Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The LuLac Edition #4,483, March 16th, 2021


Bobeck with his wife Megan, son James and daughter Natalie.
    Is his campaign wear reminiscent of a certain Pennsylvanian's quest for the Presidency wearing a sweater vest?  Fashion forward sir.

The 2021 races for Luzerne County Common pleas Judge has barely begun to heat up. There are currently five candidates who want to fill two vacated seats. In past LuLac editions we covered the four women attorneys who are taking their case to the voters.

Today we highlight James Bobeck the only male candidate in the race. Rewind to say thirty years ago when Attorney Ann Lokuta became the first female Judge in the County and you can say we are progressing.

But back to Bobeck. Bobeck’s stance  is one of a personable, dedicated and approachable man who wants to serve. I’ve had prospective candidates that have run for Judge (from Magistrates to the State Supreme Court) tell me  that the reason why they are running is because “They love the law”. Well yeah, they better. Or just become a glorified real estate agent.

Bobeck outlines his reasoning by giving the voters a three pronged approach to the way he would conduct his decisions on the court. It is a message worth considering. Here’s how he’s making his case:  

Jim Bobeck for Luzerne County Judge: Bringing the power of three to the people of Luzerne County as the candidate who has written, argued and enforced the law.

I’m Jim Bobeck.  A decade ago, I answered the call to serve our County by leading the charge as Luzerne County transitioned to a new government.

I served as the first chair of County council. We wrote new laws, enforced new ethics standards, and established a professional and financially stable government that has become a model for other counties. 

Now, I’m asking for your vote for Luzerne County Judge.

I have over 16 years of legal experience and have argued cases in both criminal and civil proceedings. For the past 11 years, I have worked as a judge for Pennsylvania and presided over more than 10,000 administrative law trials and writing over 1,000 judicial opinions. 

No matter your political affiliation, the Constitution and our system of law unites us all. I vow to protect it.  That’s my solemn pledge to you.

I’m not a politician, but an experienced outsider. I’ve wrote the laws, advocated for the laws, and enforced the laws. I’ve been a legislator, attorney, and judge. But, I’ve also been your child’s coach, fellow parishioner, and community volunteer.

Child’s coach, eh?

A recently retired Judge, William Amesbury rode that part of his resume to big wins in his races for the Court.

Bobeck urges people to visit JimBobeck.com.  to volunteer, get involved, and take action -- and be sure to vote for him, for Luzerne County Judge this May 18th. 

Like the other candidates, he has cross filed on both tickets.


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