Monday, March 23, 2009

The LuLac Edition #763, Mar. 23rd, 2009



If there was any doubt that Pat Toomey is going after Arlen Specter's seat, and even Arlen Specter himself, that was erased last week when the former Congressman told the Franklin County Spring GOP Fundraising dinner. Franlin County is a Republican stronghold and went 66% for John McCain in 2008. Toomey said that the country was on a leftward lurch and that Arlen Specter caused that to happen. Toomey even seemed to intimate that if Specter had not joined forces with the Obama administration stimulus plan, he might have gone for the Governor's chair instead of the U.S. Senate. "The fact is, Arlen Specter made this happen, I think a Republican senator from Pennsylvania ought to govern based on the conservative ideas at the heart of the Republican Party, and that's why - Arlen, are you listening? - it is very likely that I will become a candidate for the United States Senate." Toomey came within 17,000 votes of beating Specter in the 2004 primary. Toomey gave a preview of his campaign touching on a message of unfettered capitalism, faith, and family values. It was Toomey's first statewide appearance since early March when he said he might run for the office. Meanwhile, Specter who rarely speaks of his political foes let loose on WILK'S Nancy and Kevin Morning News program last week saying about Toomey: "Well, he's been totally in favor of deregulation, letting Wall Street run its own affairs, which has been a tremendous factor in bringing us into this current mess." When Toomey enters the Senate race, this thing promises to be a big event with tons of money and energy spent. Stay tuned!


There is a Judgeship race in Lackawanna County this sporing. The big primary news has been the DiBileo/Doherty race for Scranton Mayor but there are a few contests worth watching. There are 4 candidates for the Court of Common Pleas single seat, they are Attorney Jim Tierney, Magisterial District Judge John Pesota and Assistant District Attorneys Margaret Bisignani Moyle (who has been utiliizing FaceBook) and Frank Castellano. Castellano recently had a successful fundraiser. Pesota has name recognition as a District Justice but the other three candidates are hitting the campaign trail in earnest.
Meantime in the row office catagory, a race that seems to be getting traction is for Lackawanna County Sheriff. John Szymanski is looking for an eighth term. He faces primary opposition from Bob Berta, and Deputy Sheriff Chester Cipilewski. If every person who received an honorary Deputy Sheriff badge from Szymanski could vote in Lackawanna County, he'd be there for life!


At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could be time for a new sherriff in Lackawanna County! Voiding the "County Deputy" cards passed out over the last 25 years might be a good place to start. I wonder about the necessity of the county deputy force as it currently exists. I'd like a review of the overall operation.

Lou from the Lac

At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, the DiBileo/Doherty race is throwing everyone some definite curve balls.

Also, the other Judge race is interesting - Good to see a woman running for judge.

As I hear it, Bisignani Moyle was a felony prosecutor for 10 years down in Miami-Dade before coming back home to Scranton, can't get much tougher than that. It comes down to her having more actual experience in the courtroom than all of the other candidates combined - that's pretty significant. Tierney, Castellano - they are no doubt decent folks and good attorneys, but don't have the same amount of actual courtroom experience to bring what's needed to the bench.

I think the Honorary Deputy thing is much to do about nothing, but there may be other issues in the Sherriff's department - not necessarily Szymanski himself but other situations there that need some looking at...


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