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The LuLac Edition #3927, November 8th, 2018


Why oh why, after an election Donald Trump is involved in do I say on TV or on  the Radio that “Trump should try to go across the aisle and work with Democrats". I said it in 2016, then Wednesday on Eyewitness News in the morning and on WILK’s Jason Barsky show. At his news conference at 11:30 yesterday, Trump said that he would not work with Democrats if they investigated him. He also:
1. Attacked the media in ways reminiscent of a despot. 
2. Said he would not work with the Democrats.
3. Called Republican candidates who LOST weak. Mocked them because his itty bitty feelings were hurt that ran away from him.
4. Dodged a question about changes in the administration when the Sessions “resignation” was already in play. 
5. Oh and I forgot the Tweet. He took credit for the Senate going Red by saying it was his “own magic”. Tweeted that “he had magic coming out of his ears”. Again, I wanted to think maybe he’d take the chance to work with all of the country but he chose otherwise. 
Perhaps Jason Barsky summed it up on his WILK Facebook page: 
"President Trump is speaking now, but for the first 10 minutes, he's been speaking as President of the Republican party. I really had hope that he'd come out and simply say "we had a good night. Democrats had a good night. Going forward, we'll have to find more ways to work together to Make America Great Again!" Nope. I'm at a complete loss. Before you say "what did you expect from him?" I expected him to be who he says he is. A master negotiator who has a new challenge in front of him, and is ready to tackle it head on. Nope. Now, he's running through a list of Republicans who both didn't accept his support on the campaign trail, and who lost their elections. This is appalling, even by Trump standards."
 That comment and mine here today didn’t even scratch the surface. We are now headed to a full blown Constitutional crisis and the rule of law is under fire. I understand the need for Trump to try and protect his on in law and son from indictment, but not at the expense of The Constitution and the country.


Tuesday’s results of the 2018 Mid term General Election clarified one thing. The Luzerne County Democratic party is back. The organization has been hitting the streets since the primary to make sure all of their candidates win. 
The lesson of 2016 has been learned even if and the Trump win (which was an aberration) is in the rear view mirror. The fact that two strong candidates in the 119th ad 121st that were well funded lost, now speaks volumes about the energy of the party. The new Chairman along with the younger blood that was infused in the party now makes it clear: the Democrats are back. Plus, if you think the stamina or commitment will wane with time, well yesterday afternoon The Trump administration FIXED that by setting the groundwork to narrow the Muller probe. The elections were called at 10pm Tuesday.  Workers had a beer and a slice of pizza or two. Most got the first night’s sleep they had in a few months. 
The vacation ended at 2:46PM Wedesday when Jeff Sessions reigned “at the President’s request”. Now back to work.


More women are headed to the House of Representative. They are Democrats and will not be bullied by President Trump. Think about this: 21 of the 23 seats Democrats needed to flip to win the majority were won by women. This will be interesting to watch.




This week's guest is Dr. Jean Harris, Political Science professor at the University of Scranton.
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In the U.S. presidential election, a record number of American voters turned out to make their choice between Democratic candidate and U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy and Republican candidate and U. S. Vice President Richard M. Nixon. With 270 electoral votes needed to win, Kennedy received 303. The popular vote was the closest in history. Kennedy (34,220,984) won slightly more than Nixon (34,108,157) by a margin of 1/6 of one percent of the total votes cast.[The day after the American presidential election, Vice President Nixon conceded defeat to Senator Kennedy at 12:47 pm EST, 17 minutes after the news came that Kennedy had won Minnesota's 11 electoral votes. With 270 needed to win, victory in Minnesota took Kennedy to at least 272.....

In Pennsylvania Kennedy-Johnson take the state and in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties JFK and LBJ carry the da and 58 years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Poetry In Motion" by Johnny Tillotson.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Spinmeister said...

Democrats did very well both here, statewide and nationally. But more work is neededBarletta carried Luzerne County and Giv Wolf won but garnered only 52%against Scott Wagner who was a terrible candidate who ran maybe the worst campaign in history.

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lou Barletta + Scott "golf spikes" Wagner x Donald Trump = easy victories for Bob Casey + Tom Wolf. Simple math.

At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like some Luzerne County voters think they're being edgy when they vote for Republicans who make excitingly snide comments about people of other races.

Congratulations to anyone who refuses to vote for an idiot.

At 10:28 PM, Blogger david schaar said...

i would say henry was under funded no bucks fr rep party of luzerne county scott wagner barletta eddie had 10 times amount of cask check campaign finance records

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Yon--key or as you now call yourself Yon--Ki.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Hey there Yon--key or as you now call yourself Yon--Ki.


The last name was always prounounced with a long "I". It is a derivation of Jankai from my immigrant grandparents. I know you're not big on nuances but notice there is no "e" in either Jankai or Yonki. (Long "I" in both).
But you can call me Yon-key because most people have been doing that all my life.
My name has served me well in both San Fransisco and New York when I ordered take out Chinese. The proprietors thought I was Chinese and the delivery people were shocked to see me answer the door.
BTW I'll get to the rest of your post soon.
But seep well, my housing situation is just fine.


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