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The LuLac Edition #2788, December 7th, 2014


Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. For a time, as a nation we were shaken. But rebounded. This was a defining moment in a war that truly defined what freedom and the fight for it was all about. Here are images from that day.



A message from WYLN TV 35's Tiffany Cloud Olson:
Sunday, Dec 7th commemorates the bombing at Pearl Harbor.
WYLNTV35 is so dedicated to sharing the stories of our nation's heroes...That's why I am replaying a special episode of The Storm Sunday 730-8pm...
I am pictured here with two local WWII veterans I interviewed a few months back on The Storm, WYLNTV35-- the man on the right is one of the last living survivors of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. It was my distinct honor to interview him.
Pictured are Tiffany with Charles Neubert is the Pearl Harbor survivor and the other WWII vet was in a clandestine part of the service on a ship and fought with the VA for 69 years for disability he was entitled to receive is Ed Greene, both of Greater Hazleton.


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the great tragedies of Pearl Harbor is that it wasnt just Japanese treachery, but an unbelievably cavalier attitude on
the part of our government and military and not just the Admiral and General who were scapegoated
at the time. Billy Mitchell years before predicted an attack on Pearl Harbor as an example of air power and he was eventually court martial ed. We knew something was coming, but were unable to pinpoint where and should have been on full alert throughout the Pacific. This lesson should never be forgotten.


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fitness club I belonged to(since closed) had a pearl harbor survivor who was a member. Very interesting person to ask questions and he was the only PH person I ever met. Of course I ask him what he was doing when the attack happened. He said his
mom wrote him a letter and told him he didn't go to church enough and he was waiting for a bus to go to church. Sure a different era wasn't it? He was a radar
operator on the mountain and he just got off duty that Sunday morning. Used to kid him and tell him they made a move about him and he always laughed. Also told me their were 5 radar stations at different places. Most of us just think their was one. Another interesting story and you talk about fate, he was on a ship the weekend before PH. The army and the Navy didn't get along(Hard to believe) and they used to spend a weekend at each others duty sections to try and get along better. Still doesn't work!! And one last story. Being from Berwick, I always had my Berwick coat on. He called me the Berwick kid. Ask him if he had ever been to Berwick. Being a PH survivor, he gave a speech at the ACF plant where they made tanks. Told him my grandfather wired up the tanks and he probabley listened to him that day!


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