Friday, July 15, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1679, July 15th, 2011



Maybe I’m Amazed……..that it took this long for President Obama to walk out of the meetings with Congressional Republicans. These guys do not have the best interests of America in mind. And the fact that Obama hater Mitch McConnell the Senate Minority Leader who has publicly stated that he was working to make Obama a one term President now wants to raise the ceiling for at least a year tells me he sees the writing on the wall when it comes to public perception.
Maybe I’m Amazed…..that it took this long for a poll to come out that shows that 47% of Americans still believe George Bush’s economic policies were to blame for the bad indicators and not President Obama. But I’m sure Rush Limbaugh will twist that figure around too.
Maybe I’m Amazed……..that this year’s All Star game had its lowest ratings ever. I’m a baseball fan but I guess others aren’t really into it that much.
Maybe I’m Amazed……that a published presidential historian was one of two men caught with millions of dollars in documents from the Maryland Historical Society, including some signed by President Abraham Lincoln, according to court documents. Baltimore police charged Barry Landau, 63, and Jason Savedoff, 24, both of New York City, on Saturday with theft of more than $100,000 . You can bet this would be a Law and Order episode if they were still on the air.
Maybe I’m Amazed…….A Southern Californian woman is accused of cutting off the penis of her estranged husband. Catherine Kieu Becker of Garden Grove prepared dinner for her husband and put a poisonous substance or drug in his food to make him drowsy. While the poor schmuck was sleeping, Becker allegedly tied him to the bed. When he awakened, Becker cut his penis off with a knife and threw it into the garbage disposal, turning it on as she did so. Can anyone say the word puree? What did he do to get her that angry?
Maybe I’m Amazed……..that the people who parrot the views of Limbaugh and Beck can’t understand that what they propose is not very good for our area. Since Paul Kanjorski and Chris Carney were defeated, there has been virtually no funding for continuation of important federal projects. Limbaugh and Beck are millionaires, they have no idea what it takes to live in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Maybe I’m Amazed……that people who are encouraging candidates to take the plunge and urge candidates to do a write in vote underestimate the work, effort and ground game it will take to accomplish the ultimate goal which is winning.
Maybe I’m Amazed………that there still is very little news on what the 10th and 11th Congressional districts are going to look like. The reapportionment aspect of the race is still on the drawing board if you will but you are going to see the number of candidates entering and exiting those races based on that part of it. You can be sure Lou Barletta and Tom Marino will be running for another term, who will oppose them is another matter all together.
Maybe I’m Amazed……that Lindsay Lohan is not happy about the fact that Natalie Portman is regarded as a better dancer than she. Apparently Lindsay said she could’ve danced rings around Portman in the movie “The Swan”. Portman received an Oscar for that role. It is not known how many drinks Lohan had when she made the comments.
Maybe I’m Amazed…….that the Democrats beat the Republicans in a charity softball game in D.C. last night. Our own Lou Barletta pitched a few innings in the 7 to 2 Democratic win. WYLN TV 35’s Ken Cara was there and will provide a full report on Late Edition Tonight on Channel 7 at 10pm. Cara spoke with Barletta as well as the Representative from Tampa in the district where Hazleton native Joe Madon lives.
Maybe I’m Amazed…….that the Prosecution was so inept in the Roger Clemen’s perjury trial that they got hoodwinked by the silence of the Rocketman’s attorneys. The Defense let the prosecution introduce evidence prejudicial to the case and a mistrial was declared.
Maybe I’m Amazed………that Texas Governor Rick Perry is asking for a national day of prayer and reflection on August 6th. The Texas Governor thinks everybody should pray and wants everyone to follow his lead. Perry is a Republican who usually wants government to stay out of people’s lives, now the phony is mandating a day for prayer? Yeah I’ll bring the menorah, the hosts and the holy water, let’s see how well that’ll be tolerated by Perry's “Christian” nation. What a fraud.


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Clemons thing smells bad to me! Was the fix in so as to save the Rocket the embarassment of being proven guilty? Is there a deal goin down? Somethings rotten here. Still I wish He, McGuire and that phony Sammi Sosa good luck on HOF Ballots. Maybe the Oldtimers comittee someday. As to the All Star Game, it is totally overhyped! They have even managed to make the HR Derby boring. Its almost as bad as NBA All Star Weekend and thats bad! Besides the HR Derby will never see another performance like Josh Hamilton's Ruthian display of power. I still like Baseball too, Dave, but the All Star game doesnt do it for me anymore.
Go Phils
and Keep Goin TRIBE!



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