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The LuLac Edition #2439, June 4th, 2013


Just thought I’d give you an update on the Liz Randol story that broke on Election Night in Scranton. After losing the Mayor’s race on the Democratic side, Randol told the news media that she was sure she’d be winning the GOP nomination. That speculation was fueled by many, including me on WILK Radio that morning. I stated that the state of the GOP in Scranton was so bad, that Democrats routinely tried to pick off the GOP nomination. Gary DiBileo (corrected, see comment # 2 in this edition) did it in 2005 and Chris Doherty did it in 2009. I thought that maybe Bill Courtright or Randol would try to organize and get some write ins. Well, it turns out Randol’s campaign organizational skills on the GOP side was just as faulty as her efforts in turnout were on the Democratic side. In the official count, Randol finished a dismal fourth. 
But as far as the Scranton GOP, I was at least half right. The GOP electorate voted in Garrett Lewis as their nominee, a man who never even bothered to show up for the broadcast debate. Then, Lewis has said he would withdraw because he doesn’t want to run for Mayor after all. The GOP should just endorse Bill Courtright and get it over with already. They aren’t going anywhere. 
Liz Randol, despite these setbacks has more of a future than the Scranton GOP!  
The late Frank Lautenberg. (Photo: Chicago Tribune).


 New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg died at the age of 89. He was the last surviving WWII veteran in the Senate. He served 5 terms and came to office after the Abscam scandal cleared out then Democrat Harrison Williams. Lautenberg stayed until 2000 but came back to the Senate after another Democrat, Robert Toricelli left office under an ethics cloud. Lautenberg was responsible for prohibiting smoking on planes and was a defender of John Kerry during his 2004 Presidential bid. Kerry, a three time Medal Winner in Vietnam was criticized as being a coward by Swift Boat veterans and in particular then Vice President Dick Cheney. Lautenberg came right after “Deferment Dick” in this Senate speech saying "We know who the chickenhawks are," the New Jersey senator said on the Senate floor. "They talk tough on national defense and military issues and cast aspersions on others, but when it was their turn to serve, they were AWOL from courage." Lautrenberg was a Democrat from the Democratic wing of the party and could not stand the hypocrisy of Cheney. He decided not to run in 2014 but not before letting Newark Mayor Core Booker sweat it out for a while. 



Dr. Joe Leonardi will be on the radio tomorrow; Wednesday, June 5th 2013, He will be a guest on NEPA's most talked about program, The David J Madeira show, on 94.3FM The Talker, tomorrow at 7am; to discuss his first novel America Enslaved.


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess Randol just aint that smart after all. Speaks volumes for gun owners who cant keep track of loaded weapons.
There is no GOP in Lackawanna County! Whatever there was, Bobby and AJ killed it off, but why the hell did this jerk get into the race if he wasn't going to run. Idiot!

At 6:56 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Editor's Note: the comments in lower case are mine)

HEY, BUFFOON, (edited, it’s the same tired old insult from a frustrated slob who loves to nit pick and is jealous of what we as bloggers do) YOU SPELLED (edited, oops, out of 10,000 words this week, I misspelled a name, shoot me, get me the hell out of my misery) IF YOU'RE THE POLITICAL EXPERT YOU CLAIM TO BE,(edited, I never claimed to be a political expert, but after seven years of hard work, newspapers describe me as a political commentator, I’m on TV and radio, are you? Green is so your color!) (edited,) again, tiresome, non productive, jealous and I’d say so far beneath you, oh wait, sorry, no mean spirited, self righteous comment is beneath you, if you are so frustrated by my blog, there is porn or prayer to help you) LOOKS LIKE YOU'LL POST ANOTHER COMPLAINT ON GORT'S FACEBOOK THAT PEOPLE ARE MEAN TO YOU AND DON'T APPRECIATE YOUR WORK. (Ah, thank you for bringing that up because by posting that on Gort’s Facebook page, through the magic of the internet, I know who you are and why you can’t stand me. So when I misspell a name, miss a date, don’t bother to comment because I will no longer use any of your comments. They are pretty much worthless and non productive. However, if you want to come out of your pathetic hole, use your identity and attack me in public. Put your name on something as I have done for 7 years! And one more thing, do not interpret this response as a victory, thinking you and your comments struck a nerve, because they didn’t. Every public person has a stalker, it’s my luck that you aren’t a 6 foot female redhead. So I guess this is our divorce. One more thing in closing, in a scene from “Madmen”, an underling of Don Draper told him he thought about the way Draper did business and wanted to voice his opinion. Draper replied, “I don’t thinkkk of you at all”. I added the letter “k” twice as a parting gift to keep your hatred for what I do going. See ya!

At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good shot, Dave.
I noticed the name was misspelled, but so what? Probably happens all the time. Ask Gary. The older I get the more I marvel at people and their pettiness especially in the valley with a heart. Jealousy prevails. The comments should have been written in green ink!
The Madman quote is plucked from history and not original. If it was important I'd find it, but I bet you already know that.
The more work you do the more chance for an occasional slip up. Your productivity is amazing and I respect your efforts even when I disagree. Keep up the good work.


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Better Life Seminars said...

hi Dave,

thank you very much for the mention. It went really well, dave is a great host.

you're up at Wirk quite a bit, what is Steve Corbett issue with Liz? I read his latest posting about her, he sounds more like a jilted lover than a political talk show host. If people ever wonder why good people, don't wanna run for office, all they need to do is read his posting that is filled with personal attacks and commentary on subjects like her jewelry.
additionally, calling the people that are working for a better Scranton the demeaning names like the beautiful people is simply juvenile. I just don't understand it. it is one thing to disagree with people's political views, but it is quite the other to make personal attacks when people are trying to do something to enrich and improve the area, instead of go on the radio and simply bitch about it.
as far as this asshole who keeps criticizing and attacking you, if you know who it is, just out the son of a bitch. with all that you've been going through for the last several years, your dedication to putting up this blog, in spite of it all, is nothing short of an admirable.
as far as the typos in this comment, I'm doing this from my smartphone, and I'm just dictating it in.
keep up the great work my friend, and don't let the bastards get you down.

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, Love your response to the goof who thinks he has the ability to go head to head with you. Proof as they say is in the podding..... no reply from him. Just keep in mind that they crucified Christ not that I'm comparing you to Him but rather making a simple statement that not even the Son of God could please everyone. You do a super job and I for one appreciate it. Thanks for all you do.


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