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The LuLac Edition #4, 924, March 1st, 2023



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This week we feature a letter to the Editor about Fox News. With Fox being called out for broadcasting, wait for it, THE REAL FAKE NEWS, this writer/reader says watching Fox is like watching pro wrestling. A very good analogy I’d say!


Editor: Like most guys, I’ve watched with great amusement parts of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) matches. Guys jumping off ladders onto opponents, smashing chairs over their heads, with the crowd screaming and egging them on. Fun stuff, when you’re a dumb kid. In most cases, no one gets hurt and everyone is entertained.

As it turns out, we sort of have a surrogate for the WWE on TV every night.

That surrogate is Fox News.

Every night they serve what Tucker Carlson acknowledges is red meat for their base. As it turns out, that serving is mostly a steady diet of lies — just liked staged wrestling.

The Dominion voting lawsuit has uncovered emails between Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham that reveal they knew Trump lost the election — and they thought Trump and his supporters were flat-out crazy. Carlson called Trump a “demonic force,” and when one Fox reporter reported that Trump lost, Carlson called for her to be fired.

But none of this stopped Fox from continuing to peddle these same election lies.

Fox anchors have broken trust with their viewers, repeatedly lying to them simply because they saw their stock price going down and were terrified of losing viewers to other more extreme networks. And unlike the WWE, their repeated falsehoods have damaged our country.

The truth is, Fox News isn’t really a news network. They’re an entertainment industry whose main goal is to crank up their base so they keep coming back for more of that juicy red meat.

Ciro Pinto

Jim Thorpe


At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree with most of what is written, the author is incorrect in calling FOX opinion hosts "Anchors."

These folks as nothing more than old fashioned FM shock-jocks. There is no commitment to the truth or accuracy. They are acolytes of Rush Limbaugh, only committed to ratings which in turn equals money. These vile and seditious hosts, like their God Limbaugh throw truth to the side to succeed in the jobs for which they were hired.

The true problem is the fanatics who don't understand the theater they are witnessing. They are much like professional followers of old, convinced what they were seeing was real and not staged - until Vinnie Mac came clean and actually had to admit to it because state's sports boards called him to the mat.

And like Vinne Mac, FOX news hosts promote and exploit the fears and racism of their target audience - Fat, young to middle-aged to older, white males.


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