Monday, February 27, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3440, February 27th, 2017


I started watching "Morning Joe" regularly when I was in the hospital recovering from an operation in 2011. I enjoyed the banter and the various views. But the host to me seemed somewhat pompous and arrogant. I let it slide because it was after all his show.
But increasingly Joe Scarborough has become a bully to his guests. Now remember this is the show that gave Donald Trump all the time he ever needed when he first ran for President.
The other day this happened. The “Morning Joe” panel were discussing the issue of liberal politics on college campuses when Joe Scarborough and Donny Deutsch got into an argument. Deutsch became upset with Scarborough’s conduct.
“First of all, don’t treat me like that,” Deutsch said to Scarborough rather pointedly. When Scarborough responded a little too sarcastically, Deutsch continued to express his frustration.
“Are you kidding me, Donny?” Scarborough asked.
The men continued lashing out at each other until Mika Brzezinski urged Deutsch to continue his statement. The discussion centered on Stephen Miller's actions from an article by Andrew Sullivan. Take a look at this and see what a blowhard bully Scarborough could be.

What we had here from Scarborough was a "poor me" recount of his college days.
Scarborough represented the state of Florida and you know how prickly and self important most of those drop in residents can be. I have come to the sad conclusion that the best time to watch "Morning Joe" is without Joe!

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright re-introduced the bipartisan Expedited Hiring for VA Trained Psychiatrists Act. This legislation aims to reduce the wait times for veterans seeking mental health care by allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to establish a fast-track process for hiring psychiatrists.
Currently, the VA lacks the resources to support the growing number of veterans seeking help. According to the VA, almost a third of veterans within its heath care system suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In 2014, the VA reported that an average of 20 veterans died from suicide each day. This bill creates a more efficient hiring process for psychiatrists so veterans are able to seek the care they need.
Specifically, the Expedited Hiring for VA Trained Psychiatrists Act would allow the VA to directly hire psychiatrists who have completed residency at a VA facility without regard to civil service or classification laws that often delay the hiring process. Psychiatrists are still required to fulfill all educational requirements and obtain all necessary credentials.
“It is my priority to ensure that veterans have access to the resources they need,” said Rep. Cartwright. “This bill streamlines the hiring process for trained, talented mental health professionals who can assist veterans struggling with PTSD.”


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