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The LuLac Edition #2986, July 9th, 2015

All you need to know about the national Republican party is this: today Congressional Republicans were forced to pull a spending bill from the floor after an amendment regarding the display of the Confederate flag was discovered by the Democrats. The House had been debating the annual Interior Appropriations bill, which sets funding for the Interior Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service, and the Smithsonian Institution. One of the provisions prohibited the use of flags on graves of Confederate soldiers and to ban the park service from selling merchandise with flag imagery on it.
Southern Republicans took issue with the grave site prohibition, because 10 Southern states, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS, observe Confederate Memorial Day, an official holiday on which Confederate graves are often decorated for the day with the flag, and often by family descendants.
Do you think Italy have a Mussolini brothers in arms remembrance day? Just saying.

The allocation of slots money seems to be getting better in this area. I don’t see the funding of private businesses like in the past. (That Hazleton building appropriation last year was a disgrace). I also think the SHINE program is worthy too. Municipal fixes for infrastructure are also badly needed and worthy projects. But let’s keep an eye on who is getting the contracts to do the work and how connected they are to the people who helped secure the grants.
One more thing, let’s give Libraries a break. I know there were some local libraries that put allocations in. But from what I saw they got nothing. A few facts about libraries.
1. The Libraries support early childhood literacy through programs for infants through preschoolers and their families. 
2. They are resource centers for young people who may not have access to the things other more affluent people have.
3. The Library also is a center for unemployed to send out resumes. 
Melvil Dewey once called Public Libraries The People's University because it offered educational opportuities for everyone from birth to old age, 
And I can go on. Look I married a Librarian but that has nothing to do with it. I have always felt that every politician thinks every educational problem has to be fixed with more money involving the schools. Luzerne and Lackawanna County governments support the Library systems. So does the state but if you compare these ancillary “projects” that get funded by gambling revenue, Libraries don’t get any share at all.
Does it take a disaster like a roof caving in (the first year The Hoyt Library got gaming revenue) to get any money?
Two other things, this money for Medico Industries for a facility upgrade. Do they not get Federal grants and make profits to upgrade their business? Why should gaming revenue be used for a company that has seen more government largesse than your average company? 
Just wondering.
And one more thing……these projects are all well and good but just how much property tax relief are we really getting?

Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: LuLac archives).

After four years the transfer of a 42 acre plot of land in Monroe County has ended, successfully.
The Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) Alliance, a regional community and economic agency, has successfully transferred the land to the Tobyhanna Army Depot, one of northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest employers and, the only logistics support depot for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Systems across the Department of Defense.
U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey, and U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright sent a letter to the Assistant Secretary of the Army Jo-Ellen Darcy in December 2014 urging that the transfer be expedited, “We hope the US Army Corps of Engineers will move quickly to process the transfer of this land to the Tobyhanna Army Depot which will be used to enhance their mission capabilities.”
“Completing this land transfer will further the work being done at Tobyhanna Army Depot, which contributes a great deal to our nation, state and region,” Senator Casey said. “Tobyhanna’s skilled workforce continues to support our nation’s defense and serve a foundation for the region’s economy.”
“I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Tobyhanna Army Depot several times. It is one of the Department of Defense’s premier electronics maintenance facilities and a major employer in northeast Pennsylvania,” said Senator Toomey. “I was happy to support this effort which will allow the Depot to enhance their mission capabilities.”
“Tobyhanna Army Depot is a one-of-a-kind facility that employs highly skilled, hard working men and women who are tasked with equipping and protecting our nation’s soldiers. This land transfer will provide the Depot with more space to grow,” said Rep. Cartwright. “The importance of Tobyhanna cannot be overstated, which is why I will always push to ensure it has the support and resources it needs to continue its great work.”
In the 17th Congressional district alone, the Depot generates $1.68 million in economic activity for every dollar invested. Additionally, every job at Tobyhanna generates two-and-a-half jobs in the larger local community.
In 2011, NEPA Alliance secured grant funds to purchase the 42 acres of land neighboring Tobyhanna Army Depot. The purpose of the acquisition was to immediately donate the land to the Depot; however the process had been bogged down for years.
As a result of the extended timeline NEPA Alliance has had to pay property taxes associated with the land using the Alliance’s Blue Ribbon Task Force funds. Noting the Alliance’s ability as a small non-profit, the payments could limit funding for other Blue Ribbon initiatives.
The Blue Ribbon Task Force was originally organized by the NEPA Alliance in 1992 to provide community support for the Tobyhanna Army Depot. The Task Force reconvened in 2014 in preparation for a possible Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) in 2017.
The most recent BRAC was in 2005 when the Secretary of Defense forwarded his recommendations for realignments and closures to the BRAC Commission, an independent nine-member panel appointed by the President. The Commission evaluated the list by taking testimony from interested parties and paying visits to affected bases, eventually closing nearly 15 major facilities.

Congressman Lou Barletta. (Photo: LuLac archives).
“How many murders of innocent citizens are acceptable before we finally stop the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policies of localities when it comes to illegal immigration?”
Congressman Lou Barletta announced that he would reintroduce legislation to punish so-called “sanctuary cities” by withholding federal funding from local governments which resist or ban enforcement of federal immigration laws, or flatly refuse to cooperate with immigration officials. The legislation, which will be titled the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act, comes following the murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle, whose accused killer is a seven-time felon who had been deported five times previously. The crime occurred on July 1st in San Francisco, which since 1989 has had a local ordinance which generally prohibits cooperation with federal immigration officials. Barletta also introduced the same legislation in 2011, and has fought against illegal immigration since his time as mayor of his hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
“How many murders of innocent citizens are acceptable before we finally stop the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policies of localities when it comes to illegal immigration?” Barletta asked. “We hear an awful lot about compassion for the people who break our immigration laws, but where is the outrage when an illegal immigrant commits a violent act that robs a family of one of its cherished members?”
The Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act would prohibit any federal funding for a minimum period of one year to any state or local government which has a policy or law that prevents them from assisting immigration authorities in enforcing federal immigration law. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) lists more than 200 such localities in the United States. Barletta’s bill will direct the Attorney General to compile an annual list of such cities and issue a report on any particular state or locality upon request from a member of Congress. A state or local government would only regain federal funding eligibility after the Attorney General certifies that its laws and policies are in compliance with federal immigration statutes.
“I introduced this bill four years ago, but Congress didn’t have the political will to pass it at that time,” Barletta said. “But when we see the senseless death of a young person who was as full of life as Kate Steinle, there comes a time when we have to say, ‘Enough is enough. Our immigration laws have to mean something.’”
Steinle Murder Reminds of Hazleton’s Kichline Murder
Barletta became mayor of his hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania in January 2000. After noticing that the city’s population had grown by 50 percent while the tax revenue had remained flat, he realized there was a problem with illegal immigration. Then, in 2006, a local 29-year-old father of three, Derek Kichline, was murdered while working on his pickup truck in front of his own house. His accused killer was an illegal immigrant who had been arrested previously at least a half a dozen times. As mayor, Barletta pushed for Hazleton’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act.
“Derek Kichline’s murder was the last straw for me in Hazleton, and Kate Steinle’s death just brings back the anger and frustration we all felt at that time,” Barletta said. “Illegal immigrants have plenty of advocates in Washington who will stand up for them. Well, I intend to stand up for law abiding citizens, and the families of those who have lost loved ones to violent criminals as a result of the failure to enforce our immigration laws.”
Hazleton’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act suspended the business licenses of any landlord or business which knowingly rented to or hired illegal immigrants. The ordinance was challenged in court by anonymous plaintiffs represented by the Americans for Civil Liberties Union, and was eventually struck down by federal courts. Though Hazleton’s law was never enforced because of the litigation, local statutes based on it are permitted in 16 states covered by rulings from the 8th and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeal.
“It makes no sense that communities like Hazleton are prohibited from protecting themselves from illegal immigration, while cities like San Francisco can safely ignore federal law,” Barletta said. “We don’t necessarily need new laws, but we must enforce the ones we already have. That’s what this bill is designed to do.”



One of the most beloved TV local chefs, Chef Lou passed away today at the age of 71. He was a mainstay on WYLN TV 35. He was 71. More on him this weekend on LuLac. 


Keith Olbermann, the Billy Martin of Broadcasting is leaving ESPN again. Olbermann was on ESPN 2 with a show that was a sports commentary show . That started in 2013 and the sports anchor stayed the length of his contract which will end on July 31st.
Look for Olbermann to return to a network like CNN or maybe back to MSNBC just in time for the 2016 Presidential election.


One man's extreme effort to raise money for an area Animal Shelter will be the subject of discussion on ECTV Live during the week of July 13th. David DeCosmo and his co-host Rusty Fender will be speaking with Rich Hayes who will be riding his bicycle in his annual "Pedaling For Paws" campaign!
ECTV Live is presented three times daily on Comcast channel 19 (61


This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Noreen Neary about a support group she is starting for people who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and agoraphobia coming up on July 25th at the Dunmore Presbyterian Church, as well as her own experience with those issues.
An encore of Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning interview with Wyoming Valley West senior and author Ashlee Harry about her new young adult novel "The Guardians".
And an encore of Brian's interview with Sandra Serhan, Event Coordinator for Lake Fest 2015, coming up later this month at Harvey's Lake.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X & Sports Radio 590, WARM and 6:25am on Magic 93.


Katherine M. Pohlidal of the Women with Children Program (WWC) At Misericordia University
The Irregulars Think Tank Breakfast will be held THIS SATURDAY at 9:00 a.m. at the Lakeside Skillet at Harveys Lake. Come join us in welcoming Katherine M. Pohlidal from the Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program at Misericordia University. Afterwards take a ride around the lake and enjoy the wonderful scenery and pristine architecture.


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Jim Morrison runs into former UCLA classmate Ray Manzarek in Venice Beach, California, at approximately 1:00 P.M. local time. After hearing some of Morrison's songs, Manzarek agrees to form The Doors with him.[ …….Bill Moyers becomes acting LBJ White House press secretary.............Pope Paul VI appoints Adolph Marx the first Roman Catholic bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, in Brownsville, Texas, Maria Callas gives her last operatic performance, as Tosca at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden……

Maria Callas (Photo: Time)
in Pennsylvania a quintet of one time Governors meet at the dedication of the William Penn Museum….
Seated James Duff and Luzerne County’s Arthur James, standing Edward Martin, William Scranton and David Lawrence (Photo: Pennslyvania Politics Today and Yesterday)……in Luzerne County work continues on land that will become Frances Slocum State Park and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was the iconic “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction “ by The Rolling Stones.


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