Thursday, August 16, 2012

The LuLac Edition #2161, August 16th, 2012

Former Lackawanna County Commissioner Mike Washo.  


Where oh where do old politicians go in LuLac land? Well unlike many of us, they always seem to land on their feet. The latest one to do so is former County Commissioner Mike Washo who is now a trouble shooter for the Scranton Parking Authority. Washo is getting paid $100 an hour to be the receiver. What that means is a Judge gave Washo the power to have total control over the financially troubled agency. Mayor Doherty’s good buddy, the Executive Director Robert Scopelliti is already getting paid more than 80,000 a year. The Scranton City Council blames him for the problems at the Parking authority. Washo will be paid $100.00 an hour to save the place. Here are a few questions, how in the world can a parking authority that charges an arm and a leg to park in the city have financial problems? Have a relative that pays over $90.00 a month to pay for parking. Mrs. LuLac was charged 6 bucks for under two hours. The meter maids pounce on every car that has a meter running out. How in the name of God can this place be losing money? Oh wait, could it be that they are paying a guy over $80,000 to screw it up and another guy $100.00 an hour to figure out what was wrong? Washo by the way declined to run for County Commissioner because “he wanted to spend more time with the family”. Anytime a politician says that, you know there are “42” other reasons why that may not be true. Anyway, Washo has landed in a nice cushy job and he’ll most likely be walking around with his head in his hands telling you how hard he is working for the Benjamin per hour. And the sorry ass Scranton Parking Authority will go on raping whatever is left of the consumers and workers that come to the city.
Our Nepotism logo. 


The Citizen’s Voice tells us the Wilkes Barre Area School Board is going to implement a new hiring policy. But not before hiring a bunch of school director’s kids and wives. None of that happened yesterday because the Secret Service showed up and took a seat. They also served some papers on the administration asking for e mails regarding the payments to Tony Lupas and the new solicitor Atty. Wendoloski. That seemed to stop the nepotism train. Here’s the lowdown though. The wives of Robert Corcoran and Louis Elmy have applied for full-time positions. Right now they are part time. Another adult child of a board member has applied for a Math position. School board members in Wilkes Barre get elected to get jobs for the family members. I guess it’s okay if you realize your family can’t get hired anywhere else, but c’mon, when is enough enough? Elmy was the low man on the totem poll last primary election. The South Wilkes Barre political mafia got a scare when GOP candidate Kathy Grinaway nearly took both nominations in the primary against their hand picked hack. Grinaway lost in the General against Elmy because local gadfly Sam Troy ran as an Independent. He took away votes from Grinaway in a quixotic and harmful attempt at winning a seat on the board. So we get Elmy and the nepotism we obviously vote for and deserve. Elmy was on TV last night saying with a straight face that his wife was the most qualified for the job. No word if the Wilkes Barre Fire Department was called out to extinguish his Dockers. 


Wilkes Barre Area Superintendent Jeff Namey got a going away present Thursday night. A gold watch? A plaque? Nope, it was a subpoena from the FBI regarding the doings of Attorney Tony Lupas. Maybe the feds want to ask Namey about the sudden jump in Solicitor’s bills from about $58,000 a year to over $300,000. And while we’re at it, why should school solicitors get paid so much when very few of them represent the School Districts in a legal action. They hire an outside lawyer. Do you really need a law degree to do that? And about Lupas, gee his condition just keeps on getting worse and worse every time you see him in a court appearance. What’s he going to show up with next, an iron lung? 


County Manager Bob Lawton made an appearance before the County Council Tuesday night and told them he was going to balance the budget one way or another. Lawton was certainly very tactful in assuring the county employees that he wasn’t going to swing an ax. Yet. But he did say that he was going to meet with managers and union members to see if things could be worked out. A warning to the unions, don’t screw with this guy. The union leaders already have a horrible reputation with the general public, Lawton is giving you a chance to work it out. If you decide to think you are a 21st century John L. Lewis, you’re going to get shut down. Fast. And taxpayers in the County will not be shedding a tear. Right now Lawton is consulting with everyone. He is asking for input just like Tom Pribula did. But Lawton has the final say. He has the backing of the Council. Because he is permanent. Let’s hope he takes a hard look at all the jobs, as well as the funding streams for local services such as Drug and Alcohol, Library Services and Social Services that were cut by the Republican troika in Harrisburg. 


This is a story that could only happen here. A grown man goes walking his cat. Another cat comes and attacks his cat. He wisely gathers his cat and takes it to his home. Then he goes outside and gets attacked by the same cat. He claims he has an immune disease and the cat could have done him harm. So he stabs the cat. The cat goes limp but is not dead. So to put the cat out of its misery (which by the way he inflicted) he stabs it to death. Charges are brought, the news people cover it and still another story in the annals of LuLac land becomes a news oddity. The main question is, who the hell walks a cat? 



Saturday Night Live’s Shadoe Steele. 


This week Shadoe Steele presents “Saturday Night Live At the Oldies” on WILK AM and FM. Steele’s guest this week is Doug Clifford, drummer and co-founding member of Creedence Clearwater Revival. 


ECTV Live hosts Tom Munley and David DeCosmo will be discussing all of the free fun events associated with the "Wally Lake Fest" on their show the week of August 20th. Keith Williams, Manager for the Lake Wallenpaupack Visitor's Center, which is part of the Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau, will be their guest. The Festival begins on August 24th this year and runs through that weekend. ET Live can be seen on Comcast Ch 19 throughout the Greater Scranton and Pittston areas. 


Joe Leonardi recently appeared on the Dave Madeira Show on the Talker, 94.3FM. If you would like to access the show, here’s the link from the good Doctor’s link: 


A hearty welcome back to WBRE TV’s Shannon Murphy who is back from a leave of absence. It was good to see her back on the tube this week. Meanwhile, our condolences go out to WBRE anchor Candace Kelly on the death of her grandfather. 


It was 35 years ago today that Elvis Presley died at the age of 42. I was just starting my shift at WVIA FM and was checking the news wire. Bill Kelly was walking through the hallway taking a short cut through the studios to his office. The bulletin bell started to ring. We both looked at the wire and it said “Presley”. I thought it was about a tour or something but then we both caught a glimpse of the word “DIES”. We both took the copy and he announced it on the TV side and I announced it on WVIA FM. That’s what I was doing when the King passed away.


This Week on Sunday Magazine, Brian Hughes speaks with Debra Kellerman from St Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Wilkes Barre about their “Dog Days of August” food drive, and how you can help. Brian speaks with Joe Rigalski, President of the Plains Boys Car Club about their “Helping Hands Car Cruise” coming up Sunday August 26th from 1 to 6pm at the Polish American Veterans Club in Plains. And an encore interview of Brian’s January interview with Michael Hanley of United Neighborhood Centers about asset testing for food stamps in Pennsylvania. Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on Great Country 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X, 6:25am on magic 93, and 7am on True Oldies 590, WARM.

Our 1967 logo. 


West Germany receives 36 East German prisoners it has "purchased" through the border posts of Herleshausen and Wartha. o A truce is declared in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. o The People's Republic of China announces that it has shot down United States planes violating its airspace. o In Pennsylvania, Senator Joseph Clark criticizes the policy of the Johnson administration on the Vietnam War. Clark says that the war is going to be taking a dangerous path in the next year…… Scranton Mayor James Walsh makes his presence known in the neighborhoods by appearing at area church festivals and events…….and 45 years ago this week the number one song in America and LuLac land was a Carole King penned hit by the Monkees, “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.


At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting to announce the King's death on Radio is actually kinda cool. George Gilbert told me Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper were gone one February afternoon in the 50s. I was home from school, sick, listening to WARM on my transistor Radio.

Old Nipper

At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Good morning, Students,

Once again Mr. Yonki continues his disturbing sentimental journey to that disgusting year of 1967 and once again your humble Professors begs you to consider a more pleasant period in our past.

The business of this classroom goes forward……

Even you layabouts must agree that this has been quite a good week for the Romney/Ryan ticket!! As I predicted the Democratic below the belt tactics to distort both GOP candidates
Records on the issues has backfired.

Already, the President-elect is surging in the swing states where he trailed previously, as I predicted he would. Even here in the Keystone State, Romney’s numbers are going up. And with the court’s upholding of the Voter ID Law we should be ensured of a fair and balanced election day. Seriously class, I could not be more happier than I am on this very day. And I applaud our legislature and Senate for drawing up the law and Governor Corbett for signing it. For far too long trickery has occurred in this Commonwealth on election day. I myself recall witnessing a peculiar person when I voted in the last Presidential Election.

As you know, I live in a very upscale neighborhood and my voting precinct is usually compiled of well-dressed and well mannered people. But the person I saw in line on this day was so creepy looking, so vile, so revolting that he made even you idlers look respectable, with his Puff Diddy t-shirt and breath. And that is saying a lot!! This man, or homey as he would prefer to be described, was not the typical type who would be a resident of my voting district. Of course, we did not have the voter ID law at that time and he gave his name to the vote master with an address and signed the book. Then he proceeded to the voting booth where I assume he voted for the present occupant of the White House. One election official, a very good friend of mine, looked at me and quietly shook his head in disgust. He knew what was going on. I knew what was going on. But there was no law and there was nothing we could do about it. And now four years later, look what this stranger and millions like him have done to this nation.

So, yes class, unlike most of you, I am not appalled at the Voter ID law. On the contrary, I applaud it!
Now, I realize that most of this campaign has been full of hatred and vitriol (thanks to the President). So in the spirit of levity I am going to break away from my normally formal presentation style and end todays lecture with a joke. Now, I am no Jack Benny, but I heard this one while on vacation two weeks ago. A physician friend of mine told it to me on a Myrtle Beach golf course and I laughed so hard I nearly fell over. So, with apologies to all the great comedians, here it is:

Get ready students, this is hilarious……….

Something to chuckle about this morning……..
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very sublte dig at Washo. The guy is a political lackey looking for a handout. And we criticize people on welfare! The only difference between a guy like WAsho and a guy on welfare is this: Washo wears pinstripes and the guy on welfare wears denim.
Sticking with the clothes anologies, I saw that putz Elmy on TV. What a fake. And you are spot on about how the third party nutjob crusaders screw the electoral process up. That Grinaway lady could have won. She has a job in the private sector, has two grown kids and would not do this type of crap.
I love 1967 but think the Professor is very cool.
And the guy stabbing the're correct, only here.

Just sayin'

At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everytime I see or hear about Doctor Joe Leonardi, I get a bad feeling. This guy ran for Congress in the 11th and had more stones and brains than the dunderhead in office now. Then I understand he once lived in the 10th and we are stuck with that tool Tom Casino Marino. If fate was kinder, this guy could have been our Congressman. Then I hit the link on Yonk's blog and the guy interviewing him is Dave Madeira who ran in the primary in '10 against Marino. He could have been a Congressman!!! I even voted for him!!! Do we voters here in SWB vote for the worst person and then by pass the better ones? Listen to this show and you'll see I'm right!!

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more thing the self called professor is wrong about, he is not in any way HUMBLE! Just shows how out of touch the jerk is again.
Golfin with Doctors in Myrtle Beach. More like sittin with the oldsters at the home in reality.
Second point. Washo is a joke. A low key bullshitter who accomplished what as County Commissioner? As stated the guy moves from job to job and collects taxpayer money. He knows the shape the County is in. Would he pay $100.00 an hour to a Republican for the same job?
And lastly, the old more time with the family is as usual an insincere politicians statement from a man who claimed never to be a politician.

Fed Up With Them All in
Lackawanna County and tired of the professor from Fantasy Island

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets give proper credit on Pleasant Valley Sunday. It was written by Carol King and Jerry Goffin as were most of Kings earlier cuts.

the Music Police

At 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Professor nut needs to take a chill pill. I can't wait for the debates between mittens and the President. They should have an ambulance stand by to cart romney off afterwards!

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Professor. That was freakin' racist. Seriously, you sicken me. Go fall down a flight of stairs.


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