Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The LuLac Edition #3057, October 27th, 2015


The Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Luzerne County has voted unanimously to support and endorse the candidacies of Marc Dixon, Ray Gustave, Eugene Kelleher, Mark Rabo and Steven J. Urban for Luzerne County Council.
“In a county that continues to face difficult financial challenges, it is critically important to elect council members who will apply common sense conservative principles to governance,” Luzerne County GOP Chairman Bill Urbanski said. “These five candidates bring a combination of experience, innovation and vision that will best serve the citizens of Luzerne County.”
“As Republicans, we understand and are guided by conservative principles,” Urbanski continued, “a belief in a small and limited government, a government that respects personal responsibility, protects individual freedom and promotes opportunity so that all may succeed.
“These may be broad ideological principles, but when applied on a local level, they can and will provide for the effective and efficient county government we so desperately need and the citizens of our county rightly deserve.”
The sixth person on the GOP ballot is Robert Schnee. I can understand Urbanski’s philosophical logic by not endorsing a candidate from another party on the GOP ballot. But he did win the GOP nod and is on your slate. If part of the ticket wins and Schnee pulls Democratic votes and wins, why alienate him by not endorsing him?
Just my thoughts. I told Gene Kelleher that one thing Home Rule did for the County as give County Leadership a more bipartisan duel party bent which did not exist before Home Rule.
It will be interesting to see how Schnee does. You know Democrats in his area will pick him over one of the other Dens running.


On Sunday, Ben Carson went on national TV and said he opposed abortion in all cases, including rape and incest. He said legal abortion is like slavery. He said he'd "love" to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Ben is really obsessed with this slavery thing isn’t he? The latest polls find him surging into first place in the Republican primary. The scary thing is that his first test is in Iowa and those people agree with his views. 

Again it is sad that the Media and American politicos put so much stock in a state that is totally unrepresentative of the United States.


Paul Panepinto, candidate for State Supreme Court. (Photo: Morning Call).
Here’s an Independent that is trying to get on the Pa. Supreme Court. He’s Paul Panepinto and here’s a few facts about him.
Paul Panepinto, 66, of Philadelphia Panepinto
Party: Independent
Occupation: Philadelphia County Court judge
Educational experience: Villanova University, B.A. and M.A. in Political Science; Widener University School of Law, J.D.
Political experience: Philadelphia County judge
Where he stands on the issues: Panepinto believes the Supreme Court should not be involved in matters of alleged misconduct by judges and justices.
Money/backers: Raised $200,000 since Sept. 14. Endorsements include former candidate Cheryl Lynn Allen and his daughter. (Morningcall.com)


At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carson is consistent, something lacking in many politicians.
If a person believes that a fetus/embryo is a human life, then how that life is conceived, doesn't change the fact that the baby is a living human being.
It is like pro abortion people who think it is okay if the mother has the baby killed before birth, but if a person murders a pregnant woman, then it should be a double homicide...
Give me a consistent candidate I disagree with, than a hypocrite, who only has a belief for political reasons.


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