Sunday, May 06, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3774, May 6th, 2018

LULAC @ 12

Today we celebrate the 12th anniversary of The LuLac Political Letter. We are closing in on 3800 editions that feature politics, and pop culture. 1,3 million people have seen this site. That’s a lot of eye balls!
Bringing news of political import, local, worldwide and in between has been a pleasure as well as a challenge. We recognize we can’t please everyone but try our best to put out an informative product. We try to be fair when we can but the onslaught against human decency that has narrowed and diminished us as a nation, a country, a beacon of faith throughout the world makes that impossible on many days. But we try.
As always, we thank people who helped us start this site. Primarily of course, Mrs. LuLac who has been supportive of this effort from day 1.
In the beginning Marc Cour of Wilkes Barre, Gort 42 (Benjamin Hoon) and John Webster lent their technical advice. Our media friends like Dawn Miller from WYOU and WBRE (now at Fox 56) as well as my late friend l.A. Tarone expanded our reach through broadcast TV. The staffs of WYLN TV 35 and now WBRE/WYOU TV have been most welcoming and receptive. For that we will be forever grateful.
There have been times when I think all that needed to be written,  was pretty much written. I'm sure there are words that are certainly produced by better minds than mine. But just when I start feeling that way, I think of the commitment to this site and my feelings about the way we are led. I realize that the role of any site is to inform, challenge critical thinking and on some levels entertain.
Institutional knowledge is something that has become passé. But in my mind, it is critical to see where we’ve been before we can even think about the future. I hope we can continue to serve that purpose. 
My ideology  is just as complex as these times. My heroes remain those men and women of history and current politics who make a stand for making lives better, more inclusive. We will report and opine on the good, the bad, the ridiculous and the frivolous, all with an eye on our past as well as the future. Our friends are Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, people of faith and those who are non believers. All are welcome here. There will be no agreement on many things except for that fact that opinions are as varied as the make up of this country.
My thanks to the readers, posters, media partners and friends who enable me to continue on this journey. With providence and good health, we proceed on to year #13. May it be lucky to keep us all safe and standing,  and just eventful enough to keep things interesting.


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