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The LuLac Edition #3646, November 13th, 2017


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1. Despite what our dear leader proclaims, it looks like there will be a major stand off with Russia and him. Thoughts?

Not according to him. He is in his own reality and dragged 37% of the American people with him. He questions his own intelligence agencies and believes Putin.
Here’s all you need to know. There are more connected dots to this in less than a year than there were for Watergate from (June of ’72 to August of ’74-a total of 27 months)to bring Nixon down.

2. Why do you think Gene Talerico couldn’t pull pass the finish line?

Three things. Scanlon voters went to Powell. I’m sure there were more than a few who held grudges.
Then the Dems had a huge vote for Bill Courtright definitely helped him in the city.
Finally, the Republican party in The Lac is a disgrace. They couldn’t even contest most of the offices.

3. Where will Penn State wind up in the rankings?

Top 15 maybe. They will get a bowl game but not near the championship. It was a good run while it lasted. Still more football to play though.

4. Did you read Chris Matthews new book yet on Bobby Kennedy?

Not yet but will get to it. I have sparse time to just sit down and read a book. It’s all I can do to get through Esquire and GQ once a month.
But what did I do? Ordered 12 months of The Smithsonian because it was 8 bucks. I think I’ll make an excellent senior citizen in terms of looking for a bargain.
Back to the RFK book, I remember very well that funeral Matthews described and how the train went from New York to D.C. in a slow mournful journey that ended with an evening burial after 930pm on Saturday night, June 8th, 1968. 

5. We saw you on TV after the election, your impressions of the new co-anchor WBRE ‘s Kelly Bryne?

Knowledgeable, friendly and unflappable.

6. Full disclosure, you go to my parish. Your parish. I saw you at Confirmation Monday night with the Knights. Then another Knight who we met on the way home tells me you guys, your Knight Council had meetings Monday night.
Then I hear you at 645AM on WILK, the mother in law sees you on PA Live at 430pm and then you’re on Eyewitness News in the morning Wednesday at 4:30AM
Obviously you’re a lot like the guy, our President, who you go after every chance you get. Both of you sleep very little.

I don’t know if that’s a comment, you have a detective following me, or a question. But here goes.
When I make a commitment, I keep it. Even it was a last minute one. The Knights was months in advance, so was WBRE. The WILK thing was traditional but last minute this year. 
I can get along on a few hours sleep some weeks but please don’t compare me to Trump ever again.

7. Well Walter lost in the general election. Will he ever go away?

Look he has his beliefs, many I disagree with but he has a right to run as many times as he wants for whatever the hell he wants. It’s called Democracy. He said as much to The Citizen’s Voice yesterday.

8. I’m a Giants fan. Should we trade Eli?

Hell no! Get him some receivers for Christ sakes.

9. Scott Wagner picked his running mate for Lt. Governor Jeff Bartos. Should Tom Wolf do the same?

If he does he faces a risk. There might be repudiation at the polls if his pick doesn’t win. Then you get a shotgun marriage like the one he had with Mike Stack. Look even before the 2014 general election tallies were in, key Wolf advisers were not crazy about Stack.
Better Wolf take a page out of Ed Rendell’s book of 2002 when he ran alone against the team of Bob Casey Junior and Wagner.

10. Newest fall shows on TV you’re into?
 I really love the The Durrells in Corfu on PBS Sundays at 8pm. Really good. 
 Another show we enjoy is "The Collection" about fashion in post WWII Paris starring Mary Willa "Mamie" Gummer, the daughter of Merle Streep.

11. Did you see LBJ yet you Johnson loving Liberal throwback who never went to Vietnam?

Uh no. On my list. I did see Mark Felt but will get around to LBJ which is a Rob Reiner film. Everything he has done is great.
BTW, I was born in ’54 and by ’72 Nixon ended the draft. So nope, did not go. But what has that to do with the price of rice?
Neither did the President or Hillary’s husband and both were of age.

12. I really love those audios on the WARM blog. Will we see more?

Yes. The issue is time. But now after the election you’ll see more up soon. Plus there are ore on the way.Here's the link:

13. What did you think of that Donna Brazille book and how she trashed the Democratic party?

The issue with anyone writing anything is that it is open to interpretation.  The President took parts of it to trash Hillary, others said she did a disservice to the party by writing it. I think it was needed and here’s why.
Hillary Clinton has been the most qualified person since Bush 41 to run for President. (That’s why I voted for both of them). But it is ironic that her campaign staff was filled with officious little bean counters and data freaks who relied on metrics rather than how to win elections.
She never visited Luzerne County? Who’s paws were on that? Wisconsin ignored? Brazille brought up a great point when she wrote that in each county,  or area there is one key person you need to go to. Person to person. Everything done here was put together by people in The Lac like Chris Doherty, Bob Casey, Evie Refalko Mcnulty and volunteers. If there was paid staff there, they were terrible. It all started with the “invite only if you have a thousand bucks” meet and greet in 2015 in Scranton. Scrantonians wanted another public event the same day but it was nixed by the Clinton campaign. Wilkes Barre is a whole other story that is still a mystery as to why it was ignored. And the Trump people knew that and used it. 
Clinton lost for a number of factors but her campaign and the dopes she hired, both in '08 and '16 (none who had any gray in their hair) once more did her in. Brazille writes about it and has gotten grief. But she is right on almost 95% of what she said about the campaign.


At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was alive for that funeral train. It was nothing like I've ever seen.

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard Hilary called "Nixonian" in the past and Donna Brazille's book seems to, without using the word, cement that impression.
Hilary Clinton co-oped the primary and shut down the democratic process. Yes, primaries are about a party choosing their candidate, but the caucus and the primary election are paid for by taxpayers.
Clinton's disdain for the process is as apparent as was Nixon's.
She didn't simply lose the election, she prevented our party from maintaining the white house.

At 11:20 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Clinton's disdain for the process is as apparent as was Nixon's.
She didn't simply lose the election, she prevented our party from maintaining the white house.


All you say is not incorrect in any manner, shape or form.


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