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The LuLac Edition # 639, Nov. 14th, 2008



Indulge me here today. One of my Cleveland Indians favorite players died the other day. Herb Score had his best years when I was an infant. He got hurt in 1957 when a line drive by Yankee Gil McDougal hit him in the eye. By the time I became a Tribe fan (around 1963) the Herb Score accident was legend. What struck me about him was how he recovered and never looked back. He became a broadcaster for the Indians and had a great career as the sometimes comical but always sincere proponent of Indians baseball. In 1969 I contracted a disease called uveitis and wound up in Wills Eye hospital in Philadelphia. I sat there pumped up on steroids waiting for the swelling in the eyes to go down. After 32 days, my sight came back but I was blind in my right eye. The doctors were concerned thinking I’d be bitter and crazed as only a 15 year old teenager in those days could be. But I thought of Herb Score, the guy who was destined to be the next great left hander in baseball, the guy who had more strikeouts than innings in his first two seasons, the guy who had his eyelid cut by a screaming liner that ended his career. And I thought, if Herb Score could get by, so could I. In 1984 I met Herb Score at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland and I was all set to tell him how he inspired me. But I didn’t. We talked about the Indians that year, we talked about Reggie Jackson’s performance the night before and the sparse crowds even though it was Fireworks Weekend. In short, we talked about the “now” of life, not the past. I thought about that on the night the Florida Marlins broke the Indians hearts in 1997. I thought about that when I heard Herb Score died this week. He was a guy who led his life in the present and never looked back. Herb Score was teaching people all about baseball and life long after he left the mound. I was glad to know of him and glad to talk baseball with him. We talked all about baseball, not shattered eyeballs. And that is how I will always remember Herb Score, a timeless Indian legend.


State Rep. Todd Eachus announced his intention to run for House majority leader – the top position in the Democratic Caucus. Eachus, a Butler Township Democrat, won his seventh term last week. He said becoming majority leader would give him the ability to advance key issues to help working families according to a report in the Times Leader. The leadership elections will be held Tuesday. State Rep. Frank Dermody, D-Oakmont, has also announced his intention to run for the post to replace House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese, D-Waynesburg, who has led House Democrats for the last 12 years.
Recently, DeWeese has been accused by a former aide of knowing about illegal payments of taxpayers’ funds as bonuses to House political operatives in 2006. DeWeese who won re-election in a tough fight has been urged not to run by statewide newspapers as well as members of the Democratic caucus who are tired of his drama tactics on and off the House floor. Eachus might have a better than even chance given his success in recruiting new candidates to run for the House and the gains made in this election. Eachus headed the House campaign committee. Eachus was elected in 1996 beating Tom Stish, a former Democrat who switched to the GOP.


How 'bout this! A South Carolina Roman Catholic priest has told his parishioners that they should refrain from receiving Holy Communion if they voted for Barack Obama because the Democratic president-elect supports abortion, and supporting him "constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic
evil." The Rev. Jay Scott Newman said parishioners in Greenville that they are putting their souls at risk if they take Holy Communion before doing penance for their vote. Doing penance for their vote? What happened to the concept of seperation of church and state? And Obama or voting for Obama does not advocate baby killing or tearing the little tykes from the womb in a bloody mess! Obama advocates choice. That's it. Maybe the IRS should take a big long look into the Catholic Church's tax exempt status if they want to get involved in nullifying someone's vote in an election.


Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate did several fill-ins for ABC's Paul Harvey earlier this year, and now ABC Radio Networks president Jim Robinson gives Huckabee his own forum. The only description of them so far is that they'll be "short-form news features" broadcast "weekday mornings and afternoons." No details on the feed times or program length. But ABC says Huckabee will "provide listeners with the top news stories of the day while also drawing on his experiences" as a governor and candidate for the White House. The Huckabee Report launches on Monday, January 5, 2009. And let's not forget that when Ronald Reagan lost his second run for the Presidency in 1976, he went on the radio as a commentator and reached more people with his own unique brand of conservatism. I'm not saying history will repeat itself with Huckabee, I'm just saying, that's all.


Funeral arrangements for the late Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll havebeen finalized, and they include a final, somber stop at the center ofthe state government she so enjoyed being part of for most of the last 20 years.Knoll's body will lie in repose in the state Capitol Rotunda from noon Nov. 21 to 2 p.m. Nov. 22, before returning to Pittsburgh, where she will also lie in repose at St. Paul's Cathedral,from 1 to 5 p.m. Nov. 23. A public funeral mass will be held at noon Nov. 25, also at St. Paul's, followed by a private burial. Continuing the tributes to the former lieutenant governor, Gov. Ed Rendell's office has placed a memorial book in the Rotunda with an invitation to any Pennsylvanian who wishes to pay personal tribute to Knoll to sign. Congressman Kanjorski added his sentiments to the Knoll passing, “As we mourn the loss of Lieutenant Governor Catherine Baker Knoll, I pass along my thoughts and prayers to her family and friends. She honorably served Pennsylvania throughout her life, as a wife, mother, teacher, and as a dedicated public servant, including as the Commonwealth’s first female Lieutenant Governor. Her devotion to Pennsylvania and to its constituents was ever present in her work and she will be greatly missed.” By the way, the state Rotunda is open to the public from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 9a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends.


Operation commando hunt is initiated to intercept men and supplies on the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Laos into SouthVietnam. By the end of the operation, 3 million tons of bombs are dropped on Laos, slowing but not seriously disrupting trail operations……..Yale University announces it is going co-educational.... NBC cuts off the final 1:05 of an Oakland Raiders-New York Jets football game to broadcast the pre-scheduled Heidi. Fans are unable to see Oakland (which had been trailing 32-29) score two late touchdowns to win 43-32; as aresult, thousands of outraged football fans flood the NBC switchboards to protest……………….

Statewide, Congressman Richard Schweiker readies himself to succeed Senator Joe Clark who he beat in the general election……in Luzerne County, Commissioner Ed Wideman announced that he favored an across the board raise for all county employees and in 1968 forty years ago, the number one song was Cream’s “White Room”, an insight into the shape of things to come in popular music.


At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly Herb Score passed away this week along with others. The guy never got the big break and was a class act.
The Tribe shoulda won in ’97 if only for Herb to step off stage a winner. The Yankees owe us two players. One for Ray Chapman who they killed and for Herb. Two good reasons to hate the Yankees!

At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Usta see Herb a lot around Rocky River in his convertible with the top down in the early seventies.

Think I saw the ball that hit him in the Hall of Fame, but not sure. Know there was something about Herb there. Believe it is a myth that he became gunshy. Think he developed arm trouble after the injury. Know folks who knew him and they always said he was a good guy. He became a much improved broadcaster over the years and he worked hard at it. He actually came before my time with the Tribe which started in 1960. I was there for the Sudden Sam McDowell era which was shor
and alcohol blurred. He was the next Herb Score. Herb falls into the what might have been category. Hope he had a good life.

At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk! I did not know you were blind in one eye. You just keep on keepin' on. Another fine edition on 1968. The Heidi interview puts things in perspective. Wow, I was a kid but I was mad. And Herb Score, the quality of people you've met over the years...just incredible. And Commissioner Wideman proposes raises, now 4 decades later, look at that Courthouse! A sham and shame!

At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Herb Score changed his motion after the injury and thats the way he hurt his arm. He was truly on his way to greatness. I think he had a severe auto accident and later a stroke. Your article was excellent and insightful. It appears he made the most of his life and there are lessons to be learned from both Herb Score and Dave Yonki. Two guys who never quit.

At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering ... did that priest also refuse to take the money from the collection plate of those people who voted for Obama too? I think not. Me thinks the Catholics should stay playing in their own back yards, they're getting more and more obnoxious.

At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eachus=Deweese Deweese=Eachus
Shame on the Democratic causus if they vote this guy in! Same person, different face!


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