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The LuLac Edition #5,059, January 30th, 2024




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MAYBE I’M AMAZED……. that both the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions could be playing in the Super Bowl if only they took advantage of breaks, they had. Baltimore should have run the ball more, even utilizing their Quarterback more as a runner. With Detroit, the coach’s infatuation with running it on the last down came back to bite him in the ass. This is NOT a regular season game; this Is sudden death. When the point is there and you have a decent kicker, take the points.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED…. that Jan Stenerud was looking pretty good at the post-game ceremony on Championship Sunday.  The Norwegian-American former football kicker who played in the National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL) for nineteen seasons, primarily with Kansas City Chiefs. The first Norwegian NFL player, he began his career in the AFL after being selected by the Chiefs during the 1966 draft and joined the NFL following the AFL–NFL merger. Along with his thirteen seasons in Kansas City, Stenerud was a member of the Green Bay Packers for four seasons and the Minnesota Vikings for two seasons until retiring in 1985.He entered the Pro Football Hallof Fame in 1991.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that it appears that Bill Belichick is not going to be a head coach come the fall of 2024. Belichick, who was interviewed twice by the Falcons suddenly was not going to be the guy in Atlanta. To be fair, the team and the stellar coach could not come to an agreement, but you must wonder.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED……that Tom Brady has the most play-off wins with thirty-five. He is followed by Joe Montana at 16, Terry Bradshaw, Payton Manning, and John Elway at 14, with Ben Roethlisberger and Brett Farve at 13. Patrick Mahomes has eleven and has only played in the league for 6 years. The pundits are saying he can surpass Brady but to me, that will be one hell of a leap.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED……back to Detroit, while some will point to Coach Campbell's fourth-down decisions as the reason for the Lions' defeat, they should instead look toward Detroit's inability to tackle. The number of missed tackles in this game was astronomical and contributed directly to the 49ers' ability to climb back into the game, then put it away.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED……. that the Oakland Raiders were the first Wild Card team to win a Super Bowl. In the 1980 NFL Season, the Oakland Raiders were the first team in the NFL to make a Wild Card team and win a Super Bowl. The Raiders would win three NFL Playoff games in a row to make the Super Bowl. Oakland would beat the Houston Oilers, Cleveland Browns, and the San Diego Chargers on their way to the Super Bowl. The Raiders would go on to the Super Bowl and beat the Philadelphia Eagles to cap off their playoff run.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED…that with the Lions loss, there are still four teams not making it to the Super Bowl. The other three are the Cleveland Browns, The Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Texans.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED…. but not that the most popular snack on Super Bowl Sunday is wings.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED…. but saw it on TV that the first Super Bowl Touchdown was scored by Green Bay;’ s Max McGee who caught t from game MVP Bart Starr.

MAYBE I’M AMAZED…. that the Lombardi trophy weighs seven pounds.






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Maybe I'm amazed that you both blamed and exonerated Dan Campbell in one post.


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