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The LuLac Edition #1942, February 13th, 2012

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1.Why can’t Mitt Romney connect with the Republican faithful?

I don’t know but have a theory. I believe the GOP voter is like a shopper with limited means. They go into a store and want to make a good choice, a good buy. They’ve been in this store before and picked the item that people said they were supposed to pick. A tried and true original that was standard to what they as a shopper always bought for generations. (Dole). They chose someone that was dedicated but not stuffy, kind of trendy and independent but someone who served the greater good through his sacrifice. (McCain). Now this year they are looking for a type of political cleansing agent. They are told that Romney, perfect of visage and gait will be the one to lead them to the promised land. But then there’s Newt who years before took on the establishment and won. But Rick Santorum is someone they can relate to. I think many of the GOP voters are cautious because they don’t want to make a mistake again. They want to win and are not just yet giving their heart completely to anyone. That’s what’s the underlying deal here, at least in my opinion.

2. What did you think of the Super Bowl and did you ever crack open that bottle of wine?

On the wine, the answer is no. Like I said, we plan to drink but never get around to it. As far as the game goes, it was a classic. Either team could’ve won. Brady was very good as was Manning. I never left my seat after the start of the last quarter. Without Manning’s clutch performances this year, the Giants would have been 5-11, never mind getting to the Super Bowl. Great game.

3. Are you pleased that news will be returning to WYOU in April?

Yes. It should never have been taken off.

4. Do you find it odd that there are so many catheter commercials on TV and radio?

Jesus yes. Having sported that medical device twice within the last 4 years, I cringe when I see them. You’re out when they put them in, you’re wide awake when they take them out. It’s an experience I’ll tell ya.

5. Now that football season is over, what are you going to do with yourself?

Wait for baseball season.

6. Why do you seem to be praising the tax crazy new County Council?

They aren’t tax crazy. They were left holding the bag by the outgoing Commissioners. A tax increase was needed in order to give the new County head some room to move money in case of emergencies. If this new guy gets a handle on how efficient this government can run, and makes changes, you might even see a lowering of taxes in the long run. The County Council members who voted for the tax increase are simply cleaning up the mess left behind by past administrations some of whose members are now residing in prison.

7. Current County Council member Steve Urban Senior wants to run for Congress. Your thoughts?

He has every right to do it. Laureen Cummings, a Lackawanna County Tea Party activist and a very nice person is also running in the 17th. I’m sorry Steve is a Democrat now because that would have been a heck of a primary. But ultimately the voters will decide.

8. Has Barack Obama become the transformational figure in American history as predicted?

No. He has backed down on too many core principles. I think the main criteria to be an Obama advisor is to be a body contortionist.

9. How are you liking this snow less winter?

I’m loving it.

10. Do you remember Mitt Ronney’s father?

Yes. He was a Michigan Governor that was in his 3rd term. Back then Michigan Governors ran every two years. He was being pushed for President after the ’66 elections when it became clear that Bill Scranton from Pennsylvania was not going to run for national office. (Scranton had run in ’64). George Romney was tanned, polished and spoke his mind. After returning from a trip to Vietnam, he used the term “brainwashed” when he returned. He was given a tour of the country by Lyndon Johnson’s military commanders. Everything he saw was peaches and cream. He saw through the facade and if he used words like he was being lied to or mislead, he might have fared better. But there was still great support for the war effort in early ’68 (before Tet) and the words “brainwashed” intimated a type of “Manchurian Candidate” message. Plus Romney was out organized by the wily Richard Nixon who used his political candidates to get committee people in key states geared up for him. Romney never even competed in any primaries and dropped out shortly before New Hampshire. Romney was named Nixon’s HUD Secretary (Housing and Urban Development) and had a famous front page nationally run in with the latte Min Matheson over housing during the 1972 Agnes Flood summer.

11. I noticed on your Facebook page you have a birthday coming up. What are you doing now that you weren’t doing 20 years ago as a benchmark for your aging?

I’m wearing more cardigans around the house in the winter. I feel like freaking Ozzie Nelson!

12. Any thoughts on the passing of Whitney Houston?

Liked her music, sorry to see she died but drugs really wasted her life and talents. 85 year old Tony Bennett sang a tribute song to her at a pre Grammy party. That should tell you everything you need to know about how far she could have gone without drugs.

13. Your were quite opinionated on TV and in LuLac regarding the twins being born in a Luzerne County prison cell. The Interim County Manager wants the DA to investigate. Should they?

If he has facts that the Prison Guards and Nurses did something criminal, then yes the DA should investigate. However, if things stand as they are right now, it appears that no crime was committed. Two babies were born alive to a woman who had drugs in her system, had no prenatal care and was unaware that she was having twins. The babies were transported live to Wilkes Barre General. There seems to be no crime on the part of the Caregivers. You can make an argument for negligence against the mother but with the back load of cases in the rookie DA’s office, why open that can of worms. The DA’s offices prosecutes crime. I don’t see any crime here. The larger issue is Warden Piazza’s not telling the Interim Manager or the County Council Chair or Vice Chair. I don’t think there was a cover up, just bad judgement. Given the overwhelming amount of work the County Council is doing, the absence of a full time Manager, the newness of the entire system, I’d tend to not fire Piazza. But I would cite him for insubordination and bad judgement and suspend him for a week without pay. So should they investigate where there was no crime? No. Should they talk to the Warden about brushing up on his Communication skills? Definitely.


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, if there was nothing criminal done at the prison, why is Pribula asking the DA to investigate? I agree that the only thing the warden screwed up on was in not advising the powers to be what happened. Of course, there is a lot of confusion with him answering to a Board all these years and now there is no Board so I give him a pass on that slip up. Other than that, the lady was checked, she was 7 momths preg. and the twins were premiture. That's life, a tough sittuation but that's life. By the way, Steve Urban was a major player in the useless budget they left and I can't figure out why you have not taken his hyde off over it. What's with that?

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whitney's slide started with her "association" with Bobby Brown. Too bad she couldn't recognize the danger.

I'm waiting for the OSHA to step in and try to regulate the entertainment industry. (sarcasm font needed)

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you say Whitney was a victim of an "occupational hazard"?


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