Friday, June 12, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2937, June 12th, 2015


This weekend in Edwardsville the Second Annual Pierogie Festival will take place. The event starts at 10AM and there will be a Parade at 11AM on Main Street. Then there will be a Pierogie Judging Contest at Konefal's.
The cool thing about a Pierogie is that there are no bad Pierogies. Okay that might be a stretch but as Mrs. LuLac has pointed out if you go to any grocery store there are many varieties available. That has been a big change since we were kids.
Mrs. LuLac's mom made great Pierogies and they were the perfect blend of dough and fillings. Before her memory started to leave her, she left the recipe behind. My mom and sister made a different type of Pierogie that was lighter.My late Godmother Anne Yonki made the most perfect pierogies that defied description. We always looked forward to her Pierogies for our Christmas Eve suppers at 83 Cliff Street in Pittston.
In terms of store bought, my favorite from the factory is Mrs. T.'s Sauerkraut. From a bakery, The Sanitary in Nanticoke. From the family, my sister in law Alexis who used her mother's recipe.
Pierogies are good in the dead of winter or in the Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days of Summer. Like tomorrow in Edwardsville.
You could fill them with anything from fruit to cabbage to any variety of Cheese you desire. (My dad was a fan of Prune Pierogies.)
Numerous politicians have gained a few pounds on the campaign trail downing a few of the tasty treats.
Even former State Representative, District Attorney and Statewide Jurist Corey Stevens in past campaigns passed out a ready made recipe called The Tiptaff Pierogies.
When someone asks you if you want a Pierogie, just say Oh Yeah. Or sing it...O Je!!!


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