Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The LuLac Edition #1963, February 28th, 2012

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Example of eye chart verification process on blogs.


The last few weeks have been challenging for many blog posters who are having difficulty posting to various blogs in the area. As many of you know, there has to be a verification process where you enter in one word followed by another. This used to be easy but for some reason the administrators who control our sites from that big IT department in Where/ever/ville, U.S.A. have made it difficult to post. I have tried numerous times to post on Mark Cour’s and Gort’s site but to no avail. The reason is I can’t make out the squiggly lines on the second verification word. My short term fix was to have you send a direct e mail to my personal address or my Facebook page. Many inquiries for our “13 Questions” feature (yes most of them are really from readers) segment as well as some of our comments come via e mail or Facebook. But there are links and sometimes it takes too much time since I know that many comments are made on the run. All of us are busy and don’t have the time to recalibrate a comment three or four times. So, I have decided to dedicate a separate e mail address for your comments. The same rules apply, I’ll edit as I see fit, most people will bitch about that, but post anyway (which I am thankful for) and life will go on in its insane manner. But……..one segment will be at least easier…
you won’t get frustrated posting on eye chart like verifications that will frustrate you as much as they did me. The e mail dedicated to comments is: lulacletter@hotmail.com. We’ll check it periodically. And we’ll publish it as soon as we access them. So go nuts.
Also......and this is very important, if you want to remain anonymous and still use the Hotmail address, I will of course respect that and not put it on the blog. Simply write in the message line.....Anonymous said....................and I'll take it from there.


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you God!!! It was frustrating.


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