Sunday, October 13, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4,146, October 13th, 2019


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1. Do you think the recent revelations about The Ukraine and the President change the mind of his base?

Not at all. They will stick with him to the end.

2. Is Bernie Sanders through given his recent heart episode?

Yes. There are three factors against him. The field, the appropriation of his message, (everyone has a piece of Burn Baby Bern ’16) and his age. Not going anywhere.

3. Who will be the World Series Champ?

Too early to tell. But the Astros look tough and you can never, never count the Cardinals out but The Yankees looked good last night and Washington...well it just might be there time. .

4. What do you make of Pat Toomey’s comments regarding President’s Trump’s behavior?

Like many GOP Senators who come out of hiding and make a semi strong statement against the President, and then back pedal, I don’t put much stock in what they have to say. They rarely stick to the original statement when pressure is put upon them.

5. Do you think Mike Pompeo is now compromised as a foreign dignitary with his lies about not seeing the transcript on the Ukraine?

Big time. First he said he didn’t read it last Sunday on ABC, then on Wednesday it was revealed he was part of the phone call. This is a West Point grad who has no use, apparently for their code of honor. How can any foreign leader trust what he has to say? Now with the situation with The Curds and Syria, no ally will ever believe us until this puss filled pimple is out of office.

6. If Trump says he’s innocent, then why is he holding back documents from the U.S. Congress?

Maybe because he just isn’t and knows it. Look the man is a liar and a sub human. The “I’m innocent” ship has sailed.

7. Are you sorry the Indians not in the playoffs this year?

They were competitive for sure but even if they did make it, the Astros and the Yankees are way too powerful and would have eliminated them.

8. What do you think about the so called President’s support of Turkey putting one of our allies in jeopardy?

He has destroyed Foreign Policy. No nation should ever trust us again while he’s at the helm. Now we have 1,000 troops sandwiched between two marching armies, a reversal of the flawed decision and now a big crisis. It is a train wreck brought to you by the pig occupying the Oval Office. Oh sorry about that pig comment, I'm told those animals are smarter than maybe old Diaper Don. 

9. Would Hillary Clinton beat Trump if she ran?

First, she already did in the popular vote. I think so. The thing with Hillary is that she will win the battle of history. He will not.

10. Favorite fall food?

I hate fall because it is the doorstep to winter but I’d have to go with fresh apples.

11. How did you lose all that weight?

Cut out bagels, pizza, pasta and limited myself to about 1100 calories a day. At 189 right now. I had to buy new clothes which was an eye opener. Now the hard part is to try and keep it off. The last few weeks I’ve had some pretty emotional things happen that would be the perfect excuse to overeat but so far I haven’t. Thanks for noticing.

12. Will there be a next Podcast after the Third debate?

I’m pretty sure. I’ll let the readers know.

13. I really enjoyed your commentary on Harry West. Was he really your boyhood idol? Did you have a sports idol?
Yes indeed Harry was. I listened to him and even ha the nickname “Harry” in grade school. A friend of mine, well his father kept on calling me Harry until he died in 1978
As far as ports idols, I admired Zeke Bratkowski, the back up for Bart Starr and.

Gus Triandos who caught Bunning’s perfect game. My favorite Yankee was Clete Boyer. I loved watching the big guns like Mays, Mantle and Aaron but my guys were the ones who never got the big press.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4,145, October 10th, 2019



Who's this guy with Harry Haas? Maybe it's a case of "That was then and this is now" (Caption: Matt Engel)   (Photo: LuLac archives) 
Longtime County Council mrmber Harry Haas has said he will run for the 8th Congressional District seat held by Congressman Matt Carttwright. Haas has been on County Council since its inception and has won an election every time out. A school teacher, he has won across the board garnering support from both parties.
Sounds good on paper but as Haas (who I know and like) will find out, Matt Cartwright has built a reputation as a reasonable middle of the road Congressman who has a smooth running operation dealing with Constituency service. A string of opponents from as far back as 2012 have not been able to come close to beating him. He beat a female business owner who is a right winger, a race car drive and businessman, a Coroner and a millionaire. Haas while likeable will just be the next victim the GOP leads to slaughter. Plus, running in 2020, Haas will face the same issues that John Chrin (the 2018 opponent) faced trying to defend the actions of one Donald J. Trump.

Congressmen Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives) 
Congressman Matt Cartwright (PA08) reports over $1 million cash-on-hand after 3rd quarter fundraising haul.
“I am incredibly grateful for our campaign’s supporters who know I am fighting to protect social security, provide affordable healthcare, fully fund veterans' programs, and create good paying jobs for the hardworking families of Northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Congressman Cartwright.
Congressman Matt Cartwright was named the 4th most effective House Democrat in Congress by the Center for Effective Lawmaking and his constituents know that he is fighting every day to move the 8th congressional district’s priorities across the finish line.

Senator Bob Casey (Photo: LuLac archives) 
U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is releasing a statement on the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria:
“Kurdish forces have been a steadfast U.S. ally and President Trump has shamefully betrayed them. Thousands of Kurds died in the fight against ISIS only to be abandoned by President Trump, whose fascination with authoritarian dictators, like Erdogan, seems to control U.S. foreign policy. Turning our back on the Kurdish people in their time of need will make our nation less safe. Potential allies will no longer trust our government. President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria also underscores the problematic nature of his continuing involvement in his business, the Trump Organization. Since President Trump has not fully divested from his private business, our nation is left to wonder whether the fact that the Trump Organization has dealings in Turkey impacted his decision.”




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ECTV Live host David DeCosmo welcomes regional Red Cross Director Bill Goldsworthy to the program during the week of October 14th. In addition to sharing some life saving suggestions Bill will explain why there's a "For Sale sign" in front of the agency's Scranton headquarters!

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October 9–12 are known as Days of Rage: In Chicago, the United States National Guard is called in to control demonstrations involving the radical Weathermen, in connection with the "Chicago Eight" Trial………The Zodiac Killer murders Taxi cab driver Paul Stine in San Francisco, California…….Vietnam War: Hundreds of thousands of people take part in antiwar demonstrations across the United States called by the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam……………………………. 

The rights to employ St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Curt Flood were traded to the Philadelphia Phillies as part of an exchange involving seven players Flood, however, didn't want to leave St. Louis, where he had built a profitable business as a portrait painter. He announced first that he intended to retire from baseball  but soon became the first player to challenge the nearly century long practice of teams trading players without the players' consent. Before the 1970 season was to begin, Flood would file an antitrust lawsuit that, while ultimately unsuccessful, would lead the way for the players to strike successfully for the right to free agency…… 

Don Hoak, 41, former third baseman and managerial candidate of baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates, died of a heart attack shortly after losing out on the manageril race. Hoak collapsed while driving his car, after giving chase to three young men who had stolen his brother-in-law's automobile………… On the advice of National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, U.S. President Richard Nixon issued secret orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to commence "Operation Giant Lance", the sending of bombers armed with nuclear weapons toward Moscow in an effort to convince the Soviet leaders that he was not reluctant to launch a nuclear war in an effort to end the ongoing Vietnam War. A squadron of 18 B-52 bombers, each carrying nuclear bombs, would be sent out on October 27. "The mission was so secretive", a historian would write in 2008 after the orders had been declassified, "that even senior military officers following the orders — including the SAC commander himself — were not informed of its true purpose."  The cable from General Earle Wheeler, the JCS Chairman, to eight commanders, began with the words "We have been directed by higher authority to institute a series of actions during the period 130000Z — 250000Z Oct, to test our military readiness in selected areas world-wide to respond to possible confrontation by the Soviet Union…………. For the third day in a row, the USSR launched men into space as Vladimir Shatalov and Aleksei Yeliseyev were sent up on Soyuz 8. In addition to marking the first time that seven people had been in space at the same time, the mission of Soyuz 6, 7 and 8 became clear with the apparent plan for the three spacecraft to be linked up to form the first long-term space station to orbit the Earth [30] On October 16, Soyuz 6 returned to Earth, followed the next day by Soyuz 7 and Soyuz 8 after the failure of the mission……. In one of the first major acts of in the United States of the animal rights movement, activists broke into the Bio-Research Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts and released 3,000 hamsters that had been used in disease research. A spokesman for the Institute said that the act had ruined years of research into medical problems, in that none of the hamsters could be matched up with their testing record….and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Hot Fun in the Summertime" by Sly & the Family Stone which was released curiously in the fall season.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4, 144, October 9th, 2019


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This week we turn to Drs. Madonna and Young who take us through the 5 myths that matter in a way a citizens sees their responsibilities.

Politically Uncorrected
By G. Terry Madonna & Michael L. Young

Five Myths that Matter

Media coverage of possible presidential impeachment dominates the news today as few issues in recent memory. Yet, the constitutional framework which controls impeachment, (scattered throughout Articles I, II, and III), is little understood by even normally informed Americans.
An ancient practice derived from English common law, impeachment was incorporated into our 1787 constitution with minimum specificity and maximum ambiguity about what constitutes an impeachable offense or how the impeachment process was to play out.
Consequently, widely held false beliefs or myths abound today about the whys and wherefores of the impeachment process.
Here are five of the most problematic of them.
The Myth: Impeachment is a legal process similar to an indictment in which the president is charged with some criminal act. To be impeached is to be charged with a crime.
The Truth: Impeachment is a political process - a political process cloaked in the legal framework provided by the U.S. Constitution. Under our system the president is treated differently legally than any other citizen. Long standing Department of Justice policy precludes a president from being indicted for any crime while in office. But the constitutional provision for impeachment provides that the U.S. House of Representatives can impeach for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” a phrase long lacking legal exactitude. In practice, an impeachable offense has become whatever a majority of the House says it is. Andrew Johnson’s 1868- impeachment was driven by policy conflicts underlying Reconstruction; Richard Nixon’s imminent impeachment was driven by impeachment articles charging abuse of power, obstruction of justice and contempt of Congress; while Bill Clinton’s impeachment carried the charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.
The Myth: Successful impeachment removes a president from office to be succeeded by the Vice President.
The Truth: A successful impeachment (majority vote in the House to impeach) simply sets up some sort of trial in the U.S. Senate requiring a two thirds vote to convict. We don’t know exactly what happens if the Senate convicts because it has never happened for a president. No president has ever been removed. Johnson fell short of conviction by a single vote, Nixon resigned before a formal impeachment vote and Clinton was acquitted easily. Underscoring the uncertainty, if Trump is impeached and convicted, nothing in the constitution prohibits him from subsequently running for a second term – although some scholars think the Senate upon conviction could also bar him from serving in elective office again.
The Myth: Impeachment will energize the president’s base against the party pressing for impeachment, causing them to suffer significant losses in the next election. This myth’s evil twin myth is that impeachment causes an incumbent president‘s popularity to decline.
The Truth: We simply have no basis to know or project the electoral consequences of an impeachment process. It has swung both directions across the three presidential impeachments in national history. Republicans instigated and orchestrated the 1868 Andrew Johnson impeachment –and went on to increase their majorities in Congress as well as win the White House. Similarly, Democrats led the charge against Nixon in 1974 leading to historic gains for their party in the midterms. But the Clinton 1998 impeachment process produced notably mixed electoral results – with Democrats scoring rare pickups in the 1998 midterms – but losing the presidency two years later. Pundits will spin endless scenarios purporting to predict impeachments impact on 2020. The truth is nobody knows for sure.
The Myth: Impeachment is the “nuclear” option that is rarely used, since it tends to bring on a constitutional crisis.
The Truth: Far from rarely used, the impeachment process has been invoked 19 times, including the impeachment (or near impeachment) of three presidents and some 15 life-time tenured federal judges, including one Supreme Court justice. In addition, serious efforts have been launched through American history to impeach one public official or another. Impeachment or attempts to impeach are not novelties in American politics. Nor does impeachment necessarily bring on a crisis. Indeed, it embodies the separation of powers built into our system, signifying that checks and balances do actually work to limit power and its abuse. Far from a marker for governmental dysfunction, impeachment demonstrates the system working as designed.
Myths: The factual basis for impeachment are clear and unambiguous. A president knows or should know when he has committed an impeachable act and the legislators who vote impeachment rely upon bright red lines that spell out what is or isn’t impeachable.
The Truth: Nothing seems more misunderstood about impeachment than the basis for it. In creating Article II, Section 4 of the constitution (“…The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of … high Crimes and Misdemeanors...), the Founding Fathers left it to Congress to determine impeachable behavior. In practice, Congress’ authority has been limited by its ability to convince the American people that a president should be impeached. The lack of public support for the impeachment of Bill Clinton was particularly damaging to Republicans in the 1998 midterm election. Similarly, in 2019, the strength of public support for Trump’s impeachment will determine the path the impeachment process will take. This is one reason why recent polls showing growing support for Trump’s impeachment loom so menacing to Trump supporters.
Ultimately, the American people decide what is or isn’t impeachable with Article II of the constitution acting as not much more than a legal prop in their decision-making. It is this key role played by the electorate that makes debunking of these five prevalent myths urgent. An informed citizenry makes the best decisions – and that is no myth.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4,143, October 3rd 2019


This afternoon President Trump actually endorsed what he denied during the Mueller investigation. He constantly said, "No collusion, no collusion". Remember that? But today the stupid son of a bitch actually invited the Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. Right now there is "no there...there" for a Biden investigation. But the blockbuster came when old Diaper Don invited China to investigate. On tape, he debunked his "no collusion" words and essentially pulled the rug out of from under the hapless, feckless GOP ass kissers that still support him.
Right side of history boys and girls and you ain't  on it. 
Meantime, Trump has just guaranteed impeachment  and ensured his place in history as a man of treason, never reason.


And Amy Klobachar, Kamala Harris, and other Democrats running who happen to be female. This has nothing to do with a ballot box either.
Right now the walls are closing in on the Trump administration.  It is apparent that Trump has brought in Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo in this Ukraine mess. Trump has admitted to colluding with a Foreign leader. Pence is now involved in engaging in unethical and possibly unlawful behavior. 
Trump is scared because right now he is not even admitting what he did to a few weeks ago. The bottom line here is that a crime was committed and Nancy Pelosi is not backing down. Trump has had a meltdown using language even below a pimp as he tries to attack the people who respect the rule of law. 
Aligators and snakes? Well it takes one to know one, right? 
Meanwhile if things keep up like this, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House just might be the first woman President.

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)

Representatives Matt Cartwright  and Rodney Davis (IL-13) introduced bipartisan legislation to increase the transparency around tuition costs and to help students plan for the increased costs of higher education.
The Truth-in-Tuition Act would require all institutions of higher education (IHEs) receiving federal funds to provide price models in order to reduce the unpredictability of tuition price increases. Although schools will remain free to set tuition rates as they see fit, they would be required to show families and students a clear model of what they would charge them over the course of their studies.
“As the costs of higher education rise, tuition transparency is more important than ever,” said Congressman Cartwright. “When students aren’t told exactly how much their education will cost, they can end up taking on more student loan debt than they and their families planned for. This bipartisan bill will allow students to avoid unexpected tuition costs and fees as they pursue their educational goals.”
“Student loan debt is now the second largest form of consumer debt with the average person owing $32,000 in student loan debt,” said Congressman Davis. “Not only do we need to work on the back end to help deal with student loan debt, but we need to do more to control the cost of college on the front end and ensure students know exactly what they will owe. More transparency will allow students to plan and hopefully prevent more students from taking out more in loans than is needed. Former Congressman Peter Roskam championed this when he was a state senator in Illinois and I’m proud that my home state already requires this important level of transparency.”
In the past 30 years, average tuition and fees tripled at public four-year institutions; they also more than doubled at public two-year institutions and at private nonprofit four-year institutions, after adjusting for inflation.
Specifically, the Truth-in-Tuition Act amends the Higher Education Act of 1965 to require all IHEs to provide:
•A multi-year tuition and fee schedule, which would indicate costs for the normal duration of such student's undergraduate or graduate program, OR
A single-year tuition and fee schedule, and a nonbinding multi-year estimate of net costs after financial aid is awarded.
This bill is supported by the Young Invincibles, a national organization focused on the financial health of young Americans.
“Across the country, the skyrocketing cost of tuition is threatening to push a degree out of reach for today’s students -- especially low-income students and students of color,” said Rachel Fleischer, Executive Director of the Young Invincibles. “While higher education is still the best path for a young person to achieve financial security, understanding the true cost of college can be a confusing process for many young people. That’s why the Truth-in-Tuition Act would ensure that every prospective student has the information and support they need to make an informed decision about their next educational step. We applaud Rep. Cartwright for leading the charge on behalf of today’s students and urge Congress to pass the Truth-in-Tuition Act immediately.”




This week's guest will be Carolyn Quinn, Executive Director of the Education Opportunity Center
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ECTV Live host David DeCosmo welcomes Craig Lukatch to the program during the week of October 7th with details on the 6th annual "Lake to Lake 8K Trail Run and Woods Walk and Dog Wag." It's a fund raising fun event for the Lacawac Sanctuary, a scientific field study station with facilities open to the public near Lake Wallenpaupack.
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A 1.2 megaton thermonuclear device was tested at Amchitka Island, Alaska. The test. codenamed Project Milrow, was a "calibration shot" to test if the island was fit for larger underground nuclear detonations…….. The member nations of the International Monetary Fund voted overwhelmingly to approve the implementation of a "new form of manmade international money", special drawing rights, referred to as "paper gold"….. Major League Baseball's first divisional playoffs began as the Minnesota Twins visited the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Mets visited the Atlanta Braves. The division of the National League and the American League into Eastern and Western Divisions was new for 1969. Previously, the AL's Orioles (109-53 record) and the NL's Mets (100-62) would have been the pennant winners without need for a playoff. Opening the best 3 games of 5 series, the Orioles won, 4-3, and the Mets 9-5... Diane Linkletter, the 21-year old daughter of popular TV show host Art Linkletter, died after falling or jumping from a window of her sixth floor apartment at the Shoreham Towers in West Hollywood. Diane had made regular appearances on her father's show during the 1968-1969 season. The elder Linkletter attributed the death to his daughter's use of the hallucinogenic drug LSD, and told reporters, "It wasn't suicide, because she wasn't herself. It was murder. She was murdered by the people who manufacture and sell LSD." [8] He clarified in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that Diane was already "somewhat emotional and dramatic",[9] that she had confided in him that she had experimented with LSD five months earlier and had a bad experience, and that she apparently had taken the drug again hours before calling a friend and her brother to say that she was terrified. The tragedy would become part of an urban legend that, during the LSD trip, Diane had jumped because she "believed she could fly", and would be cited in debates over stricter controls over illicit drugs…….

Monty Python's Flying Circus first aired, appearing on BBC One at 10:55 at night. The first show was described in the news as "Latest late-night show which will, we are warned, be 'nutty.' With John Cleese and Graham Chapman. And fifty years go the number one song in Lulac land and America was “Little Women” by Bobby Sherman.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4142, October 2nd, 2019


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This week we feature a letter to the Editor from local activist Mario Fiorucci. Mr. Fiorucci has been a long time advocate for sensible government policies even though he has at times been blocked by the establishment. But that does not deter him from speaking out. Here are his thoughts:

Dumping is driven by the lack of disposal options and “bagging” of all household waste.
The opinion piece and recent article on dumping that was published in your paper hit on possible solutions to curb illegal dumping.
I proposed a full-county sponsored recycling center back in 2004, but only got the county commissioners to agree to a once-a-year tire recycling and electronics pick-up. Since then, dumping has declined significantly.
But, when municipalities require all household waste to be put in paid for bags, people cannot get rid of junk for free. There are some places that recycle electronics year round for a fee, but that fee is expensive to some, and the county electronics program has been transformed into a partnership with municipalities, which only a few have participated in to date.
So, if a paid for by ticket spring cleaning for junk or full ‘junk’ pick up was available to the public, less furniture, discarded building materials, tires and TVs would end up in our woods or dumped on the side of the road.
Mario Fiorucci
Sugar Notch

Additionally, when the county council announced their 'partnership' program with our municipalities, I asked why won't the county pay for it anymore. They said, because they recycling companies won't do it for 'free' anymore. Well, that was when they could make money off recycling, like during the second gulf war years, when prices where high. But both programs were originally funded when Phil Latinski was in charge of the L.C. Solid waste department and they started getting paid $1 a ton for garbage dumped in landfills. They used that money, to start the programs. Now all the dumping fees, $2 a ton now, or more.. go toward paying the overhead for the L.C. solid waste dept. When I brought up this fact, with proof in writing at a county council meeting held at the Pittston LIbrary a few years ago, member Steve Urban, threw the paper I had it typed-up on, it the air! And nothing has changed since and I don't know how many municipalities ever partnered with the county, but it hasn't been many. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4,141, September 27th, 2019


Congressman Matt Cartwright (LuLac archives)
Reps. Matt Cartwright (PA-08) and Daniel Webster (FL-11) unveiled legislation on Tuesday to make sure Americans are prepared for extreme weather events, establishing best practices across the government in order to protect communities while saving taxpayer money.
The PREPARE Act will create an interagency council to provide government-wide recommendations on resilience and readiness, which can help diverse communities across America undertake smart, cost-saving initiatives. It will also improve coordination between the federal government, states, and localities, which will enhance information-sharing and ensure the right steps are taken before these extreme weather events occur. The bill also strengthens the risk-management priorities of all federal agencies to ensure the entire government is preparing for the increased prevalence of extreme weather events.
“This bill will save taxpayer money, protect communities across the United States, and boost our resilience against natural disasters,” said Congressman Cartwright. “For every dollar we spend on mitigation, we can save six dollars on the averted potential recovery costs after a natural disaster. Most importantly, being better prepared will give our communities greater peace of mind, as we work to stand ready in the face of extreme weather events.”
“After the devastating 2004-2005 hurricanes, Florida made specific policy and behavior changes to improve our disaster preparedness,” said Congressman Webster. “The cornerstone of Florida’s preparedness planning is resilient construction techniques and improved communication and coordination between state and local agencies. The PREPARE Act builds on the initiatives Florida pioneered. It is a thoughtful approach to improve disaster preparedness across federal agencies to better identify and proactively mitigate risk.”
Specifically, the PREPARE Act would:
Create an interagency oversight council to implement government-wide resilience, preparedness, and risk management priorities, and to ensure proper funding and implementation for these initiatives;
Ensure local and state planners can identify regional issues and adopt best practices to increase their preparedness for extreme weather events;
Minimize costs by requiring that agencies incorporate extreme weather preparedness in planning activities;
Improve regional coordination to ensure greater information sharing and maximum cost effectiveness.
This bill is supported by a number of national organizations, including: R Street, American Sustainable Business Council, National Taxpayers Union, Niskanen Center, Coalition to Reduce Spending, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Reinsurance Association of America, National Wildlife Federation, CERES, National Housing Conference, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Parks Conservation Association, The Nature Conservancy, Evangelical Environmental Network, League of Conservation Voters, American Meteorological Society, Sierra Club, PennFuture, Defenders of Wildlife, Union of Concerned Scientists, U.S. Green Building Council, Environmental and Energy Study Institute, American Rivers, Environmental Defense Fund, Small Business Majority, Marstel-Day, Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety,




This week's guest will be Attorney Frank Bolock from the Recovery Bank in Scranton.
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Gary Drapek, President and CEO of the United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne counties, joins host David DeCosmo on ECTV Live during the week of September 30th. In addition to discussing the work of the United Way Mr. Drapek addresses the increasing number of robocall solicitations from organizations claiming to be representing charities.

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, a film starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, opens to limited release in the U.S....

The Chicago Eight trial begins in Chicago, Illinois.

The Brady Bunch premieres The Brady Bunch, a situation comedy about a "blended family" created by the union of two persons with children from previous marriages, was introduced as one of the new television shows on the ABC Network in the United States. Syndicated TV columnist Dick Kleiner described it as having "all the elements of trite-and-true television— a bunch of children (cute) and two parents (appealing) and a dog (lovable) and a maid (witty)" and added that "It all sounds as new and different as this year's model of soap."  The San Francisco Examiner commented "the six kids and a dog and a cat, and a maid, and absurd slapstick... made the first show a shambles. Verdict: Too blamed precious." The 26 members of the White House Police, the division of the United States Secret Service assigned to stand guard at the residence of the President of the United States, began wearing new uniforms consistent with the colorful garb seen in palace guards in other nations  U.S. President Nixon had decided on the change earlier in the year after his first state visit to Europe as President [56] The widely-criticized uniforms would be retired shortly after President Nixon's resignation in 1974 in 1980, the federal surplus uniforms would be purchased by the Meriden-Cleghorn High School marching band in Cleghorn, Iowa.
The Beatles released the last album item that they had recorded together, Abbey Road, with sales hyped by a false rumor that Paul McCartney had died. Beatles fans debate whether Abbey Road (the last recorded before the group broke up) or Let It Be, largely finished but not released until April 1970, should be considered the final work of the group [
The television medical drama Marcus Welby, M.D. premiered on the ABC television network, with Robert Young in the title role, and co-starring James Brolin. In its second year, Marcus Welby, M.D. would finish the season as the most-watched show in the United States.

And fifty years ago the number one song in LuLac land and America was Three Dog Night and “Easy To Be Hard”.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The LuLac Edition #4,140, September 25th, 2019


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This week we look to the Editorial Board of Times Shamrock for their take on the Trump policy on the environmental standards..


Having increased the cost of domestically manufactured vehicles through ill-considered tariffs on foreign metals, President Donald Trump has moved to ensure that drivers of those vehicles spend as much as possible on fuel while producing more pollution than necessary.
In the process, he has thumbed his nose at the constitutional principle of federalism.
Trump announced Wednesday that the administration would eliminate the 50-year-old waiver under which California has set vehicle mileage standards tougher than federal standards. Many other states also use those standards, with which the auto industry complies due to the size of the massive California market.
The EPA administrator got it exactly backwards in claiming that California violates federalism with higher-than-federal standards. Since the beginning of environmental regulation, the federal government has set minimum standards that all states must enforce, while allowing states to exceed those standards. That is federalism in practice.
The auto industry itself supports the higher California standards because it is a global industry. Vehicles that meet California standards also meet tough standards in countries that mandate low emissions.
Incredibly, the Trump administration has threatened to investigate auto manufacturers for conspiracy if they continue to work with California to meet higher standards.
The California waiver has had broad support from presidents and members of Congress from both parties. Congress should intervene now to prevent Trump’s toxic policy emissions.