Monday, June 06, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1624, June 6th, 2011


Today in federal court in Scranton Bob Cordaro and A.J. Munchak started a journey that will either lead them to the political promised land of sweet vindication or the dank, dark emptiness of a jail cell. The two defendants arrived in court suited up in navy blue and with red rep ties.
During the morning, after a series of laborious verbal sparring sessions between Judge Caputo and prospective jurors, a jury was finally picked. 7 men and 5 women will judge the duo that governed Lackawanna County for one tumultuous term. The jurors who were not picked readily told the media that they would hang the two of them even before reviewing the case. Whether this has an impact on the sitting jury is anyone’s guess but one has to wonder if these guys are wishing for a change of venue right now. Remember that A.J. Munchak petitioned the Judge to move the trial to Scranton when it was originally set for Wilkes Barre.
Opening arguments began this afternoon. The defense said that the witnesses the prosecution will call all were given varying degrees of immunity. The prosecution promised to outline a pattern of corruption by having vendors testify as to the pressure they were put under by Munchak and Cordaro. The vendors expected to testify are P.J. McClean and Kim Acker of Acker Associates; a person, whom Powell did not identify, from Highland Associates; Al Magnotta of Ceco; Joseph Ferrario of Hennigan Ferrario; Michael Pasonick of Pasonick Engineering in Wilkes Barre Charles Costanzo, former administrator of the county's workers' compensation fund; Al Hughes, a West Scranton funeral home director and Louis and/or Anthony Costanzo of LR Costanzo.
Sources tell us to expect colorful testimony and exchanges from Costanzo who is a convicted felon. Michael Pasonick’s testimony we are told will center on work done at the Wilkes Barre Scranton Airport during the time that the two Commissioners held office.
The trial resumes on Tuesday at the Federal Court House in Scranton.


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So, which one of these guys sexted a picture of himself to some random woman?? Oh sorry. Wrong scuzzy politico.

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