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The LuLac Edition #2531, October 6th, 2013

Former Scranton Mayor David Wenzel. (Photo: Times Tribune).

Mulligan For Mayor sign. 


Jim Mulligan, the belatedly named GOP candidate for Mayor of Scranton has received an important endorsement from former Mayor David Wenzel. I got to know Wenzel well during his term when I was involved in a bi county promotion project with Scranton Advertising Executive and former WARM Radio personality Bob Woody. Wenzel, a Vietnam War Veteran scored an upset victory over incumbent Jim McNulty in the 1985 election.
Wenzel does not offer an endorsement frequently and that is the significance of this announcement. If enough disaffected Liz Randol voters move to Mulligan plus the residue of good will that Wenzel still enjoys, well that  might translate into some votes for Mulligan to come within striking distance of Bill Courtright the Democratic nominee.
The Jim Mulligan for Mayor campaign is proud to announce that it has received the endorsement of former Scranton Mayor David Wenzel. Mayor Wenzel served the people of Scranton as mayor from 1986 - 1990.
In a message to voters across the city, Wenzel stated:
"Our great city is facing serious economic challenges. As we seek to resolve those challenges, Scranton needs someone that will stand up for the taxpayers. Jim Mulligan is that man.
Jim's education, experience, and qualifications have prepared him to face our financial challenges head-on. He has a plan to resolve our finances and balance our budget that puts the taxpayers first.
This election isn't about just electing our next Mayor, it's about the future of Scranton, and I'm endorsing Jim Mulligan for Mayor. I hope you will join me."
Jim Mulligan said: "I am honored to receive Mayor Wenzel's support. Our campaign is picking up steam across the city and Mayor Wenzel's endorsement is one more example of city leaders coming together to join our campaign to unite Scranton as one. We have tough challenges facing our city and it is going to take the work of all of us to save our city. I am ready for this challenge and I am going to all corners of the city to ask the voters for their support."



It was a good run with the Friday On My Mind Edition of “Topic A” on WYLN TV. But this Friday afternoon was our final program. The Topic A Live at 5 show goes to a half hour this starting Monday and WYLN Anchor Anne Gownley will host at 5:30 PM.It was wonderful to also work with Weatherman Joe Garbachick every week.
L.A. is moving full time to The Sports Hub Radio on the FM dial as well as doing afternoon news on WILK. It was a great run and boy did we have fun. L.A. will still consult with WYLN TV 35 and still have a hand in their news operations. Here are a few photos from the last program: 

 Here I am with Weatherman Joe Garbachick at the weather center.  

Director Joe Maggio and Producer/Jack of all trades Mike Moran steered the Topic A ship through the years. They were always, gracious, helpful but most of all shared my sense of sarcasm when I sat in the Control Room as L.A. did the first recap before I went on with him. Maggio is pictured as he directs Friday’s finale. Otherwise occupied on Friday nights with WYLN TV 35 High School Football coverage, it was fitting Joe Maggio gave us a send off. 

 Here I am with another wonderful staff person I came to know and admire, Julie Stefanovich. Julie is not a fair weather friend. The very first stand up I did for WYLN TV 35 was on a sub zero January Friday Night at the Federal Courthouse in Wilkes Barre at the trial of the Shenandoah police officers accused of obstructing justice in the Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala beating in 2008. In 2008. It was freezing cold but we did it on an isolated street. She picked me everyday on the way to the Ciavarella trial in 2011 and was everywhere getting video. The most memorable weather moment came when I did a story on the ending of Adult Basic in front of the Blue Cross Building in downtown Wilkes Barre. It was teeming rain that day and the downpours wouldn't quit. Non plussed,  Julie took video of every aspect of the story and was extremely calm when we were chased off the sidewalk by the BCNEPA Security guards. She has been always calm and even handed and was a perfect anecdote to the excitable Mr. Tarone.
 WYLN TV 35’s Anne Gownley is one of the most competent young reporters I know. When I helped with the Ciavarella/Conahan trials, she was always ready to steer me the right way. And I always enjoyed talking to her on my Friday visits to WYLN TV 35. Her future in area broadcasting and beyond is bright. And if I ever make it to a nursing home and she makes the big time, I can say, “I knew her when”.
Tarone and I spent the final day doing what we always did every Friday, argue.
And while the temptation was there for L.A. to do this, we got through it all in one piece. Thanks L.A. and everyone at WYLN TV 35 for the opportunity to work with a dedicated and class group of people. Friday will always be on my mind!


At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never saw your show because it's not on my cable system. But, Tarone is very knowledgeable and competent, and very easy to listen to. Personally I think it's maybe about time to replace some of the talk show hosts on WILK with new blood. Their topics and callers are now getting redundant and somewhat stale. L.A. Tarone would definitely be an added plus to any talkshow time slot.

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know much about Mulligan but Wenzels endorsement will cause me to take a closer look. Perhaps genuine new blood could make a difference, but its an uphill battle under the best of circumstances. I liked Randol, but the gun issue gave me second thoughts and something just didn't ring true.

A Scrantonian till they run me off
which they are working on.

Took four tries to get past word verification!

At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time in the huddle is always bittersweet Dave. I've seen Moran & Maggio in the truck during their Giants Despair broadcasts and always left marveling at how they wring every ounce of quality out of the equipment. That's pure talent - and love of what they do.

You tell a great story there.


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a man who was Mayor nearly thirty years ago, Dave Wenzel hasn't aged a day!

At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great spin! Try this!

WLYN had to get under the 50 employee mandate to not be forced to pay for Obamacare so they could stay in business. Probably dropped that benefit because they could and passed their employees onto the "exchanges" where they have to pay.

L.A. landed on his feet with an employer who most likely has a health care plan while the consultant gig will keep him from tipping the WLYN scales into Obamacare. I am glad that L.A. is making a move up and I hope the others, including you Yonk, will follow him up the ladder.

Good, bad or indifferent its just the way it looks.


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