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The LuLac Edition #3893, October 4th, 2018


The madness that is Diaper Don continues. Last night in the bowels of the South, Diaper went after Christine Blasey Ford in a vicious manner that had GOP Senators cringing. Diaper put on his show and was hateful with every vitriolic words that came from his slimy lips.
Here’s my question for the women who support Trump. How in the world can you look at this man as a decent human being let alone a President?
How will you face your daughters, in laws and children while you champion this man’s words of hate and untruth? How do you reconcile the contradictions he made last week and the other day?
If you choose to support hateful, stupid and vile, I get that. To each his own.
But God Forbid if you’re daughter ever gets assaulted. Do you think she’d ever come to you given your embracement of this hater of women?
Do you stand with decency or hate?
Just wondering.


The New York Times di an exhaustive piece that took a year and a half to go into Diaper Don’s finances. He was given money from daddy right from the get go. Not the paltry million bucks he said he had to repay.
Trump’s daddy gave him money every year since the little prick was three years old. Then favorite son tried to get a hol of his father’s will when Diaper’s business was going belly up.
The mafia has nothing on these guys. Here’s the link to the New Yorker which crystallizes this.


Lynette Villano and Trump during the campaign. (Photo: Villano Facebook page)
Ben Bradlee Junior has written a book about Donald Trump’s victory in Luzerne County. In it he chronicles how a County that has been Democratic for years went under the spell of Trump. I have said over and over that it was Luzerne County with its majority for Trump that enabled him to carry Pennsylvania.
I was willing to give Trump a chance. I said it on the day after the election on TV. But as you all know he has been one huge disappointment for me and others every time he opens his mouth.
But for better or worse, Trump is part of history. The people who are in this book will be part of that too. Personalty, I am happy for them because forever in our history they will be associated with one moment in human time.
So whatever you think of Trump, that’s a great honor.
To Congressman Lou Barletta (first in!) Lynette Villano, (the hardest working woman for Republicans in state politics!) Erik and Tiffany Cloud Olsen, (Erik a decorated veteran and Tiffany a former Cruz supporter who worked as hard for Trump as she did Romney in 2012) Atty. Vito Deluca, (who in my estimation got no help from the Luzerne county Dems when he ran for DA) and people like Marty Baccone, Bryan Langsan, Donna Kowalczyk,
Kim Woodrosky, Steve Smith Jessica Harker should be celebrated for having stood up all stood up for Trump. They all put their longstanding political beliefs on the line and to work.
They are to be applauded.
Then of course there is this guy.
Ed Harry. A first class ingrate who all of his life benefited from Democratic and union policies. He fed at the union and Democratic  trough through the year lapping up and gobbling all the goodies like a gluttonous hog!
But this disloyal guy backed Trump. Here’s what he told the Times Leader.
“I’m one of the idiots who came out and supported Trump. At least I can sleep better at night now. And Trump has been trying to change the trade agreements and bring jobs back. I have less respect for both political parties than I did a year ago.”
Well Eddie, you are an idiot. Self awareness is such a wonderful thing. Poor baby, we really don’t give a shit how you sleep. The jobs YOU think Trump will bring back won’t be union but what the hell do you care, you have your pensions to keep you warm.
And you have less respect for both political parties since last year? News flash pal, you wouldn’t know respect if it bit you in the ass.
To all the aforementioned  11, Congrats.
To Eddie, hope your 30 pieces of silver was worth it.
Here’s the article from the Times Leader:


Congressman Lou Barletta set the Brett Kavanaugh issues squarely on Senator Robert Casey. Never mind that it was Kavanaugh who liked beer and was jumping on dames in the 1980s! Never mind that it was Kavanaugh who has told conflicting stories about his past under oath. Never mind that more than half of the people think he’s unqualified to be on the Supreme Court because of his demeanor.
Nope. Lou blames Casey. Here’s his latest missive from the e mail machine.

Mon, Oct 1, 2018 1:16 pm
Lou Barletta for Senate ( Details
***Press Release***
Bob Casey Poisoned the Well
Bob Casey’s bad faith derailed the process before Kavanaugh was even nominated

HAZLETON -- Much has been said over the weekend about the collapse of decorum and tradition underlying the nomination process for Judicial appointees in the Senate. What is clear is that Bob Casey poisoned the well before Judge Kavanaugh was even picked as President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.
Lou Barletta for Senate Press Secretary, David Jackson, said: “Bob Casey sure has a lot to say on Twitter and in press releases, but he clearly doesn’t have the spine to say what he thinks to someone’s face. If Bob Casey actually had the courage of his convictions he would meet with Judge Kavanaugh and say what he’s thinking to his face. But no, Bob Casey hasn’t and won’t. He didn’t even request a meeting with Judge Kavanaugh before he announced his opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination. Perhaps rather than being a brave tweeter, Senator Casey should do his job, meet with Judge Kavanaugh, and ask him questions to his face.”



Our good friend Doctor Joe Leonardi has been writing up a storm lately. Here’s a link to his information.“The-world-breaks-everyone
Here's a link to his newest project:



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