Saturday, June 27, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2972, June 27th, 2015


Bill Cosby is combating efforts by The Associated Press to unseal motions from a lawsuit he settled with a former Temple University employee. The 2005 lawsuit was settled and the documents were sealed.
But now the AP wants those records. The confidential settlement was the result of a lawsuit accusing Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at Cosby's home.
Cosby’s lawyers said the release of the information might prejudice him with other future juries. Here’s my question, when is a settlement not a settlement?
More than a dozen women have accused Cosby of defaming them when spokespeople of Cosby said they were liars. The comic icon wants their claims thrown out in the discovery phase. At this point Cosby has never been charged with a crime related to those charges. However this could be the match that lights that fire.

The State Capitol. (Photo: AP).
Governor Tom Wolf has said he will veto the State budget if the GOP controlled Houses pass it without some provisions. In an e mail Wolf stated, Here's my pledge to you: I will veto any budget that reaches my desk that isn't structurally balanced and doesn't require the oil and gas companies to pay their fair share in order to fund our schools. We're faced with a choice in Pennsylvania: we can continue with the status quo that hasn't worked or we can move forward toward a commonwealth that gives everyone a shot at prosperity.
I choose to stand on the side of progress, and I'm excited to fight for that with you.
With large Republican majorities in Harrisburg, I knew change wasn't going to be easy, but they cannot continue to ignore our mounting problems: Pennsylvania ranks near the bottom in job growth; we have the nation's most inequitable schools; and we have some of the highest property taxes in America.
We must do better, but to do so requires a different path, and that's why I simply refuse to allow Harrisburg to do the same thing again and again.
Let's demand they get serious about reform and pass one that's really balanced. Let's demand a historic investment in education. Let's make the oil and gas companies pay their fair share to fund our schools. And let's pass the largest property tax cut in the history of Pennsylvania. Wolf outlined his thoughts simply with these graphics.
Wolf's e mail even sent this chart. 
Wolf is asking interested parties to join his PAC that is designed to change Harrisburg. Here is that link:


At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here it is, payoff to the teacher's union. Wolf is a piece of garbage whore

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheet in wolf clothing. It will continue while he tells us it's the right thing to do.


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