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The LuLac Edition #3022, September 5th, 2015


So there is a lot of talk going on about the Iowa Caucuses. Iowa made its bones in the 1976 Presidential election when a little known Governor from Georgia finished first in a very big field of Democrats. What no one tells you is that No preference finished first ahead of James Earl Carter. Iowa is a very small cross section of America. As a matter of fact if you look at the vaunted political reputation Iowa has and match it with facts, you’ll see that Iowa as a “first of” state of political importance is pure bullshit.
Let’s take a look at 2012. In Iowa out of 2,250,423 voters in the state (using the higher voting-eligible population) only 147,255 bothered to take part in the big event. Granted President Obama was running unopposed and there were only 123,000 and change in the GOP camp, but really, is that such a substantial total to be proud of? Is this a true cross section of America?
The 2008 GOP popular vote for the Republicans was about 116,000. I’m writing this because in the long run Iowa means NOTHING. If it did we would have a President Huckabee or a President Santorum on the GOP side.
This is why if Hillary Clinton still has the e mails hanging over her head and loses Iowa it will not be the deal breaker people say it will be.
Iowa is more important in a general than it is in the winter.Iowans wpould have you believe otherwise but look at the numbers.


(Photo: Face book)
While everyone is dithering about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's e mails and talking about her honesty, take a gander at this story making the rounds this week.
As the anniversary of 911 comes up what most people suspected seems to be true. A former operative of the Saudi government admitted this week that there is evidence that the Saudi government funded the terrorists that drove planes into New York City on that fateful sunny Tuesday. All his information stems from a court case in New York. Vice News reported that In October, French-born Zacarias Moussaoui talked to attorneys for family members of 9/11 victims suing the Saudi government for alleged complicity in the terrorist attack. He told the lawyers that he met with high-ranking members of the royal family, including the current king.
Moussaoui, who is suspected of being the possible 20th 9/11 hijacker and currently locked up at the Federal Supermax Prison in Colorado, told the attorneys he was dispatched by Osama bin Laden in the late 1990s to keep tabs on who donated to al Qaeda. That list, he said, included Prince Turki al-Faisal, then Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief and Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the US who was in Washington at the time of the attacks.
Most alarming of his disclosures was an alleged encounter that took place in Afghanistan with an official from the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Moussaoui said the two discussed "the feasibility of shooting Air Force One," the US presidential plane, with a stinger missile.
A bombshell account of high-level Saudi Arabian involvement in al Qaeda activities given by a former operative raised ire in diplomatic circles this week. Yet it also underscored the paucity of information concerning the country's ties to terrorism that has been made public by the US government.
In October, French-born Zacarias Moussaoui talked to attorneys for family members of 9/11 victims suing the Saudi government for alleged complicity in the terrorist attack. He told the lawyers that he met with high-ranking members of the royal family, including the current king. This week, his testimony was introduced in the case at a Manhattan court.
Moussaoui, who is suspected of being the possible 20th 9/11 hijacker and currently locked up at the Federal Supermax Prison in Colorado, told the attorneys he was dispatched by Osama bin Laden in the late 1990s to keep tabs on who donated to al Qaeda. That list, he said, included Prince Turki al-Faisal, then Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief and Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the US who was in Washington at the time of the attacks.
Most alarming of his disclosures was an alleged encounter that took place in Afghanistan with an official from the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Moussaoui said the two discussed "the feasibility of shooting Air Force One," the US presidential plane, with a stinger missile.
The Saudis originally started their relationship with a small Islamic terrorist group al Queda in the 80s to protect their borders.
The point at which direct Saudi support for al Qaeda broke off remains one of the lingering questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Family members of victims and some members of Congress have long said evidence of such involvement is contained in the 28 pages of a 2002 intelligence report that have remained redacted for 13 years.
In December 2013, House Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-MA) introduced a resolution calling on President Obama to release the pages, part of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. Despite claims from family members that Obama promised to do so, the portion remains classified.
The Saudi government has always denied culpability and itself urged that the 28 pages be made public, a request that was denied by the Bush administration. However, members of Congress who have seen the pages say they show damning intelligence gathered on Saudi individuals. Made public, the redacted portions could prove that the Bush administration knew, perhaps not of a large scale conspiracy emanating from the royal family, but at least of significant Saudi involvement — even as they drew not so subtle links to 9/11 in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Okay, this thing needs to be released. I have a few questions.
1. Why did the Bush administration deny the request by the Saudis to release the pages?
2. If there was proof of Saudi involvement, why did we pursue al Qaeda in Iraq and not do a bombing strike against the Saudis?
3. If there was even a hint of Saudi cooperation, why haven’t they been held accountable?
I saw former Vice President Dick Cheney on the news this week hawking his book. And he intones about how America is not safe now and that all it took were a few airplanes and box cutters to attack our country. I wonder what he and his daughter would have to say about the 28 pages.
Finally, before the Republicans start bitching about Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi again, let’s see those 28 pages and what they really might mean about 911 concerning the sponsorship of terrorists. (Source: Vice News, LuLac).

Your blog editor with Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives).
U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright released the following statement on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA):
“Of all of our nation's goals in the Middle East, I believe preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is paramount. Failure to secure this objective would result in a regional arms race with horrendous implications and would certainly imperil our dearest ally, Israel.”
“Today I am announcing my support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) because the agreement gives us better access to Iranian nuclear facilities than ever before, which will allow for better intelligence to detect any attempts by Iran to cheat on the deal and will provide immensely valuable information should hostilities arise with Iran. Under this agreement, we are able to closely monitor Iran’s significantly reduced stockpiles of enriched materials and centrifuges and regulate the import of any materials or machinery related to nuclear activities. It is obvious that our partners in these negotiations, including the United Kingdom, France and Germany, are ready to move forward with this agreement, and Russia and China appear likely to lift sanctions soon, so rejecting this deal unilaterally would provide little chance of bringing Iran back to the negotiating table for a better deal and would cause immense harm to our international influence and credibility.”
“I have not reached this conclusion lightly, as the agreement is obviously imperfect on several levels. Close and respected friends of mine adamantly oppose the JCPOA, and have correctly pointed out that it leaves gaping holes in its treatment of the full spectrum of egregious Iranian conduct. However, I have studied this matter closely, attending many classified security briefings, reviewing much classified documentation, and giving ample opportunity for all of the stakeholders to be heard.”
“On the narrow issue of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, I find the JCPOA to be so comprehensive as to be unprecedented in its scope.”
“Accordingly, when and if the U.S. House of Representatives brings up a bill to disapprove the JCPOA, I will vote no, and if the House is asked to override a veto of such a bill, I will vote against that as well."


NEPA BlogCon 2015 is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2015 at East Stroudsburg University; 108 Normal Street; East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 in the Hoeffner Science & Technology Center (Building 70 on the campus map). Registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the first session will begin at 9:45 a.m. Sessions will run throughout the day until 4:00 p.m., with a 45 minute break for lunch.
All proceeds will benefit a technology and programming camp for girls in grades 4-6. For the cost of your ticket, you’ll get exclusive access to this area’s top Internet professionals, ready to show you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to spice up your social profile, beautify your blog, and network with the best of them!
Check out their link for all the details:


We are very happy to be nominated for best political blog for 2015. We received a Twitter notification the other day.
Candidates 4 Best #NEPABlogCon News/Political BOTY @_AndyPalumbo @lulacpolletter or @OmeedFirouzi  
Needless to say we are honored to be nominated. If you’d like to vote, access this link:


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Former Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker died a few weeks ago. It is something we missed because of the preparations ramping up for my surgery as well as a busy work schedule. We are working on a remembrance of his life and political career and you’ll see that in an upcoming issue.

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The LuLac Edition #3021, September 3rd, 2015

Will Trump's behavior force Romney into race? (Photo: CNN)
The establishment of the Republican party continues its worries about Donald Trump. As a matter of fact Mitt Romney has been saying disdainful things about The Donald. The GOP feel that their race has been hijacked by the businessman and are frustrated that not one of their mainstream candidates have touched Trump up a bit.
Jeb Bush has been issuing salvos and has his back up but leaders are worried that the nomination won’t be worth anything to Bush and the party because of the damage inflicted. There is also great disappointment that the vaunted GOP bench has not performed. People like Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Chris Christie who have been big in their own states have failed to capture the imagination of the GOP faithful. Walker and Christie’s performances have been particular disappointing because both GOPers have been elected and re-elected in blue states.
Recognizing that it is early, Republican leaders have not yet gone into full panic mode. But a few have reached out to Mitt Romney to get his take on things. Romney according to AOL News is appalled at the Trump campaign and his incivility toward the party candidates. Romney has not been invisible appearing on a promo for CBS’s new Late Night effort with Stephen Colbert. Despite his protestations earlier this year when he said he would never run for President again, Romney has never lost the bug. Plus there is a possibility that Bush might be too damaged to run as the establishment choice. Remember the 2004 Democratic race when Howard Dean stormed the party and was on the cover of national magazines in the summer of 2003. He was attacked by former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt viciously rendering he and Dean powerless to overcome the two late surges in Iowa by Senators John Kerry and John Edwards.
Romney is ready. The GOP establishment is getting increasingly nervous. This is something to watch very closely.


The "Christian" clerk in Kentucky who is refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples needs to just go away. The elected clerk has imposed her own own personal preferences and beliefs in not supporting and enforcing the law. So there are some who say she needs to be fired and stripped of all of her benefits. As Lee Corso from ESPN would say, “Not so fast my friends”. 
This woman is an elected official and as our friend Wil Toole points out elected officials can do anything they want in terms of running their office. So there has be some other way to get this person out. She has lost two judicial rulings and now has said because she won't give licenses to anyone she is not discriminating. So in effect she is not doing her job. If she were in private business her ass would be gone. But Kim Davis says Jesus spoke to her. If that is true Jesus was having a bad day if he chose to communicate with this lunatic.
This is why I decline to call myself a Christian. I do not want to be associated with garbage like this collecting a public salary and not upholding the laws of this land. If the words of Jesus are so important to her then let her live the words of the bible. When Christ asked James and John to follow him  they left Zebedee in the boat with the servants and followed him. When Matthew was asked to follow Christ in the tax office he left everything and he rose and followed him".
Now not being a Christian but a Roman Catholic I can be a judgmental son of a gun here. This woman who will deny gay couples the right to marry spread her legs (Jesus must have been speaking to her then!!) for more than one baby daddy and has gotten divorced a few times. SHIT! No wonder she is against marriage but hey don’t blame it on the gays if they’d like to try to fail as miserably as she did.
Hey sister Christian, put your money where your mouth is!
Listen to the voices in your head and go follow what you think is Jesus. Out of all the Christians in the world why, Jesus would pick you to say anything to is just inexplicable.
In the meantime, the only guy I will ever believe who spoke to Jesus was John Prine! 


Steve Corbett got slammed by text Wednesday when he was told that God was involved in all of this. Uh no. See when God sent his only son to be the savior, Jesus as man complied with most of the laws. His parents were ordered by the Roman Empire to travel to the cities of their birth. Jesus himself said that one must render what is Caesar’s. So it isn’t about God, it is about the law of the land and the law that this person pledged to uphold. If she refuses to do it, throw her out and let her work at Wal Mart.


Keeeem Davis say Jesus spokes to haire so tis musts be rheihite. Dhat's alls I knows pertneer az I kuhn tells.
Iz agrees dhat she shudunt give licencez to gays or anyeebuddy!
EDITOR’S NOTE: In case you are not aware of this case, I’ve taken the liberty of translating the story for you in Kentucky.


Our friend Doctor Joe Leonardi has some big news about the latest project he is working on.
Doc Joe's latest e-book for the kindle and kindle app will be released on September 22, 2015.
It is available for pre-order now on
A thirty day snapshot of one person's life long struggle with carbohydrate addiction.
For some of us, the reason undoing addiction is so difficult, is because no matter how long we have lived, or how far we have traveled --- the broken twelve year old child remains ever present.

 DA Stefanie Salavantis. (Photo: The Irregulars).
Saturday September 12 The Irregulars will host Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis as their guest speaker. Here’s the information.
The Presenter is one of the most important aspects of our breakfast. We take great pride in telling everyone that our Presenter will be Stephanie J. Salavantis who was elected Luzerne County District Attorney on November 4, 2011 and took office in January 2012 being the youngest elected District Attorney in the Commonwealth since 1872.
Born and raised in Luzerne County, Stefanie’s working class upbringing contributes heavily to her strong work ethic. A graduate of the Luzerne County public school system, Stefanie continued her education at Temple University and Thomas M. Cooley/Western Michigan University Law School.
Stefanie’s legal career began with opening her own private practice as a general practitioner and working in conjunction with a law firm in the Wilkes-Barre area as a litigator for one of the largest insurance companies. Simultaneously, she was appointed by the Luzerne County Judiciary to act as legal counsel and/or guardian ad litem in Children & Youth dependency and termination cases.
Upon taking office in January 2012, Stefanie quickly became involved in all aspects of the office, from the crime scene and criminal investigation to the courtroom. She expanded her efforts to protect the elderly and children against predators in the community as well as public corruption and white collar cases. She is also heavily involved with community organizations and works side-by-side with volunteers and various other professional organizations to help build a stronger community and remain in constant contact with the public.
We’ve been trying to keep the cost for breakfast the same and although we don't want to put a bad taste in Irregulars mouths we’ve had to raise breakfast price by $1.00 effective Saturday. Cost for the family-style breakfast is $13.00 payable at the door and that includes server tip.
The best way to make your reservation is to email and we’ll count you in. Since breakfast is open-seating the earlier you book your seat the better it is for us in determining the advance count. If you make a reservation please do your best to honor it. If your plans change please call our illustrious facilitator, Cholly, at 570-760-1213.


If you like good Italian food and great music, Scranton, Pennsylvania is the place for you this weekend. There will be over 150,000 people who will be in Scranton for this festival, which is celebrating its 40th year. Many of the vendors are from outside the area. They continue to come back year after year, including some great bakeries from Brooklyn NY.
The Duprees will bring their Doo-wop style to the Scranton stage on Friday evening at 7:00PM.

Scranton’s own, The Poets, who always do a nice Season medley at their shows will be headlining on Sunday Sept 6th at 8:30 PM followed by the Fireworks show at 10PM.
On Monday Sept 7th at 6:30 PM, The Bronx Wanderers, featuring their tribute to the 4 Seasons will be the final headliners for the event.
There is also plenty of other entertainment throughout the 4 day event.





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The Duke of Doo Wop Bobby V with Dion. (Photo: Bobby V Facebook).
The Doo-Wop Sock Hop can be heard every Sunday night from 6P to 9P on “105 The River (104.9 FM) Host is the incomparable Bobby V.


Our 1965 logo

President Johnson signs a law penalizing the burning of draft cards with up to 5 years in prison and a $1,000 fine……Pakistani troops enter the Indian sector of Kashmir, while Indian troops try to invade Lahore……..The Islamic Republic of Pakistan observes its Defence Day, on account of successful defence of Lahore and other important areas against India……Pakistan celebrates Air Force Day on account of heavy retaliations to India……The People's Republic of China announces that it will reinforce its troops on the Indian border……: In a follow-up to August's Operation Starlite, United States Marines and South Vietnamese forces initiate Operation Piranha on the Batangan Peninsula, 23 miles (37 km) south of the Chu Lai Marine base……India opens 2 additional fronts against Pakistan……..The Pakistan Navy raids Indian coasts without any resistance in Operation Dwarka (Pakistan celebrates Victory Day annually)…… Pennsylvania the newly formed Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission presents an exhibit of African American workers in the Commonwealth from 1860 to 1965…….in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties Labor Day celebrations are observed as political campaigns officially kick off for off year municipal and county elections and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers. 

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The LuLac Edition #3020, September 1st, 2015



ENJOY IT!!!!!!

Thanks to Sue Henry and Kyle Mac for this one from Lou Reed! 

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The LuLac Edition #3019, August 31st, 2015


Joe Biden has been trying to make a decision about being President. Biden has had a stellar career that has been virtually uninterrupted since his election in 1972 to the Senate at the age of 29. He has a lot to consider like
1. He will be entering a race very late and has to get staff together to mount a true challenge.
2. Biden must make this a personal decision, does he run the risk of
ruining a place in history that he earned?
This kind of reminds me of the 1976 presidential race when the Democratic party wanted to stop Jimmy Carter from getting the nomination. There was an element in the Democratic Party that was trying to get former Vice President Hubert Humphrey to enter the race as an alternative. Like Biden Humphrey had the taste for the office. He had run three times 60, 68 and 72, once getting the nomination and coming very close to beating Richard Nixon. The folks who were championing the ABC movement (Anybody but Carter) wanted Humphrey to jump in because this was a perceived void. Carter unlike Secretary Clinton was not weakened by questions about technical issues in running an office but Democrats were uneasy about the smiling Southern Baptist’s nationwide appeal. Humphrey though about it long and hard when the ’76 primaries seemed likely to result in a deadlock, but ultimately decided against it. At the conclusion of the Democratic primary process that year, even with Jimmy Carter having the requisite number of delegates needed to secure his nomination, many still wanted Humphrey to announce his availability for a draft. But Humphrey knew he was suffering from the bladder cancer that would claim his life. Still Humphrey gave a parting shot when he said, “I’m not an old race horse that answers to the bell just because they want me to”. (paraphrasing here but I saw the news conference which was broadcast live on national TV)
Biden, though not ill like Humphrey has to decide if he is going to known as the guy who will run the race because now he’s needed but wasn’t necessarily wanted at the start. When Clinton was high in the polls there was nary a mention of Biden.
Will Biden be able to come in and attack Hillary Clinton? If I were Biden I’d decline to run but make myself available to serve. That’s the smart play. It is not a definite yes but leaves the door open just in case he is needed. Biden would do well to remember the old political adage from political pros pushing a candidate very hard, “The best day of your candidacy will be the day before you announce”. Sometimes no is better than yes.


So we all know that a Deputy Sheriff in Texas was gunned down while pumping gas. He was essentially assassinated and taken by surprise. By now you know the deputy officer was white and the assailant was black.
As always the media weighed in and tried to understand why the killer would do such a thing. A few bleeding hearts on CNN said that the punk had run ins with the law and maybe that's why he killed the sheriff. The officer was wearing his uniform and one commentator said maybe that's what triggered him. Really?
We are wondering what triggered a guy to get out of his car and just go up and shoot someone in the head? Maybe we should wonder why a police officer can't do a common thing like pumping gas without getting killed.
Today on WILK Rob Neyhard called out the President because he sent emissaries to Ferguson and not a peep came out from him about this death. One of the text messengers called him a racist. C'mon God forbid you express an opinion that is supportive of the police. Imagine if the deputy returned fire and hit the punk.
Oh my God there would be marches and riots because the assailant was shot!
Look I understand that a young black man living in America is under more scrutiny than others. It is not fair. I will never understand that pain and humiliation. I know there have been black lives unfairly targeted by bad apples. But in this country there is a process to the protest. And the process is that you protest with a goal.
The black lives matter movement needs to define what it wants from America. When Hilary Clinton asked that question she was told her heart wasn't in the right place. Clinton and America are still waiting for an answer.
If I were an adviser to that movement I'd put out three things that can be done to increase understanding between police and young blacks. But with the caveat that police should not be killed with an eye for an eye mentality.
On the afternoon of the day of the killing Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota chanted this: PIGS IN A BLANKET, FRY THEM LIKE BACON.
What I can't understand is why there has not been an outright condemnation of this phrase. This is a threat to all police. This is a threat to public safety. How dare this group put their own stupid hate filled rhetoric against an albeit imperfect but vital part of this country's infrastructure.
Any reasonable person is appalled by those actions. And if blacks who want a better break and fair treatment think this is going to help, they are enabling the bad apples to justify their actions. It's a lose lose for all.
It is also quite telling that the suspect is not talking. Locally we've had people shot who would rather drive to Jersey wounded than go to a hospital. We have unsolved murders of African Americans here because no one is saying nuthin' to nobody. That's being a citizen?
Finally the Black Lives Matter Movement has to decide what exactly it is they want to overcome and how they can work with the people in various communities to get there. Ferguson has started eliminating fines for people who can't afford them. You can argue right or wrong but at least it's a start. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s spawned many a political career and the benefits that all of us have today came from their earned input. That came from putting themselves out there on a ballot and not on a street seeming to cheer the death of a murdered police official with horrible language.

 Senatorial candidate Joe Sestak (Photo: LuLac archives).
Former Congressman and Admiral Joe Sestak will be in town this Thursday night at a fundraiser hosted by Congressman Matt Cartwright. The event again is Thursday, September 3, 2015 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. At the Scranton Club 404 North Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503
If interested You can contribute at the event, online by this link (, or by a check made out to "Friends of Joe Sestak," and mailed to P.O. Box 1936, Media, PA 19063. Thank you.


Congressman Lou Barletta, today presented long overdue medals to four veterans during a ceremony at his Hazleton district office. Recipients of the medals were: Anthony Petti (deceased) of Drums, John Shemanski of Factoryville, John Trusavage (deceased) of Forty Fort, and John Zedolick of Mountain Top.
“Since before the founding of this nation, brave men and women have risked their lives to secure and defend the freedoms we continue to enjoy as Americans today,” Barletta said. “I am proud to present these medals, which are long overdue, to veterans who sacrificed so much in service to their country.”
The Congressman presented medals to the daughter of John S. Trusavage (Deceased) of Forty Fort, U.S. Army, 1942 to 1946: Medals awarded included Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII. The medals were requested by his daughter Sharon Austin. 

Here Barletta Rep. Barletta presents medals for John S. Trusavage (deceased) to daughter Sharon Austin. (Photo: Lou Barletta's office).

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The LuLac Edition #3018, August 30th, 2015


 Pa. State Capitol. (Photo: LuLac archives).
Want to see what type of President Donald Trump would be? Let him come to Harrisburg and try to mediate the stalemate between Governor Tom Wolf and the GOP majority in both houses. If he can get them to agree on a budget without calling them names, he's got my vote. No one has ever been as hard headed or hard hearted as the majority GOP in the state Capitol. We are still without a budget. Where is The Donald's phone number?

 Third Party art work. (
There has been talk of a third party threat by Donald Trump and the fear of that factor by the GOP. It is true that a third party can decide an election but never win one. The main example people point to is the candidacy of rich guy Ross Perot in the '90s. It is a fact that Perot did take away votes. One year he had 19% of the vote. But he never won any electoral votes and that is how our Presidential elections are decided.
The last third party candidate to win any electoral votes was George Wallace the former Governor of Alabama in 1968. Wallace got 45 votes carrying the Deep South states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Wallace almost carried the Carolinas finishing a close second to Richard Nixon. Wallace had a movement going but in the North during October of 68 his campaign began to falter due to a barrage of advertising from labor unions exposing the labor practices in the South, Wallace's selection of General Curtis LeMay as Vice President, and the late insurgency of the Humphrey campaign diminished the enthusiasm of the previous months.
Wallace's strategy was to try and get the election into the House of Representatives where he thought he might have some leverage. It came close too but in the end Nixon beat out HHH and Wallace with over 300 electoral votes. The reason why I'm bringing this up is because even though third parties generate a lot of talk, there had to be a party support system set up in states to carry the votes that count. Granted a Perot could influence an election but winning some states puts the candidacy at a different level. You go from being a spoiler to a factor.
My guess is that Trump will try to not repeat the performance of Perot and will need to get cracking on ballot initiatives if he is to get on 50 states to truly make an impact.
The Wallace candidacy was part of The American Independent Party that gave the candidate the infrastructure he needed. The Nixon strategists played into the Wallace effort with their own Southern Strategy picking Maryland Governor Spiro Agnew as Vice President and using the Civil Rights Acts of the Johnson administration to make inroads into what was formerly the Solid South. When LBJ signed the Civil Rights legislation he correctly said that the Democrats had lost the South for a few generations. He was correct. When government actually does something noble, needed and provides change, politically you pay the price.


Speaking of paying the political price, the Republican party certainly did when the Katrina Storm hit New Orleans and surrounding areas 10 years ago this year. As a matter of fact government in general took a hit when that happened.
First off you had the slow response from the Bush administration. Then the infamous words of the President saying “Brownie you’re doing a great job” when things were going to crap all around him. Let’s not forget the Mayor of New Orleans, a Democrat who didn’t have the common sense to order the school buses out of the flood zone and later wound up in jail for stuffing his pockets with cash.
FEMA was out of its league because it was absorbed by Homeland Security. Now if a terrorist was around that would be great but if not for the Coast Guard performing so well, there would have been more of a mess.
Then there was the tone deafness of the White House Advance team. Now this happened under a Republican administration but I’m not sure the staffers of a Democratic administration would do any better. These are after all government employees.
When Bush and Administration officials had their news conferences, they used generators for the TV lighting. They also passed out copious amounts of bottled water to the media. Then when it was over, they took the generators back with them as well as the water. Classic.
Every time a weather related tragedy like this happens, I think of Agnes and 1972. As history fades and the people alive diminish so too will the legend and stories about Dan Flood. But why Flood is so revered here is because he used the power he had quickly and efficiently. For his people. 

The late Dan Flood.  (Citizen'
Agnes was an example of what a Republican President and a local Democratic Congressman could do working in tandem. Katrina was a hard lesson how a Republican administration and New Orleans Democratic leadership (I grant you they were southern leadership so the IQ was a tad more challenging) could screw up a 2 car funeral.


Democrat Vito DeLuca at Tomato Festival. (Photo: Fox, LuLac)
Luzerne County candidate for District Attorney Vito DeLuca was riding in the Pittston Tomato Festival last Saturday. DeLuca seemed to be having a great time as he gears up for a race against the incumbent Stefanie Salavantis.

DA Salavantis riding in red at the Tomato Festival. (Photo: Facebook).
District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis wowed the people at the annual GOP Summer event. Sorry I missed it this year because there is nothing like an O’Meara burger! Anyway the DA was very good from what I hear in making the case for her re-election bid. 
And not to be outdone, the DA also rode in the Tomato Festival Parade. 
Will this be the election of the dueling ragtops? 

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The LuLac Edition #3017, August 28th, 2015

Dr. David DeRose and your blog editor. (Photo: Mrs. LuLac).
After a little bit of a scary eye issue we are back on track better than ever presenting our views on LuLac. To all who sent wishes, prayers, cards, (well only two but greatly appreciated) numerous e mails and FB messages as well as some good karma, thank you.
The cataract surgery turned out very well but there was Corneal Swelling. It was determined though by Dr. David DeRose that a transplant was not needed. I was very lucky to dodge that issue. But just so you know if he had said “go”, I would have. That’s how much faith I have in the guy. Dr Reiser from Eye Care Specialists recommended Dr. DeRose and I appreciate his help in this matter too.
I’m waiting to get clearance to go back to work after I get a new prescription that will give me close up vision. My Doctor at Engle Eyewear, Dr. Helen who found the issue in the first place last fall and the staff are busy crafting some lenses that will enable me to do some close up work.
So we’re good to go. Before we get started thanks to the guy above we can
1. Stop telling those Stevie Wonder jokes forever.(Guys who are half blind should never do that!)
2. Break out the Johnny Nash.


Presidents: Killed and shot at.
Congressman: Shot at.
School children: High School, shot and killed.
Grade School Children: Shot and killed.
Kindergarten Children: Shot and Killed.
Homeless: Shot and Killed.
News reporters: Shot and killed.
It is very clear that nothing will ever change in this country regarding guns. The cowardly House and Senate in Washington won’t even pass a Universal Background Check.
I am not a bleeding heart liberal when it comes to guns. If you want to have an arsenal in your house, go for it.
All I want to do is protect the people who don’t have guns. Like the kid taking a ticket at a Movie Theatre. Like the Congressperson holding a town meeting. Like the 10 year old child at that meeting seeing her representative for the first time. Like the stand up reporter doing their job. Like the convenience store clerk working because the chumps at the local Chambers of Commerce have not done a thing to get higher paying jobs other than the 9 buck an hour variety. I could go on.
All I want to do by Universal background checks is that a defenseless person not nuts or not carrying has a chance.
The one common denominator in all of this is that the cowards will attack the defenseless. There is a name for them but the women reading LuLac will get upset so I won’t use it. But you know what I mean.
If you’re a loser and screw up, and you want to take it out on someone….bring it on. But make sure you have an armed opponent.
A few more thoughts. The media is calling the assailant an “alleged” killer. Uh no. He filmed it. It’s him. HE DID IT. Nothing alleged about that.
Plus he was planning to do more arm. Crazy my ass. The guy had three license plates, wigs and ammunition. That is NOT CRAZY, that is EVIL.
The young woman’s father is making a case that since his daughter was one of the media’s own, things should be different. THEY WON’T.
One final observation……..if this dickhead hadn’t killed himself and was in a fire fight with the police and got killed by one of them………..well then I’m sure we’d hear how much his sorry life mattered.
And the beat goes on………….until the next time.

Second tier Presidential candidate Carly Fiorini. (Photo: USA Today).
Carly Fiorina has been going around the country telling us how Hillary Clinton has lied about her record. But hey, let’s take a look at Fiorina’s career as a titan of industry. Truth of the matter is Fiorina drove Hewlett Packard into the ground and more significantly has never been offered another job by another major corporation.
The media and her supporters have over promioted her but let’s take a closer look:
Is she the first woman to lead a major corporation? To be the first CEO? Nope. That title actually belongs to The Washington Post Company’s Katharine Graham. Graham also navigated the choppy political waters surrounding Watergate. Plus let us not forget Beechcraft’s Olive Ann Beech, Mattel’s Ruth Handler, Beatrice Food’s Loida Nicolas-Lewis, the Body Shop’s Anita Roddick, Martha Stewart, and Oprah Winfrey.
But with a scant percentage of Fortune 500 firms employing women CEOs, her leadership of a huge global company is impressive. So, how did she do?
The answer in short is: Okay. But not great.
She was hired in 1999 with no CEO experience, nor interviews with the full board. Fired in 2005, after six years in office, several leading publications titled her one of the worst technology CEOs of all time. In fact, the stock popped 10% on the news of her firing and closed the day up 7%.
Arianna Packard, the granddaughter of HP’s founder, commented when discouraging voters from supporting Fiorina in her 2010 senatorial run, “I know a little bit about Carly Fiorina, having watched her almost destroy the company my grandfather founded.”
She’ll tell you she doubled revenues but Fiorina did nothing to increase profits over her five-year term, with the S&P 500 showing net income across enterprises concomitantly up 70%. Furthermore, shareholder wealth at HP was sliced 52% under her reign
Fiorina rammed the Compaq deal through despite intense opposition by analysts, employees, and shareholders. When it appeared that she would lose the proxy vote, the balance was tipped back the other way using hardball tactics that would make Donald Trump wince. That led to her ouster as the CEO.
So before this one starts yammering about Hillary’s e mails, her servers, and Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi (4 lives lost in a huge mistake vs. 4500 lives lost for the noble cause of looking for weapons of mass destruction) let’s take a good look at what she did and why no other Fortune 500 company has ever offered her a sniff of a job. (Business Week-LuLac).




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Our 1965 logo.

The Watts Riots begin in Los Angeles…..The rock group Jefferson Airplane debuts at the Matrix in San Francisco and begins to appear there regularly……The Beatles perform the first stadium concert in the history of music, playing before 55,600 persons at Shea Stadium in New York City..In Vietnam’s Operation Starlite: 5,500 United States Marines destroy a Viet Cong stronghold on the Van Tuong peninsula in Quảng Ngãi Province, in the first major American ground battle of the war. The Marines were tipped-off by a Viet Cong deserter who said that there was an attack planned against the U.S. base at Chu Lai…..Jonathan Myrick Daniels, an Episcopal seminarian from Keene, New Hampshire, is murdered in Hayneville, Alabama while working in the African-American civil rights movement. His sacrifice though seems to be lost on new generations who preach about what lives matter and what ones don't that much. He saw injustice and died for it. Black lives and all lives deprived of freedom mattered to him....
(Photo: (
Gemini 5 (Gordon Cooper, Pete Conrad) is launched on the first 1-week flight, as well as the first test of fuel cells for electrical power……
 Casey Stengel announces his retirement after 55 years in baseball….
Rock musician Bob Dylan releases his influential album Highway 61 Revisited, featuring the song "Like a Rolling Stone"………in Pennsylvania tensions remain high as sporadic racial violence breaks out in the Chester Plains Township thousands of fans check out the new Pocono Downs Race track. Local TV stations actually show some of the action on their nightly sportscasts…and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and
America was Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone".

Previous number ones were Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" (below)

and The Beach Boys "California Girls" (above) for the month of August.

The LuLac Edition #3015, August 28th, 2015


**it!!!! I'm done. It was a blast but I need a rest. Well at least he wasn't mean to me like that Mr. Weis in Plains! Or was it Dallas, no I think it was Nanticoke. No, no Mountaintop. Anyways......
Gotta warn ya though, he's loaded for bear. Trump, Biden (he loves Biden, what a bro crush) and has been going on about 1965. Then there's the guns............oh and wait there's a thing coming up on Israel. Oy vay!!! (With all do respect to the Jewish chick I dated back in Jersey!)
I'd also like to thank Mrs. LuLac for making sure I got the gig. But hey man, I was more qualified than the other applicants. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3014, August 26th, 2015


Man, I was told there was a pool at the LuLac household. So I brought my suit. But the pool was something in a frame Yonk won at WVIA TV during the 1977 World Series. Seems like he hit 5 out of 6 games. That was "the pool". I'm starting to not dig this anymore, the guy is starting to be a slave driver or to be politically correct, an "annexed African native taken by force" driver.

Vice President Joe Biden. (Photo: artivclespvto)
Okay I think we all know Joe Biden is running for President. We all know he has wanted to. As long ago as December 2014 in a conversation Yonk had with former Mayor Jim McNulty, McNulty was convinced Biden would run. We all did but when the Clinton inevitability started to set in we did not see a path.
But now with the e mail controversy still surrounding Mrs. Clinton, the meeting Biden had with the President and Mr. Obama's Press Secretary singing the praises of The Veep, it is now a question of when and how Biden will do it.
Yonk's advice. Accept an invitation to the first Democratic debate. File the day before the first Democratic debate. Introduce your running mate Elizabeth Warren either at the start or the end of the debate.
Then step back and watch the fireworks.

Senator Pat Toomey. (LuLac archives).
Incumbent Senator Pat Toomey has a commanding lead against Admiral Joe Sestak and former candidate and Wolf Chief of Staff Katie McGinty. The GOP was only too pleased to share that news with us in an e mail about the Quinnipiac Poll. Here are the results:
Toomey leads Democratic challenger Joe Sestak 48 - 33 percent.
The Senator also leads Katie McGinty, former chief of staff to Gov. Wolf, 48 - 32 percent, with men for Toomey 56 - 26 percent. Plus Toomey gets a 49 - 26 percent job approval rating and a 46 - 23 percent favorability rating.”
As for Governor Wolf he weighs in with an approval rating of about 45%.


Getting e mails from the Clinton for President website. If you want to have a collector’s item or load up for Ebay sales in the year 2030, check out the link.



If you are a viewer of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC TV you know that The Huffington Post has been a had regular contributors from the website. But that has changed the past few days.
Th controversy came to boil when Joe Scarborough and others on the panel were contemptuous of a Huff Post staffer who appeared. It seems the Huff Post has been following the Trump campaign under their website entertainment tab and not politics. Sam Stein in particular has been very unkind to Trump. But this exchange essentially might have ended the relationship with the Post and Morning Joe.


And how about this on a recent news crawl on a local TV station. Here’s what the factoid read: The little league World  Series was founded in 1947. Since then a news radio station in Lycomig county has been broadcasting every game since the first pitch as thrown.
Okay nice to know but what station was it? Is it? What is the frequency on the dial? Play by play guy or robot?
C'mon guys!