Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The LuLac Edition #891, July 29th, 2009



When CBS did a special presentation in 1986 called “Return To Mayberry”, the plot was that long serving deputy Barney Fife was finally going to run for Sheriff. His plans were momentarily spoiled when Andy Taylor returned to town. Naturally there was a groundswell of support for Andy and the duo wound up facing each other. I thought of that today when I read with interest when a Lackawanna County Deputy Sheriff Chester Cipilewski was fired by his boss John Szymanski. The Sheriff has served numerous terms and easily won another nomination in the May primary against, you guessed it, Cipilewski. Szymanski said he fired Deputy Chester Cipilewski for a lot of reasons but wouldn't discuss specifics. As a long time political observer in LuLac land remarked, “Dave, this isn’t Andy and Barney, and Gomer and Thelma Lou Aunt Bea. These guys play for keeps." Evidently.


Lackawanna Minority Commissioner A.J. Munchak reacted to the FBI investigation of the previous administration he was part of in an interesting manner. Munchak took the offensive saying, ... “I hope they'll be ready to issue an apology when they find nothing was done illegally." Munchak has long been associated with Robert Cordaro, the Lackawanna County Chair for years through business associations. Loyalty is a wonderful thing and I hope that Munchak is correct in saying that nothing was illegal. Let’s face it, the last thing we need here in NEPA is another scandal. But the feds and investigators are not known for saying, “Ooops”. A friend of mine was audited by the IRS 4 years in a row. Understandably he was outraged and after his ordeal was over wanted to demand an apology. Both his attorney and CPA advised, “Pack your briefcase, keep your head down and don’t say a word. Sorry isn’t in their vocabulary.


A slight detour on baseball. My good friend Gene Werely and his family went to Cooperstown to see Rickey Henderson inducted into the Hall of Fame. If you ever get a chance to see the Hall, it will be a great family experience. Gene says, “Rickey is my man. I've said for 25 years that when he makes it to the hall I'd be there. I've had the date circled for three years. Long story but a childhood friend of mine mad me aware of Rickey in the summer of 1980. He was my best friend in the years I lived in NY state. Unfortunately he died in an auto accident the week I graduated HS. Rickey has and always will be my bond with my late friend Jimmy Naccarato.”
Baseball, more than any sport bonds people, living and dead. You think of the past, while savoring the present and passing on the future to your sons and daughters. Gene did this with his trip to Cooperstown this past weekend.
One more baseball note: To all you Phillie fans out there, my Indians provided you with Cliff Lee today. Don’t screw up!


At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Phillies pulled off a great deal. I'd rather have this guy! He has won almost 30 games in the past year and a half, currently has a 3.14 ERA and would have 7 more wins if the Tribe scored any runs for him. Cliff Lee is on top of the world tonight dreaming of life in Run Productionland! To be a Cleveland Indians Fan is to relive the past, 60s/70s/80s over and over. Once again they ask ya to look to the future. Cleveland has the CAVs and LeBron and thats it! Philadelphia has the Phillies!

Go PHILLIES!All the way again.

At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, please watch the highways and byways of Nepa today. It's Paul Anka's birthday, it's a sunny day and Yonki will be blaring the car stereo.

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell the Feds to bring it on and they do! Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut! Wonder if he and the Bobster are in touch? Somebody needs to turn this into a novel. All the elements are there. John OHara would nail this one! Paul Sorvino can do the Movie!


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