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The LuLac Edition #315, Sept. 29th, 2007



That's what Council candidate in District A Walter Griffith wants to know.
Where was Rick Cronauer when the City Council threatened the Master
Chemical Co...and almost shut this 35 year business down and force them out of the City..Where was Rick Cronauer when the City Council levied a 2.57% BID Tax on the Downtown merchants??? Why hasn't Rick Cronauer come to a City Council meeting regarding the Solid Cactus Co. moving out of Wilkes Barre .. This City Council Candidate seems to think
like the City Council and Administration that we have at the present
time....maybe there is some truth to the rumor about how he won the Primary against a 2 term incumbent...
The campaign is on in South Wilkes Barre, the signs are out and Walter Griffith is just getting warmed up. This is going to be fun to watch.


Judith Flaherty, a former law clerk/tip staff, or others would have to call Lokuta to tell her she was needed in court.
It would be late morning, or early afternoon, Flaherty testified, and it sounded like Lokuta had just awakened.
Flaherty ended up spending a lot of time at Lokuta’s Dupont home – by Lokuta’s command.
She had to do yard work.
Store collectibles.
Sit with Lokuta’s elderly mother.
Flaherty previously told investigators Lokuta made her scrub the floor.
But a lot of that was by choice, not by order, Lokuta’s attorney, Sinatra argued.
Flaherty actually attended several social events at Lokuta’s home, the attorney argued. She even went with Lokuta to a Halloween party at the nursing home where Lokuta’s mother was staying.
Sinatra showed Flaherty a picture of the trio to remind her.


As testimony ended, here are a few thoughts. The people who have accused the Judge of bad behavior stayed with her for a long time and some even returned back to work to her. Again, their choice.
On the yard work and floors and sitting with mom, if indeed Lokuta pressured employees to do work at her house, that is an abuse of power akin to what the Lackawanna County Warden Gilhooley did a few years back. Censure would be the mildest form of punishment in my opinion. But there has to evidence, concrete evidence that there was cohersion. Gilhooley's deeds were done by prisoners who essentially had no coice, I mean where were they going. But Flaherty was a professional woman with a viable skill that could have been transfered anywhere. Why would a professional demean themselves doing that? Now a friend would watch mom, pick up the dry cleaning and even lend a hand. Which was it, a professional or buddy? The photo of Flaherty, Lokuta and her mom is a little damning. And not to the Judge.
This process will take months and a decision might not be made for a good while. But in my opinion, all I see against the Judge are undocumented allegations and hearsay. I think the testimony against Lokuta reflects worse on the accusers than it does the Judge. But that's from where I sit.


At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allow me a few things. I respect your website enormously. I also have read your books, your columns through the years and know you are a smart man. I respect the way you have handled adversity in your life, especially eschewing pain killers to deal with your accident and your injury. I saw you at the Stadium at the end of the summer and you are a true inspiration to anyone who has a disability. Nothing keeps you down and I respect that. But Jesus Dave, what the **ck are you smoking? Or is someone lacing your beloved Tab with mind altering drugs? Your stance on Lokuta borders on the ridiculous. She's been terrible and yet you choose to attack her victims. I just don't get it. And what I really don't understand is how you are defending her when you haven't seen her in 27 years!! On this one my friend, you've lost your way. Lokuta seemed like a bitter woman and people tell me you are a generous, gregarious, kindly man who cares about people. Why are you enabling her bitterness?

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there has been rumor of an effort to get rid of lokuta since she was first elected. they couldn't beat her after her first term so now they are trying to use the courts to usurp the will of the electorate.

classic democratic tactics.

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to put Dave's remarks in context, not that I think he needs defending. In the first day recap, he said it would be a gut reaction and how he personally would react if he were a juror or a judge in the case. He brings to that his own set of beliefs and biases. But I think he's being fair. Surprisingly so because let's face it, Anne Lokuta is no bathing beauty. And Dave is defending her as if she's a swimsuit model. So at least, thank goodness, we see some growth on his part.
Keep truckin' Dave

Your Komotion Date from Duryea

At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the news on Friday night where the reporter asked people about this story? A few could only comment in the most general of terms. Frankly I don't think people are paying attention. But at least Dave's staying current and not strolling down memory lane as he is wont to do.

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Luzerne County Democratic Party is after Lokuta, because if they can get rid of her, they have a lock on good 'ol boys holding the seats at the corrupthouse.
As anon said, they are using the court to usurp the will of the electorate. As for Dave taking Lokuta's side, those attacking her have come up with little more than, "WAHHH, She hurt my feelings."
If I could count all of the employers in thise run-down economy who said, "Hey, a--hole, run those shingles up that ladder..."
Lokuta probably just got a little tired of all of the over-privileged prima donna attorneys who plague the courthouse.
C'mon, Jill Moran as a witness for the prosecution?!?!?!?! She exudes sleaze...

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Rick?

I'm gonna take a guess and say he is at the country club, where he is a member, having cocktails with his son-in-law, who just so happens to be one of Mayor Leighton's over-paid assistants, Greg Barrouk.

Cronauer's memberships:

Wilkes-Barre City Board of Appeals, the Building Industry of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the International Association of Electrical Contractors Keystone Chapter, the Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA, Wyoming Valley Country Club and the Oak Grove Club.

Greg Barrouk's pay problems (from The Citizens' Voice):

The state will withhold a $17,392 grant that Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton used to increase the salary of his assistant Greg Barrouk until city officials show it was spent properly, according to Alison Everett, a spokeswoman for the Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

In 2004, Leighton hired Barrouk, 26, the son of Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Business and Industry president Steve Barrouk. Greg Barrouk’s salary increased from $35,000 in 2004 to $46,058 in 2006.

His pay raise came out of a $37,500 federal Weed and Seed crime prevention grant to fund the new position of “community revitalization coordinator.”

Barrouk was named the point of contact for the new Community Action Team, which replaced the defunct Neighborhood Impact Team.

Barrouk often works 70 hours per week, city officials said. He said he has been receiving many calls about problem properties and dozens of inspections have been completed. Guidelines for the crime prevention grant which funded Barrouk’s raise state that it was to fund a “new position,” Everett said.

“There are guidelines for spending that money and they have to follow those guidelines,” Everett said Wednesday. “We have to make sure agencies spend the money the way it has to be spent. There was a question raised as to whether this money was spent the way it was to be spent.”

Barrouk refused to comment on Wednesday and referred questions to the city’s attorneys.

How Cronauer feels about his son-in-law's paise raise and other Leighton Shennaigans:

"Mayor Leighton’s administration has worked diligently to improve the quality of life in Wilkes-Barre, and now the separation of council into districts has given residents an opportunity and a responsibility to play a significant role in the future of our own communities."

Cronauer's own words in his Letter to the Editor 3/19/07 The Citizens' voice

It appears that Mr. Cronauer is nothing more than a little Leighton. He applauds the mayor's efforts, but those same efforts gave a big pay-raise to Mr. cronauer's son-in-law.

From that same Letter to the Editor:

"I would like to get local businesses involved in addressing community issues that can be handled within our own district, and, in turn, encourage residents of our district to become more involved in supporting local business."

Then please, Mr. Cronauer, explain again why you fought to keep that barbershop off of a busy street...

Whether Cronauer wins or loses, he apparently will always be a loser.

At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dave i just have a couple of things to say about Walter Griffith's comments on your page. First off, the BID was approved by the local downtown community. City Council's vote was based soley on the ammount of people who favored it. So basically Walter represented the 3% who opposed it, not the 97% who were in favor. Secondly, i am trying to figure out when Walter spoke out against Solid Cactus leaving the City? He didn't do it at any Council meetings. Finally the issue with Master Chemical, where was Walter there? Walter loves to take credit for things he had no part in, and this is just another classic example of it.
Last but not least, i can't help but notice all of the Walter Griffith signs around S. W-B. The problem is all the signs are on empty homes for sale, or lots. I think he is crossing the line. He is going on private property and placing his political signs without the owners permission. That act alone will make my decision on whom im voting for much easier.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Tom Carten said...

(1) People returned, supposedly willingly, to work for her. Reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover and his files on everyone; I wonder if people "willingly" returned to work with him, as he had the negatives. I'm not saying she has done the same thing, because I don't know and am not speculating.

(2)She's short, a woman in an old-boy's network, and a person with a lot of power. Are the combination of these three something that could have led her to go further than she ordinarily would? Again, just sort of wondering without casting any aspersions.

(3) Sometimes, a really good and really talented person can end up in the wrong position. Then the stress builds up. Been there, done that. You find the right fit and there's a brilliant career with applause and accolades. Does anyone think this might be the case, and Ann's dream position didn't turn out to be a judge?

Just some thoughts about a person I went to college with.


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