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The LuLac Edition #620, Oct. 29th, 2008


Going to the candidate's debate.
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Every way you look at this you lose.


Before a packed crowd in the WVIA TV studios, Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta debated for the one and only time in this hotly contested race. Bill Kelly, WVIA TV/FM President was the moderator in a debate seen on PCN as well as on CSPAN in the future.



Stating this was his 31rst wedding anniversary Barletta said that Paul Kanjorski was not his enemy. He said it was the failed Congress Kanjorski represents that he is battling.


The Congressman said the real campaign began on Sept. 18th when the financial crisis began in America. He pointed to the Chinese proverb of living in interesting times and said the only way to solve the problems facing the country was to have him work with Barack Obama in fixing Washington.



Said that he thought the Congress acted too hastily. He felt that the Congress should have put restrictions on the banks to prevent them from making acquisitions instead of saving family’s homes.


The Congressman pointed out that the institution had to act quickly. He said the 5 day delay caused problems in the Asian market and in a startling admission he said that the success rate of the bailout was about 70%.



The Hazleton Mayor denied he wanted to privatize social security. He suggested putting the money in a lock box in order for it to remain solvent. Barletta’s concern was how to replace the money that he says the Democratic Congress took out of the fund.


Stating that we are the 14th oldest population in the country, Kanjorski said the system was corrected 14 times and that most likely would be corrected again because of age increases. Kanjorski said that Social Security is secure for generations to come and that the money will be there.



The Hazleton Mayor conceded that many mistakes were made but criticized Kanjorski for voting for the war. Barletta said the Generals on the ground have to handle the conduct of the war.


Said he would vote to end the war as soon as practically possible. Kanjorski likened the war to a driver going down a one way street and not turning around to correct his mistake. He said the Iraq government and their young people can take care of the conduct of the war without U.S. help.



Characterized it as a research project with patents that still might have a possibility. He said that an investigation was conducted, there was no wrong doing to be found and that no one from his family made a profit. At one point in exasperation, Kanjorski asked the audience that in the 6 years since the Cornerstone Issue was revealed, that a Republican President and Congress did nothing to take action against him on it because there was no wrong doing. “They’d love to nail my butt to the wall but couldn’t”. Good point.


In response, Barletta said that if no one benefited, were people not paid. He also wanted to know where the 10 million dollars went and in reference to a Kanjorski CBS TV interview, he said, “This is not free money as you’ve said, but taxpayer money”.



No draft but said if one was needed in the future, he’s support it. Made the point that had there been a draft in the Iraq War, they might have been more opposition to it. But as for now, no draft.


Does not support the draft.



Pointed out that universal health care is needed. Talked about the 47 million uninsured. Said the government was already administering Medicare and that things were running well with that.


Favored competition across state lines and in effect shopping for the best health plan. Also favored tax credits for business and said he didn’t know of one government program that had no waste and health care would not be the exception.



Favored Pell grants, investing in work study and more availability of loans to students.


The Congressman pointed out that he was instrumental in passing legislation to free up more money for student loans.



Was coy about how much money was spent saying this was handled by his committee. He guessed about a million and a half. He favored a tax credit to reduce campaign spending and even suggested that public TV be available for 6 months to exclusively run a campaign.


The Hazleton Mayor said he was under a million but chastised the Congressman for the millions in dollars special interests gave to his re election bid. Barletta said Kanjorski took money from people he regulated.



Was most animated and strident when the President’s name came up. He pointed out that Bush controlled the Presidency and all the decisions made concerning the economy, the war and almost everything else came under his watch. He pointed out that Barletta was the co chairman of the 2004 Bush campaign a number of times. Kanjorski said that Bush and his administration was replacing Herbert Hoover as the most hated administration because of their actions.


Said to the audience that he was Mayor of Hazleton at the time and had nothing to do with what George Bush was doing. The war, the bailouts, failed policies came from Bush, not Batletta and felt he should not be painted with that broad a brush.



Favored guns for protection, moderately though, no bazookas. Pointed out he was endorsed by the NRA numerous times.


A member of the NRA, Barletta said bad people get guns and that citizens must protect themselves.



Tied the issue to all problems in the country saying that health care, wages and national security are usurped by the issue. He said he would punish businesses for employing illegals and secure the borders.


Said he was the only one in the room to vote against amnesty and put troops on the border. Implied he was more proactive on the issue while Barletta just talked about it.



Saying he should be more of a “show horse” than a “workhorse”, Kanjorski said there hasn’t been one issue in Congress in his 24 years there that did not involve his district. He asked to be returned because he wanted the opportunity to reform Washington after 8 years of Republican rule. Saying it was an opportunity to save the world, the Congressman said the troika of Obama-Kanjorski and Casey would take back this country. He asked for the chance to contribute to that venture.


The Hazleton Mayor asked if Kanjorski changed Washington or did it change him? He rattled off the problems facing the nation and in effect laid them on the doorstep of the Congress. He said there was one issue and that it was leadership. Barletta said he’d be a leader, stand up for his district like he stood up for his city, remain unbowed and unbroken and wanted to fight for his district. He said he stood up for his community, now wanted to stand up for his district and his country.



Red patterned tie, blue shirt, navy suit.


White shirt, solid red tie, navy suit.


Kanjorski wasn’t budging from the podium and it was Barletta who sauntered over, shook his hand and then went back to his designated podium. No chit chat after this one.


Barletta did well trying to tie Kanjorski to the past. Was fluent, charismatic. Kanjorski was factual, passionate at times, incredulous and sometimes folksy. He should have done more of these debates to display his knowledge and love of the process. An edge to the Congressman. But Barletta did himself no harm.


At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once more astute observations and the first on line with the debate recap. Kudos. Kanjo, as you say should have done more of these. The guy can explain the nuances of government but I fear we'll do the ass backward thing and vote the only GOPer while the country drowns in a sea of DEms!

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"have him work with Barack Obama in fixing Washington." Wait, I thought you gents were already there. Why do we have to return you to fix things if you didn't fix it while you were there.

If he had to act quickly on the bailout why did he tell Steve Barlett at a Congressional hearing in Sept. 2003 I see no hurry. He made fun of Murtha by stating Murtha couldn't remember the facts like he claimed Barletta didn't. He said he told Murtha years ago not 6 months ago that the financial industry was in trouble. So Paul, just exactly WHEN were you going to address it. You told Steve Bartlett who was a former member of Congress how bad things get messed up when you do things in Washington in haste. So why was the bailout needed in haste. The industry has yet to receive the money and already they want to use it for salaries, mergers, dividends, etc.

Paul, Social Security, its not just living longer. In 2000 there were 200 million people in this country. Today there are 300 million and rising. The amnesty YOU VOTED FOR in 1986 that you can't remember allowed those people to give birth to more and more people to add to the system. Those people are an increase to Social Security. Add that to the baby boomers and we have our crisis.

Paul, did I hear you say we needed to draft because it would hurt so many Americans the outcry would get us out of Iraq sooner. The draft worked real well for the Vietnam vets. I know I had a draft card. 1959-1975 Paul. And for your information 2/3 of the men who served in Vietnam were volunteers not drafted.

Cornerstone is a freebee on me. You spent enough time talking about your family's involvement.

As long as this is only opinion, advantage Barletta, especially with the closing.

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent recap on the debate. I
still believe Kanjorski would be better off to have admittted although nothing illegal was done, Cornerstone was a mistake. He cant.
Re a possible draft, I was inclined to find out the congressmans own military service background. Can you inform me?
I also expect you will comment on Obamas 30 minute TV production.
Great work for a silly blog. Thanks.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger femaile said...

i agree if kanjo had done more of these he would have shown barletta's lack of knowlege. it seemed most of what he was doing was reguring facts, barletta was, not really demonstrating any depth of knowlege.

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Right Winger said...

I'm sick of people acting like time equates to expertise. Someone can be driving a car for 30 years but if they've been doing it wrong that doesn't make them a good driver.
Kanjorski has been giving far too many chances to make things happen. Sorry but in 24 years his only accomplishments are "saving the depot" and "saving the VA Hospital". 24 years???? and that's all you have to show for it????
Sorry Paul but your time has come. Maybe you'll fix up Nanticoke once you actually have to live there again.
Oh, maybe now you can build your monorail in Nanticoke. Remember that one Paul????


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