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The LuLac Edition #3687, December 31st, 2017

The late DA Robert Klein (Photo: from his media guy and friend Bob Harper)

Friends and colleagues of the Susquehanna County District Attorney are mourning his death this week. Bob Klein passed away Wednesday after battling cancer. He was 53.
Klein was elected to the position of Susquehanna County District Attorney in 2015. Many say it was his "dream job."
Before taking that position, he was a prosecutor in Lackawanna County for more than a decade and his impact was far-reaching.
"Whatever Bob set his mind to he did with 110-percent: friendships, family, his work," Shane Scanlon said.
Lackawanna County DA Shane Scanlon called Klein more than just a friend but also a mentor.
He says Klein challenged laws when needed and led Lackawanna County's fight against bath salts and spice several years ago.
"He wasn't afraid to go after the right thing whatever it was!" Scanlon said.
Since being elected DA in Susquehanna County, Klein developed new ways for his community to report drug crimes.
He also got a special van donated to help pick-up prescription painkillers across the county.
Klein handled thousands of cases over time time so his impact was vast.
Shane Scanlon saw Bob Klein just one day before he passed away.
He called his friend a fighter who gave his all in his battle against cancer in addition to his battles in the courtroom after being elected Susquehanna County DA.
"It was truly his dream come true. He got to live it only for a short period of time but he got to live it!" Scanlon said.
Friends and colleagues say Bob Klein more than anything was a devoted family man.
He leaves behind a wife and three children.
(Source Eyewitness News Report)

Outgoing Council member and Women We Love nominee of LuLac Kathy Dobash (Photo: Standard Speaker)
Kathy Dobash was once known as a gadfly and thorn in the side of Luzerne County officials. After one unsuccessful run for County Council Dobash scored a solid victory in 2013 and went on County Council where she was an outspoken advocate for transparency and taxpayers. At the final meetings, she made sure that Library services funding was restored. Through the years, she has been pesky, sometimes ridiculed, sometimes championed. But her true legacy is that she never strayed fro her principles. Here is her farewell to Luzerne County residents.

Luzerne County Citizens,
First, and most sincerely intended is my appreciation for all my supporters and those voted for me to serve on the Luzerne County Council.
I have fond memories from knocking on doors throughout Luzerne County. I appreciated and listened to the citizens and their concerns.
I made a promise to insist on County government employees to co pay more for their healthcare costs.
I made a promise to oppose County tax increases .
I made a promise to speak for my constituents .  I spoke for the citizens and listened,  responded to and represented those who took time to contact me and the County Council as a whole.
My efforts to keep my promise to the voters were not supported by the  Council majority . 
I also promised for more accountability and transparency.
Improvements are needed in Luzerne County Home Rule Government.
Under Home Rule, overspending by the Manager should not have occurred.
It is a big disappointment to know the County Controller did nothing to stop the overspending of $16.9 million by the  County Manager.
I have several other concerns about the persistent persuasion tactics of the County Manager teamed with the Chief Solicitor to manipulate County Council discussions and decisions.
The solicitor opinion is just that: an opinion.  It is not a court order.
The recent rationale to stop the implementation of a Home Rule Study Commission on the basis that it is a lame duck Council was ridiculous. There are a majority of members of this current Council who will serve on Council in 2018.  Cronyism and nepotism in Luzerne County Government is obviously present.  That is very apparent in the hiring practices.  Rehiring those who have resigned and were in questionable situations as County employees is somewhat alarming.
Salary increases and benefits need to be seriously considered as the taxpayers cannot afford the direction management has taken.  Management must work harder for healthcare co pays and lessen the burden on the taxpayers.
There is talk about a new prison project for female inmates. I hope Council proceeds with caution as the idea is being sold as a revenue generator. We had the whole horrible "Kids for Cash" situation. Citizens need to keep a watch on it as we do not need a Female inmate "Beds for Cash " scandal.
Mental health services and preventive measures require an intense review to stop the tragedies  we experienced this past year within the Corrections Division.
In this closing statement,
I believe Luzerne County Home Rule does require certain changes:
*Smaller County Council elected by Districts
*Limited two terms for all elected officials and the County Manager
*County Manager and Sheriff should be elected.
*The Controller should sign off on outgoing checks.
We still require an improved system of check and balances.
I support the voters' right to ask for these changes. If you, the voters feel the same,  support Mr. Walter Griffith's efforts and volunteer to collect signatures.
Contact him and offer your assistance at this email address:
Wishing you all the best I say farewell as your elected official.

Have a prosperous New Year,

Kathy Dobash
Hazleton, PA

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
Once more, it is quite refreshing and even unusual that a local congressman in our area is bringing home funding for local services. Of course it is not unusual for Mr. Cartwright but we hear nary a word from the bobsie twins of the 10th and 11th District, Tom Marino and Lou Barletta. But enough but them and their fsilings, let's share some news about Matt Cartwright! 
Representative Matt Cartwright announced that Luzerne County Head Start received $4,448,810 in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These funds are used for the continuation of high quality, comprehensive, early childhood education.
Head Start is a federal program created in 1965 to address the educational and developmental needs of low-income, pre-school children. Head Start’s comprehensive service system provides social, nutritional, and educational services for thousands of children and their families across the United States. Head Start emphasizes the role of parents as their child's first and most important teacher.
“Head Start and Early Head Start programs are an important investment in our community and our economy,” said Rep. Cartwright, a member of the Appropriations Committee. “I applaud Luzerne County Head Start on their continued award and their dedication to enhancing the quality of life for children and families in Luzerne and Wyoming Counties.”
Over the past 51 years, Head Start programs have been operating at the local, grassroots level across the country. Through Head Start's comprehensive service system for both children and their families, thousands upon thousands of children have been given the chance to be and to do their best in order to achieve their potential in school.



ECTV Live welcomes nationally known Agriculture Broadcaster Dave Williams to the program as the New Year begins with details on this year's edition of the Pennsylvania Farm Show!
ECTV Live is seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired three times daily. The program can also be viewed on the Electric City Television YouTube page.
Producer-Host David DeCosmo, co-host Rusty Fender, and Director Mark Migilore wish you all a Very Happy New Year! 


This week's show reviews the top stories of 2017. Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on The Game, NEPA's Fox Sports Radio 1340/1400 am, 100.7 and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.


One of the most watched games in TV history was the 1967 Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. I was returning from Danville with my family in an ice storm. My late Uncle, Paul "Philco" Yonki was driving a Chevrolet Belair and we listened to the game on the radio.
The 1967 National Football League Championship Game was the 35th NFL championship, played on December 31 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
It determined the NFL's champion, which met the AFL's champion in Super Bowl II, then formally referred to as the second AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The Dallas Cowboys (9-5), champions of the Eastern Conference, traveled north to meet the Western champion Green Bay Packers (9–4–1), the two-time defending league champions. It was a rematch of the previous year's title game, and pitted two future Hall of Fame head coaches against each other, Tom Landry for the Cowboys and Vince Lombardi for the Packers.
Because of the adverse conditions in which the game was played, the rivalry between the two teams, and the game's dramatic climax, it has been immortalized as the Ice Bowl and is considered one of the greatest games in NFL history.
Leading up to the 50th Anniversary of the game, NFL Films is releasing an episode of its Timeline series about the events that day and the lasting impact. The episode is narrated and co-produced by filmmaker Michael Meredith, whose father Don Meredith was the QB for the Cowboys that day. (LuLac, wikipedia, You Tube).


LuLac took to the airwaves this past Wednesday and recapped the year in Politics. As they say on TV, let's go to the tape or in this case, the Tube. 


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think WBRE misspelled your blog address

At 12:14 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

I think WBRE misspelled your blog address.


Nope, been like that since I started the thing. Only one "l"

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious, how many meetings occurred in which Dobash was not there in person?

At 5:34 PM, Blogger David DeCosmo said...

I was shocked and very saddened to read of Bob Klein's passing! I dealt with Bob on many occasions when I was still on the Courthouse beat and he a prosecutor in Lackawanna County. He was a great attorney and a truly wonderful person! My prayers go out to his family at this difficult time for them!

At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great wishes to Kathy Dobash. She has been steadfast in her beliefs. I find it ironic that Dobash was always a supporter of libraries but over paid educator Harry Haas was not.


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