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The LuLac Edition #1921, January 28th, 2012

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This Tuesday the Florida primary takes place. A new poll out today has Mitt Romney up by about 9 points over Newt Gingrich with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul trailing in the mid teens. I took the opportunity to question a good friend of mine from college. In school he was innovative and brilliant in his college broadcast career. I regard him as my "go to" guy. If I have a technical question or ask for a quick answer he's there. And when I asked his opinions on the upcoming primary in his adopted home state, as always he was there. Here are his thoughts on Florida Campaign 2012.
Q: You've lived in Florida a long time, what is the importance of the Florida primary?
A: Very important locally and statewide. I haven't personally seen much interest locally on the presidential level.
Q: Have you always voted the primary?
A: Every year, every election since Nixon.
Q: As a resident, do you get much face time with candidates or is it all on TV?
A: Mostly TV - but the DVR comes in handy. Met quite a few local politicos thru my wife's family and helped a friend run for school board - that was sufficient.
Q: What do you think of this year's field of candidates?
A: Uninspiring so far but I'm enjoying the "theater".
Q: Tell me your favorite candidate and why.
A: Romney. He's not Obama.
Q: Least favorite and why?
A: Romney. He's not Obama.
Q: Do people talk about it or is it more a more compacted thing between political people. A: At this stage the people I know are focused on the state and local races. There is a visceral hatred of the Republicans by a lot of people around me. They run both state houses and were no better than the Democrats when it came to ramming legislation thru both state chambers. Stupid stuff, like a baggy pants school rule and reworking teacher evaluations, tying them to salaries and cutting back on promised retirement benefits to all state workers. Gingrich is taking advantage by morphing Romney into Rick Scott, our Governor in a recent ad. Its has a quiet impact, very effective.
Q: I guess I'm asking is Florida like a political New Hampshire?
A: Jeez Dave, remember we're the hanging chad state. We were played as fools in the national media - and when they trotted those "senior" citizens out after "med distribution" and "twilight effect" - it was all over. We were branded. Still paying the price, no matter what, we'll never be mistaken for New Hampshire.
Q: How different is Florida politics than Pennsylvania politics where you grew up?
A: The mud dries quicker in the sun. The party is in control so it's pretty much the same but I haven't become active. Some days I think I'm more attuned to the hometown scene though. Ever since names from school have been showing up in the media the politics take on more meaning. Of course all the guys with their poli-sci's have got to flex the skills. So even grass roots politics is becoming "big business".
Q: Favorite Florida politician?
A: Any challenger in any race.
Q: Are you a Tea Party Republican, a moderate or a conservative?
A: I'm a Tea Party supporter. Each and every one I've met have been the kind of people I could have over to the house. There are "shades of Tea" but they all walk the walk, are empathetic and respectful. Their reasoning resonates with me they impress me as being individually consistent in how they live their philosophy. Maybe Tea Party Conservative. Polar opposite of the Occupy Movement.
Q: Care to make any predictions for Tuesday?
A: Sunny and mild with increasing temperature and humidity as we approach August. I'll be ready with my vote.


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I understand it is that the Florida Primary is the first primary that only registered Republicans can vote for their party's standard bearer.

If it's true then this is the first test of the party faithful.

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as Executive Producer Bob Cordaro is heading to prison, the "Trouble with Cali" is being "released" at the Bobbie Joe Barnhill Film Festival or some such venue in Texas or Arizonia or somewhere. Sounds more like an escape and a screening than a release as Producer Cecil B. Sorvino said according to audience reaction, some tweaks may still be needed. Oh ya, Cecil B., I'm sure there's some tweaking left to do! If it wouldnt have cost broke Lackawanna County taxpayers $500,00this "movie" which will probably never reach DVD issue let alone general release, could be a helluva comedy! I hope its available someday at at least one Prison Facility.

Waverly Bob


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