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The LuLac Edition #5, 053, January 19th, 2024


We had a total hip replacement operation on December 28th. The procedure took longer than anticipated but we got back to work yesterday in Wilkes-Barre City Hall. We’re back today with editions of LuLac. Today we’ll cover a little of Iowa and be back Monday with memes.

Goal met! 3 weeks to the day since surgery, BACK TO WORK TODAY!

With Wilkes Barre Health Department staff (best co workers in my work life!) Derek Domanski, me, Rich Lewism H=Joanne Glazenski,  a contemplative Roxanne Bush, Patricia Patty Hughes, Sheldon Owens and Amanda Hill.

With BBE (best boss ever!) Henry Radulski and our logo! Group photo taken by Nick Cave.



 Iowa has never been representative of a true reflection of the nation., The caucus event made its bones in 1972 when George McGovern had a decent showing there. The front runner for the nomination, Maine Senator Edmund Muskie who acquitted himself well as the running mate of Hubert Humphrey in 1968 won 18 delegates as well as the caucus with 35% of the vote.  Other candidates Humphrey, New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and Washington Senator Henry Jackson took up the rear to second place finisher George McGovern. The South Dakota Senator who came in at 22% surprised the political world and garnered 10 delegates. McGovern had taken up the cause of the Kennedy for President campaign after the New York Senatolr was gunned down in California. The McGovern surprise gave the anti war candidate the tail winds to go into the New Hampshire Primary. In New Hampshire, Muskie won that primary but McGovern finished second and the media made a big deal about him coming so close to the Makne Senator.

Bottom line was Iowa jump started that campaign which led to McGoveern securing the nomination in 1972. After his defeat in that year to Richard Nixon, a former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter essemntially moved to Iowa in 1973 and campaigned non stop there. He won the Iowa caucuses with a second place finish and then went on to boost his candidacy the rest of the way to win the nomination. Who came in first? Undecided.

Back to 1972. A total of 10,000 people decided the caucuses. Muskie got 3,550 votes, McGovern got 2, 260. THAT’S IT. So 10,000 people in a primarily rural white state decided early on for some 76 million voters who partipated in the 72 general election.

Things haven’t changed much in 52 years.  110,000 people voted, 66% went to the 4 times indicated, twice impeached former President. Iowa, never a bellwether state. 





Petitioning Party and Pantry Food Drive

In this consequential election year, this is an event we can’t miss.  

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