Friday, January 01, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3109, January 1st, 2016


Happy New Year LuLac readers!  After a fine dinner prepared by Mrs. LuLac, I spent part of New Year’s Eve cleaning out my e mails. I was never big on New Year’s Eve celebrations, so this was pretty normal for us.
When I worked at WVIA FM and TV while I was in college, I had no problem working the New Year’s holidays. I think in all the time we had been married, we might have gone out maybe 4 times on New Year’s Eve.
So while the “Thin Man” movie played, Mrs. LuLac caught up on phone calls with her friends. I caught up with mine on line. I heard from Bernie Sanders who told me “it was urgent”, I heard from Chelsea Clinton who told me, “it’s been a while”, (frankly I think that e mail was intended for Harold Jenkins but I digress) Bob Casey who wished me a happy holiday, Karen Santorum who told me “Help Was Needed”, Hillary Clinton who asked about “having lunch”, some guy named Chad who wrote “Time Is Running Out”, (kind of obvious for New Year’s Eve don’t ya think??) and various and sundry other politicos looking for money. Wow. You know who your friends are when you contribute to three (only three!!!) campaigns in the last four years and then hear from the rest of the world. If I hear from Harold Stassen, I am shutting down the e mail machine!
I’m sure I’ll be doing more of this in the coming year and it will be bipartisan. Having registered briefly as a Republican in 2004 to vote for Arlen Specter in his primary, I still get e mails from Mitt, Ted, Jeb, and Marco. (Sorry, not Carly, never had much luck with those Italian women except one but you have to read one of my books to get the (as Freddie the traffic guy on WILK says, “the big fat skinny” on that one.
For a New Year there will always be changes but on this New Year’s Eve/New Year’s early morning, at least there is one constant. The “students”, aka drunken stupid slobs and scantily clad daughters of The Regina (which I don’t mind but Jesus it’s cold out there today, also known as Father John Ryan’s drunks) populated the North End last night. Looking out the window I see about 75 to 80 of them roaming from house to house long after midnight. The drive way is partially blocked so as one who fears the unknown in a New Year, at least this is and will be a constant as the financially struggling college apparently will take anyone with a check. But I digress.
As we enter 2016 I want to thank all of my readers and posters plus the occasional drive by reader. The last year brought us an award as Best Blogger from Diamond City, very good responses on what we try to do here as well as a few media associations along the way.
Personally I was blessed with a wonderful family both personally and at my job. There was the restoration of my eyesight which had been deteriorating.
As we look on to 2016 I promise you (providence willing) we’ll be here almost every day commenting on the strange world of politics in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties.
On to what we all hope will be a “sweet” 16.


At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sorry, not Carly, never had much luck with those Italian women...."

Carly is Italian in last name solely because of marriage. Although she did live in Italy for a time and speak the language.

Who's doing your fact checking Tarone and Corbett?

At 9:56 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Carly is Italian in last name solely because of marriage. Although she did live in Italy for a time and speak the language.


Okay, okay, I did date a few Italians, even one like Carly who was Irish but married an Italian guy. But she thought she was Italian.

No, the fact checker had the night off. Twilight Zone marathon.

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dave, just reading your political comments above...are you serious about the commander and chief, and the clintons...??? this country is in deep...., and guess who put us there?? billy boy made the white house look like a whore house, and the current chief has put us in so much debt we will never get out of..i never saw obamma tear up for our warriors who come home in body bags, and with no arms or legs, fighting to protect his dont give me the sad story about how guns kill our children how about his home town of chicago..killings everyday..or the black man who shot the woman in the head in her car..

At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i see wilk dropped in the fall ratings to 4.6..and those numbers are because of rush, hannity, and levine...what do you think?


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