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The LuLac Edition #4,504, April 23rd, 2021


Meet the Candidates (


EDITORS NOTE: LULAC will feature articles on the candidates running for Luzerne County Judge. Prior to this edition we commented on Jim Bobeck’s campaign. We will highlight the other candidates for Judge and then keep all the links up through the campaign for contrast and comparison.  




Underneath that signature campaign mask is that big Toohil trademark smile. We met up with her at Pour a few weeks back. (Photo: LuLac archives). 

State Representative Tarah Toohil is running for Judge in Luzerne County and her campaign approach is both innovative and unique. With the pandemic still a factor, large campaign events are pretty much out of the question. Gone are the days when 200 people gathered in a ballroom to cheer their candidate on. But Toohil has been visiting local pizza places and “Judging the slice!” The concept does three things: 

It gets Toohil out to a segment of the public that might not be familiar with her work as a 10 year State Representative. .

2.   The businesses still trying to recover from the Covid restrictions are getting an added boost. People who never had or knew about “their slices” are introduced to still another  group of customers.

3.3    When “the slice is judged”,  the candidate herself delivers the pizza to a lucky winner drawn by the store owner. The outcome of this is decidedly different, very grassroots but gets the energetic and affable Attorney front and center with voters.

 Now don’t let the levity of this campaign promotion delude you in this just being a gimmick. Because of CoVid this is a different time and calls for various methods to gain traction. Additionally her work as a State Legislator has focused on children and family issues. These two Judicial  vacancies  are said t be Family Court positions. Whatever the assignments, Toohill appears to be well poised to have the experience of actually writing some of the child protection laws. If the Court assigns the new vacancies to other areas of law, Toohill’s broad based experience will also be helpful.

After ten years in the State House she is a trusted lawmaker, Tarah Toohil has strengthened laws to punish predators and protect our families. Throughout the opioid crisis, she worked to get families necessary treatment and made the lifesaving drug Narcan/Naloxone legal and accessible in our communities. On the Children and Youth Committee and Judiciary Committee respectively, Tarah has been a champion for children and senior citizens.

As a proven attorney working in family courts, Toohil  was a leading voice in re-writing the divorce code and adoption codes to support families. Recently Toohil received the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Family Law Division Award for her legislative achievements in improving the divorce law in Pennsylvania.

Toohill is from the Hazleton Area that has long been considered a player in past Judicial races. The candidate can count on solid support from that area. But she has tirelessly made campaign treks to every end of the county. Dupont, Pittston, Nanicoke, Wilkes-Barre, Mountaintop, there hasn’t been a community that she seems to have missed.

Toohil is cross-filed on both tickets. Her energy is boundless. With a field of five candidates, Toohil’s grassroots strategy is something that just might resonate with voters who sometimes tune out the traditional ways of running a campaign. 

That combined with her appeal to justice makes her a real possibility to snag a nomination. 


Frank Scavo from Old Forge entered a not guilty plea Wednesday via a zoom appearance in Federal Court in the District of Columbia, Scavo’s Attorney Ernie Preate confirms with Eyewitness News.

Scavo was charged earlier this year with four federal misdemeanor counts in connection with the January 6 riot at the Capitol Building. The charges include unlawful entry to federal property and disorderly conduct.

Scavo faces up to three years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted. His ttorney says he will fight the charges. The trial will be held in D.C., no date has been set. Scavo and Lulac has long been on different sides of the political track. While we have no sympathy for his views or actions, facing a federal charge isn’t fun.


Calling for respect of the county's "uniquely Anglo-Saxon traditions." Saying the nation's infrastructure should express the "progeny of European architecture." Decrying the influence of domestic and international "globalist" forces.

"It is the firm belief of this caucus that American policy-making needs to get back to first principles, restore a long-term time horizon amongst our nation’s leaders, and instill a greatly internalized sense of service to the American people on part of our elected leaders," the document said.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., acknowledged her office held "staff-level" discussions about the document and last weekend praised America First principles as a way to save the country from "self-destruction."

But after GOP leaders distanced themselves from the document's white nationalist themes, Greene backpedaled, telling USA TODAY on Monday that she was "not interested in another caucus."

The platform defines the United States as a country with "uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions," setting off alarms.

"There's nothing that's innocuous about saying this is a country based on European heritage because we know historically the contributions of people from a lot of different backgrounds have built the United States," said Carolyn Holmes, a political science professor at Mississippi State University.

Marilyn Mayo, a senior researcher at the Anti-Defamation League, said the combination of the caucus's platform and its association with lawmakers who've been embroiled in controversies over race since taking office are a troubling signal.

"To say you want to promote Anglo-Saxon values already indicates a certain kind of ideology, and that certainly is a dog whistle to white supremacy and white nationalism," she said.

The platform of the America First Caucus became public just days before a guilty verdict was reached in the trial of former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murder for suffocating George Floyd, a Black man, by pinning a knee on his neck for more than nine minutes.

Civil rights advocates welcomed the verdict as a watershed moment of accountability for police violence against Black people that could galvanize efforts to combat racism. Floyd's death spurred worldwide demonstrations last year in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

But some scholars said Greene's ascendance and the emergence of the America First document were part of a backlash against the social justice movement that parallels the resistance in the 1950s and '60s to the civil rights movement.

"I would describe Marjorie Taylor Greene and her cohorts as ideological reactionaries," said Marvin King, a professor of political science at the University of Mississippi.

"The more threatened they feel, the more they will lash out at people who, to them, are purveyors of progressivism because they feel like they are the last gasp effort at saving, quote unquote, their way of life."

During her congressional campaign, Greene made headlines for Islamophobic and anti-Semitic comments, as well as for claims that Black people aren't discriminated against.

Greene has dismissed the idea that Black Americans face discrimination.

"Guess what? Slavery is over," she said. "Black people have equal rights." She has called the progressive billionaire activist George Soros, who is Jewish, a "Nazi."   

Greene has also attacked the Black Lives Matter, calling it a "radical Marxist group" and "domestic terrorists."

What we have here in America is fear of color. There is a war against diversity by old white men who refuse to figure out two things:

!. They’re going to die.

2. The future of this country is not build on exclusion but inclusion.

The trick that Majorie Greene was trying to pull over on her fellow Republicans was that the majority of this country thinks this is normal. By saying something is normal, it doesn’t make it so. But there is plenty of proof right here in LuLac Land. Just listen to WILK Radio. During the George Floyd tragedy,  many listeners attacked him. A dead man murdered by a policeman. In plain sight. The sad fact is these Trumpanzees see it on film, but don’t even have the intellectual faculties to even acknowledge the obvious. (Yahoo News, Lulac)



Governor Tom Wolf (Photo: LuLac archives) 

Gov. Tom Wolf announced today that the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) board of directors has approved Pennsylvania’s first funding program designed specifically to assist communities in the remediation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a potentially toxic contaminant found in water sources and systems throughout the Commonwealt

The PENNVEST PFAS Remediation Program is designed as an annual funding opportunity to aid in the remediation and elimination of PFAS in water sources and systems. In use since the 1940s, PFAS chemicals have been utilized for a variety of applications, from home cookware to aircraft de-icing. While standard human health toxicity reference values are still in development, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that evidence exists that suggests that exposure to PFAS can lead to adverse health outcomes in humans.

“I was proud to sign the PFAS Action Team order in 2018, leading the nation in identifying and beginning the evaluation of these potentially toxic compounds,” said Gov. Tom Wolf. “I vowed to provide the resources needed to protect the public from exposure to harmful drinking water, and today we’re making good on that promise with the PENNVEST PFAS Remediation Program.”

The application period for interested parties opens today and will close on May 3, 2021. For more details on how to apply and program eligibility, visit



Congressman Mat Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives) 

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright  introduced three bills, two of which also have Republican support, to create jobs by building more sustainable infrastructure and promoting energy efficient manufacturing.

As climate change impacts us more every year, from 2010 to 2020, Pennsylvania experienced 37 extreme weather events costing the state and taxpayers up to $10 billion in damages. The Built to Last Act, Climate Resilience International Development Act, and the Job Creation through Energy Efficient Manufacturing Act represent a forward-looking approach to creating sustainable jobs and infrastructure for a warming climate while saving taxpayer dollars.

“Climate change is going to fundamentally alter our lives in the coming decades, and scientists agree that it is one of the biggest threats this country faces,” said Rep. Cartwright. “It is a real risk, but also an opportunity to create jobs and plan for the future. As we gear up for one of the largest investments in our infrastructure in a generation, we can put people to work by rebuilding infrastructure that can withstand extreme weather events and promoting clean manufacturing. These solutions will also save lives and taxpayer money in the long term, and they should be a part of the conversation as we develop the American Jobs Plan.”

“To have a middle class in America, we need to build stuff in America. And in a competitive world, that means making sure small manufacturing businesses can invest in efficiency,” said Sen. Merkley, who also introduced the Job Creation through Energy Efficient Manufacturing Act today in the U.S. Senate. “Investing in energy efficient retrofits will save manufacturers money and cut the pollution driving climate chaos so Americans can keep building for the world.”

“As we look at common sense ideas to address climate change, we need to look at our building industry and the standards they use for meeting lower energy use,” said Rep. Bacon, the lead Republican co-sponsor of the Built to Last Act. “This legislation will assist standards-developing organizations such as the International Code Council find and incorporate into their standards relevant information about climate change.”

By the end of this century, scientists predict that the United States will see more volatile precipitation patterns, more heat waves and droughts, more wildfires, and stronger hurricanes and tornados due to the effects of climate change. This is not only dangerous for humans, animals, and wildlife, but costs trillions of dollars. In 2020, there were 22 extreme weather events that cost the United States over $1 billion each.

Taking action on this issue is as important at home as it is abroad. According to a 2019 World Resources Institute report, investing in climate resilient infrastructure yields a 5:1 cost-benefit ratio. President Biden issued an Executive Order that will ensure U.S.-funded aid does not go to waste. However, further action from Congress is needed.

At the same time, the manufacturing sector consumes more than 40 percent of all energy used in the United States, and has the largest potential for cost-effective savings. In fact, the manufacturing sector accounts for $480 million in wasted energy that could potentially be saved.

Putting these investments to work is a job multiplier. The energy efficiency sector employs 2.2 million people, including 1.4 million construction jobs, and continues to grow. These well-paid jobs in manufacturing high-efficiency appliances, installing upgrades, and researching innovative technologies save businesses money.  Because these are jobs that can’t be outsourced, energy efficiency investments help grow American jobs and the economy.

Cartwright’s push for sustainable infrastructure and manufacturing includes the following 3 pieces of legislation:

•The Built to Last Act, cosponsored by Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE-02), will incorporate climate change data in building standards, making structures more resilient to extreme weather events. Bill text HERE.

•The Job Creation through Energy Efficient Manufacturing Act, also introduced in the Senate today by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), will create high-paying manufacturing and construction jobs by facilitating energy efficiency upgrades for small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Bill text HERE.

•The Climate-Resilient International Development Optimization Act, cosponsored by Rep. Carlos Giménez (R-FL-26), will codify President Biden’s Executive Order and ensure U.S.-



Senator Robert Casey (LuLac archives) 

As the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic increase hunger across the country, the meals provided through child care programs play a significant role in supporting children and families. U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is introducing the Access to Healthy Food for Young Children Act to make it easier for child care providers to provide nutritious, healthy meals for young children. The bill would improve the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), which serves healthy meals to more than 4.2 million of the Nation’s youngest children in child care centers, day care homes and Head Start.

Currently, family child care homes only qualify for area eligibility in areas with 50 percent or more low-income children. The Access to Healthy Food for Young Children Act would reduce the area eligibility test from 50 percent to a 40 percent threshold and open the door for many more children to receive healthy CACFP meals and snacks. It would also allow child care centers and homes the option of serving a fourth meal for children who are in care settings for 8 or more hours.

“When children have a healthy start in life, they are better able to learn and grow,” said Senator Casey. “Investing in early childhood nutrition is one of the most important things we can do to invest in the future of our Nation’s leaders and workers, and that is what the Access to Healthy Food for Young Children Act does. This legislation would provide urgently needed nutrition assistance to the many families who are struggling due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as increase CACFP’s effectiveness and ability to provide access to healthy meals and snacks for children in child care.”

“We applaud Senator Casey for his efforts to strengthen CACFP. Increasing CACFP participation and the availability of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lower-fat dairy products, and healthy beverages for young children in child care will support their growth and health. This bill would help millions of children in child care access nutritious food,” said Luis Guardia, President, Food Research & Action Center.

“We are enormously grateful to Senator Casey for his commitment to CACFP and for his introduction of this bill, which brings long overdue and needed attention to this often overlooked Child Nutrition Program. Through its emphasis on reducing administrative burden, improving access and enhancing nutrition, the bill will greatly impact the healthy development of our country’s youngest and most vulnerable children,” said Robert S. Jones, Director of Government Programs, Nutritional Development Services, Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The Access to Healthy Food for Young Children Act would also:

•Increase CACFP reimbursements by 10 cents per child per tier, leading to an anticipated direct increase in foods high in nutritional value

•Provide $5 million per year to support nutrition training and technical assistance under CACFP

This bill is cosponsored by U.S. Senators Patty Murray (D-WA), Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Ron Wyden (D-OR), Jack Reed (D-RI), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Tina Smith (D-MN).







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U.S. Senator Gary Hart drops out of the running for the 1988 Democratic  presidential nomination, amid allegations of an extramarital affair with Donna Rice. Years later they made a movie about this affair.....



Texaco files for bankruptcy….. CBS' premiere of fact-based World War II drama "Escape from Sobibor"….3 San Diego Padres hit HRs off SF starter Roger Mason……Portugal signs agreement to return Macau to China (in 1999)…..Turkey asks to join European market……"Barbara Cook: A Concert" opens at Ambassador NYC for 13 performances……Alfred Uhry's "Driving Miss Daisy" premieres in NYC…..August Wilson's "Fences" wins 1987 Pulitzer Prize for drama……FCC imposes a broader definition of indecency over airwaves…….Howard Stern & Infinity Broadcasting are warned by FCC……28 construction workers killed in an apt collapse in Bridgeport, Connecticut……..NJ Devils farm team Maine Mariners (AHL) move to Utica (Devils) NY and this week in 1987 the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Talk Dirty To Me” by Poison.


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