Thursday, April 07, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3185, April 7th, 2016


Bernie Sanders has won the last bunch of primaries but in a meeting with the New York Daily News, Sanders could not even articulate well on his signature issue, Wall Street corruption. It is true that there were elements of Wall Street that nearly brought the economy down but it wasn’t Sanders who was calling for investigations but rather guys like Representative Paul Kanjorski.
Sanders might be exciting people but a Sanders Presidency would intensify gridlock. Sanders needs 61 votes in the Senate to get anything done. He needs to have a working Majority in the House. The only shot he has at the Presidency is if Clinton falter.
And if Trump becomes the GOP nominee.
Bernie Sanders has a good message. It riles people up. Gives them hope. But notice Sanders is not promising change because you can't get change with rhetoric and a good speech.
If Sanders becomes President, it will be akin to a solitary old guy on the lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue yelling, “Get off my lawn!!!”
They’ll block him at any turn.
The bright eyed idealists will get on with their lives stoking memories of their “movement”.
And the rest of us will have to deal with the mess.

 The end result of the last contested convention, Estes Kefauver the VP nominee, former President Harry Truman and Presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson. (Photo: NY Daily News).
Everybody is buzzing about delegates and who they represent and don’t represent. But it is been 60 years since the last truly contested convention that went past the First Ballot. And it wasn’t for President but Vice President.
Adlai Stevenson won the Democratic nomination again in 1956 and rather than take his previous running mate, Stevenson opened up the convention for the Veep stakes. It went three ballots and Tennessee Senator Estes Kefauver became the choice. A first term Senator from New England made a bid but lost. His name was John F. Kennedy and he would be heard from four years later.
By the way, there were seven other serious candidates, Senators Albert Gore Senior, Clinton Anderson, Hubert Humphrey, Governors Frank Clement, Leroy Anderson, Luther Hodges and New York Mayor Robert Wagner.
That’s what you call a CONTESTED CONVENTION!

Yudichak and Barletta. (Photo: Standard Speaker).
Congressman Lou Barletta, and state Sen. John Yudichak, will mark the expansion of the SHINE after school program into Luzerne County and the Hazleton area on Thursday, April 7, 2016. Barletta and Yudichak will cut the ribbon on a new location in Hazle Township, while Barletta will also visit Nesquehoning. The two have long supported SHINE, which began in Carbon and Schuylkill Counties and has now grown to benefit even more children. All members of the media are invited and encouraged to attend.

Evie Refalko McNulty is having an event Friday night. It was a difficult decision given the recent loss of her late husband former Mayor Jim McNulty. But after urging from friends and family, the event is on. Here’s her invite and you can get tickets at the door.
Hi Everyone. After speaking with my family and friends it is with a heavy heart we have decided to go ahead with a fundraiser scheduled several months ago. Let's be honest for those who know my honey Jim he would want us to go on with the party.
Next year I will be running for re-election as Recorder of Deeds. This summer as a member of the Democratic National Committee I will be attending the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia as a "Super Delegate". Makes it sound like I will be wearing spandex and a cape. Only around the house;)
I hope you are able to join us Friday. I promise it will be a great time. Lots of friends, munchies, beverage and with music by EJ the DJ. Brenda Bistocchi will be bartending so don't expect a quiet night between her and I. Most important there will be no boring speeches.
Please share this post to help me promote the event. I appreciate all you do to support me in my personal and political life. I have the greatest family and friends in the world. Thanks so much.
Love ya Peeps

Admiral Joe Sestak. (Photo: Sestak for Senator).
The latest Harper Poll has former Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak with 41% of the vote over former Chief of Staff to Gov. Wolf Katie McGinty who trails with 31%. . Braddock Mayor John Fetterman comes in with 9% while 19% are still undecided. Sestak has been conducting a more passionate campaign.
However McGinty has the endorsement of the Presidency and the Vice President along with Governor Ed Rendell, Governor Tom Wolf and all the Pennsylvania power brokers. This may be part of McGinty’s problem with the polls. There are many Democrats who feel Sestak ran a good race against Toomey in 2010 and deserved another crack at him. Also in this year of the “outsider” many believe that the imprimatur of the establishment in Harrisburg and Philly might be more of a hindrance than a help.
The word is out that guys like Rendell will be touting McGinty even though he said this about Sestak’s stance on issues. Rendell, praised Sestak’s willingness to stake out positions in favor of cutting the debt through $1 of tax revenue for $2 of spending cuts (including the military). My man Ed said, “Our political discourse needs more of these truth-tellers, especially as others are so willing to demagogue the issue.”


Our buddy Wil Toole has been writing letters to the officials regarding issues important to him. He opined on FB this week about a note he sent to incumbent Pat Toomey. Here is his reaction:
Now I have NO doubt where us Senator Toomey stands on SS and Medicare. I sent him a letter a few weeks ago and this week I received his reply. His letter made it very clear that he strongly believes the only "fix" for SS and Medicare is to rip them apart. He sees the only answer as being rewrite both laws and he said clearly that taxes,even raising the SS tax to higher income brackets is not the answer. He is no doubt in favor of privatizing SS and killing Medicare just as Speaker Paul Ryan wants. FORMER NAVY ADMIRAL AND MEMBER OF CONGRESS JOE SESTKK IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE I TRUST TO PROTECT MY SS AND MEDICARE. If you live in Pennsylvania and are a registered Democrat, you have two choices for US Senate and I choose Joe Sistak. A retired 3 star Navy Admiral and a former Congressman, Sestek would have bet Toomey in the last election if the Powers within the Democrat Party hd helped him but he went it alone and came within a hair of winning........ THIS TIME, DON'T LISTEN TO THE BS, HE SERVED US AS AN ADMIRAL AND A CONGRESSMAN SO LET'S SEND HIM TO THE SENATE TO PROTECT OUR SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE.
VOTE J O E S E S T A K US Senate.



Tiffany Cloud, Gary Perna and your blog editor.
WYLN35 based in Hazleton, owned and operated by the Gans family, announces it will broadcast a live Republican Congressional Debate between 17th Congressional District Republican primary candidates Matt Connolly and Glenn Geissinger.
The debate will take place Monday April 18th starting 7PM.
Gary Perna, host of WYLN35’s “Topic A” will moderate the debate and candidate questions will be asked by WYLN35’s host of the political talk show “The Storm” Tiffany Cloud as well as by the editor of the LuLac Political Letter, David Yonki.
The winner of this Republican primary on April 26th will face off against incumbent Congressman Matt Cartwright (D) 17th PA in the November general election.



This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Dr. Randall Bell, author of the book "Rich Habits, Rich Life, The Four Cornerstones of All Great Pursuits".
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks to representatives from the Wyoming Valley Children's Association about their "Walk-A-Thon" coming up on April 16th.
And Brian speaks with Dr Sherry Goldberg & Dr. Serge Jabbour about Type 2 Diabetes in Pennsylvania.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X & Sports Radio 590, WARM & 6:25am on Magic 93.


This week's guest is Dr. Michael Marino, Medical Director of Geisinger Sleep Services. Set your alarm for Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on The Game Sports Radio 1400/1440 and 106.7 fm; and 7:30 on 105 The River.


Event: The Irregulars Think Tank Breakfast
Date: Saturday, April 9
Presenter: Former Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton
Topic: Reflections on Life as Mayor of City of Wilkes-Barre
Time: 9:00 A.M. (Doors open at 8:30)
Place: The Lakeside Skillet, Pole 279, Hwy 415, Harveys Lake
Cost: $13.00 per person


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Our 1971 logo

A right-wing coup attempt is exposed in Laos…….Charles Manson is sentenced to death; in 1972, the sentence for all California Death Row inmates is commuted to life imprisonment…….Palestinians retreat from Amman to the north of Jordan……The People's Republic of Bangladesh forms, under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, at Mujibnagor……..Libya, Syria and Egypt sign an agreement to form a confederation……in Pennsylvania Governor Milton Shapp call for a comprehensive Sunshine Act in the state……in Luzerne County the anticipated rematch between incumbent DA Blythe Evans and Wilkes Barre Attorney Joseph Kasper continues. Evans beat Kasper in the ’67 primary and 45 years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night.

And this song was in the top 5 Soul charts by the Staple Family, “Heavy Makes You Happy”.


At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If Sanders becomes President, it will be akin to a solitary old guy on the lawn at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue yelling, “Get off my lawn!!!”

Kind of describes what the lulac political letter has become.
You should be supporting Sanders, he is everything you have become.

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have been preaching socialism since you started this blog. Finally, someone of your ideological ilk may actually have a chance of getting elected, and like Peter with Jesus you deny him.
For what? Hilary Clinton. A woman who has been made a fool by her husband for decades?
A woman, who didn't have enough belief in herself to do it without her cheating husband by her side?
A woman, who lies are so extreme that she makes her husband look like a paragon of truth and virtue?
A woman, who's helicopter was under attack, taking fire?
A woman, who claimed an embassy was attacked over a video?
Sanders is what we need. He has my support, and if he does not win the primary, and the cause is the super delegates, then I don't care who the republican is, that is for whom I will cast my vote.
Because, 4 years of a republican, combined with Bernie's rise, will bring forth the next great socialist candidate. And, finally, we can scrap that piece of paper known as the constitution and replace this democracy with a socialist state.

At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Good morning students,
First off let me say (with apologies to Mark Twain) rumors of my death have been wholly inaccurate. I appreciate all the cards and letters of support I received during my convalescence. And to all the ingrates who did not bother, I understand. More than likely you were either out stumping for the Long Island Liberal in GOP clothing or the insane socialist from Vermont. Pipe dreaming should be the theme of this year’s primary season.
The work of this classroom moves forward.
Students, I have watched all the television talking heads pulling their hair (or in some cases lack of thereof) out over the ascension of Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders to political prominence. No doubt, it makes good press copy to cover these two slackers. Trump and Sanders remind me (and I hate to say this) of the fate most of my previous students have met following their wasted time in my classroom.
Both of these gentlemen (term used loosely) live in a world of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Does any full blooded conservative truly believe that Mexico is going to pay a single peso for a wall to keep their own thugs from entering our great land??? Really???? Give me your answer!!!!
And for those “feeling the Bern”, I will let you in on a little secret. If you want to attend college you have to PAY FOR IT! There is a four letter word that will help to solve your dilemma regarding financial difficulties in your silly lives: WORK. I.E., instead of doing your drugs and drinking your booze, try getting a job. College used to be a privilege when I was a young student and Professor. All of the young men and women got there by studying and working hard. No one paid their way and since they each held a financial stake in their success or failure, most succeeded and those who did fail, did so trying.
Now Mr. Sanders has this wonderful fantasy about having the government pay for a full scale college education for little Jonny or Mary at the price of, let us say 35 or 40 or 45 percent increase in personal income taxes. DO you fools actually believe the country will stand for this! Give me your answer!!!
I think Mr. Sanders ought to quit the race, go home to Vermont and play his Pete Seeger records. He, like you losers, lives in a dream world. IN our next session I shall address the situation with the GOP and provide my endorsement.
Now, on the personal side, I would like to extend my personal best wishes to MR. Yonki following his recent health issues. He is one of the finest students I have ever encountered and we wish you well sir.
As for the rest of you ingrates, I shall see you Monday. Enjoy your weekend and please do not get into trouble with your dealers or bookies by putting too much of mommy and daddy’s hard earned money in their pockets. And if you must do drugs or drink, please do not drive. The life you save may be mine.

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ 12:56
As attractive as a socialist state appears from the comfort of our gaming chair, it is actually quite frightening when we examine the current state of overseas socialist states and the semblance of Obama's direction and regulations.

For the life of me I can't figure out why this Blog has veered toward socialism. Perhaps The Professor kept it in check more than we give him credit for. His classroom vinyettes (sp?) describing the state of academia and student attitude and preparation seem spot on now.

The pendulum needs a strong reset.

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:56....... what have you done with your life that comes within even a hair of what Hillary has accomplished? You are the same ding a ling who will vote for those that will kill SS and Medicare and thenstand in a daze wondering how this could happen in the good ol' US of A. Buy a comic, a bottle of coke, find a tree and stay there on election day. Thank you, America will appreciate your cooperation.

At 11:59 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...


Welcome back!

At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Professor. Up early and feisty as hell.
I believe Trump will will place a fee or tax on money transfers from the US to Mexico and points south. This is a common transaction used by illegal aliens to send money earned in the US "back home". The figure I heard was quite substantial. I'm sure there are similar opportunities to raise the money. I would build toll booths on both sides of the highways leading to and from Mexico. Ten bucks a vehicle. Once the fence is complete the monies are diverted to the Border Patrol. Then we focus on the Canadian border.

At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez 11:10
What? Are you psychic or the Professor's intern? Creepy, indeed.

Can you resurrect Hendrix?

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“White privilege” is the new thing going today. Well, don’t call me privileged. I grew up solidly lower-middle class with a father who worked in the mines six days a week and a mother who worked part-time in order to meet the needs of a family of six. Don’t call me privileged. I worked farm labor as a teenager to have a little spending money; there was no allowance. Don’t call me privileged. I worked hard in high school because I knew that a solid foundation in English, mathematics and the sciences would be essential in order to survive in our society. I leaned on friends, teachers and even tutors and didn’t accept that just showing up would ever be enough. Don’t call me privileged.

I began a career in the construction industry as a laborer — backbreaking work that made it a challenge for even a young man to get out of bed in the morning. Don’t call me privileged.

As a husband and father in a young family, I’ve searched the couch cushions to scrape up enough gas money to get to work on pay day; called the bank to get a payment deferred because an appliance died; and yes, even made the choice between food and doctor bills. I’ve had my share of beans and rice. Don’t call me privileged.

I’ve been through layoffs and down times and experienced debt without a light at the end of the tunnel, but I’ve kept leaning into the wind and kept moving forward. Don’t call me privileged.

But don’t misunderstand; this isn’t a complaint. I’m content and happy in my experience. Life, around the little pieces of joy, is hard. It should be hard. It’s good that it’s hard. But don’t call me privileged. There aren’t many things certain, but I can assure you this: The “privilege” described here is available to anyone willing to strive. I have a full understanding of the everyday citizen experience.

Don't call me privileged.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Don't call me privileged.


Bravo!!!! Well said.
And I bet when you were a little one and your parents walked you to the school bus, they weren't wearing pajamas and turning around after you got on the bus to go back to bed!

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1031, I am sure in Steve Corbett's view you were privileged simply to be born white.

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is sad that in the party named for democracy, our votes do not matter.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Corbett's view you were privileged simply to be born white.

Hey, Are you saying I was lucky to be born BECAUSE I'm white?!!!!! I might have to give you that one.
Lately most abortions have been performed on black democrats.


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