Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3589, September 5th, 2017


He's going up


He's going down.

Look for that story on LuLac Thursday, September 7th.

Last week when President Trump said he would donate one million dollars of his own money to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, his supporters went crazy saying what a great guy he was. Not content to just walk away with a win, the snarky ones among them chided, “How come Hillary or Obama hasn’t given anything?” Well maybe they did.
But NOW Trump insiders at the White House are walking back whether the President will donate any of his own money. Last week Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to a press inquiry in this sequence. "On Thursday she told reporters that President Trump would donate $1 million of his “personal money” to Hurricane Harvey victims. On Friday, she wasn’t so sure.
Asked by a reporter if she knew whether Trump’s donation would be “coming from his own money or from the Trump Foundation,” Sanders dodged.
“I haven’t had a chance to do that,” she said.
Trump has not donated a cent to his own foundation since 2008. This is the guy who pilloried the Clintons for their foundation. At least there was MONEY in it. Now Trump exaggerates everything and he has done that with his charitable giving.
But even if he gives that one million out of his own funds, this money is a drop in the bucket compared to the cuts he will be making in the agencies that take care of emergencies.
He cut 200 million from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration programs that help coastal states brace for future storms.
876 million was cut from FEMA’s Relief Account and 2.6 million to the EPA. He could keep his money for all I care. My bet is just like the big benefit he had for the Veterans, just watch how long it takes to get the money. He will need to be shamed into giving it.
In my days in Public TV and Radio as well as in broadcast sales, a  pledge was just  a pledge…until you cashed the check. (Source: Think Progress, LuLac)


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet a million he doesn't donate. That's not to say that one of his foundations that spends the donations of others won't buy, for the 33% of the adult population that puts up with his crap, a colored photo of Trump "hands on" in Texas. Happy recovery, Texas and Louisiana.

At 5:43 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

Wonder how those secessionists in Texas feel now? Especially the ones affected by Harvey.
Most of them are crying to the feds "Daddy daddy, gimme somethin'."


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