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The LuLac Edition #3714, February 20th, 2018


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MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that President Trump has claimed that the reason why the Florida shooter’s behavior fell through the cracks was because the FBI was concentrating too much on proving Russian collusion. This disgraceful tweet are examples of three things we should ask about him. 
a. Why he doesn’t know about the FBI and how it works?
b. What he doesn’t know about his own god damn appointments?  It was Trump who appointed Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor. Does he really think that ALL of the FBI agents are working for Mueller?
c. Trump is not very smart in the traditional sense. I still think he paid someone to take his tests at Wharton. But he is cagey and wily putting any street thug in New York to shame with his instinct for survival.
But this Tweet clearly indicates that he smells fear.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…that an ant’s sense of smell is stronger than a dog’s.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that the new GOP term for those people decrying gun violence and the availability of firearms now have a new buzz word. Instrumentality. Really? They haven’t done anything because they have had the power to do so since 2010 when they took over the House. Thoughts and prayers, people kill, not guns, 2nd Amendment and now instrumentality.A new word in the GOP do nothing playbook.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that poor Jim Bakker, that scam Evangelist preacher from the 80s was scorned by his fellow bible thumpers when it was uncovered that he was paying money to one of his staffers, Jessica Hahn. 
She was on the cover of Playboy and Penthouse and the holy rollers banished her to the fires of hell. But Trump? They like him. 
Equally amazing to me is that when it was uncovered that the President was paying off a porn star before the election, the sainted oh so God loving and fearing Christian Evangelicals are willing to give Trump a mulligan. Hypocritical you say? Well to quote Winston Churchill who once said to a woman seated next to him at a dinner party: 
“Churchill: "Madam, would you sleep with me for five million pounds?" 
Socialite: "My goodness, Mr. Churchill... Well, I suppose... we would have to discuss terms, of course... "
Churchill: "Would you sleep with me for five pounds?"
Socialite: "Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!" 
Churchill: "Madam, we've already established that. Now we are haggling about the price”. 
The price of the modern day Evangelical  whores is Trump’s policies against gays, women and people of color.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that the big brawl on a Carnival Cruise ship started over someone stepping on a shoe. A sandal if you will. A large bunch of slobs who have the money to piss away on a Cruise (my God pick a more classier line will ya) retaliated against people on the ship. It got to the point where the ships Captain called the police and had the 25 stupid bastards off the ship. At first I figured it was transplant New York A holes from the Carolinas but it turned out to be a large family of Italians who decided to be ocean fighting idiots.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..at shows that Mrs. LuLac watches on TV. One is “Say Yes To the Dress”. I hear it while I work on my writing and if some of these people on the show are indicative of America, we are screwed.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that in just under 5 weeks major league baseball begins. A big disappointment for me will be the complete sell off of the Pittsburgh Pirates team. But the good news is  the Rail Riders staff is being aggressive. I only attended two games last year but already I am getting calls from the staff at the Stadium to buy for 2018. And I will.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..that flying under the radar last week given the wife beater-security clearance was this jewel. George David Banks resigned after learning that his past marijuana use would keep him from receiving a security clearance, according to a Politico report.
Banks, who advised the White House on energy and environment was a member of the National Economic Council. 
Look at this photo, there is no way he was interested in weed, right? 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…..never to underestimate the power of the yard sign. Many political analysts say that the multitude of signs for Doug Jones vs Roy Moore had a huge impact in that Alabama special election. No wonder why so many local candidates, especially in the Scranton area pepper those front lawns with those signs.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that after so many well wishers bestowing great thoughts on my recent birthday, the next question they ask is “Will you retire at 65?” With God’s good grace, I just want to get to Medicare. In terms of employment, I just might work part time because there is nothing on daytime TV. My God, they gave Robert Irvine a show and the last time I saw him on TV he was fixing up restaurants. Slim pickings.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED….that two major Supermarket chains in the U.S. are in jeopardy. Bi-Lo, which is the company behind the Winn-Dixie chain, is preparing for a filing as soon as March, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the process isn’t public. The owner of Tops Friendly Markets, meanwhile, could potentially seek court protection from creditors as soon as this month, people familiar with that situation said. There is a Tops store up in Wysox and Towanda.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that the Fox/Trump News network has taken on LeBron James for speaking his mind regarding the integrity and decorum of the President. James made the very good point that youngsters growing up always looked to the President as someone who if not inspiring, was at least a leader. Well the Fox sucks ups, especially Laura Ingram essentially attacked James for his grammar and his opinion. They told him to shut up.
This is what they do when they have no argument. Fox News has alienated women, people of color and immigrants, both legal and those on work permits. The only audience they have are white males and their female counterparts who can’t get over the fact that our country has changed. Big time. No one of celebrity comes on Fox except has been actors. Since they cannot even understand pop culture, they tell it to shut up.
And their base laps it up. But that my friends won’t last forever.

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The LuLac Edition #3713, February 19th, 2018




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The LuLac Edition #3712, February 18th, 2018



 Robert Mueller and Donald Trump (Photos: Time Magazine)
This news came from nowhere on Friday. Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russians and three companies with interfering in our democracy. The indictment unveiled a sophisticated network designed to subvert the 2016 election and to support the Trump campaign. It spanned from St. Petersburg, Russia, into the social feeds of Americans and ultimately reached the streets of election battleground states.
The White House tried to spin it saying there was no collusion because the interference started in 2014. They also laughingly stated that the partisan divide needed to end and Americans needed to unite. This from the most mean spirited, divisive lying bunch that was ever put in office by citizens, 26,000 of them here in Luzerne County, who got played.
Anyway, here’s the indictment in all it’s entirety.
The entire document should finally put Trump’s statements about “a Russian Hoax” to the merciful death it truly deserves.



I’m in Wegman’s on Saturday and hear two “experts” yapping their dentures on the recent tragedy in Florida. One guy said “If one of the teachers had a gun in their desk, this thing would’ve have been ended right away!” Then one of Wyoming Valley’s finest grandmas started saying that “I’ll start shooting and then start asking questions later”.
Hey, here’s a thought. Did this jerk really think one gun would stop an Assault Rifle? Did grandma really think she had the agility to take on a gang invading her house?
There is a reason why industry has never, ever come here because we have dumb ass seniors as well as others who spout off ignorant opinions with no basis of fact. That’s why they voted for a 71 year old racist, no nothing because they thought, “He’s like me!”
These two would piss their Depends if anyone came near them on their little “safe” streets protected by the only people who know how to use them in terms of attack: the police.

 Senator Pat Toomey (Philly.com)
Puny Pat Toomey send me an e mail newsletter about what he does or doesn't do in Washington. This week's edition was a dilly.  
My heart breaks for the students and loved ones of those affected by the terrible school shooting in Florida. I thank the first responders for their swift response and I ask that you all join me in praying for the victims and their families.
I am committed to improving our federal background check system, which is why my staff and I will continue to reach out to Senators on both sides of the aisle to see where progress can be made.
What crap! Most people are tired of the Republican line of "hearts and prayers going out to the families!" Toomey has never walked outside of the lines earmarked for him by Senate leadership and The NRA. A few years back, Toomey voted with his party when he voted against Senator Feinstein’s more inclusive and wide ranging bill and in favor of John Cornyn’s.
Cornyn’s bill poked some holes in the current national background checks system by encouraging states, through the promise of federal funding, to send more information on mental-health records to the national database.
The Republican NRA backed bill called for people who may be mentally ill to be ordered into treatment by a judge without being involuntarily committed.
Under Cornyn’s legislation, the person getting treatment wouldn’t be officially determined to be mentally ill and could, in theory, still purchase firearms. Under current law, a person would have to be adjudicated as mentally ill in order to be barred from purchasing a gun.
PUNY Pat supported this version firmly returning to his  Legislative default position, the back pocket of the NRA.
I believe gun safety legislation should focus on keeping guns away from those who shouldn't have them--criminals, the dangerously mentally ill, and terrorists.
Bullshit Pat. You backed away when the NRA and your boss McConnell scared you away last time. nBut keep your silly newsletters coming and I'll keep poking holes in your lies.

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The LuLac Edition #3711, February 15th, 2018


Another loser shot and killed 17 people on Wednesday in Florida. These were kids going to high school. Predictably the REPUBLICANS offered this: 
“Yesterday, America was shown the face of evil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Today, millions of American join together with broken hearts. We will continue to pray for the victims, their families and the community impacted. As we learn more about why and how this attack was carried out, we must review and address the protocols that allowed for this murderer, who made his intentions clear, to slip through the cracks.” 
That was From Lou Barletta. The President issued something similar. Hey guys, the time for prayers is over. The default position that we need more Mental Health care is BULLSHIT! Here are the facts. 
Michael Stone, a psychiatrist at Columbia University who maintains a database of mass shooters, wrote in a 2015 analysis that only 52 out of the 235 killers in the database, or about 22 percent, were mentally ill. “The mentally ill should not bear the burden of being regarded as the ‘chief’ perpetrators of mass murder,” Stone concluded. Other research has backed this up.
The real problem, instead, is guns — and, specifically, America’s extraordinary stockpile of firearms. The US has by far the highest number of guns in the world: According to a 2007 estimate, the number of civilian-owned firearms in the US was 88.8 guns per 100 people, meaning there was almost one privately owned gun per American and more than one per American adult. The world’s second-ranked country was Yemen, a quasi-failed state torn by civil war, where there were 54.8 guns per 100 people.
As a result, America has nearly six times the gun homicide rate of Canada, more than seven times that of Sweden, and nearly 16 times that of Germany, according to United Nations data compiled by the Guardian. (These gun deaths are a big reason America has a much higher overall homicide rate than other developed nations.)
The Republican party that has had the majority in Congress since 2014 has blocked every attempt to get even the barest of gun control. 
The deaths of these kids are ON THEIR HEADS! 
In the meantime, here's where we stand in terms of the most guns in a country. (LuLac, Vox) 

(Photo: Borough Facebook page)
When I was growing up Wyoming was the crown jewel of Luzerne County. It was historic, where the more well to do lived as well as a place to aspire to. But lately, especially this week, Wyoming Borough has become the epitome of old school, denial politics. Trouble has been brewing in the burgh for a while with investigators looking into finances at the Borough building's Manager's office and as well at the Library.
Since the swearing in of Mayor Joe Dominick, it has been revealed that the Borough manager’s working area was raided. At the last meeting, Council voted 6 to 2 to let the Manager keep her job. Tamara Smith has been serving in that position for a few years now. But she has been under investigation for concerns at the Hose Company #1 and the Library.Many have questioned her prior experience in obtaining such a job.
Councilman Mike Baloga made a motion seconded by Joseph Scaltz. It was voted down by Council members who are not happy Dominick won the last election handily.
The majority reasons were:
1. They had no one to fill the position.
2. No one was charged yet.
But then the majority Council pulled a Sarah Huckabee Sanders when the Library Board President asked for a much needed donation to the Library. The lackey majority said that the reason why they didn’t was because they were concerned about past financial impropriety not revealed at the Library.
Board President Colleen Garrision said, “I cannot speak for the previous board,, Marcella Starr was the president of the (Wyoming Free Library Board of Trustees) and Tamra Smith was the treasurer, you can ask them.”
Garrison’s response was met with a thunderous applause by the audience.
At the end of the meeting, council members voted to donate $500 to the library.
The Council also asked the incumbent Mayor Joe Dominick to leave because the Smith matter was one of personnel. Wow!
The fact that the crowd applauded the Board President when she called out the majority who has refused to work with the new Mayor speaks volumes.
Somewhere former Council member Joe Soricelli and Mayors Joe Chorba and Doc Stroh are spinning in their graves!

The President says "Yep, it's wrong!" (Photo: CNN)
It took one week after Trump’s honcho Rob Porter, his staff secretary, resigned amid spousal abuse allegations, President Trump on Wednesday said he was “totally opposed to domestic violence,” his first condemnation of the alleged conduct behind a scandal that has engulfed the White House.
He couldn’t say that sooner? What’s next, totally opposed to burning an apple pie, crashing in a baby’s head with a cinder block?
His statement, which members of both parties had said was long overdue, came as John F. Kelly, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, faced new questions about his handling of Mr. Porter’s case, including how Mr. Porter could have held a temporary high-level security clearance for more than a year in light of the allegations.



Governor Tom Wolf (Photo: Penn Live)
Here is Governor Tom Wolf's statement on the recent gerrymandering decision: The current map -- drawn by a Republican legislature and a Republican governor -- unfairly divides our communities to benefit Republican political interests. And the map submitted to me just last week by Republican leaders was still gerrymandered.
It’s simple: gerrymandering hurts our democracy. That’s why I made a pledge to support fair maps that will restore our democratic process.
This is not a partisan issue. It’s about unrigging the system and drawing fair maps that are representative of the people, not politics.
I vow to do everything I can to make sure we fix our gerrymandered maps now and ensure that they stay that way in the future.
Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/fair


GOP candidate Scott Wagner (Photo: Wagner campaign)
2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner condemned Governor Wolf for indicating that he is prepared to act outside the realm of his constitutional authority and submit a new congressional map to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court without the consent of the legislature.
As reported by WESA on Monday, “Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is promising he'll send a politically impartial congressional district map to the state Supreme Court by its Thursday deadline if the Republican-controlled legislature cannot draw one themselves. ‘“What happens next, in any case, is that I take a look at this map and have a panel of objective experts look at it,’ Wolf said Monday.”
“There’s a difference between leadership, and trampling on the Pennsylvania Constitution, and it’s clear Governor Wolf doesn’t get it, said Scott Wagner. “Our House and Senate leadership did a good job with the map based on the short amount of time they were given by the Supreme Court, and if the Governor doesn’t like what was presented to him, he should come to the table and negotiate, rather than politicizing the issue to curry favor with national, liberal interest groups.”
Additionally, Wolf’s decision to act on his own accord is at odds with what Democratic leaders in the legislature have said they wanted out of the process.
In a letter to Governor Wolf on Friday, Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa and House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody criticized the Republican drawn map, stating, “This map was not the product of bipartisan work, nor is it a piece of legislation that passed through both of our chambers.” (Letter to Governor Wolf, 2/9/18)
Wagner point to the comments made by Democratic Leadership, adding, “Governor Wolf should take the advice of Leaders Costa and Dermody and let the elected representatives of the people of Pennsylvania have a vote on the map before it goes to the Supreme Court.”




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Our 1960 logo

Gerboise Bleue: France tests its first atomic bomb in the Sahara Desert of Algeria....The 1960 Winter Olympics begin at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, in Placer County, California….

in Pennsylvania the two baseball teams in the state, the Pirates and Phillies head to spring training……in Wilkes Barre young college students begin to follow the Kennedy campaign after the candidate starts making inroads in the first primary state New Hampshire and 58 years ago the number one song in Lulac land and America was “You Got What It Takes” from Marv Johnson.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3710, February 13th, 2018


Our 13 Questions logo.

1. Are you following any the Olympics?

Not really. I was never one for winter sports and the summer ones I would only watch on a piece meal basis. I thought I was alone until I heard a talk show host on CBS Sports Radio say that he was going to a male friend’s engagement party and the his wife had to tell him who Tara Lipinski was.

2. How much more money are you seeing in your paycheck this February?

It is still too soon to tell. The Federal with holding went down $13 bucks. The Medicare went down 7 dollars. But there was $60.00 more because of the fact we have a new Health Care plan that screws us over pretty much. One co pay for Medication I have went from $0 to $812.00 bucks. To give you a more accurate answer I’ll have to see how it fares out later on in the year. But the millionaires are most likely doing well so I guess you and I can sleep well at night.

3. Will the statewide Congressional gerrymandering help or hurt some Democrats?

Well the Republican Legislature was given the opportunity but fumbled it big time.  Matt Cartwright's was tailor made for a GOP takeover. The 11th has shrunk  and Tom Marino's 10th takes up the entire "T" section of the state. The Governor should veto this and have the Courts take a hand at drawing it. Once more the GOP Legislature, ineffective and overpaid, completely overstepped its boundaries and proved themselves incapable of any sense of bi partisanship. 

 The bright blue is the 17th, (Cartwright), the light teal underneath is the 11th (Barletta-now open) and the dark teal that goes from Bradford to part of Crawford is the 10th, Marino.

4. Thoughts on The Super Bowl?

It was a fantastic game that no one, winner or loser should be ashamed of in the long run. Brady passed for over 500 yards and it was close for a while. But you have to give it to The Eagles, especially Nick Foles who showed determination and no fear. I always had a weakness for back up QBs going back to the days of Zeke Bratkowski so I’m glad Foles pulled it off.

5. 35 years of marriage. Doing anything different Valentine’s Day after all that time?

A few adjustments. No dinners in the middle of the week. Certainly very little dancing. The last few years we’ve been going to a Winery in Scott township for a multi course meal with friends. Here we are with our friends Bill and Gail Frew as well as a shout out to the Winery where we had a beautiful meal. 

Hey, when you have a marriage like ours, every day is Valentine’s Day!

6. What are you giving up for Lent?

Cable News? No just kidding. I never linked material sacrifices vs. my religion. So I won’t stop having a Hershey Bar once in a while. We do observe no meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays though.

7. What was the strangest thing you ever did with a toy as a kid?

I highlighted this in shocking pink for those who think I make up these questions. I don’t think I ever like, cut the head off one, or blew one up. I always tried to keep track of them because I knew how hard my parents worked to give us stuff.
This is going to be weak but this is all I got. When I was 8, summer of ’62, my sister got me this red, white and blue plastic rocket at Woolworth’s in Pittston. It was the size of a ruler and had a capsule on top along with three stages. After Scott Carpenter went up in space, (now that was May so this might have been late June) I remember running around the house outside screaming like a banshee doing orbits. That might not sound strange or weird but the neighbors most likely thought it was.

8. Have you every had a call from the FBI doing a background check? I never did.

Well both Mrs. LuLac and I have so count your blessings. When she was a young girl she had a baby sitter from her neighborhood. Fast forward a few years. When my wife was in high school, an FBI agent came to the door and inquired about her old baby sitter, living in D.C. who had applied for a job.
In 1981 I got a call from a very serious FBI person who called about a classmates of mine at King’s. It was very clear to me right from the start that I was there to only answer questions. There was no chit chat. So we both had the vetting process independent of each other. Both people by the way, were hired.

9. Many posters have said that you have mirrored Steve Corbett in your hatred of Donald Trump. Do you think that is the case and have you seen Steve around?

Here’s the thing. Those who write that still think they got Corbett dismissed, think that. With supporting Donald Trump, they need an enemy. There is precious little good to point to what this man has done. So when someone shines a light on what is being inflicted upon our country, you get attacked. Now comparing me to Corbett is something I look at as a way of them saying “They’re right, we’re wrong”. The untenable thing about that is Corbett had facts to back him up as well as I do too. I mean I would love to have a day where the stupid son of a bitch, Trump, just kept his mouth shut. But when stuff comes out, as a political blogger, I’m compelled to do this.
This humble little blog of mine is a record of our time. I would be remiss not to write anything about Trump.This is what opinion writers are supposed to do. I can't help if people, left and rights, D and R have an issue with what I write. I just call them as I see them and it appears to me that I'm pissing everybody off. That's a good thing for the only blog still standing on a regular basis in this area after more than a decade.
As far as running into Corbett, not yet, but he’s on my list to meet up. But because of my life and schedule, that’s a long list.

10. I see on Facebook you attended 7 movies in January? What were they and why so many?

Since Mrs. LuLac’s best friend passed away last January, she pretty much lost a movie partner. So we’ve been going a lot. In January, most of the Academy Award nominated movies were in so we saw “All The Money In The World”, “The Darkest Hour”, “The Post”, “Three Billboards”, “Lady Bird”, “Dunkirk” and “The Phantom Thread”. The latter was really a very twisted but intriguing love story. I thought it was an original plot but then I saw the same story line on an old episode of 77 Sunset Strip. I'm helping to fill a gap with her movie going and getting educated at the same time. Win, win.

11. What is the difference between JFK and FDR’s dalliances with women vs. the current President you attack?

Well first off, I truly believe all parties are at fault in terms of infidelity. The advantage of FDR and JFK was that their transgressions  happened at a different time. But Trump has fundamentally shown very little regard for most women overall. He’s like the ultimate bully boyfriend whereas there is no evidence that the aforementioned dead Presidents were anything like him. Not a defense but certainly a distinction.His recent defense of wife beaters certainly highlights the difference.

12. Why isn’t there a Lincoln Day Dinner AGAIN this year by the Luzerne County GOP?

The dynamics of the local party are tough to understand. Why they aren’t holding a breakfast in an election year is anyone’s guess. Maybe they should put me in charge to herd these cats.

13. What are you thinking about the tryout to replace John Dickerson on Face the Nation and do you watch the show?

Indeed I do. I have not seen anything regarding a tryout. One of the 2016 LuLac Women, Nancy Cordes hosted after he left and then Margaret Brennan picked up after that. Sunday, Major Garrett was on and did a good job. If I had to pick one out of the three I've seen so far, I'd go with Garrett. While Cordes was very good, Brennan too pedantic and bland in her questioning. Garrett has that gray in the hair with more experience that seems to fit the CBS mold. Still, don't discount the aforementioned women because Lesley Stahl was host of the show in the 80's. We'll see.  My buddies Bill Vinsko and Chris Langois are going to miss Dickerson for the content, presentation and those rep striped ties. Me too.

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The LuLac Edition #3709, February 11th, 2018


As part of Black History Month, check out a very interesting program set for tomorrow evening at Wilkes College sponsored by the Wilkes-Barre Chapter of the NAACP.


Scott Wagner's quest for the Governor's race in The Commonwealth moves on. Yesterday the State Senator received the endorsement of the state GOP at their winter meeting in Hershey. 

Scott Wagner, always a favorite here in Luzerne County, is seen here with a cadre of local supporters who will go full speed ahead for him in the primary and most likely beyond.
10th District Congressional Candidate Dan Meuser made the scene and was all smiles with his biggest fans and backers, Lynette Villano, Peggy Phillips and Lorri Vandermark. (Photo: Lynette Villano)

 Luzerne County State Committee members Steve Urban, Margaret Phillips, Lynette Villano, Lorri Vandermark and Bill Lewis with Candidate for U.S. Senator Lou Barletta! (Photo: Lynette Villano FB Page)


2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos on Saturday received the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s endorsement at its winter meeting at the Hershey Lodge.
Wagner and Bartos both issued the following statements after receiving the party’s backing:
“I’m honored that the Republican State Committee today made the courageous decision to support our campaign to change the status quo in Harrisburg,” said Scott Wagner. “These hardworking people will be key in spreading our message across the Commonwealth in the months to come and I’m glad to have them on my team. Together, we are going to unite this party, defeat Tom Wolf and turn control of Harrisburg back over to the people.”
Jeff Bartos added, “The State Committee’s choice to endorse the Wagner-Bartos ticket today is a critical first step in our mission to beat Tom Wolf and bring change to Harrisburg. I’m incredibly humbled to have the party’s support and am looking forward to spending the coming weeks and months continuing to bring people together. Scott and I know the important role those who cast their votes for us today will play in our campaign, and we pledge to work tirelessly for them so we can bring growth and prosperity back to Pennsylvania.”


2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner received the Republican Party of Pennsylvania's endorsement. Below is the text of his acceptance speech as prepared for delivery.
First, I want to say, “thank you.”
Thank you to my wife, Tracy, our daughters Quin and Katharine – and our entire family for keeping me going.
Thank you to each and every one of you for the hard work you do - day in and day out - for our party.
And of course…..I want to thank you as well for your endorsement.
Chairman DiGiorgio, thank you for your leadership.
Together…we are going to defeat Tom Wolf in November.
I want to thank Speaker Turzai and his wife Lydia for their leadership and their selflessness.
Running for political office is never easy --and endorsements are family fights that are often hard.
Speaker Turzai is a good man and I look forward to him being a partner in changing Harrisburg.
Today was a demonstration of courage… Plain and simple.
You voted today to support a conservative outsider who only four years ago ran as a write in candidate against both parties.
Sometimes standing up is the most difficult thing in the world, but today you did it.
Today you said “goodbye” to what has been for too long, and committed yourselves to fight for what can and should be:
A government that works for the people – not itself.
A government that doesn’t dangle change like a carrot on a stick – but makes it happen.
I’m talking about change you can see, feel – and take to the bank.
I’m talking about change that comes from responsible management and accountability.
I’m talking about change that comes from zero-based budgeting, and eliminating abusive taxes like the school property tax.
I’m talking about change that comes from lifting regulations, so PA businesses can thrive, attract more business, and our families can have good-paying jobs, save, and build a future.
That’s the kind of change I’m talking about.
That’s what we’re fighting for.
That’s the mission.
These last few weeks have been difficult, and the ones ahead won’t be any easier…
But if we are united in our cause and our determination, there is nothing that can stop us -- including Tom Wolf.
We can take change off the string, and make it happen…..We really can.
Four years ago Pennsylvanians voted for Governor Wolf because they thought he was different….
but Tom Wolf has been more of the same…. MUCH more of the same.
Tom Wolf has taxed everything and anything that moves, and it’s costing families thousands more so he can grow government.
Instead of fighting for the private, hard-working Pennsylvanians, Governor Wolf has fought for the state employee unions and special interests that fund his elections.
He’s chosen them over you. Governor Wolf has forgotten us.
But that is going to change. I will be a Governor for hard-working Pennsylvanians.
We’ll fix our schools by investing in our classrooms and our teachers….making everyone -- parents, teachers, and students accountable for results.
We’ll address the skilled labor crisis by making sure our workers are retrained and students are prepared for the jobs of today and the future.
We’ll create more jobs by cutting burdensome regulations…investing in our workforce…and creating a tax system that works for both job creators and our families.
This campaign isn’t going to be easy.
Governor Wolf and his allies want to protect the status quo – and they will spend tens of millions to keep us from changing it.
That’s why its important we come together as a party and focus on the mission ahead – defeating Tom Wolf and returning our government back to the people.
Today is a big first step.
Thank you for your courage. Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for choosing change.


The Pennsylvania Republican Party just concluded its annual Winter Meeting, February 9th and 10th, at The Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA. The assemblance of several hundred committee members from all over the state did result in party endorsements for the races of US Senate and Pennsylvania Governor and Lieutenant Governor. When called to task, Republican committee people stood from their seats to visibly cast a majority vote in endorsement of Congressman Lou Barletta for US Senate, and independent businessmen Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos, for Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively.
“There was never a question in my mind on whether we would endorse. In talking to committee people all across the state, they felt we would endorse, so I was not surprised at that vote. Our bylaws require us to have that vote and I wanted to make it clear to committee people that this was their decision--this was a very bottom-up decision--and they voted resoundingly for endorsement,” said Val DiGiorgio, Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, in a press conference held immediately following the endorsement vote by state committee members.
Congressman Lou Barletta went unchallenged during the process of nomination for endorsement, while Scott Wagner was challenged by retired Allegheny County health care executive Paul Mango, and Jeff Bartos by Lancaster County's Gordon Denlinger and Cambria County's Peg Luksik. Preceding the committee’s vote to move forward with endorsement procedures, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Mike Turzai announced he would be resigning from the primary race for Governor. Laura Ellsworth, a fourth Republican candidate for the office of Governor did not seek endorsement.
In a characteristically consistent call for party unity and respect for the democratic process, Chairman DiGiorgio also responded during the press conference saying, “This is America and we encourage people to run in primaries and otherwise. We appreciate those who respect the will of these grassroots, state, elected committee members to endorse. Speaker Turzai is to be commended for that and for his call to unity. We do not discourage anyone from running and I do not want to call anyone a bad Republican because they decide to go forward in the primary.”
 (Sources: Wagner campaign, LuLac, State GOP)  

 Robert Cardillo (Photo: Times Leader) 
I read in the paper recently that Robert Cardillo of Swoyersville passed away. He was 75. My life and his intersected  when I worked as a Communications Director for the United Way of Wyoming Valley in the early 80s. Back in the day before photo shop, computers, imaging techniques, etc, there was a place called Custom Color Lab. Bob ran the place and was the go to guy in this region for anything creative you wanted to do with photos, slide shows and the early stages of video.  
Bob was patient, helpful, creative and always willing to help us put on big community events where his photo expertise told the story of our lives back then. He had the ability to bring a slide to reality when it went on a big screen or in a brochure. Back then the staff consisted of the late Frank Pasquini, and later on, Susan Jellig, Martina Martin and me. Our job was to painstakingly combed over the words and have photos and try to bring them to life to send that United Way message. Bob's work not only did that, but made those images jump off the pages and the screen. That's why when we were stuck, one of us would drive over to his shop on the West Side and have Bob do his magic. 
As my working life winds down, I feel truly blessed to have met some very good people along the way. Bob Cardillo was certainly one of them. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family. 

Thursday, February 08, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3708, February 8th, 2018

State Representative Dush (Photo: Philly.com)
Pennsylvania Rep. Cris Dush has accused accused the five Democrats on the State Supreme Court of engaging in misbehavior for ordering the new maps and subverting the process, outlined in the constitution, by which a bill can become a law. Dush asked his fellow lawmakers to sponsor legislation to impeach the five Democratic justices and bar them from holding any office in Pennsylvania.
Dush, (I think it might be pronounced douche) is a  Republican calling for the impeachment of five Democrats on the state Supreme Court who ordered lawmakers to draw a new congressional map because the current one so severely benefits the GOP that it violates the Pennsylvania constitution.
A duly elected body that got their seats through a popular election is now one this winner wants to over turn. I think the main requirement for being a Republican State Legislator are these:
1. You must be a spoiled brat.
2. You must stamp your feet when things don’t go you way.
3. You must be desperate. (Source: LuLac, Yahoo News)


According to Democrats on the The U.S. agency responsible for disaster response hired a contractor that failed to deliver millions of emergency meals in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico last year.
Democrats on the House Oversight Committee cited records that showed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded a nearly $156 million contract to a one-person company that delivered just 50,000 of the expected 30 million meals.
A one person company! How in the hell is a one person company going to handle a job like that?
The lawmakers said documents showed the company, Atlanta-based Tribute Contracting, had a history of problems handling smaller government contracts worth less than $100,000 and had been barred from government work until 2019.
So how did some company, barred working for the government get a contract? This is what happens when you put boobs in charge. Or sainted “successful” businessmen.
Representatives for Tribute and its owner, Tiffany Brown, did not respond to requests for comment.
Puerto Rico is struggling to recover from its worst natural disaster in 90 years and the largest government bankruptcy in U.S. history, with some $120 billion of combined bond and pension debt.
Hurricane Maria killed dozens and left Puerto Rico's 3.4 million U.S. citizens without power when it struck on Sept. 20, along with reducing access to clean water and other essentials. FEMA last month said it would continue to provide water, meals and other basic needs after earlier reports that it was going to halt aid. (Source: aolnews, LuLac)


I guess if you’re in the doghouse because your wife, or more precisely the carrier of your son has pretty much put a chasm between the two, you need to get your jollies off somewhere. The President now has decided he wants a big military parade showing off the might of the United States Armed Services. A few things on this.
!. Showcasing the military for tributes to Veterans is one thing. Showcasing all we have to the entire world is rich. Here’s how. This guy who attacked Barack Obama for showing our hands in Mideast wars started by Republicans by the way, now wants to do a full frontal to the world of everything we have in the military.
It is hysterical that he so wants to be known as the military President when his little itty bitty bone spurs kept him out of fighting.
The cost of transporting these 600 ton tanks, deploying resources for his ego trip and the damage it will cause to the parade route is another genuflection to this maniacal asshole’s fragile ego.
Another chapter in this sad Presidency.

John Kelly (Photo: CNN)
General Kelly, long touted as the moderating force for this administration now has shown where his head is located. And it ain’t above ground. Kelly is even starting to use the same language the President uses attributing a fact “to some people”. Who the hell these people are is anyone’s guess.
He stated that some DACA residents couldn’t get off their asses to enroll. Well, I think Kelly should realize that HIS government can’t be trusted. If you were a Dreamer, and you heard from this bloated fool, Trump, not Kelly, that you were a rapist, a gang member and a welfare cheat, why would you even trust THEM to do right by you? 
On the recent wife beating scandal involving Robert Porter at the White House, Kelly we are told, knew about the allegations. One has to wonder, given Kelly's non reaction, how he treated women in the military when he was in command. If he knew this, why did he acquiesce to this man's presence? 
General Kelly recently reminds me of Colonel Klink on “Hogan’s Heroes. “Anything you say sir” and hand me some of that Kool Aid.

 GOP candidate for Governor Scott Wagner (Photo: Wagner campaign)
The Scott Wagner campaign released some pretty tough comments on the new budget of Tom Wolf. But the words are not Wagner's but from some of the premier journalists in the state. Take a look at these quotes and thoughts. 
Yesterday, Governor Wolf gave one of the shortest budget addresses in modern history containing barely any details on his proposed initiatives and members of the media were quick to point out his politically motivated rhetoric. Below is some of what they are saying:
“The Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Baer: “So, as Wolf offered arguably the dullest and possibly shortest (19-minute) budget address in modern state history, I’m thinking the Guv was thinking differently than he was speaking…
“Then he rapid-read through a speech, absent any hint of measured oratory, lift, or inspiration. It essentially said, ‘I’m up for reelection, so are you, let’s not do what we usually do.’...
“Oh, what a difference an election year makes. For example, unlike in past budget addresses, gone were calls for broad-based (income or sales) tax hikes. And, miracle of miracles, past dire warnings of economic collapse without new taxes, and a past admonition (2016 speech) that lawmakers get their act together or ‘find another job’ also left the building…
“And substance? Very little. Mostly broad strokes. Wants more for education. A new program called PA Smart (because every new state program must be called PA-something) to ‘consolidate our workforce development efforts.’” (Inquirer, 2/7/18)
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial Board: “Contained within his nearly $33 billion 2018 budget (about $990 million more than the current budget) are no sweeping initiatives, no income-tax boost to raise a political dust-up in an election year for Wolf, who's seeking his second term. What we have, instead, is ‘Tom Wolf's Greatest Hits.’” (TribLive, 2/6/18)
The Harrisburg Patriot’s John Micek: “In a workmanlike speech that was short on sweeping goals, peppered with boasts about his achievements, and shot through with jabs at the General Assembly, Wolf rolled out an election year budget that he no doubt hopes will help win him another four years in the top spot come November.” (PennLive, 2/6/18)
KYW’s Tony Romeo: “In a re-election year, Wolf’s budget address was largely devoted to his list of first term accomplishments. Otherwise, the governor spoke mostly in generalities about what he wants in his next budget.” (KYW, 2/6/18)
The Philadelphia Inquirer: “His speech — nearly 20 minutes long — was one of the shortest in recent memory and included nods to bipartisanship, a recognition that Wolf faces reelection and wants to avoid the broad tax-hike proposals that led to his prolonged battles with the Republican-controlled legislature in the last three years.” (Inquirer, 2/6/18)




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