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The LuLac Edition #686, Jan. 5th, 2009



Lackawanna County Commissionerds Mike Washo and Corey O'Brien gave the press a one year review. Washo said the accomplishments in the first year were a building block to a better future in the county of the Lac. Noted accomplishments included the adoption of a county ethics policy, an energy policy and a vehicle policy, implementation of middle management positions, and insistence that proper bidding procedures were followed are some of the accomplishments of 2008. Washo told the Times. “None of this sounds glamorous, but all of this will pay dividends forever,”A major criticism of the majority administration was its decision to lay off 92 people and eliminate 102 positions as a way to offset a $12.9 million budget shortfall in 2009. Minority Commissioner A.J. Munchak was a vocal opponent of the layoffs, but said he knows the tough situation the county faces in 2010. Budget officials already have projected a $4.4 million shortfall.Mr. Munchak also criticizes some of the initiatives Mr. Washo and Mr. O’Brien tout, such as creating middle management and hiring a Washington, D.C.- based lobbyist.


In Luzerne County a race for County Controller is looming and while the Dems are expecting the usual suspects, a great deal of support seems to be building for former James May campaign worker Bob Sy[niewski. A resident of the Back Mountain, Synpiewski is getting a great deal of favorable comments. Consider this recent quote on Gort 42: As long as we are making nominations, I'll make one: Bob Sypniewski for Controller. Bob was the chairman of James May's campaign, is a local, honest mortgage broker (unlike others in the news lately) and is currently sitting on the property tax reassessment commission - he has been a true watchdog, looking out for the tax-payer. He's mid-thirties, so he'd be some fresh, conservative blood in the GOP - something we desperately need.


According to the Scranton Times, there's something amiss at the popular Stadium Club at Lackawanna County Stadium.
The management group that operates the local Yankees Triple-A baseball team has sued the stadium’s concessionaire, claiming breach of contract, failure to make payments and poor food quality.CPI operated The Stadium Club, which closed on Monday and will remain closed until a new concessionaire is chosen, said Art Matin, CEO of Mandalay Baseball Properties, which co-manages the local team.Additionally, SWB Yankees LLC terminated its contract with the vendor, Concessions Plus Inc., effective Monday. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Lackawanna County Multi-Purpose Stadium Authority and SWB Yankees.Richard Bishop, attorney for CPI, had not seen the complaint but said the allegations were untrue. Concessions Plus Inc. is co-owned by local businessmen Glenn Gress and Al Hughes.As a precaution, Moosic Police officers began providing 24-hour security at PNC Field at midnight Monday. My humble opinion is bring back the good old days when Rich Sweeney was running the food concessions at the ballpark.


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O'Brien and Washo spent their first year campaigning for Barack Obama, hiring a new level of bureaucracy in deputy directors, adopting an ethics policy, but ignoring it by giving out tickets to Obama events from a government office, hiring a lobbying firm to further O'Brine's political career on the taxpayers dime....great work lads.


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