Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3063, November 4th, 2015



Democrats Christine Donohue, Kevin M. Dougherty and David N. Wecht were the big winners over Republicans Anne Covey, Michael A. George and Judith F. Olson. Independent Paul Panepinto,was also in the mix. This win by the Democrats was significant because it showed the renewed strength of the Democratic party in state elections. Also, maybe the State GOP should have endorsed a proven vote getter like Corey Stevens in the primary. They were so worried about his age that they ignored his past election wins. While worrying about losing one seat down the road to retirement, they lost 3 last night.


Tim McGinley, Edward Brominski, Jane Walsh Waitkus, Stephen A. Urban  and Eugene Kelleher were the top 5. The race for a sixth seat was razor thin between Robert Schnee and Steve Urban Junior. Schnee a Democrat who lost out in the primary and ran as a Republican because he got votes on that side won as is now on Council. Endorsed Democrats John Gadomski, Anthony Rostock lost out along with Republicans Ray Gustave, Mark Rabo and Marc Dixon. A bullet was dodged when Gadomski and Rabo lost. Their ability to serve on Council might have been considered a violation. Both men served previously on County Authorities.

Salavantis in a romp. The argument that she had no experience did not resonate after one term in office surrounding herself with the right people. In most circles that’s called leadership.


No surprise here, Jerry Notarianni was the big vote getter followed by Pat O’Malley the incumbent. Finishing third for Minority Commissioner was Laureen Cummings beating Bill Jones by 92 votes. Cummings becomes the first woman Commissioner in the Lac, (the Lu has had three women Commissioners)  and many say Cummings will be like a dog with a bone with the new majority watching for waste in government.
Her candidacy was a bone of contention on this blog when she embraced the kind words of WILK’s Steve Corbett. Her GOP partner, Bill Jones had supporters that threatened to bullet vote for Jones and cut her out. All because they didn’t like Steve Corbett. Wonder how that worked for them.


Republican Jeff Cusat wins a three way race against Democrat Jack Mundie and newcomer Independent Scott Cahalean. Cusat becomes Mayor with a divided Council. Cahalean’s presence in the race had an impact and his vote totals wree very respectable. You’ll hear more from him in the future.


All the talk of multiple write ins didn’t pan out as predicted. Tony George won the Mayor’s chair convincingly against Frank Sorick. Early in the night Tony George hit 3,000 votes and became the new Mayor. Sorick’s campaign about corruption didn’t resonate against a former Police Chief and against a Democratic administration that had its problems but had no one being led out of city hall in cuffs. Still registration was the key.
Council winners were Mike Belusko in District A,  Tony Brooks in District B, Beth Gilbert in District C, Bill Barrett in District D and Mike Merritt in District E.
Brooks becomes the first GOP Councilman since Jack Jones in the 80s and Frank Trinisewki in the 70s to serve on Council.


Ray Tonkin fought to keep the seat he's held for seven years and won as a Democrat by 500 votes in the Pike County DA race. Helped by the campaigning of the late trooper Bryon Dickson’s mother, Tonkin beat his foe Kelly Kelly Gaughan. The voters of Pike County and Tonkin essentially got a do over and ensured that the Frein trial would have an uninterrupted transition.


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On Monday the US debt jumped a record 339 billion in one day and we are borrowing 4.8 billion every day! Of course it doesn't mean a thing to the congress. As long as they get re-elected that's all that matters. No one want's to make the economic decissions. When the day comes when they HAVE to
be made, it won't be fun. Like the man says, it will make the last recession look like a bad day at ther nickel slots! Only can run up the credit card so far.


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