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The LuLac Edition #3709, February 11th, 2018


As part of Black History Month, check out a very interesting program set for tomorrow evening at Wilkes College sponsored by the Wilkes-Barre Chapter of the NAACP.


Scott Wagner's quest for the Governor's race in The Commonwealth moves on. Yesterday the State Senator received the endorsement of the state GOP at their winter meeting in Hershey. 

Scott Wagner, always a favorite here in Luzerne County, is seen here with a cadre of local supporters who will go full speed ahead for him in the primary and most likely beyond.
10th District Congressional Candidate Dan Meuser made the scene and was all smiles with his biggest fans and backers, Lynette Villano, Peggy Phillips and Lorri Vandermark. (Photo: Lynette Villano)

 Luzerne County State Committee members Steve Urban, Margaret Phillips, Lynette Villano, Lorri Vandermark and Bill Lewis with Candidate for U.S. Senator Lou Barletta! (Photo: Lynette Villano FB Page)


2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos on Saturday received the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s endorsement at its winter meeting at the Hershey Lodge.
Wagner and Bartos both issued the following statements after receiving the party’s backing:
“I’m honored that the Republican State Committee today made the courageous decision to support our campaign to change the status quo in Harrisburg,” said Scott Wagner. “These hardworking people will be key in spreading our message across the Commonwealth in the months to come and I’m glad to have them on my team. Together, we are going to unite this party, defeat Tom Wolf and turn control of Harrisburg back over to the people.”
Jeff Bartos added, “The State Committee’s choice to endorse the Wagner-Bartos ticket today is a critical first step in our mission to beat Tom Wolf and bring change to Harrisburg. I’m incredibly humbled to have the party’s support and am looking forward to spending the coming weeks and months continuing to bring people together. Scott and I know the important role those who cast their votes for us today will play in our campaign, and we pledge to work tirelessly for them so we can bring growth and prosperity back to Pennsylvania.”


2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner received the Republican Party of Pennsylvania's endorsement. Below is the text of his acceptance speech as prepared for delivery.
First, I want to say, “thank you.”
Thank you to my wife, Tracy, our daughters Quin and Katharine – and our entire family for keeping me going.
Thank you to each and every one of you for the hard work you do - day in and day out - for our party.
And of course…..I want to thank you as well for your endorsement.
Chairman DiGiorgio, thank you for your leadership.
Together…we are going to defeat Tom Wolf in November.
I want to thank Speaker Turzai and his wife Lydia for their leadership and their selflessness.
Running for political office is never easy --and endorsements are family fights that are often hard.
Speaker Turzai is a good man and I look forward to him being a partner in changing Harrisburg.
Today was a demonstration of courage… Plain and simple.
You voted today to support a conservative outsider who only four years ago ran as a write in candidate against both parties.
Sometimes standing up is the most difficult thing in the world, but today you did it.
Today you said “goodbye” to what has been for too long, and committed yourselves to fight for what can and should be:
A government that works for the people – not itself.
A government that doesn’t dangle change like a carrot on a stick – but makes it happen.
I’m talking about change you can see, feel – and take to the bank.
I’m talking about change that comes from responsible management and accountability.
I’m talking about change that comes from zero-based budgeting, and eliminating abusive taxes like the school property tax.
I’m talking about change that comes from lifting regulations, so PA businesses can thrive, attract more business, and our families can have good-paying jobs, save, and build a future.
That’s the kind of change I’m talking about.
That’s what we’re fighting for.
That’s the mission.
These last few weeks have been difficult, and the ones ahead won’t be any easier…
But if we are united in our cause and our determination, there is nothing that can stop us -- including Tom Wolf.
We can take change off the string, and make it happen…..We really can.
Four years ago Pennsylvanians voted for Governor Wolf because they thought he was different….
but Tom Wolf has been more of the same…. MUCH more of the same.
Tom Wolf has taxed everything and anything that moves, and it’s costing families thousands more so he can grow government.
Instead of fighting for the private, hard-working Pennsylvanians, Governor Wolf has fought for the state employee unions and special interests that fund his elections.
He’s chosen them over you. Governor Wolf has forgotten us.
But that is going to change. I will be a Governor for hard-working Pennsylvanians.
We’ll fix our schools by investing in our classrooms and our teachers….making everyone -- parents, teachers, and students accountable for results.
We’ll address the skilled labor crisis by making sure our workers are retrained and students are prepared for the jobs of today and the future.
We’ll create more jobs by cutting burdensome regulations…investing in our workforce…and creating a tax system that works for both job creators and our families.
This campaign isn’t going to be easy.
Governor Wolf and his allies want to protect the status quo – and they will spend tens of millions to keep us from changing it.
That’s why its important we come together as a party and focus on the mission ahead – defeating Tom Wolf and returning our government back to the people.
Today is a big first step.
Thank you for your courage. Thank you for choosing me, and thank you for choosing change.


The Pennsylvania Republican Party just concluded its annual Winter Meeting, February 9th and 10th, at The Hershey Lodge, Hershey, PA. The assemblance of several hundred committee members from all over the state did result in party endorsements for the races of US Senate and Pennsylvania Governor and Lieutenant Governor. When called to task, Republican committee people stood from their seats to visibly cast a majority vote in endorsement of Congressman Lou Barletta for US Senate, and independent businessmen Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos, for Governor and Lieutenant Governor respectively.
“There was never a question in my mind on whether we would endorse. In talking to committee people all across the state, they felt we would endorse, so I was not surprised at that vote. Our bylaws require us to have that vote and I wanted to make it clear to committee people that this was their decision--this was a very bottom-up decision--and they voted resoundingly for endorsement,” said Val DiGiorgio, Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, in a press conference held immediately following the endorsement vote by state committee members.
Congressman Lou Barletta went unchallenged during the process of nomination for endorsement, while Scott Wagner was challenged by retired Allegheny County health care executive Paul Mango, and Jeff Bartos by Lancaster County's Gordon Denlinger and Cambria County's Peg Luksik. Preceding the committee’s vote to move forward with endorsement procedures, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Mike Turzai announced he would be resigning from the primary race for Governor. Laura Ellsworth, a fourth Republican candidate for the office of Governor did not seek endorsement.
In a characteristically consistent call for party unity and respect for the democratic process, Chairman DiGiorgio also responded during the press conference saying, “This is America and we encourage people to run in primaries and otherwise. We appreciate those who respect the will of these grassroots, state, elected committee members to endorse. Speaker Turzai is to be commended for that and for his call to unity. We do not discourage anyone from running and I do not want to call anyone a bad Republican because they decide to go forward in the primary.”
 (Sources: Wagner campaign, LuLac, State GOP)  

 Robert Cardillo (Photo: Times Leader) 
I read in the paper recently that Robert Cardillo of Swoyersville passed away. He was 75. My life and his intersected  when I worked as a Communications Director for the United Way of Wyoming Valley in the early 80s. Back in the day before photo shop, computers, imaging techniques, etc, there was a place called Custom Color Lab. Bob ran the place and was the go to guy in this region for anything creative you wanted to do with photos, slide shows and the early stages of video.  
Bob was patient, helpful, creative and always willing to help us put on big community events where his photo expertise told the story of our lives back then. He had the ability to bring a slide to reality when it went on a big screen or in a brochure. Back then the staff consisted of the late Frank Pasquini, and later on, Susan Jellig, Martina Martin and me. Our job was to painstakingly combed over the words and have photos and try to bring them to life to send that United Way message. Bob's work not only did that, but made those images jump off the pages and the screen. That's why when we were stuck, one of us would drive over to his shop on the West Side and have Bob do his magic. 
As my working life winds down, I feel truly blessed to have met some very good people along the way. Bob Cardillo was certainly one of them. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family. 


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