:40 p.m. on Dec. 8, 2014. On that day he killed Joan Baiera, 71, who was leaving a full time job to go to a part time job. Finally this loser is charged BUT there’s a lot more blame to go around on this one. Just look at the priors this guy had. Again from the Citizen’s Voice:
Joseph A. Kaminski: A record of DUI, driving without a license:
March 2003: DUI, fleeing scene (Guilty plea)
June 2004: DUI, fleeing scene (Guilty plea)
SENTENCE: 90 days to six months in jail
November 2008: Driving with a suspended license, DUI related (Case withdrawn)
June 2009: Driving with a suspended license, DUI related (Guilty plea)
SENTENCE: 60 days in jail
February 2009: DUI (third offense), Driving with a suspended license, DUI related (Guilty plea)
SENTENCE: 15 months in jail, 36 months probation
April 2009: Possession of drug paraphernalia (Guilty plea)
SENTENCE: 60 days in prison
February 2010: Driving with a suspended license, DUI related (Guilty plea)
SENTENCE 60 days in prison
So here’s how it is in this area. If you are a sober, hard working person you better pray you get through the day. If you are a loser who has “problems”, you get a lot of chances. Yeah let’s keep on funding those D&A agencies or maybe we should have a Strike Three policy on crimes like this. Third strike, life. To protect themselves from  themselves as well as others!
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that Marco Rubio comes in third place in Iowa and people think he’s the reincarnation of JFK. While I think President Obama did good things, he could have done more had he been more experienced. Mrs. LuLac always referred to Mr. Obama as an “empty suit”. By comparison, Rubio is an “empty tee shirt”. Poor Rick Santorum got cornered on Morning Joe the other day when he couldn’t come up with one thing Rubio did in the Senate. He did work with New York Senator Chuck Schumer on an Immigration Bill but the right wing of the part won’t let him forget that.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..NOT….that Luzerne County is ranked third in the state with Protection from Abuse orders. I think a few things are at play here. Alcohol, baby daddies and mommies and the breakdown of a traditional family unit. People in my age bracket who are grandparents have taken the role of parents because their kids can’t handle the roles of adults. Technically we were 12th but when you average it out, we come in third behind Philly and Pittsburgh. Now this is not everybody here but this news also says something about the demographic profile of some men and women in this area. The men can’t win a fight with another guy and the women just want a fella. Any fella will do.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that the two people in the GOP Presidential race who can both entertain and make you uncomfortable at the same time are Governor Chris Christie and Donald Trump. You laugh at their antics but are relieved you are not the target of their remarks. We all remember people like this from grade school. They are still called bullies.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday. 

Ronald Reagan at Genetti's in 1980. (LuLac archives.)
The 40th President was born 105 years ago in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan was an inspirational President. I was fifty fifty on some of the things he did but you couldn’t beat him for authenticity. Plus he knew the right time to rise to the occasion for a Presidential moment. This year as the Presidential race starts in earnest, I chuckle when the GOP contenders invoke his name. If Reagan ran among this pack of wolves, he’s be Scott Walker or Rick Perry, quickly dispatched from the race. From a campaign standpoint, what I loved about Reagan in ’80 was his reaction to Iowa. When everyone stayed in the state to get the results (Reagan lost) he was home in California watching a screening of “Kramer Vs. Kramer”. Reagan knew that Iowa, was just Iowa. Nothing more, nothing less.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…...that I just found out I have a something in common with Presidential candidate Ben Carson. Carson told NBC that he has had 11 jobs in his lifetime since he was a kid. Hey me too! He also called himself a “Citizen Statesman” but that needs to be checked out because everyone knows that title only belongs to Lackawanna County Commissioner Patrick “Cheese” O’Malley.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that FX TV’s series on O.J. Simpson is pretty good so far. I was struck at the performances of John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian (yeah in addition to the crimes he was accused of The Juice’s troubles gave us the big K’s including Brice/Caitlin Jenner) and Cuba Gooding Junior as O.J. This thing was top of the mind for my age group and for that reason I thought I wouldn’t watch it. But there seems to be more interest in it once we started to see the first episode.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….again we’re going with Ronald Reagan because it’s his birthday here, that when Reagan ran at the age of 69 everyone was worried about his age. Now there’s Bernie Sanders at 74 running and you hear nary a word.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that I have been alive for every Super Bowl since it started in 1967. Very thankful and grateful. Go Denver, let that defense win one for the old man! Manning, not me!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3138, February 4th, 2016


Franklin and Marshall logo. (ssdp.org)
Here are some of the highlights of the January 2016, Franklin & Marshall College Poll of registered Pennsylvania voters. Complete results can be found at http://www.fandm.edu/fandmpoll
What we decided to do here at LuLac was to present the poll’s finding and then give our reactions to it.
Almost seven in ten (67%) voters believe the state is “on the wrong track,” up from 62% in October, and two in five (38%) say that government and politicians are the biggest problems facing the state.
When you have gridlock in the state and no budget as you begin another year, this will happen. The Legislative leaders cannot pass anything meaningful and a new Governor can’t make his mark either.
More voters hold the state legislature (52%) than the governor (32%) responsible for the state’s late budget, which remains unchanged since October, although similar proportions trust the governor (42%) and the state legislature (39%) to make final decisions about the state budget, also unchanged from October.
A few things here. Despite the fact that Governor Wolf has compromised with the Republican Senate, people seem to respect that. However the last minute switch by the House GOP to derail the budget gave them the heads up winner for being the biggest loser in the perception of politicians. 
Only 15% of voters give the state legislature a positive job performance, “excellent or good”.
This figure is astounding. Every district loves their own representative but as a whole the GOP House has been dissed big time. That’s what happens when you are partisan and you advertise it. This House has made incredible statements on Voting Rights, Gay Rights and their own power that I believe have stuck with the electorate. Mike Turzai ain’t no John Persel.
One in three (33%) registered Pennsylvania voters believes Governor Wolf is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as governor, which is a decrease from the October (36%) and August (39%) polls.
As the budget saga wears on and Wolf can’t do anything else, the numbers will get lower.
Two in five (41%) Pennsylvania voters believe President Obama is doing an “excellent” or “good” job as President, which is about the same as in recent surveys.
Those who like the President stand firm. Ditto for those who don’t. Plus barring an unforeseen event, there won’t be much movement as Mr. Obama's term winds down.
Hillary Clinton still holds a sizable lead (46%) over Bernie Sanders (29%) among registered Democrats in Pennsylvania.
The Southern State primaries will determine if that number rises or falls.
Donald Trump leads the Republican primary field in Pennsylvania with 24%. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio trail at 14% and 11%, respectively.
In my opinion New Hampshire and South Carolina will either increase Trump’s numbers or change them.It will depend if another candidate emerges to eat into Trump's message.
A large percentage (61%) of Pennsylvania voters is undecided in the Democratic primary contest for the U.S. Senate. Joe Sestak narrowly leads Katie McGinty, 17% to 13%, with John Fetterman at 6%.
That 17% to 13 % is only 40%. That means a whopping 60% of Democrats are undecided. Should Sestak get a second chance with Pat Toomey presumably on the ropes? Can the Wolf machine, a bit battered by the budget battle get Katey McGinty through? What will the effect of the Kathleen Kane controversy have on a McGinty effort?
A large majority (88%) favor a federal law requiring background checks on all potential gun buyers, including those who purchase guns at gun shows or online. Similar percentages (85%) favor efforts to include more information about a citizen’s mental health into the background check system.
Makes sense, right? And yet there are many Pennsylvanians convinced that President Obama, Joe Biden and even the late Senator Joe Clark are coming for their guns!
This survey reflects interviews with 732 Pennsylvania registered voters conducted by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College from January 18-24, 2016 (sample error of +/-3.6 % percentage points).
The Franklin & Marshall College Poll is produced in conjunction with the Philadelphia Daily News, WGAL-TV (South Central PA), Pittsburgh Tribune Review, WTAE-TV (Pittsburgh), WPVI-TV6/ABC (Philadelphia), Times-Shamrock Newspapers, Harrisburg Patriot-News/PennLive, LNP media group, and the Reading Eagle. It may be used in whole or in part, provided any use is attributed to the college.

Rick Santorum. He's only 57, is there another run left in him??? (Photo: CNN)
Rick Santorum withdrew from the race for the Republican presidential nomination and endorsed Senator Marco Rubio in the race for the White House.
Santorum won the Iowa caucuses four years ago but managed only 1 percent of the vote in the Iowa contest on Monday.
Santorum announced his withdrawal on Fox News and endorsement of Rubio, called the Florida senator "a tremendously gifted young man and ... a born leader."
He said Rubio "can bring this country together, not just moderates and conservatives but young and old."
A favorite of the Conservatives, Santorum tried to focus on economic issues but his candidacy was essentially overshadowed by Donald Trump’s effort. 

 State Representative Peter Daley. (Photo: Post Gazette).
State Representative Peter Daley called out the Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams for daring to call Punxsutawney Phil a rodent. Daley a Democrat is apparently using this as a way to ask the State Legislators to come to a bi partisan agreement. Two things here: 
1. Phil is still a rodent! 
2. This just might be crazy enough to work. 



Your blog editor and Joe Klapatch at the Carbondale Library.
Last weekend we made the trek to the Carbondale Public Library to meet and greet Joe Klapatch. Joe who is a radio veteran of WARM, WARD, WBQW and many other frequencies has penned two books on the histories of the Carbondale and Scranton Fire Departments. The "History of the Carbondale PA Fire Department 1843-2015" and “The Scranton Fire Company History” can be purchased at the Carbondale Public Library, Lackawanna Historical Society in Scranton and the Library Express in the Steamtown Mall. The book is $22.00 and is very good. The book on Scranton is $35.00 and it is an impressive tome.



Upcoming events at the Dietrich Theater/Wyoming County Cultural Center will be spotlighted during the week of February 8th on ECTV Live. Hosts David DeCosmo, Rusty Fender. and Director Mark Migilore will be speaking with Erica Rogler from the Dietrich staff. 

ECTV Live is seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired several times daily throughout the week beginning with a live presentation at Noon on Monday.


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with retired Lake Lehman teacher Susan Roese about her mission to teach art to West African children, and about her Crowdfunding campaign.
Brian speaks with Dr. Clyde Yancy about the "Rise Above Heart Failure" campaign.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Tom Pugh about "Bowl for Kids Sake, to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Pa.
And Brian speaks with Monica Pedersen from HGTV about hard water in your taps and shower.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and Sports Radio 590, WARM, and 6:25am on Magic 93.


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In Britain, Rolls-Royce goes bankrupt and is nationalized…..Apollo 14 lands on the Moon. Alan Shepherd also plays some golf……

Switzerland gives women voting rights in state elections, but not in all canton-specific ones……… A new stock market index called the Nasdaq Composite debuts……in Pennsylvania Governor Shapp puts Lt. Governor Kline in charge of Emergency Management…..in Wilkes Barre City the new City Manager Frank Vanore and Council go over staffing for Public Works and forty six years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson.

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The LuLac Edition #3137, February 3rd, 2016


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This past weekend the New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The Editorial Board was very detailed in why Mrs. Clinton should be our next President. Here is what the Times wrote.
For the past painful year, the Republican presidential contenders have been bombarding Americans with empty propaganda slogans and competing, bizarrely, to present themselves as the least experienced person for the most important elected job in the world. Democratic primary voters, on the other hand, after a substantive debate over real issues, have the chance to nominate one of the most broadly and deeply qualified presidential candidates in modern history.
Hillary Clinton would be the first woman nominated by a major party. She served as a senator from a major state (New York) and as secretary of state — not to mention her experience on the national stage as first lady with her brilliant and flawed husband, President Bill Clinton. The Times editorial board has endorsed her three times for federal office — twice for Senate and once in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary — and is doing so again with confidence and enthusiasm.
Mrs. Clinton’s main opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described Democratic Socialist, has proved to be more formidable than most people, including Mrs. Clinton, anticipated. He has brought income inequality and the lingering pain of the middle class to center stage and pushed Mrs. Clinton a bit more to the left than she might have gone on economic issues. Mr. Sanders has also surfaced important foreign policy questions, including the need for greater restraint in the use of military force.
In the end, though, Mr. Sanders does not have the breadth of experience or policy ideas that Mrs. Clinton offers. His boldest proposals — to break up the banks and to start all over on health care reform with a Medicare-for-all system — have earned him support among alienated middle-class voters and young people. But his plans for achieving them aren’t realistic, while Mrs. Clinton has very good, and achievable, proposals in both areas.
The third Democratic contender, Martin O’Malley, is a personable and reasonable liberal who seems more suited for the jobs he has already had — governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore — than for president.
Mrs. Clinton is a strong advocate of sensible and effective measures to combat the plague of firearms; Mr. Sanders’s record on guns is relatively weak. Her economic proposals for financial reform reflect a deep understanding of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform act, including the ways in which it has fallen short. She supports changes that the country badly needs, like controls on high-frequency trading and stronger curbs on bank speculation in derivatives.
Mr. Sanders has scored some rhetorical points against Mrs. Clinton for her longstanding ties to Wall Street, but she has responded well, and it would be comical to watch any of the Republican candidates try to make that case, given that they are all virtually tied to, or actually part of, the business establishment.
One of the most attractive parts of Mrs. Clinton’s economic platform is her pledge to support the well-being and rights of working Americans. Her lifelong fight for women bolsters her credibility in this area, since so many of the problems with labor law hit women the hardest, including those involving child care, paid sick leave, unstable schedules and low wages for tipped workers.
Mrs. Clinton is keenly aware of the wage gap for women, especially for women of color. It’s not just that she’s done her homework — Mrs. Clinton has done her homework on pretty much any subject you’d care to name. Her knowledge comes from a commitment to issues like reproductive rights that is decades old. She was well ahead of Mr. Sanders in calling for repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which severely limits federal money to pay for abortions for poor women.
As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton worked tirelessly, and with important successes, for the nation’s benefit. She was the secretary President Obama needed and wanted: someone who knew leaders around the world, who brought star power as well as expertise to the table. The combination of a new president who talked about inclusiveness and a chief diplomat who had been his rival but shared his vision allowed the United States to repair relations around the world that had been completely trashed by the previous administration.
Mrs. Clinton helped make it possible to impose tougher sanctions on Iran, which in turn led to the important nuclear deal now going into effect. She also fostered closer cooperation with Asian countries. She worked to expand and deepen the dialogue with China and to increase Washington’s institutional ties to the region. Mrs. Clinton had rebuked China when she was first lady for its treatment of women, and she criticized the Beijing government’s record on human rights even as she worked to improve relations.
In January 2011, before the Arab Spring, Mrs. Clinton delivered a speech that criticized Arab leaders, saying their countries risked “sinking into the sand” unless they liberalized their political systems and cleaned up their economies. Certainly, the Israeli-Palestinian crisis deepened during her tenure, but she did not cause that.
Mrs. Clinton can be more hawkish on the use of military power than Mr. Obama, as shown by her current call for a no-fly zone in Syria and her earlier support for arming and training Syrian rebels. We are not convinced that a no-fly zone is the right approach in Syria, but we have no doubt that Mrs. Clinton would use American military power effectively and with infinitely more care and wisdom than any of the leading Republican contenders.
Mrs. Clinton, who has been accused of flip-flopping on trade, has shown a refreshing willingness to learn and to explain, as she has in detail, why she changed her mind on trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She is likely to do more to help workers displaced by the forces of trade than previous presidents have done, and certainly more than any of the Republicans.
Mrs. Clinton has honed a steeliness that will serve her well in negotiating with a difficult Congress on critically important issues like climate change. It will also help her weather what are certain to be more attacks from Republicans and, should she win the White House, the possibility of the same ideological opposition and personal animus that President Obama has endured. Some of the campaign attacks are outrageous, like Donald Trump’s efforts to bring up Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity. Some, like those about Mrs. Clinton's use of a private email server, are legitimate and deserve forthright answers.
Hillary Clinton is the right choice for the Democrats to present a vision for America that is radically different from the one that leading Republican candidates offer — a vision in which middle-class Americans have a real shot at prosperity, women’s rights are enhanced, undocumented immigrants are given a chance at legitimacy, international alliances are nurtured and the country is kept safe.
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(Public domain)  

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3136, February 2nd, 2016



The House today failed to override President Obama's veto of a bill that would have repealed key provisions of Obamacare. Plus it could not strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood
The 241-186 vote to override the veto fell short of the two-thirds needed, ensuring that the Affordable Care Act will remain in place at least through the final year of Obama's term. Republican leaders, who have been criticized by Democrats for failing to come up with an alternative to Obamacare, said they plan to craft a replacement plan this year as a kind of preview for what they hope to do in the next Congress.
But they have to win next time. Believe me if a Republican President is elected, every single good things for the middle class will be thrown out.
By the way, this is the Republicans 63rd attempt to try and get rid of The Affordable Care Act, a law upheld by Republican appointees on the U.S. Supreme Court. (USA Today, LuLac)

The late Tom Tigue, circa 1980. (Photo: Times Tribune).
Former State Representative Tom Tigue passed away the other day after a long illness at the age of 70. Tigue succeeded Ray Musto after Musto won the nomination for Congress in 1980 after winning a Special Election earlier. Tigue served 12 terms in the State House.
He is a 1964 graduate of St. John's High School and earned a degree in government from King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1968. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the Vietnam War, earning a Silver Star. He served 27 years in the Marine Corps Reserve.
Tigue was always willing to give speeches to groups around his district when he was home from Harrisburg. He was Toastmaster at a few events I athletic events I spoke at during my time as a Sports Columnist with the Dispatch. He had a ready smile and hand shake and was a mainstay in both Harrisburg and Luzerne County politics. Tigue was elected at a time when young Representatives like Kevin Blaum and Gaynor Cawley were chosen to lead their generation in the State Capitol.
Now sadly that generation is in its sunset.


Congressman Lou Bareletta. (Photo: LuLac archives).
“It has been an honor and privilege to represent the people of Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District,” Barletta said. “While I have made significant progress on a number of important issues, including fighting against illegal immigration, strengthening our national security, and saving taxpayer dollars, it’s clear that there is still work to be done. I respectfully ask my friends and neighbors for their support so that I can continue to fight for these and other commonsense policies that will strengthen our communities and this great nation.”
Barletta remains a leading voice nationally on combatting illegal immigration. In 2015, he took a number of steps to fix our immigration system, including sponsoring legislation to block President Obama’s executive amnesty plan, defund sanctuary cities, and increase the penalty for overstaying a visa.
“I have fought for more than a decade to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country,” Barletta said. “This is an issue that affects our national security and many American jobs. I will continue to stand up for American workers by opposing any attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.”
Last year, Barletta was appointed to serve on the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, where he is responsible for overseeing federal efforts to secure the homeland. In light of terror attacks in San Bernardino and Paris and ISIS’ claim that it would use the refugee program to enter the United States, Barletta co-sponsored legislation to temporarily halt the refugee program by cutting off funding for any resettlement activity until stronger safeguards are implemented.
“National security is one of the most pressing issues facing our nation today,” Barletta said. “I’m proud of my work to help strengthen our defenses against terrorists and protect the American people. This is certainly an issue I look forward to focusing on in the year ahead.”
As Chairman of the Subcommittee for Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management of the powerful House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Barletta has saved taxpayers nearly $3 billion by reducing the federal real estate footprint.
“As a former small business owner and mayor, I always look for innovative ways to solve problems and reduce government waste,” Barletta said. “More federal leases are set to expire soon, and I’m excited to save taxpayers even more money by continuing to change our approach to government office space.” (Barletta Press office).

Monday, February 01, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3135, February 1st, 2016



1. Ted Cruz
2. Donald Trump
3.Marco Rubio.
The 3, 2, 1 Photo: Marco, Donald and Ted in Countdown order. (Photo: AOL.com)
Cruz had a better ground game, Trump had a less than stellar ground game and Rubio has become for now the Establishment alternative.
But more than half of the voters are anti establishment.
Delegates were split pretty evenly.
So the top three after spending millions of dollars and thousands of man hours split the delegates.

Bernie and Hillary. (Photo: CNN.com)
Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders.
Dead heat. Delegates split.
Martin O’Malley suspends his campaign.

The LuLac Edition #3134, February 1st, 2016


It is minutes before the first official voting in Iowa begins. This year’s Presidential election is the most consequential in our lifetime. On both sides there is a lot of anger. There is a lot of bluster. But as a voter one thing Americans need to do is vote in their best interest.
As we have seen in the last 8 years, we don’t need a person unfamiliar to compromise and one who won’t go the extra mile to win Legislative victories that would advance a program. We don’t need a bombastic personality that insults our people and can’t specify anything except that “things will be great!”
Americans must vote for a seasoned person who can work with each party to get things done.
The United States has an opportunity to vote for two of the most well qualified, experienced candidates in our lifetime.
As the race begins, Americans should use their heads, not their emotions. They should use their intellect, not what fires them up.
As a member of the Democratic party as well as the Republican party, voters should pick these two candidates who are similar in the sense that they want to stop the gridlock and make things work. Philosophically the choices are stark. But if you want to see change in your direction, whether it be Progressive or Conservative, you have to look at experience as well as a record.
Here, before the voting and noise begins are two of the most qualified candidates to ever seek the office. 

Hillary Clinton


John Kasich